FUCK THE DA: Defense lawyers are not totally happy with the filming of “Las Vegas D.A.”

As video cameras float from courtroom to courtroom, defense attorneys are growing more concerned about the crew of “Las Vegas D.A.” — a “docudrama” about the Clark County District Attorney’s Office — recording moments they shouldn’t.

The reality TV show, with six episodes expected to air later this year on the Investigation Discovery cable channel, “follows District Attorney Steve Wolfson and his powerhouse team in real time, from assessing the scene of the crime to chasing the conviction in the courtroom,” according to its publicist.

For months the film crew, working from its own office space in the District Attorney’s suite on the third floor of the Regional Justice Center, has followed cases through the system.

Not everyone is ready for their closeup.

Defense attorneys have formally complained in court papers about the intrusion of cameras and microphones, saying conversations between lawyers and defendants were improperly recorded.


Read more here: http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/las-vegas/court-papers-defense-lawyers-question-recordings-las-vegas-da


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