Cruz is Attacking Himself

the truth with no restriction


Ted Cruz talks about fighting Washington and ‘the establishment.’ He is pointing the finger at himself. He is the reason why our government is broken; it was his plan and his fault.

His ads are full of lies, and it appears that voters are not fooled.

Today is the Nevada Republican Caucus. The polls indicate another huge victory for Donald Trump. The most recent polls give Trump a percentage as high as 45 percent; the most Cruz can achieve is 23. Marco Rubio is a distant third at 19 percent.

Trump is not tempering his attacks on the failed Senator from Texas. Speaking in Las Vegas last night, Trump lambasted Cruz’ most frequent ad in Nevada.

“He’s got an ad, something to do with I want to take away your land and I want to keep it in the federal government,” Trump said incredulously. “I don’t even know what the…

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