Clinton, Sanders, Trump, Cruz: Who do you Trust to Lead our Nation?

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I am fed up with the tactic of candidates attacking each other regarding issues that in fact have little or nothing to do with becoming the President of the United States. Name calling, personal assaults, and criticism of past mistakes which have been talked about ad infinitum, although they were reconciled, is a pitiful practice in American politics.

Voters must focus on the issues important to the majority of the American people and vote for the candidate they believe will best serve them.

Sadly, Donald Trump is the only Republican who has spoken about the issues. I believe that the majority of Americans disagree with most of his rhetoric, but he is actually saying something. He has promised that if he were to be elected in November he would work with both parties to accomplish the needs of our nation.

I despise when he belittles individuals who disagree with him…

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