Retired Las Vegas police officer has new job with marijuana

Dave Kallas spent over two decades busting drug dealers on the streets of Las Vegas.

On Saturday, he became a dealer himself — a legal one — when his medical marijuana dispensary The Apothecarium, 7885 W. Sahara Ave., officially opened for business.

Kallas, 60, and his business partner, Ryan Hudson — who runs/owns the original Apothecarium in San Francisco — both see the business as an opportunity to help people who might benefit from the medicinal benefits of marijuana by giving them a legal means of getting their hands on it.

Hudson called it a “harm reduction program,” noting people won’t have to head into a sketchy neighborhood to buy marijuana from a shady dealer.

“We have a lawful way for you to obtain the relief you’re looking for,” Kallas said.

The genesis for opening a dispensary in Las Vegas came from his own struggle with pain.

Kallas spent 21 years as an officer and detective for Las Vegas police, and another nine for the police union as the executive director and director of governmental affairs before retiring in 2009.

Three years after retiring, Kallas was diagnosed with Disseminated Valley Fever, a painful, incurable fungal disease that attacks the bones and central nervous system.



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