Sanders and Clinton Compete for Young Latino Votes in Nevada


Angel Fernandez, an undocumented 20-year-old born in Mexico, did not drive five hours from Phoenix to Las Vegas to campaign for Bernie Sanders just because the two share an opinion about immigration reform.

Fernandez, whose undocumented mother once worked as a landscaper in Phoenix’s intense summer heat and was nearly deported, could have been the textbook single-issue immigration voter. But walking through Sin City’s outskirts on a windy Thursday afternoon, Fernandez balked at the idea of being just an immigration activist. He said he is supporting Sanders more for, well, everything.

This election, Fernandez said, is a referendum on the status quo—not just the immigration system.

“Whether it be climate change, immigration, black lives or gun control, all of this is intertwined,” Fernandez said, canvassing clipboard in hand. “There are some very powerful people in this country and they’re pulling the strings on all of it. Once you get to…

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