Clinton vs Sanders in Nevada: Urban vs Rural

CBS Tampa

LAS VEGAS (AP) — It was shortly after midnight when Hillary Clinton descended into the basement of an enormous Las Vegas casino to shake the hands of about a half-dozen housekeepers folding linens. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders jetted off to the remote, conservative northeastern Nevada town of Elko, population 20,000, to rally the few Democrats there.

The divergent scenes show the two paths Clinton and Sanders are following as they furiously stump for every vote before Saturday’s Nevada caucuses. Clinton is hoping minorities and unions in Nevada’s population center give her the edge over Sanders, while the Vermont democratic socialist aims to drive up turnout in the state’s more lightly-populated northern region to claim victory.

Sanders’ strategy is driven in part because Nevada Democrats allocate delegates to caucus winners based on congressional districts, giving greater weight to sparsely populated areas like Elko. Obama lost the popular vote to Clinton in the…

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