A man of Obama’s stature just can’t relate to a man of Scalia’s stature

A Heapin' Plate of Conservative Politics & Religion

By Tom Quiner


For the first time in history, a president won’t attend the funeral of a sitting Supreme Court justice.

The man who pledged to reach across the aisle and bring our nation together won’t walk across the street to attend Antonin Scalia’s funeral.

Mr. Scalia has been hailed as not just a brilliant jurist, but as a great human being. Clearly, a man of Barack Obama’s stature has trouble relating to a man of Mr. Scalia’s stature.

If you would like to gauge the depth of Scalia’s faith and character, the letter below gives you a glimpse.

In an era where left-leaning political types disparage God and beat the faithful down by wielding their mighty PC club, Mr. Scalia remained simply himself: a man who loved God; a man who believed in the resurrection; a man who surely walks with the angels today.

A man like Barack Obama…

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