Dems Are About To Eat Each Other!

Desert Musings

I love watching political infighting. It happens more with the GOP, or at least we’re made aware of it more because of a liberal media, but the Democrats are into it as well. Don’t believe me? Just look at Bernie Sanders and his gang. After losing Iowa by a whisker (one delegate), and creaming Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire (by 30%) Sanders finds himself down in delegate count by 350! How does that happen? Simple…it’s called SuperDelegates! It’s the way Democrats have control over the election process to the point where they still control everything. Now, understand, there are way more delegates than SuperDelegates…so if Sanders wins the bulk of the states and the bulk of the delegates, he’ll win. But the SuperDelegates are the tipping point for Clinton. She went out early to make sure to lock these folks down.

There’s only one problem with Hillary’s logic in “locking…

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