Democrat Ethics Chief Faces Ethics Lawsuit

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

The details, according to Politico, include:

Kara Medrano, a one-time senior field representative for Sanchez, alleges that she saw Yvette Shahinian, Sanchez’s district director, conducting campaign work on official time, which is a potential violation of federal law…

Two weeks later, Shahinian told the “entire office staff” that they had to “delete all emails and documents that contain anything that may be incriminating regarding [fundraising] or campaigning using Congressional resources or any other campaiging [sic] information off their computers” due to a pending audit by the Ethics Committee. An IT employee for Sanchez also reportedly complained about the action.

Following Medrano’s complaints about Shahinian, Medrano’s work environment was made “more and more intolerable.”

Medrano was also noted as an alleged victim of sexual harassment when Central Basin Municipal Water District Director Robert “Bob” Apodaca was under scrutiny in 2013.

Source: Democrat Ethics Chief Faces Ethics Lawsuit – Breitbart

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