Recent videos about Disclosure, CERN, Nibiru, and antimatter entities – These will blow your mind!

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I have stumbled upon some rather amazing videos over the last week, and I have assembled them here for you to peruse at your own leisure if you have a quiet evening to do so – I guarantee you this will be time well spent, and it may very well blow your mind, provided it is at least a crack open…

Henri ThibodeauRiderInBlack

Anthony Patch on the Hagmann & Hagmann Report

Brooks_RunningIn the February 10th episode of the Hagmann & Hagmann Report, author, speaker and researcher Anthony Patch connects the dots on CERN, the Vatican’s telescope in Mt. Graham, Arizona, with its LUCIFER apparatus, and the new concave telescope developed by one Dr. Ruggero Santilli of Thunder Energies Corporation, which allowed his team to document the existence of invisible antimatter “entities” that are apparently roaming the Earth. For those of you who are familiar with Terry Brooks’Word…

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