It’s obvious the GOP Debate audiences are so fake and they were stacked there…


I’ve watched pretty much all of the GOP Debates so far except for the one that Donald Trump skipped. After watching all the GOP Debates, it’s easy to tell that the audiences are so fake. They were stacked and planted there possibly by the TV network themselves. All the GOP Debates so far were designed to destroy Mr. Trump. The GOP Debates just have him on there ’cause the network is desperate for ratings obviously ’cause they know that Trump is a ratings draw. My question is since they know that Mr. Trump is a ratings draw and they want to have him on… why are the networks always obsessed with destroying the guy? I don’t get it.

The audiences at the GOP Debates all cheer for Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio every time they open their mouths but the audiences boo everyone else. It’s obvious the audience is so…

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