Glenn Beck Goes Next Level By Calling Donald Trump A ‘Psychopath’


Donald Trump Holds A Campaign Rally In Tampa

Saturday night’s Republican presidential debate was a runaway train of hate-filled personal attacks, anger and made up quotes and “facts” that went off the rails. Even Glenn Beck got in on criticizing the proceedings, and when Glenn Beck is angry at a stage full of fighting Republicans, you know things must be pretty bad.

The most specific object of Beck’s scorn was Donald Trump, who the former Fox News host called “a narcissistic psychopath” and that “the psychiatric community needs to step up and address what we are witnessing.” Beck went on, tweeting that he would “worry about safety” if he were somehow alone with Trump. He expressed further scorn against the former reality TV host going on a borderline hysterical screed, as per Mediaite.

“I believe, if this is not the eye opening moment for America on who Donald Trump is at the core, this country is…

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