Nevada’s Lieutenant Governor: Constitutional Grant of Legislative Authority

They Also Serve: The Lieutenant Governor Blog

This blog entry will address and briefly assess the legislative power of Nevada’s Lieutenant Governor.

Article 5, Section 17 of the Nevada Constitution addresses the office of lieutenant governor. According to this document, the lieutenant governor is designated as President of the Nevada State Senate, but possesses only a casting (tie-breaking) vote within that body. How, then, is that delegation of power actually translated into the daily operations of Nevada’s upper house? To add another dilemma, the Nevada Constitution, in the section of the document devoted entirely to the legislative branch, permits each chamber to create their own operating rules, which could allow for severe restriction of the lieutenant governor’s authority as president of the upper house.

However, according to the rule book governing the Nevada Senate, the Senate President has broad authority, including addressing points of order, document signing power, and they control what is termed as the “general…

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