Is Hillary Clinton (Feminist, Freemason) Losing Her Lock on Black Voters?

News For The Blind

Fresh from his victory in New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders stopped in Harlem to have breakfast with Reverend Al Sharpton, who congratulated Sanders and addressed the crowd gathered outside Sylvia’s restaurant:

“It’s the morning after a historic victory, the widest margin in the history of New Hampshire,” Sharpton said. Sharpton will meet with Hillary Clinton next Thursday and will then announce his endorsement. In the article below, you can watch two fascinating recent interviews with Ben Jealous, former leader of the NAACP and Ta-Nahisi Coates of The Atlantic magazine explaining their support of Sanders.

These acts by prominent Afirican-American leaders are especially relevant as the South Carolina primary approaches, and they come on the heels of a provocative broadside against the Clintons’ historic relationship with black America by Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow. Writing in the NationAlexander lambasts Bill Clinton’s legacy and shows that Hillary championed…

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