Cliven Bundy Godfather of Patriot Movement Arrested at Portland, Oregon Airport After Intense Night of Live Audio from the Malheur Refuge

Challenging the Rhetoric

cliven bundy arrested IMAGE SOURCE:

By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

Cliven Bundy was arrested tonight after landing at Portland’s PDX airport. Everything happened extremely fast; he landed, was arrested, transported and then booked all within 34 minutes.  Bundy’s destination had been the refuge where he was to meet controversial Nevada Rep. Michele Fiore. He is allegedly being held on 4 federal  counts stemming from Bundy Ranch or the Bundy Ranch 2014 standoff itself.

Earlier this evening, podcaster Gavin Seim received a call from David Fry, one of four Oregon Standoff holdouts at the Malheur Refuge as federal authorities entered the bird sanctuary and surround the final four are holed up in tents in the refuge driveway. This call was aired live on a YouTube ‘HangOut’ and at times, upwards of 70K+ people were tuned in to here anything from absolute chaos, heartbreaking insanity and even taped music from Lavoy Finicum shooting witness, Victoria…

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