Ted Cruz: First President of the North American Union?

Ted Cruz says he believes in you… that is why he’s running… but should we believe in him? Just who is Ted Cruz? After my quick hit news report on Monday the youtube comments section erupted.

“Preps Etcetera” posted my favorite comment with this revelation:

Oh… pulease….You should all be aware that Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi is a vice president for Goldman Sachs. Would they be more disturbed to know about her work on the independent task force that wrote “Building a North American Community” which was sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations.

Well Preps you just opened up a can of worms…

Now… before you get your tea bags in a bunch about this Ted Cruz pile on… lets take a step back to understand what Preps is saying… now, if you love America as much as you say then you’ll listen very closely.

So Ted Cruz stands up and says its time to step up and restore the American promise – but what promise is he speaking of? The promise his wife broke when she sold America out to the Council on Foreign relations? The promise she broke when she began work on “Building a North American Community”?

What the heck is that you ask? Yes it sounds so innocent… “We’re just building a community for North America” surely you can’t be against building community right? Well YES Mrs. Ted Cruz… I AM.

So how do you dissolve a nation’s sovereignty peacefully and with the people’s consent? Just ask Mrs. Cruz or anyone living in Europe for that matter… they all use one currency now.

You see… The transformation of Europe into a single national body with its own bank, legislative body and military force took many many years to accomplish about 42 to be exact. It began with the Treaty of Paris in 1951 that created European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC). Then when the 1957 Treaty of Rome was signed it morphed into the The European Economic Community (EEC). In 1993 by order of the Maastrict Treaty it was renamed the European Community (EC) and absorbed by the newly formed European Union.

So why is this important to Americans? Well one only needs to work the clock backwards from Heidi Cruz’s work to “Build a North American Community” to see what the globalists have in store for this hemisphere. Read more

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