#PoliceState lobby and cop/lawmakers want complete access to your cell phone

California Politics, California Political News

Screenshot 2016-02-09 at 06.55.13

Thug cop turned lawmaker Jim Cooper wants to let cops hack into your phone.

A fight over encryption-protected smartphone data is heating up in California and New York where lawmakers and law enforcement groups are pushing bills to enable investigators to unscramble data on your cellphone so they can have access to it anytime they want.

The bills seek to loosen the powerful encryption tools major cell-phone manufacturers have put in place to protect a smartphone user’s privacy and guard against hacking.

Supporters argue law enforcement needs access to data that can help them prove or solve criminal cases. This is just bullshit, the police state just wants the power to spy on you anytime they want to.

Source: Lawmakers seek to loosen encryption on smartphones – San Francisco Chronicle

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