Pete Santilli Speaks Live From Multnomah County Jail – Monday – 2/8/16

In his own words live from Multnomah County Jail Pete Santilli talks about why they really arrested him on January, 26, 2016 in Burns Oregon.

If you would like to write Pete while he is being held as a political prisoner in Oregon here is the address: 11540 NE Inverness Dr, Portland, Oregon 97220 Inmate Number :795071 BE SURE TO INCLUDE INMATE4 MAIL ON ENVELOPE!!!

PLEASE!! don’t give up hope and remember the real message about the people of Burns and their oppression.

** Pete is able to accept books ordered from and shipped by Amazon to the jail, directly but they must be in paperback. They must be paperback books. He would really love that.
**Please remember that it cost a lot of money to stay in Oregon and Deb and Pete need all your hope most of all at this trying time. Remember, Pete and Deb care very deeply for all of you and would be there for you in the same trying times. Please continue to help with donations, every little bit helps:
Direct to PayPal:

Peter Santilli #795071
11540 NE Inverness Dr.
Portland Oregon 97220

STAY HERE FOR LIVE UPDATES and on the ground coverage with Pete Santilli on the Constitutional Crisis in Burns Oregon at The Malheuer Wildlife Preserve. Pete is the only reporter with exclusive full time access to the Bundy family and Patriots who say they have had enough and are willing to risk it all to free Oregon land from BLM & Federal control.

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This chatroom has assigned moderators — The moderators are the last word here — If you are banned, please do not contact Pete or Deb — Please send chat room correspondence to


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