DOD ‘Comex’ Exercise Feb. 12th Will Test Communication without Internet or Telephones


Government the founders warned us aboutThe Department of Defense has scheduled a Communications Exercise
(COMEX) for Friday February 12, 2016. The exercise will take place
between the hours of 05:00 am to 05:00 pm Mountain Standard Time. The
exercise will test the availability of communications without the use
of telephones or the internet.

All U.S. Amateur Radio Operators are encouraged to participate. You do
NOT need to be a member of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service,
American Radio Relay League, or any other amateur radio organization.
ANY and ALL amateur operators are requested to participate !!

Army and Air Force MARS, using regular ham radio call signs, will be
forwarding DoD requests for information about your local operating
conditions and public infrastructure in your county. Report local
conditions as they exist when you respond – no fabricated information,

New Mexico hams can contact Army and Air Force MARS stations via – 2
meters MegaLink – 40 meters 7236.5 MHz – and 80 meters 3.939 MHz.

Learn More:…


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