Treason and Tyranny in Oregon

News For The Blind

This evening I had the great honor and pleasure of being a guest on Patriot Nation Live! hosted by Mark Hoffmann, broadcast on World Integrity News Network. Mark and I discussed the egregious, tyrannical overreach of the federal government in Burns, Oregon, as well as the treasonous behavior of Sheriff Dave Ward and Governor Kate Brown. You can catch the hour long discussion at the second half of the archived show in the link above.

Our show started with discussion of Mr. LaVoy Finicum’s untimely death on January 26, 2016 – just one day before his 55th birthday – and his service in Kanab, UT on February 5, 2016. The shared love, sympathy, condolences for the Finicum family, and the Patriot community at large was palpable between us. The nation truly lost a genuine Son of Liberty that fateful day in January.

Soon afterward we began our discussion of the…

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