Beyoncé’s Superbowl Performance, more terrible Fox News coverage, and police brutality.


Last year, Kendrick Lamar performed his track Alright at the BET awards, whilst standing on a cop car. It was defiant, unifying and unapologetic. Soon after, US ‘news’ station Fox News attacked Kendrick with bigoted and dumbfounded criticisms such as “Hip hop has done more damage to young African Americans than racism in recent years”. Now that Beyoncé has used Superbowl 50 as a platform to expose police brutality and institutional racism within the American political and legal system, Rudy Guiliani has blasted her with this statement during a Fox News show this morning;

“Let’s have decent, wholesome entertainment and not use it as a platform to attack the people who risk their lives to save us”.

First of all, it’s about that time that the whole of the USA boycotted Fox News. It is not a news channel. It is a hateful, racists and idiotic business set up to…

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