What do the Harry Reid beat down, Bundy Ranch, Oregon Standoff , Russian Uranium, Benghazi, and the Hillary Clinton campaign have to do with one another?

Serve Him in the Waiting

Remember last year when Harry Reid suddenly retired from the Senate after his mysterious “exercise equipment injury“? He had recently moved into his brand new house in Nevada at the time.  Nevada is where the Bundy Ranch is.  Bundy ranch is in the Bunkerville area, while Reid and his wife now live in the Anthem area.  About 98 miles apart.

Same thing that happened with the Bundy Ranch, now happened/still happening in Oregon and the (literal) overkill of government in these scenarios doesn’t make sense in the context of the “official narratives”, nor even in a lot of the alternative media nearratives however, what if there is something much deeper and even more sinister underlying these developments?  Well, apparently there is.

It should not come as too great a shock if you are a Bible-believer.  The love of money is the root of all evil.

So I was reading posts in…

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