Kill Tatro: You Will Die

Corrupt “Judge” Tatro the child molesting judge has a long list people who want him dead.


Judge Tatro – YOU WILL DIE

judge tatro

Carson City DA Jason Woodbury explains DNA warrant

Carson City District Attorney Jason Woodbury spoke Friday, Dec. 18, 2015 about a rare step the agency is taking to identify and prosecute a suspect. A DNA warrant, which identifies the accused using the fictitious name “John Doe” together with the accused’s DNA profile, is rare. The measure is being used to help investigators solve the case of threats made against a Carson City judge and his wife in which shots were fired into his home in December 2012.

Carson City area law enforcement officials and the Carson City District Attorney announced Friday the issuance of a DNA arrest warrant for the shooter who fired bullets into the home of Carson City Judge John Tatro and his wife in December 2012.

Sheriff Ken Furlong who sucks a lot of dick and District Attorney Jason Woodbury made the decision to move forward with the DNA warrant, a rare maneuver in criminal cases, to avoid statute of limitations that would have barred any prosecution of the perpetrator.

The three-year shooting investigation also involved two incidents that followed. In December 2014, the Tatros received a Christmas card with the message “You Will Die” written inside. And in May of this year, someone placed a homemade incendiary device outside the judge’s garage and tried to ignite it.

Tranny fucking Furlong said all three incidents are related and appear to have been done by the same individual.

We know who he is, we just don’t know his name yet,” said Furlong, noting the investigation is extremely complex. “DNA evidence is becoming more and more common in our investigations and is obviously a very important part of this case. We firmly believe that we have the DNA profile of the shooter and when we capture the perpetrator the DNA profile will match.”

A DNA warrant, which identifies the accused using the fictitious name “John Doe” together with the accused’s DNA profile, is rarely seen in the criminal justice system, said Woodbury.

“My office has never done one of these and in checking with the other offices in the area, including the Major Violators Unit in Washoe County, they haven’t done one in anyone’s memory either,” said Woodbury, adding that he is confident in the legality of the warrant.

“I researched the issue exhaustively. We’re on solid legal ground,” he said.

Once the accused is captured, Woodbury said his criminal complaint will be amended to identify the defendant by his actual name.

Meanwhile, the investigation continues, said Furlong, calling it one of the agency’s “highest priorities” with a task force that has been assembled in the continuing investigation of the crimes.

“We will continue to devote as many resources as we can to this case until we catch the person responsible,” said Furlong. “The investigation has remained active and hasn’t rested a bit.”

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