Police worry about their own safety after killings: ‘It’s a different world’

Outlaw Patriot News

Los Angeles Times

During his 21 years in law enforcement, Cpl. Wayne Curry hasn’t worried much about the approach of strangers.

The Texas officer, like anyone who wears a badge, said he has had his share of run-ins with those who harbor a dislike of the police. But when people have stepped up to him, he said, it is “more likely they want to buy me dinner.”

Curry is now thinking twice. He spoke as he watched over a crowd of about 1,500 people gathered at an impromptu memorial at a gas station in a Houston suburb, where an on-duty officer from a neighboring department in Harris County near Houston was gunned down Friday in an apparently unprovoked attack while fueling his car.

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NO LONGER A SHOCK: As Americans Bought 170 Million Guns, Violent Crime Fell 51% 

pundit from another planet


On August 28, the NRA presented ATF and FBI data showing Americans have purchased “170 million new guns” since 1991, and violent crime has fallen “51 percent.”

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AWR Hawkins reports: The NRA tweeted, “Since ’91, Americans have acquired over 170 million new firearms and violent crimes have declined by 51%.”

“The overarching message is simple—more guns, less crime. Americans have purchased “170 million new guns” since 1991, and violent crime has decreased as gun ownership has increased.”

This information squares with the findings of a Congressional Research Service (CRS) study covering the slightly shorter period of timeMore-guns-less-crime from 1994 to 2009.

[Order John R. Lott’s essential book “More Guns, Less Crime” at Amazon]

For those years, CRS found that Americans purchased approximately 118 million firearms, and the 1993 “firearm-related murder and non-negligent…

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Persecution Of Constitutionalists: Coming To A Sheriff’s Office Near You


Source: Western Journalism

On the front cover of Washington State’s August 2015 “Inlander” magazine, Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich is shown hands on hips standing on top of the “Don’t Tread On Me” (Gadsden) flag. The title of the article is “Daring To Tread.”

The sheriff and at least one of his deputies have verbalized opinions that “constitutionalists” are threats to the sheriff’s office, the federal government, and to the country itself. Sheriff Knezovich even went so far as to compare “constitutionalists” with the Sunni Muslim terror group ISIS. The deputy indicated that the presence of armed “constitutionalists” in the county was the principal reason why the sheriff’s office was amassing military equipment. When asked to name names as to who he was referring to, Spokane County’s highest-ranking law enforcement officer (Sheriff Knezovich) named Washington State Representative Matt Shea and radio talk show host Alex Jones (who resides in Texas…

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Why Ben Carson is surging

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Ben Carson, in many ways, is the antithesis of Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump is loud and bombastic; Dr. Carson is low-key and genial. When Trump speaks, he chops his hands in the air as if to enhance his brashness. Carson has calm, steady, surgeon’s hands – “Gifted Hands,” as his memoir is titled. Trump comes across as the aggressively self-confident businessman he is; Carson has the bedside manner of the physician he is.

ben-carsonAnd they’re both hot properties in the GOP presidential nomination race, ranked one and two nationally, and tied for the lead in the latest poll out of Iowa. Trump and Carson each got 23 percent of the vote among likely Iowa GOP caucus-goers, according to a Monmouth University poll released Monday.  Iowa’s Republican caucuses, scheduled for Feb. 2, are the first contest in the 2016 nominating race, and are a crucial test.

The outsider appeal of…

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What about Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul?

peoples trust toronto


What about Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul?

by Jon Rappoport

August 31, 2015

(To read about Jon?s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

“If you discovered a major institution of society absolutely devoted to reducing humans down to androids, would you say that was a significant problem? Would you admit that institution could radically alter life and send it careening in the wrong direction?” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

This article isn’t about campaign issues or policy issues or who is qualified to lead. It’s about the presidential election season and who runs that show:

Big media.

Get used to it. Every few years in the US (and other countries), the television production teams swing into gear with their wall-to-wall series called:

“Let’s have our robots talk to the robot candidates.”

This is what is delivered, and this is what the audience expects, in the same way…

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Burning Man’s Founder Explains the Problem With Utopia


Nearly three decades after the inaugural Burning Man festival, the massive gathering in the desert is still tricky to explain. The event, which runs this year from Aug. 30-Sep. 7, now attracts politicians and pop starsbut what exactly is it and how did it start?

In 2000, TIME’s Joel Stein went straight to the source for an answer, interviewing Larry Harvey, the man who lit the spark:

Harvey, a San Francisco bohemian, started the tradition 14 years ago as a punk-pagan celebration on a San Francisco beach and moved it to a lifeless desert northeast of Reno in 1990 when the S.F. beach patrol kicked him off. Since then, he has nurtured his festival into a lengthy ritual that this Labor Day attracted 30,000 campers to its mix of art, raves, nudity and spirituality. In the process, much has changed. Harvey has driven out some of his original…

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Report: Pro-Iran Deal Democrats Took Money from ‘Iran Lobby’

tomfernandez28's Blog


bySpyridon Mitsotakis

Ten Congressional Democrats who support the Iran nuclear deal have taken money from pro-Iranian regime lobbyists with ties to the Iranian government.

FrontPage Magazine’s master sleuth Daniel Greenfield reports that the Iranian American Political Action Committee (IAPAC) has contributed to the following Pro-Iran deal Democrat “traitors”:

  • Sen. Edward “Ed” Markey [D-MA] 4%
  • Sen. Alan “Al” Franken [D-MN] 4%
  • Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) 4%


  • Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) 8%


  • Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) 2%


  • Rep. Michael “Mike” Honda [D-CA17] 12%
  • Rep. André Carson [D-IN7] 12%
  • Rep. Gerald Connolly (D-VA) 12%


  • Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD) 18%


  • Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) 23%


Iranian émigré dissident Hassan Daioleslam, who beat a defamation lawsuit brought by the Iran Lobby after he exposed them and their activities, detailed the origins of the IAPAC in 2007:

During the eight years of Rafsanjani’s presidency, which ended in 1997, the Iranian regime had…

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‘Stalk them and kill them,’ Farrakhan says, calling for 10,000 volunteers to KILL WHITES

tomfernandez28's Blog

Nation of Islam Leader, Louis Farrakhan, addresses the audience at the Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church in in Washington, D.C.

Farrakhan met with local leaders to discuss the upcoming “Million Man March” on October 10, 2015. Farrakhan said it was time to “pull down the American flag”.

Now, he is saying it is time for blacks to kill whites. Farrakhan has been traveling the U.S. for his “Justice, Or Else!” tour.

“Death is sweeter than watching us slaughter each other to the joy of a 400 year old enemy. Death is sweet. The Quran teaches persecution is worse than slaughter.”

“10,000 in the midst of the million … 10,000 fearless men who say death is sweeter than continued life under tyranny”

Farrakhan said the Quran calls for retaliation when “slaves” are oppressed.

“Retaliation is a prescription from God to calm the breasts of those whose children have been slain. So…

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Chat Corner: What are Bernie Sanders chances? Angie and Sebastian discuss the effect of early primaries on candidate momentum.

unfettered equality

bernie-sanders-portrait-03 Photo credit: Bernie 2016

Sebastian and Angie discuss presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and his chances in the 2016 Democratic primary. The conversation is edited and compiled.


ANGIE: So let’s talk about Bernie Sanders actual chances to win the Democratic nomination. It is fun reading hot takes on his surge in the New Hampshire polls and huge rally turnouts, but what are his actual chances within the primary system. There was a really interesting FiveThirtyEight article that discussed current polls and Democratic bases in primary states. It seems like the big issues concerning potential voters in state primaries are Liberal elites in northern and western states and Black Democrats in the South.

ANGIE: Breaking down the primaries is incredibly important. It is important to look at likely voters and Democratic bases. The South has a Black Democratic base that usually leans more moderate. The West has a liberal Democratic base that…

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Carson Street open after suspicious package determined to be non-explosive

A robotic device was used courtesy of the Tahoe Douglas Bomb Squad after a suspicious backpack was found near the Nevada State Capitol Building and Legislature complex in Carson City on Sunday, Aug. 30, 2015. Video Courtesy of Carissa Cox

UPDATE 6PM: Carson Street has been re-opened between Second and Robinson streets as well as side streets which were closed after a package found this afternoon near the State Capitol Building was determined to be non-explosive, according to the Nevada Highway Patrol.
UPDATE: A “suspicious” package, initially reported to be a backpack, was found on Carson Street near the Nevada State Capitol Building and across from Firkin and Fox, closing a portion of South Carson Street, from Second Street to Robinson Street this afternoon. A bomb squad from nearby Douglas County was called to the scene.

Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Duncan Dauber said there hasn’t been any specific threat and precautionary measures are being taken after the suspicious package was found. He was unclear if it was a backpack or a package. Dispatch initially referred to it as a backpack.

The package was called into dispatch at around 4 p.m. from Capitol Police. Carson City Sheriff’s Office, Nevada Highway Patrol and Capitol Police are also investigating and made the decision to close the portion of Carson Street until the area is deemed safe. Traffic is being re-routed.

The Tahoe Douglas Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit is using robotics to get at the backpack. As of 4:30 p.m. plans were to have barricades up and extending the closure to Robinson Street, according to dispatch.

No other information was available. Check back for updates.

SOURCE: http://carsonnow.org/story/08/30/2015/backpack-said-be-suspicious-forces-five-block-stretch-closure-south-carson-street



Burning Man 2015 (alpernakri/Instagram)          “Guardian of Time” photo click here

To Fly Burning Man 2014 – A Drone’s View

Author’s Commentary: The Burning Man is an annual event held in Black Rock Nevada.  This year the main exhibit will be an Ape like creature in a cage with Artificial Intelligence which will “SCAN” people as the go by the cage.  It will interact with them based on moods, conversation, movements and more established within the program written for this AI.  Creepy at best and I think this tops the event since its birth in 1986 by Larry Harvey.  

Creepy crawly stink buts have also joined this free for all event.  

(Photo Credit:  Champagne Lounge@CLoungebrc)

Stink bug information

Stink bug information 2014

Image result for stink bug infestation 2015


Review Journal reports on the stinky…

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Study: US Falls Behind Canada, Finland And Hong Kong In Human Freedom Index


Source: MPN News Desk, via TheAntiMedia.org,

The United States lags far behind other developed countries in terms of personal, civil and economic freedoms, according to a study released this month. Its neighbor to the north, for example, ranked 14 spots ahead of the so-called “Land of the Free.”

Three international think tanks — the U.S.-based Cato Institute, Canada’s Fraser Institute, and Germany’s Liberales Institut at the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom — released the Human Freedom Index earlier this month. In addition to major civil liberties, the study considers safety and rule of law, relative size of government and capitalist values like the soundness of money, property rights, and access to international trade. The authors used a total of 70 data sources ranging from 2008 to 2012, the most recent year for which all necessary data is currently available.


This wasn’t the only recent study to take issue…

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Jade Helm FEMA Camp Preparations Are Entering the Final Phase


Source: The Common Sense Show, by Dave Hodges

FEMA_trainThe above picture is eerie and it has been mostly associated with the transport of civilian detainees presumably to a FEMA camp. Many have questioned the authenticity of the photo and have subsequently made allegations of photo shopping this picture in order to make it look like a FEMA transport trait. I have known that this was authentic for sometime and have had on eyewitness guests appear on my talk show which have authenticated the existence of these “FEMA trains”.

FEMA Prison Train Spotted in St. Louis

The following communication was sent to me, by email, in a which a picture of a FEMA train was taken and it is identical to other pictures of the same in which critics have maintained are a fraud. To the critics, feast your eyes on what follows:

Attached is a picture taken today at…

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Things to do in Las Vegas – 2015 Fall Edition


For my sanity, here are a list of activities (some free, some not) that look good for adults and kids.  The list is far from comprehensive; if there are any family friendly events that you know of, then add a comment with details.

October 3 & 4, 2015  Art in the Park at Wilbur, Bicentennial and Escalante Parks in Boulder City.  53rd annual Art in the Park brings artist and their wares to the outdoor art festival.  Free to the public.

October 8-12, 2015 Millionaire Chess Tournament at Planet Hollywood.  Spectators appear to be free, there was on-line streaming last year.  Entry in the open tournament is available to everyone; fees are staggered by registration date – today is $1,500.  An unrated event has a separate prize pool and an entry fee of $100.

October 15-17, 2017 Las Vegas Valley Book Festival at various locations.  Kids events on Saturday October 17 at Historic…

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Connected Dots Reveal that UN Military Forces Are Now Prepared to Invade the United States

Christian Patriots

Clipboard01The United Nations Is positioning for the takeover of the United States.

Yesterday, and despite being a speed reader, I spent almost three hours reviewing a mountain of material that I have been sent by people from around the country. About half way through my review, I had an epiphany. I began to see the interconnections between events unlike I have ever seen before.

Previously, some of the material stood out as stand alone information. However, as I moved from one item to another, I began to connect the dots like I have never done before. Please allow me to provide for you the dot connections followed by a comprehensive analysis of what is coming in a more precise manner than I have previously reported.

DOT CONNECTION #1: Secretary of State, John Kerry, Signs the UN Small Arms Treaty In Violation of the US Constitution

Secretary of State, John Kerry, signing away America's freedom, security and longevity by putting his name on the UN Smalls Arms Treaty in violation of the Constitution which states that any treaty must be approved by the Senate on a two-thirds vote. Secretary of State, John Kerry…

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Fort Bragg Troops Train for Domestic Emergency: “This Exercise Is About the Home Front”

Christian Patriots


Ostensibly, and on the surface, they are trained to “help out” with things like natural disasters, floods and hurricanes.

They are “ready” too for chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear hazards.

Slightly below the surface, these Fort Bragg Army engineers are also training — this time in Florida — to assist local authorities in the event of domestic disorder and potential chaos — prepared to quell civil unrest, riots, mass unrest or even the aftermath of terrorist attacks.

Scenarios which could all be really coming to America.

And that’s when the potential for martial law kicks in.

ABC11 out of North Carolina reports:

Early Friday morning, more than 300 20th Engineer Brigade soldiers prepped convoys. Over the next five days they will join more than 400 additional troops in an Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise.


While the soldiers may be called on domestic or foreign disasters, this exercise is about the…

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The Raping of America: Mile Markers on the Road to Fascism – John W. Whitehead

Peer 2 Peace


“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”—Martin Luther King Jr.

There’s an ill will blowing across the country. The economy is tanking. The people are directionless, and politics provides no answer. And like former regimes, the militarized police have stepped up to provide a facade of law and order manifested by an overt violence against the citizenry.

Despite the revelations of the past several years, nothing has changed to push back against the American police state. Our freedoms—especially the Fourth Amendment—continue to be choked out by a prevailing view among government bureaucrats that they have the right to search, seize, strip, scan, spy on, probe, pat down, taser, and arrest any individual at any time and for the slightest provocation.

Despite the recent outrage and protests, nothing has changed to restore us to our rightful role as having dominion…

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FROM THE CARSON SHITTY REEFER MADNESS WEBSITE: http://www.pcccarson.org/?page_id=127

Marijuana contains a chemical — delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC for short — that goes to the parts of the brain controlling memory, concentration and movement. The popular image of a “stoner” is no myth. They really do have trouble solving problems, perceiving what’s going on around them and learning. Worse, the effects of being high on marijuana can last days or weeks after it’s smoked. They may not even realize how dim their wits have become over time. The health hazards aren’t funny either.Chronic cough, bronchitis, emphysema, cancer, decrease in testosterone and sperm counts for men and an increase in testosterone and infertility for women are among the risks for long-time marijuana smokers. It contains 50 to 70 percent more carcinogenic hydrocarbons than tobacco smoke. It’s possible to become addicted to marijuana, and the psychological harm can include paranoia and anxiety.


Washington State/Colorado Marijuana News 

Marijuana Legalization in U.S.A

Recent Posts on Marijuana

States Dealing with Marijuana

The Truth about Marijuana


For more information on Marijuana, visit the links below.

DEA – (Marijuana) NIDA – (Marijuana) SAMSHA- Marijuana

Learn About Sam- Factsheet

Drug Paraphernalia

(click on pictures for link)



New poll reveals voters agree with Donald Trump


 While the news media, political pundits and Democrats — who feel compelled to offer advice to the GOP about how to win elections — denigrate and criticize the man known as The Donald, the more he’s bashed and denigrated, the higher go his poll numbers.

Environmental & Natural Resource Economics: The Austrian ViewI like the guy–not for his silly ideas but for the disruption and turmoil he creates. It makes the pundits and politicos crazy. Down right entertaining.

And, as to his popularity: 1) it should tell us something about the sad state of affairs in the uSSA and 2) once we get rid of this one, we do not need another nation-State style of government. — jtl, 419

By NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri

 Combat Shooter's HandbookReconnaissance Marine MCI 03.32f: Marine Corps InstituteThe Betrayed: On Warriors, Cowboys and Other MisfitsAn estimated crowd of 20,000 people on Friday night in Mobile, Alabama, poured into Ladd Peebles Stadium to see and hear the latest political phenomenon, the Republican presidential front-runner…

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Coming To A Sheriff’s Office Near You


After a local resident approached and questioned law enforcement’s need for military hardware, the deputy immediately used ‘constitutionalists’ with ‘firearms’ as justification.

  The Betrayed: On Warriors, Cowboys and Other MisfitsThe average American is 8 times more likely to be murdered by a cop than s/he is by a terrorist. Also, over the span of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, more Americans were killed by cops than were killed in both of the war zones put together. Please wake up and see that we live under a Police State every bit as evil as Nazi Germany. — jtl, 419

By Chuck Baldwin via NewsWithViews.com

Where Are The Pastors?

Combat Shooter's HandbookOn the front cover of Washington State’s August 2015 “Inlander” magazine, Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich is shown hands on hips standing on top of the “Don’t Tread On Me” (Gadsden) flag. The title of the article is “Daring To Tread.”

Reconnaissance Marine MCI 03.32f: Marine Corps InstituteThe sheriff and at least one of…

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Finally, a cop with a clue: Lombardo willing to work with marijuana dispenseries

Screenshot 2015-08-28 at 08.32.30In a state where selling pot could once net you life in prison, Clark County’s top law enforcement officer told a room full of marijuana business owners Thursday that he wants to work with them.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo, who heads the 3,200-officer Metropolitan Police Department, made light of the historic nature of his appearance at a lunch meeting of the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association.

“Bear with me. I’m still trying to wrap my arms around the fact that the sheriff’s in a marijuana (meeting),” he said to laughter.

Speaking just days after the county’s first legal marijuana dispensary opened, Lombardo told the owners he wants to help make sure their businesses are safe.

Source: Metro’s top cop says he wants to keep medical pot businesses safe – Las Vegas Review-Journal

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#Racists deface ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign at Reno church

The reverend at a Reno church wanted to show his solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, so he hung a sign outside the church.

Within 24 hours, the sign had been vandalized.

The Rev. Neal Anderson said he put the sign up Wednesday at around 5 p.m. outside the Unitarian Universality Church of Northern Nevada on Del Monte Lane. It’s a simple sign with a yellow background and a black graphic of a heart.

“The (church) is committed to bearing witness to racism and working to eradicate racism in our community and our state and our nation,” he said. “So in solidarity with the black liberation movement and Black Lives Matter, we put that sign up.”

Source: ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign defaced at Reno church – Reno Gazette Journal.

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Attention Americans: This Is What The President Of YOUR Country Thinks About You

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Supreme Leader and Savior of the World Barack Obama has some choice words for those critical of the Iran deal (which is you, me, and nearly everyone else who reads this site and others like it). On his way to a fundraiser in Las Vegas for his BFF Harry Reid’s handpicked successor (more on that in a minute), Obama referred to people who oppose the Iran deal as “crazies” –

And he delivered, recounting the ride he and Reid had just taken from the conference to the fundraiser in his up-armored presidential limo, where they talked about old times and getting back to Washington to “deal with the crazies in terms of managing some problems.”

I know y’all don’t expect class and honor from this guy after nearly seven years of his bullcrap. I certainly don’t. But still – this is the freaking President of the United States. The leader…

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tomfernandez28's Blog


It is undeniable; the final collapse triggers are upon us.


In the years since the derivatives disaster, there has been no end to the absurd and ludicrous propaganda coming out of mainstream financial outlets and as the situation in markets becomes worse, the propaganda will only increase.

This might seem counter-intuitive to many. You would think that the more obvious the economic collapse becomes, the more alternative analysts will be vindicated and the more awake and aware the average person will be. Not necessarily…

In fact, the mainstream spin machine is going into high speed the more negative data is exposed and absorbed into the markets. If you know your history, then you know that this is a common tactic by the establishment elite to string the public along with false hopes so that they do not prepare or take…

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Magazine labels Reno as an ‘unfriendly’ city

RenoRENO, Nev. (MyNews4.com & KRNV) — The magazine Condé Nast Traveler came out with its lists for the 10 most friendly and “unfriendly” cities in the country.

Reno made the cut, but not in a good way.

The travel magazine ranked Reno as the eighth unfriendliest city in the country, alongside destinations like Detroit; Newark, New Jersey; and Oakland, California.

They used reader comments to compile the list, citing some readers who said Reno is, “like Compton but with more lights.”

Another reader said the city appears “old and tired.”

Chris Baum, president and CEO of the Reno Visitors and Convention Authority, said he hasn’t experienced observed any dissatisfaction with Reno.

“Our team booked a record number this last year,” Baum said of convention bookings. “Our corporate business travel is going through the roof with companies like Tesla and Switch and the drone industry. Our leisure travel numbers are coming back strong. So there are a lot more people here than ever before.”

He added that the authority gets a lot of return visits and positive feedback, which indicates an overall positive experience.

News 4 has reached out to Condé Nast to learn more about how the rankings were configured. No messages have been immediately returned.

Senate hopeful Catherine Cortez Masto really, really doesn’t want to say anything about the Iran deal

Senate hopeful Catherine Cortez Masto really, really doesn’t want to say anything about the Iran deal

I have tried, most recently as a week ago and got this from her campaign: “Still reviewing the agreement.”

Even after Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid came out for it last weekend, his would-be successor is still mum. (Of course, Prince Harry says her position doesn’t matter. Yes, why should she take a stand on one of the most important foreign policy agreements in history. Hardly relevant, right, senator?)

The latest person to try, a tracker for the GOP SuperPac America Rising, was met with no words, except from an aide who told the tracker: “We’re going in to eat,” outside the Red Rock Democratic Club”s Wednesday evening barbecue.

This is a tough one for Cortez Masto. She could part ways with her patron, Reid, and the president, thus showing independence from them. Or she could do what most Democrats have done.

AP Sues FBI Over Impersonating An AP Reporter With A Fake AP Story

peoples trust toronto

Last fall, we wrote about how the FBI had set up a fake AP news story in order to implant malware during an investigation. This came out deep in a document that had been released via a FOIA request by EFF, and first noticed by Chris Soghoianof the ACLU. The documents showed the FBI discussing how to install some malware, called a CIPAV (for Computer and Internet Protocol Address Verifier) by creating a fake news story

Vía BlackListed News http://ift.tt/1JzcQIS

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7,000 police body cams to go to LA cops

peoples trust toronto

Hundreds of police in Los Angeles, California will begin wearing body cameras Monday, after a year of preparations. Once fully operational, the LAPD body cam program will be the most extensive in the US, but recordings will be kept from the public. The first wave of cameras was funded by $1.5 million from private donors, such as Steven Spielberg and the Los Angeles Dodgers. They will go to 860 officers in LAPD’s Mission division, covering the northwestern suburbs in the San Fernando Valley. LAPD plans to outfit more than 7,000 officers with body cameras over the coming months. By contrast, New York is currently using 60 cameras in a pilot program, and wants to buy 5,000 more.

Vía BlackListed News http://ift.tt/1JzcO3R

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When do we, as a nation, stop putting up with this crap?

LadyRaven's Whisky In A Jar - OH!

Food for thought and action?  Someday?  Maybe?  Or, are we “going to do exactly nothing?”

7th Circuit Court: Illegal Immigrants Have Second Amendment Rights Too

Treason: Democrat Pols Supporting Iran Deal Were Paid Off by Iran

President Wants Our Guns? Tell Him To Give His Up First…

United States Drops In Overall Freedom Ranking

The Raping of America: Mile Markers on the Road to Fascism

Ann Barnhardt – How much lead warning would have been “right”?I recorded and released my Economics Presentation, titled, “The Economy Is Going to Implode… And You Deserve to Understand Why” thirty-three months ago.  Thirty-three months….

Why Vote? LET IT BURN!

Write what you are told.

Go dhimmi or go home….

Which State Is Allowing Burkas in Driver’s License Photos? – Illinois DMV Deputy Press Secretary had this to say about the issue as quoted by the Conservative Tribune:
“What we’re doing was always allowed… but…

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Red Dawn 2015 Exposed: Hear in their own words as Hillary Clinton, Gen Wesley Clark, the policy makers, make statements which reveal their true agenda, to intern patriots and freedom loving Americans and then watch the foot soldiers like police and mainstream media carry the torch of tyranny.

Red Dawn is here but it is not an outside enemy as depicted in the mid 80’s classic Red Dawn. It’s actually the enemy within, the enemy that is behind the gates that is the true danger. Hear in their own words as Hillary Clinton, Gen Wesley Clark, the policy makers, make statements which reveal their true agenda, to intern patriots and freedom loving Americans and then watch the foot soldiers like police and mainstream media carry the torch of tyranny.

Jeb Bush Still Favorite for GOP Nomination Among Political Bookies


Trump and JebReal estate mogul Donald Trump is dominating polls and capturing headlines in the Republican presidential race, but rival Jeb Bush is still the favorite of traders in political prediction markets.

While Bush has been eclipsed by Trump in opinion polls, the former Florida governor is riding high with online traders who give him a 40 percent chance to capture the party’s presidential nomination, according to prediction market aggregator PredictWise.com.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is a distant second with a 15 percent chance, and Trump has risen to third in recent weeks with 14 percent, according to PredictWise, which aggregates about a half-dozen political prediction markets.

Those markets, in which traders bet on the outcomes of various events, often have a better track record than polls in determining a winner in elections. Bush has been their favorite since mid-2014, said David Rothschild, an economist who runs PredictWise.

“Jeb Bush has…

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Donald Trump trounces GOP field, Biden leads general election match-ups

Washingtonian Post

By Theodore Schleifer, CNNcandidates-composite

Washington (CNN) Vice President Joe Biden fares better against top GOP candidates in hypothetical general election match-ups than Hillary Clinton, according to a new national survey.

The Quinnipiac University poll, released Thursday, also shows Donald Trump smashing the GOP presidential competition garnering 28% support from registered Republican voters in the 17-member field. The real estate mogul’s closest competitor is retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who tallies 12%.

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More Good News For Joe Biden: Poll Shows He Leads Presidential General Election

MyPraise 102.5, Atlanta, Inspiration, Gospel, Radio, WPZE

Although he hasn?t entered the presidential race, Vice President Joe Biden is polling better than most declared candidates on both sides of the aisle.

Just days after President Barack Obama gave Biden his blessing to throw his hat into the ring, Quinnipiac University released a poll on Thursday showing that Biden would perform better in a race against a Republican candidate than presumed Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.


The Quinnipiac University poll, released Thursday, also shows Donald Trump smashing the GOP presidential competition garnering 28% support from registered Republican voters in the 17-member field. The real estate mogul?s closest competitor is retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who tallies 12%?.

Clinton still leads the Democratic race at 45% support from registered Democrats, followed by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders…

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Over 700 Videos of Police Brutality and Corruption

Mario Kenny

The following video playlist was submitted to CopBlock.org via the submission tab. The person chose not to have his name shared but wanted to let the readers here know about a scary yet educational playlist on YouTube. It seems corebass420 – on YouTube – created a 700+ video playlist of police brutality since 2000. From cops using excessive force, breaking the law, or committing cold-blooded murder, it appears this playlist has the worst of the worst

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Ron Paul: Are we a Nation of Wimps?

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Earlier this year, Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul wrote a very important essay “Are We a Nation of Wimps.”  As the title suggests, the easy examines the way the people’s demand that the government provide them with economic and personal security feds the growth of the welfare-warfare state.

Fortunately, changes this system does not take a majority of the people, but only a “irate, tireless minority.” Campaign for Liberty is dedicated to mobilizing and organizing this “tireless minority” to restore freedom in all areas. Please join our efforts.

Text of Dr. Paul’s article available below. Text and a video available at The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity:

We now live in a society where safety and security are to be sought at all costs. The sacrifice of liberty is not a concern for most Americans today. This is not something new and it has been characteristic of…

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Ash to Kings Trail Grand Opening

Bike Carson

Join Muscle Powered and partners for a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the Ash Canyon to Kings Canyon Trail on Saturday, August 29, 2015 at 8:30 am! The ceremony will be held at the Ash Canyon bridge just below the Ash Canyon Trailhead.

ribbon cutting

Limited shuttles are available between 7:30 – 10:00 am from the end of the pavement at Ash Canyon Road to the Muscle Powered booth at the trailhead. Hikers and bikers please allow enough time to make it to the Ribbon Cutting at 8:30 am sharp.

  • 8:30 – 9:00 am: Grand Opening Ceremony and Guest Speakers
  • 9:15 am: Official Picture at the Bridge

AC to KC Trail Map

Kings to Ash with Way Points

More about this event on CarsonNow.org.

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