Harry Reid: Baltimore mom who slapped masked son during riots should be investigated for abuse

Doctor Bizarre

Baltimore MomSen. Harry Reid, who infamously lied about Mitt Romney’s tax returns during the 2012 presidential election, said Wednesday that the Baltimore mom who slapped her masked son during Monday’s riots should be investigated for child abuse.

“He gave me eye contact. And at that point, you know, not even thinking about cameras or anything like that — that’s my only son and at the end of the day I don’t want him to be a Freddie Gray. At that point, I just lost it. I was shocked, I was angry, because you never want to see your child out there doing that,” Toya Graham told CBS on Wednesday. The Democrat from Nevada didn’t see it that way.

Freddie Gray, 25, died April 19 of wounds that occurred during his arrest by the Baltimore Police Department April 12. Mr. Reid’s office put out a statement Wednesday countering the claim that…

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Cop Involved In Killing of Freddie Gray Had Been Suspended Twice

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

freddie-gray-baltimore-officers-named-Lt. Brian Rice, who was the first to make eye contact with Freddie Gray, has been suspended twice from the Baltimore police force for personal reasons, including mental health and an protective order.

In 2012, Lt. Brian Rice was hospitalized for a mental health concern. It happens. People have circumstantial and other types of depression and mental health issues. The main thing is that they seek and receive help. Another main thing too, is that they re-evaluate their profession and if necessary, go into another line of work.

Lt. Brian Rice has a son with Karen McAleer.  The Associated Press reached out to talk to Karen McAleer, but she declined to speak. In 2012, McAleer contacted police for a welfare check on Lt. Brian Rice. Allegedly, Rice said he “could not continue to go on like this” and threatened to commit an act that was censored in the public version…

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Reno-area gigafactory expected to play role in new Tesla effort

Tesla NevadaRENO, Nev. (KRNV & MyNews4.com) – A highly anticipated Tesla announcement scheduled for Thursday night has spiked the car company’s shares by 7 percent.

There are little details as to what Tesla CEO Elon Musk will announce, but there are major clues.

He set the internet abuzz last month with a tweet saying it would be a new product line—- and not a car.

All signs point to what the company calls, Stationary Energy Storage Applications. In simpler terms, they’re consumer batteries that would power homes and businesses; at a fraction of the price. Musk’s brother tells CNNmoney it could slash electric bills by 25 percent.

With Tesla moving into town in a couple years, the $5 billion gigafactory just outside of Reno could play a big role in producing the innovative batteries.

According to Tesla’s latest projections, the gigafactory will produce battery packs for their automobiles and later, as much as a quarter of the plant’s capacity could be used for stationary batteries.

During the company’s last quarterly earnings call in February, Musk indicated that a home consumer battery would be unveiled soon. Also, in the latest shareholder report, Tesla projected it would start ramping up sales of stationary batteries in 2015.

Ex-Elko County sheriff’s deputy Keema charged with theft

crimeELKO, Nev. (AP) — The Elko County district attorney has filed a felony theft charge against a former sheriff’s deputy, accusing him of spending county funds on his own expenses.

The Elko Daily Free Press reports the criminal complaint filed Tuesday accuses Rick Keema of spending more than $2,500 in county money in 2011 for such things as a $738 telephone bill and a $245 baseball bat.

Keema also served as undersheriff under Sheriff Jim Pitts before he left the force in 2012. He told the newspaper he had accidentally charged the items to his county credit card, but paid the county back.

A date for a preliminary has not been set. If convicted, Keema could face up to 20 years in prison.

Starving sea lions now fight U.S. fishermen for food as West Coast ecosystem collapses

Reclaim Our Republic

california water
April 29, 2015 by: L.J. Devon, Staff Writer

(NaturalNews) The West Coast ecosystem is in a state of dire collapse. The Southern California sea lion population is dwindling to new lows as countless hungry and emaciated pups wash ashore. There’s simply not enough food to go around for the mammals. Some believe the acidity of the waters is intensifying, not allowing certain species of fish to survive. The sudden decline in sardine biomass off the West coast is directly impacting larger animals in the food chain like the Southern California sea lions. A record number of these beautiful sea mammals have been rescued since 2013, when an unusual “mortality event” was declared. As the animals struggle to find food, some appear to be getting vicious and may now attack humans for food.

In fact, a fisherman recently had a violent altercation with a sea lion at a San Diego marina…

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If you haven’t read the NDAA, you should. It states that you have no right to due process, and you can disappear without a trace. All American citizens are considered terrorists under this act.

This is hysterical! It is NOT POSSIBLE to please the government morons!

Random Candidate

Mother of Baltimore rioter REGRETS telling 18-year-old son to turn himself in for smashing up cars with traffic cone after his bail is set at $500,000

  • Allen Bullock, 18, was on front page of local paper smashing up a car 
  • He posted the photo on his Facebook with a message for Freddie Gray
  • But when his stepfather saw the paper he told him to turn himself in
  • Now, however, his family regrets the move as he faces 8 years in jail

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3062532/Mother-Baltimore-rioter-REGRETS-telling-18-year-old-son-turn-smashing-cars-police-cone-bail-set-500-000.html#ixzz3YpfB0ZdQ
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Baltimore Cop on Why there are Riots, “I Blame the Department..they arrested Gray for some BullS***”

Starvin Larry


Baltimore, MD — In a comment that is sure to make waves in the department, a Baltimore cop dished out some heavy handed honesty.

Puja Patel, from the Concourse, interviewed two of the riot police officers on the scene in Baltimore Tuesday. What they had to say was quite candid and something that many of us already know. However, hearing it from the source is considerably more powerful.

Patel asked the officers “if what happened yesterday was possibly instigated by the mere presence of the police at Mondawmin Mall.”

One officer explained how they gather intel on individuals through spying on people with fake social media accounts. The reason they were at the Mondawmin Mall Monday, according to police, was in response to a meme going around on social media that called for a “purge.”
The officer responded to the question by saying,

[The police department] follows people on social…

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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Who will win?


So I’m chipping in with my opinion on a topic that many pundits have been squabbling over for the past five years, since the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao was initially set to take place. Who will reign supreme as the greatest boxer of our era? I’m going to go against all the pundits and say Pacquiao, for a few very specific reasons.


Taste of defeat

Despite Pacquiao holding 5 losses and 2 draws in comparison to Mayweathers’ 47-0 record, some would dispute that losing makes a fighter better. Pacquiao knows the taste of defeat all too well and will do anything to avoid the same fate for the Mayweather fight. Of course, you can’t overlook an undefeated fighter, let alone the fact that Mayweather has never even been knocked down in a fight! But as they say there’s a first time for everything. And with a great…

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Nevada Schools Future Farmers Study With Drone


Nevada FFA program has a drone to teach students (Roger Riley WHO-HD) Nevada FFA program has a drone to teach students (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

NEVADA, Iowa- The Future Farmers of America class in Nevada are now studying how drone cameras can help agriculture.  Kevin Cooper’s class purchased the $1,100 drone to talk about how it could be used to survey crops for farmers.

The students can fly the quad-copter outside the school next to two wind turbines by the school’s football field. Students have learned how to fly the craft in a stiff breeze, and how to land.

The drone has taught the students lessons in science and technology, as well as regulations and applications the new technology brings. Cooper said the students have had spirited discussions about how the drone could be used.

Some agriculture firms in Iowa have been waiting for federal regulations to come out so commercial companies could move forward with ag drone  monitoring of crops.

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Christian Patriots

Establishment press freaks out after Texas Governor announces exercise will be monitored

The mainstream media unleashed a deluge of hit pieces targeting Alex Jones and Infowars over the upcoming Jade Helm military exercise after the issue finally began to draw serious attention.

rational announcement that Texas State Guard would monitor the drill to allay the concerns of residents and ensure that constitutional rights were not violated.

A CBS This Morning segment took clips from YouTube conspiracy theorists who said Jade Helm would herald the implementation of martial law and a “declaration of war on United States soil,” claims that Infowars has never made. At every turn we have stressed that the exercise serves to acclimatize Americans to the sight of troops on the streets and is part of a wider andmanifestly provable agenda to prepare for civil unrest in America.

The CBS piece even conflates conspiracy theories about closed…

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REVEALED: Freddie Gray suffered fatal ‘catastrophic injury when he fell head first in back of police van and broke neck as head hit bolt’ – and police admit mystery secret stop on journey 

Random Candidate

  • Medical examiner ‘found Freddie Gray’s catastrophic head injury was consistent with bolt in the back door of the police van’
  • Police report suggests he was standing and fell head first into the door
  • Officer driving van has yet to give statement to police, sources claim
  • Report on Freddie Gray’s arrest and death handed to State’s Attorney at 8.50am ET on Thursday
  • It includes admission that police van made a previously unknown stop 
  • Police Commissioner refused to elaborate on the information   

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3062840/Cops-dramatically-admit-Freddie-Gray-police-van-mystery-extra-stop-arrest-private-security-camera-scene.html#ixzz3YpenaATd
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China, Russia to Set Up Joint Space Base on the Moon

Tiananmen's Tremendous Achievements

Photos of pupils of Russian military school with Chinese Guards of Honor who have come to Moscow to participate in May-9 military parade marking 70th anniversary of Russia’s victory of the Great Patriotic War Photos of pupils of Russian military school with Chinese Guards of Honor who have come to Moscow to participate in May-9 military parade marking 70th anniversary of Russia’s victory of the Great Patriotic War

Russia’s Moscow Times listed four top projects of cooperation between China and Russia to describe the increasingly closer ties between the two de factor allies.

We do not know whether the newspaper’s description aims at countering the closer ties between the US and Japan resulting from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s current visit to the US. However, the four projects, especially the establishment of a joint base on the moon do indicate the exceptional close ties between countries in the world.

The four top projects mentioned by the newspaper are:

  • Joint space base on the moon;
  • Joint development of M-26 helicopter;
  • Transaction of S-400 missile system; and
  • Joint development of large airliner

Source: mil.huanqiu.com “Russian media…

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Unethical Quote Of The Week: Hillary Clinton

Ethics Alarms


“There is something wrong when a third of all black men face the prospect of prison during their lifetimes.”

—Hillary Clinton, in an address, to the David N. Dinkins Leadership & Public Policy Forum decrying “mass incarceration.”

So few words, so much deceit.

We are going to hear a lot of this theme, apparently, unless or maybe even if Democrats get responsible and choose a candidate other than the ethically compromised (and compromisable) Mrs. Clinton. “Mass incarceration” itself is a loaded term that sounds as if random citizens are rounded up and locked up by the government just for the hell of it. It is redolent of the political arrests of totalitarian regimes, and as such, misleading and irresponsible.

Likewise, the Unethical Quote of the Week that Hillary just authored suggests that black men are imprisoned without their doing anything untoward to justify it. A third of all…

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2 members of Supreme Court ‘targeted by U.S. spies’

Random Candidate

“U.S. intelligence agencies have “harvested” the personal and private data of “hundreds of federal officials and judges, including Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg,” charges a legal brief filed by Larry Klayman, the attorney who has come to be known as “the NSA slayer” for his successful legal battles against the National Security Agency.”

And why would they not be spying on the rest?
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/04/u-s-gathering-dirt-on-supreme-court-justices/#QxJxDIBSlbAsfFMq.99

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Jeff Rense’s Recent Brush with Death

peoples trust toronto


Jeff recounts his recent serious car accident and the possible sources and implications. Please keep this sacrificial, commited truth warrior in your thoughts and prayers.

(More in the program links?)

The post Jeff Rense?s Recent Brush with Death appeared first on Zen Gardner.

Vía Zen Gardner http://ift.tt/1dxZdBC

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The Silent Soldier

(Screenshot credit, Christian Patriots) (Screenshot credit, Christian Patriots)

April 30, 2015

WHATISUSA:  H/T-Christian Patriots:

Opposing police, defiance to legal requests, deterring roadways, and impedance

Dissents over the demise of Freddie Gray extended across the nation late Wednesday, with a large number of individuals the nation over energizing for the 25-year-old Baltimore man who kicked the bucket in the wake of torment a spinal line harm in police authority.

Police said more than 100 individuals were captured in New York, and there were comparable arouses in Boston, Seattle, San Diego and Denver. In New York, a few hundred individuals accumulated in Union Square and walked in distinctive headings, grabbing demonstrators along the way and developing to more than 1,000, as per NBC New York.

In Denver, police said that they utilized pepper splash and that 11 individuals were kept for offenses including “opposing police, defiance to legal requests, deterring roadways, and impedance.”

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Jade Helm canceled for Texas Crossroads area without reason. This comes two days after Governor Greg Abbott commands Texas State Guard to monitor Jade Helm Operation…

Random Candidate

After the release of an unclassified document labeling both Texas and Utah as hostile, theorists began to question whether the realistic exercise, known as Jade Helm, 15, was in preparation of a martial law takeover.

Chief Deputy Roy Boyd told the Advocate in December the U.S. Army Special Operations Command chose the Crossroads because Victoria and Goliad counties offered an ideal terrain.
Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/jade-helm-canceled-for-texas-crossroads-area-without-reason-this-comes-two-days-after-governor-greg-abbott-commands-texas-state-guard-to-monitor-jade-helm-operation/#SWhwBQiQZQceRERb.99

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CA legislature mandates that judges and justices issue their decision in a timely manner.

News and Views Riverside Superior Court and San Bernardino Superior Court; National Family Law Abuse

The CA constitution and CA Government code section 68210 prescribe the time frame manner in which decisions are to be issued. CA government code section 68210 states that no judge of a court of record shall receive his salary unless he shall make and subscribe before an officer entitled to administer oaths, an affidavit stating that no cause before him remains pending and undetermined for 90 days after it has been submitted for decision.

The CA government government code is based on California Constitution Article VI Judicial Section 19 which specifies that a judge of a court of record may not receive the salary for the judicial office held by the judge while any cause before the judge remains pending and undetermined for 90 days after it has been submitted for decision.Mardikian v. Commission on Judicial Performance (1985) 40 Cal.3d 473, 477, fn. 4 [220 Cal.Rptr. 833, 709 P.2d 852]…

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Kathleen Sandoval told the Assembly Health and Human Resources Committed that her cousin died of a heroin overdose, and his problem started with prescription drug abuse.

Nevada first lady Kathleen Sandoval testified Wednesday in favor of a bill praised for providing immunity for helping someone who overdoses on drugs but criticized by some doctors for adding to the bureaucratic load they must bear.

Gov. Brian Sandoval’s prescription drug proposal, Senate Bill 459, was written to help prevent highly addictive painkillers from being dispensed to people without a medical need. The bill would require all practitioners to check the state prescription monitoring program before ordering certain controlled substances to make sure patients do not get excess medication.

Kathleen Sandoval told the Assembly Health and Human Resources Committed that her cousin died of a heroin overdose, and his problem started with prescription drug abuse.

“Physicians should know what type of medications their patients are on,” she said.

Doctors testifying in Las Vegas said the legislation would have a chilling effect on doctors considering medications for patients in pain, perhaps prolonging their suffering. Simply requiring doctors to check the prescription monitoring program will not ensure that drugs are used only for a medical need, they said.

“This bill does nothing to prevent overdoses,” said Dr. James Marx who runs a Las Vegas pain clinic. “This bill is merely an overdose treatment bill.”

Assemblywoman Robin Titus, a Wellington Republican and medical doctor, asked Gov. Sandoval’s aides why the bill couldn’t be written to require doctors to consult the state drug database when they have a reasonable belief that the patient might be seeking drugs for any reason other than the treatment of an existing medical condition.

Nevada Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tracey Green said predicting that a drug might be abused is not easily determined.

“If that’s the only time that a physician would look up, I think it gives us the opportunity to miss many abusers who have figured (out) a way to essentially work the system,” Green said.

SB459 would require all prescribers to register with the state prescription monitoring program. Presently, only an estimated 50 percent of Nevada physicians are registered to use the database.

Called the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act, the bill also would grant immunity for doctors administering medications to reverse the life-threatening effects of an overdose of opiate pain­killers such as morphine. Medications such as naloxone restore breathing to a victim in the throes of an opioid overdose.

‘The First Amendment is Not Abridged for the Benefit of the Brotherhood of the Robe’

pundit from another planet


Symposium: When strict scrutiny ceased to be strict

NW_HB_abrams_070805_289_360_c1At SCOTUSblog, Floyd Abrams writes: The result in the Williams-Yulee case was a difficult one to predict except that it was entirely predictable that the result would be by a deeply divided Court. It is no surprise that it was a five-to-four ruling, and no surprise at all that the jurists on both sides appear to have been irritated and frustrated by the views of those on the Court with whom they differed. The same had been true in Republican Party of Minnesota v. White (2002), the Supreme Court’s last trek into the muddy constitutional waters that required an assessment of First Amendment issues in the context of judicial elections. That case was not only decided by a five-to-four vote, but one of the five Justices — Justice Sandra Day O’Connor — repeatedly announced after her retirement that she regretted her vote.

“Critics of Citizens United can…

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Israel Will Strike Iran First To Thwart Nuclear Attack – Breitbart

Serve Him in the Waiting

Israel is not in a pleasant situation. Every day, her arch enemy Iran draws closer to refining enough uranium to build 100s of nuclear weapons.

Every day the Iranian program becomes more difficult to dislodge – as the uranium is concentrated, the number of centrifuges required to complete the process decreases, allowing the remaining refining operation to be moved to smaller and more covert facilities.

America, ostensibly Israel’s ally, is rumoured to have ordered US warships to shoot down Israeli aircraft, should a strike on Iran appear to be in progress. According to Israeli newspapers, President Obama thwarted a planned 2014 Israeli attack against Iranian nuclear facilities, by threatening to shoot down the Israeli bombers.

America is currently sending additional warships to the Persian Gulf – ostensibly to blockade Iranian supply runs to rebels in Yemen, but if rumours of President Obama’s threat against Israel are correct, perhaps also to…

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Attempted Murder of Two Radio Show Hosts Within 24 Hours! Alternative Media Strikes Back!

Watch the first video on www.project.nsearch.com to open a Doorway to God!  Those who join Project Nsearch will discover ways to make extra income and get free ebooks on natural curesfree energy and spreading more truth!    I teach others how to make real extra income on my Newsletter.  Join my site and email me at glenn@nsearch.com or call me at (352) 478-8059 so I can reach you!  Thank you for sharing all my articles to social networks!  VeteransTruthRadio.com for Victory!

Attempted Murder of Two Alternative Media Radio Show Hosts Within 24 Hours of Each Other!

Stew Webb was run off the road after a high speed car chase with two vehicles following him and trying to ram him on Saturday night, April 25th.  This occurred after he noticed a woman he recognized as trying to kill him in the past sitting a few booths away from him while he was listening to music and meeting one of his friends.  The woman was trying to hide her face but Stew quickly recognized her as one of the people involved in trying to murder him in the past!  Stew left the establishment soon after recognizing the killers and then a high speed chase began which resulted in Stew being forced of the road before he was finally able to get away!

Jeff Rense

Jim Fetzer reported in the interview below that Jeff Rense was hit by some type of psychotronic weapon that made him lose consciousness.  His car went into a five foot ditch and rolled over several times!  He was put into intensive care at the hospital with several broken bones.   He was told later that the crash was unsurvivable but because of a stunning number of coincidences he did survive!  God protected Jeff Rense because it’s truly a miracle he survived this accident!  I urge everybody to pray for Jeff’s full recovery!  He is now at home recovering from his injuries.   Jim Fetzer is very concerned at what may have caused the attempted murder of Jeff Rense and Stew Webb and explains more in the ground breaking interview below.

I urge everybody to pray for the safety of all those spreading truth.  One of the biggest secrets I was told by a Holy man is to pray for your enemies and ask God to bring them to salvation so God is allowed to step in and correct them.  I’m asking everybody to stop what you’re doing right now and pray for all the enemies of humanity that are doing this evil such as trying to kill Stew Webb and Jeff Rense.  Ask God to step in and correct them and bring them to salvation!  We must never forget to pray every day in this battle against evil.  Always spend some quiet time with God every day and talk to him – he listens to everything you say!  Play positive praise music such as that from Klove.com as the demons must flee from it!

Jim Fetzer and Stew Webb Discuss the Two Murder Attempts Over the Weekend!  This is a MUST LISTEN and SHARE!  Share this on all social networks so the truth goes viral!

Massive 800 Foot Crop Circle Is Actually Real – Who Could Do Something Like This?

peoples trust toronto


This massive 780-foot (238 meters) crop circle appeared in a remote area (Milk Hill) of Wiltshire, England back in 2001. It was an extremely complex and elaborate design, composed of exactly 409 circles that form what is known as a triskelion ? a motif consisting of three interlocking spirals. The symbol has been seen throughout history and across multiple cultures dating back thousands of years.

You may be skeptical, but this did in fact happen, making major headlines and eliciting the scrutiny of many researchers and scientists.

There is some great footage of it in the documentary ?Crop Cricles: quest for truth,? by academy award winning William Gazecki. You can view that here.

?It was so large that it took us half an hour to find the center.? (quote taken from video link above)

There are some more great images of it in this YouTube video. You can also see a helicopter…

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Anonymous sources good for Reid’s goose but not right-wing gander


Harry Reid —who unapologetically lied about Mitt Romney paying income taxes for 10 years, citing an anonymous source — is gloating over a pseudonymous source hoaxing a blogger with tale about how Harry really got his New Year’s Eve injuries.

“What this guy proved to me is that journalism doesn’t exist,” Reid told the Review-Journal. “I wish I’d meet this guy and pat him on the back.”

Larry Reid mugshot from R-J

This came on the heels of a weekend story in the Sun insert that told of a Larry Pfeifer claiming to have made up a story about how Reid’s younger brother Larry might have beaten him and getting Power Line blogger John Hinderaker to report it.

While saying he could not vouch for the story, Hinderaker recounted Pfeifer’s tale of a man named Larry showing up at an AA meeting on New Year’s Eve intoxicated and talking about how he might be in…

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Area 51 in Nevada was used to film the NASA Apollo 11 moon landings

Full moon rising!  This was a sagebrush stop and shot the moon.

Japanese Orbiter Finds No Evidence Apollo Missions Landed On Moon

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There is something wrong with US mission to the Moon. The legendary space mission is still shrouded in mystery. Mankind still has a number of reasons to cast doubt on the miracle of inter-planetary flights. Many people still say that US astronauts have never landed on the Moon.

Japan’s Kaguya lunar orbiter took several pictures of the site, where Apollo 15 and Apollo 17 supposedly landed in 1971 and 1972. If the astronauts had ever landed there, they should have left a lot of equipment on the site, including the rovers, on which they traveled on the surface of the Earth’s satellite. The pictures, which the Japanese rover took, showed not even the slightest hint of the US presence on the Moon.

There was only a spot of dust seen on the photograph of the site, from which Apollo-15 blasted off on its journey back to Earth. The spot, NASA said, was a firm evidence of Apollo’s presence on the Moon.

It is an open secret that the Moon’s entire surface is all covered with a thick layer of dust. US astronauts took many pictures of their shoeprints on the Moon’s surface. Joseph Skipper, a researcher of lunar and Martian anomalies, has many questions about the evidence, which the lunar dust provides. A number of images, made by the US astronauts showed their lunar rover standing at a distance from the landing module. There can be no wheel tracks seen on the pictures – as if the rover had flown from the lander to the site where it was photographed.

One may assume that the lunar ground was too hard for the wheel tracks to appear in it. However, there are many shoeprints in the dust around the rover. They can be seen even underneath the rover, although there are no wheel tracks on the ground at all.

Many people say that the US astronauts have never landed on the moon and that the entire mission is a fake. Others say that the missions took place, although the astronauts did not land on the Moon every time they traveled there. They could probably exaggerate their success to baffle the USA ’s major rival in the space race – the USSR.
It is not ruled out, though, that the discovered anomalies can be explained. They can be probably connected with certain peculiarities of the lunar dust and its interaction with electrostatic charges. However, serious scientists prefer not to throw too much light on the subject.
This article was posted: Tuesday, May 26, 2009 at 2:03 pm


AUGUST 11, 2012

  • Explosive new photos reveal secret “movie set” for staged “Mars Landing”.
  • So-called “Mars landing” was filmed entirely in Nevada.
  • The whole thing is a modern-day Judeo conspiracy!


Following on from our recent report exposing the so-called “Mars landing” of the land rover “Curiosity” as an elaborate hoax, we have been inundated with phone calls and emails from concerned citizens like you, who are similarly outraged at this monumental waste of hardworking taxpayers’ dollars being spent on the greatest hoax of our time purely designed to re-elect Barack Obama and distract attention away from the perilous state of the US economy, rampant unemployment and civil unrest.

11 Mars Fraud Nevada TURKEY photo Army POUCH impossible Spirit Tracks Hoax Busted Feb 2014

See video here: https://youtu.be/0GClMLZY1ug


But the horror doesn’t end there. No it does not. With thanks to our exclusive sources, we can reveal that the entire NASA “mission to Mars” is an elaborate modern-day judeo conspiracy designed to destroy Christianity and our way life.

And it goes all the way to the top right to the President’s office. From the ranks of lowly NASA employees sworn to secrecy, to Hollywood movie directors paid millions to produce and direct the so-called “landing sequence” broadcast to millions of households across the globe.

And we’ve got the evidence to prove it!

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OH YES THEY DID: U.S. Military Develops Self-Guided ‘Smart Bullet’

pundit from another planet

Videos supplied by DARPA show the bullets making sharp turns in midair as they pursue their targets

(CNN) Don Melvin writes: You know the phrase “dodging a bullet”? Forget about it. Probably not going to happen anymore.

The U.S. military said this week it has made great progress in its effort to develop a self-steering bullet.


“True to DARPA’s mission, EXACTO has demonstrated what was once thought impossible: the continuous guidance of a small-caliber bullet to target.”

— Jerome Dunn, DARPA program manager

In February, the “smart bullets” — .50-caliber projectiles equipped with optical sensors — passed their most successful round of live-fire tests to date, according to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA.

In the tests, an experienced marksman “repeatedly hit moving and evading targets,” a DARPA statement said.


“This live-fire demonstration from a standard rifle showed that EXACTO is able to hit moving and evading targets with…

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