El Dorado County faces suit from pot club

california potBy Peter Hecht, Sacrament Bee

The former operator and members of a Diamond Springs marijuana dispensary are suing El Dorado County to recover seized marijuana, medical records and financial documents taken in a Sheriff’s Department raid last year.

The Pure Life Collective has been shuttered since the Nov. 17, 2014, raid, which resulted in the arrest of dispensary operator Kelly Chiusano. No charges have been filed.

The dispensary’s lawsuit, filed by a prominent Bay Area lawyer specializing in medical marijuana, charges that the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department wrongly raided Pure Life, which had been granted a permit to operate by the county’s Community Development Agency.

The lawsuit, filed last week by Sausalito lawyer Zenia Gilg and law partner Heather Burke, charges that the Sheriff’s Department “wasted public resources” by having undercover officers with physicians’ recommendations purchase medical marijuana at the dispensary and through its delivery service.

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Trevor Noah Taking Over The Daily Show is Great News For Conservatives

American Glob

First of all, Trevor Noah is a mediocre comedian who will diminish the Daily Show’s political influence. Second, the fact that TDS’s audience of trained seals will overlook his crappy jokes about Jews and women shows them for who they are. Lastly, Trevor Noah’s internet vetting robs him of the toolbox Jon Stewart regularly relied upon.

If Trevor Noah plans on following the same political path Stewart was on, and BTW he said he is, every joke comment or tweet he ever sends out which attacks conservatives in the typical Daily Show out-of-context style can and should be met with comments like…

Just like the Jews, huh?
Just like fat chicks, huh?
Just the gays, huh?

Trevor Noah may have the best gig a progressive comedian could ever hope to get but he goes into it a tarnished hypocrite and many people on the left already know this. Even Trevor…

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Elizabeth Warren says she is not going to run for President in 2016 on The Today Show

America's Watchtower

 Elizabeth Warren and Mitt Romney have one thing in common: despite persistent rumors to the contrary both are denying they have any intention of running for President in 2016. Personally, I believe Mitt Romney is not going to run but despite her claims I feel the door is still open for a possible Presidential run from Elizabeth Warren.

  On The Today Show Savannah Guthrie pressed Elizabeth Warren several times on whether or not she was going to run for the Presidency in 2016–in fact, in my opinion, it almost seemed as if she was pleading with her to run–and the Senator from Massachusetts emphatically stated that she has no intention of running in 2016.

  Here is the video:

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How the Pentagon Lost Track of $45 Billion

The Authentic Male

It’s almost impossible to audit what taxpayers have spent to rebuild Afghanistan


Since 2002, Congress has set aside $104 billion specifically to rebuild Afghanistan. Of that, $66 billion went to the Pentagon.

Recently, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction asked the military to account for all that spending. It couldn’t. According to a new report from SIGAR, the Pentagon only knows how it spent a third of its reconstruction budget.

That’s $45 billion dollars the military can’t track and the reason is … ridiculous. According to SIGAR, the Pentagon didn’t check a box on an electronic form when it filed the information in government databases.

It didn’t break any rules when it did this, and has since fixed the oversight that led to the underreporting, but it’s cold comfort for taxpayers who will probably never know how the U.S. military spent that money in Afghanistan.

Most likely ……

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Repeal The Patriot Act!


Fans beware: Nevada entertainment tax could soon expand

CARSON CITY — Fans of Ozzy, NASCAR, the Electric Daisy Carnival or the Burning Man countercultural event held every year in the Black Rock Desert in far Northern Nevada could soon have to pay a bit more to get their groove on.

Casino nightclubs, performances by disc jockeys and events staged around a hotel pool would also be taxed under the long-awaited measures from Assembly Minority Leader Marilyn Kirkpatrick to simplify and expand the live entertainment tax.

If Assembly Bills 392 and 393 win approval and take effect July 1, many events that have been exempted from the levy will soon be included under her proposed Luxury Discretionary Spending Tax. The tax rate would be 8 percent, or about $60 for a $700 VIP Tier 1 ticket to the 2015 Electric Daisy Carnival or $31 for a $390 ticket to Burning Man.

Many events already impose the tax. The levy brings in about $140 million a year, most from the gaming side from the major entertainment venues.

But Kirkpatrick has been working for years to close off loopholes in the tax, including outdoor concerts. She also wants to simplify the tax. There are now two different tax rates of 5 percent or 10 percent based on the size of the venue.

Kirkpatrick, D-North Las Vegas, said the idea is to capture tax revenue for costly entertainment events that most average Nevadans cannot afford to attend while excluding more modest forms of entertainment, from movies to bowling to swimming at the municipal pool to a round of golf.

“These are luxuries that no everyday, middle-class, blue-collar worker is going to be able to do,” she said.

Government-sponsored events at government facilities, such as collegiate athletics at UNLV held at the Thomas & Mack or Sam Boyd Stadium, would not be included either, Kirkpatrick said.

Nonprofit events would not be covered, but the veteran lawmaker said that could change for some types of nonprofits so their events would be assessed the tax.

Black Rock LLC, which runs Burning Man, recently transitioned to nonprofit status.

“It is really just to ensure that Nevadans who don’t go to these big extravagant things; that their quality of life is protected,” she said.

But from attending a Las Vegas 51s baseball game to a boxing match like the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao event set for May 2 in Las Vegas, nearly all forms of entertainment would become subject to the 8 percent luxury tax under Kirkpatrick’s twin measures. Boxing bouts currently assess a separate 6 percent tax. The tax would go to 8 percent under her measures.

Also included would be the National Finals Rodeo and even tour operations that remained within state boundaries, Kirkpatrick said. Strip clubs must pay the tax now and would continue to do so under her measures.

Kirkpatrick has wanted to simplify the tax for years. Her proposal would set one rate and broaden the base of events. By making the litmus test for the tax an admission charge, it would also fix a problem with the imposition of the levy in some gaming-oriented situations.

Current law talks about whether music in a casino bar, for example, is background music versus a performance. One is taxed and the other is not, leading to some confusion for gaming properties.

A separate measure addressing issues on the gaming side of the tax has been introduced by Sen. Mark Lipparelli, R-Las Vegas. The uncertainty of when the tax applies on gaming properties is the issue Lipparelli is also trying to address with Senate Bill 266. He is a former chairman of the state Gaming Control Board.

Lipparelli said he supports the single 8 percent tax rate and that the intent is to try to make the changes revenue neutral.

“The main objective is to try to clarify the challenges around what is euphemistically referred to as the ‘ambient entertainment’ problem,” Lipparelli said. “So the main objective is to come to terms with a more ‘black and white’ standard.

“I think the industry is in favor of it; the regulators are in favor of it,” he said. “But it is harder to write than to do.”

Greg Ferraro, a lobbyist representing the Nevada Resort Association, said the primary goal is to get a clear definition of when the tax applies. To that end, the admission fee test appears to resolve the issue, he said.

“We want predictability and certainty,” he said. “We do end up in disputes. It’s been a problem for the taxpayer and the tax collector.”

The association has in the past supported the 8 percent tax rate, and will continue to work on other potential issues raised in the bills, Ferraro said.

Kirkpatrick, who said her measures are based on similar legislation in Florida, said she expects to see support for the bills when hearings are held in April.

But it could be an uphill battle to eliminate the exemptions many events have been granted over the past 10 years.

David Goldwater, a lobbyist who represents the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Fan Advisory Council, questioned whether a tax on NASCAR events is a good idea given the fact that attendance has stagnated or seen declines since the first race more than 10 years ago.

“The NASCAR Fan Advisory Council appreciates Assemblywoman Kirkpatrick’s efforts to find workable solutions for the challenges facing Nevada’s tax structure,” he said. “As we have shared with her, the NASCAR race held in Las Vegas has a tremendous economic benefit to our city and drives increased collection of many other state taxes, like sales, room, and gaming tax.”

Any tax would be passed through to fans and not paid by NASCAR, Goldwater said.

“Placing an additional tax burden on race attendees would serve to guarantee a further reduction in the number of fans who come to Nevada and patronize our hotels, restaurants, showrooms, casinos, car rentals and so many other businesses that create jobs in our state,” he said.

Changes to the tax are not a component of Gov. Brian Sandoval’s 2015-17 budget.

But Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson, R-Henderson, said at a hearing earlier this session that the 2015 session will be the one where the entertainment tax is going to be “cleaned up.”

Contact Sean Whaley at swhaley@reviewjournal.com or 775-687-3900. Find him on Twitter: @seanw801.

Virginia City to Get New Arena and Fairgrounds

Virginia City, NevadaVirginia City is getting a new event venue designed to accommodate nearly 5,000. The town is perched on the side of a hill with limited options for expansion, especially when considering the impact of the terrain on visitors. However, for two major events that will change with the addition of the new Virginia City Arena and Fairgrounds.

“Over the last three years with the incredible growth of several of our special events, especially those that have received regional and national attention, it has become obvious we needed to start thinking of long-term solutions if we wanted to continue to meet the demands,” said Deny Dotson, tourism director for the Virginia City Tourism Commission. “With limited expansion options available, Storey County Tourism officials identified several privately owned parcels and are working on a long term agreement to develop a new facility to accommodate a handful of our current events, but also pave the way for our future. Events are something that this town relies on heavily for visitation and this is going to make a difference.”

Read more: http://thisisreno.com/2015/03/virginia-city-to-get-new-arena-and-fairgrounds/



censorship free speechby KIT DANIELS | INFOWARS.COM | MARCH 31, 2015
California Polytechnic State University-Pomona is now requiring students who engage in free speech activities on campus to apply for a permit issued weekdays between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The public university recently required student Nicolas Tomas, who was handing out flyers, to not only get a “free speech permit” but to also seek approval from school officials over the content of his hand-outs and to restrict his activity to a campus “free-speech zone.”

“Cal Poly Pomona’s campus policies impose a web of restrictions before students can distribute literature on campus: They must check in with the Office of Student Life, allow the school to copy their IDs, and wear badges signed by an administrator,” reported the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, who is helping Tomas sue the school. “Even then, would-be speakers are relegated to the so-called ‘free speech zone.’ Badges can only be issued from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, although the Office of Student Life pledges to ‘work with’ any student who wishes to engage in expressive activity on evenings or weekends.”

“Additionally, students must register in advance for outdoor events, and the Office of Student Life must approve all flyers and posters.”
As draconian as this sounds, it’s becoming quite the norm in America.

Last fall, officials at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah, refused to allow libertarian students to hand out flyers poking fun at U.S. presidents because the campus “forbids” mocking.

The students responded with a lawsuit.

“Campus officials denied the flyers on the grounds that they violated school policy, which does not allow students to disparage others, according to the lawsuit,” reported Andrew Desiderio of the College Fix. “But the students, members of Young Americans for Liberty, allege their free speech rights have been infringed, and a leader of the group said in an interview administrators are ‘silencing and marginalizing’ them.”

Similarly, earlier this month a judge in Xenia, Ohio declared “there will be no mentioning of the Constitution” during a pre-trial hearing for a journalist who was cited for protesting against an anti-panhandling ordinance.

The judge said this while laughing at the journalist, Virgil Vaduva, who was arguing that his protest on a public sidewalk constituted free speech.

The prosecutor in the case also claimed that mentioning the Constitution during the trial would “confuse the jury,” despite the fact it’s the supreme law of the land.

The ongoing debate over federal control of lands in Nevada will heat up again this week with a hearing on a bill proposed by Assemblywoman Michele Fiore that would prohibit the federal government from owning or managing any lands that it has not acquired with the consent of the Legislature.

The ongoing debate over federal control of lands in Nevada will heat up again this week with a hearing on a bill proposed by Assemblywoman Michele Fiore that would prohibit the federal government from owning or managing any lands that it has not acquired with the consent of the Legislature.

Assembly Bill 408 also would prohibit the federal government from owning water rights in the state.

The bill is just the latest in the Republican-controlled Legislature challenging the federal government’s authority over more than 80 percent of the acres in Nevada.

Fiore, R-Las Vegas, sent out an email last week asking for supporters to attend the Tuesday hearing in the Assembly Natural Resources, Agriculture and Mining Committee.

Critics say Fiore’s bill is unconstitutional and is based on a flawed legal theory about public lands, noting that on numerous occasions the U.S. Supreme Court has described the federal authority over public lands as “without limitation.”Agenda 21: The BLM Land Grabbing Endgame

The hearing comes just days before the one-year anniversary of the BLM’s efforts to round up cattle belonging to Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy that resulted in an armed confrontation between federal agents and Bundy supporters.

The Bundy family is asking supporters to “swarm” the hearing, which will be videoconferenced to Las Vegas and Elko.

Calling it the Nevadans Resource Rights Bill, Fiore said the bill will “put Nevada’s land and resources back where they belong, in the hands of the people.”

“Why does the federal government own so much of Nevada’s land? Why are our park rangers acting as police officers?” Fiore asked in her email message.

Tune in Tuesday to see if those questions will be answered.

Harry Reid considers himself ‘a blessed man’ for his wife

harry's eye surgeryBy DANA BASH CNN

No one who knows Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid from afar would ever describe him as a romantic.

But a little-known driving force for the often gruff and impolitic Nevada Democrat is his 60-year love affair with his wife.

Reid met Landra Gould when he was a junior in high school, and she was a sophomore.

When I asked about Landra during an interview, the usually poker-faced Reid immediately opened up.

“She’s never changed. She’s 74 years old. She could win a beauty contest today. She is the nicest person. She has been a wonderful mother, a terrific wife to me. I wish there was a way I could express to everyone how fortunate I am,” said Reid.

In many ways Reid’s love story mirrors the rest of his Steinbeck-like life history. He was the boy with nothing from nowhere and her father didn’t want her anywhere near Reid.

Harry Reid says he has temporarily lost vision in right eye

Harry Reid says he has temporarily lost vision in right eye

Once when he went to pick her up for a date, Landra’s father was so opposed to it, and Reid was so determined, the former boxer got into a fist fight with the man. That’s right: he punched his future father-in-law in the face.

Part of the problem was that she was Jewish, and he — from a truck stop of a town with only brothels and gambling and nothing else — had no religion.

“As our relationship built, her parents came to the realization that it could be something serious and it was a very difficult time, the last few years of courtship, because they of course wanted her to meet somebody Jewish,” Reid told me in 2006, during an interview in his hometown of Searchlight.

The two eloped during college, and finally her parents came around to accepting him.

harry reid“They said we did everything we could to stop the two of you … we’re going to do everything we can to make your lives a success, and they were wonderful,” Reid told me.

Reid and Landra decided to convert to Mormonism, but they always kept a “Mezuzah” on the door to their home, as is the custom in Judaism and, until Landra’s parents died, they always celebrated major Jewish holidays, like Passover, as a family.

As they raised five children and Reid rose through the political ranks in Nevada and in the U.S. Senate, the two have rarely been apart.

In fact while many lawmakers like to socialize and hobnob with other powerful people, Reid almost never did. He always preferred to stay home and have a quiet night with Landra.

Those who know her call her elegant — always beautifully dressed — and a quiet force behind the complicated man from Searchlight, who has served as a constant reminder to Reid of where he came from.

“I am a blessed man to have this 5-foot-tall woman with me all these years,” said Reid.

Cliven Bundy, supporters rally before state lawmakers

BundyIlloWEBCARSON CITY, Nev. — Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who garnered national attention a year ago when he and armed supporters engaged in a showdown with federal authorities, came to Carson City Tuesday with scores of allies to rally behind a bill seeking to reclaim land from the federal government.
A bus from Phoenix and another from Las Vegas brought more than 100 people, according to Bundy’s son, Ammon Bundy, and others came on their own to fill several legislative hearing rooms. Many wore shirts and carried signs that read “the land belongs to the people.”

The proposal, Assembly Bill 408, is sponsored by Republican Assemblywoman Michele Fiore and would require the federal government to obtain permission to use land within the state’s borders. The proposal also strips the federal government of state water rights and would allow county commissions to parcel out state land for commercial use.

“We’re here to take our state back and act like we’re sovereign citizens,” Bundy said at a rally outside the Capitol before the hearing. “We’re going to have agency. We’re going to own our rights here on this land.”

The bill is part of a larger movement challenging federal government property rights, especially in Western states such as Nevada, where federal and military agencies control about 85 percent of the land. The Bureau of Land Management is charged with balancing environmental and recreational goals with economic development on the lands, which include national parks. The department’s priorities in certain situations can anger residents.

Eleven Western states have introduced bills this year on the matter, and AB408 has the widest scope, according to Jessica Goad of the Denver-based conservation group Center for Western Priorities. The bill asserts the federal government has no right to the lands, while other bills merely call for a study on federal land ownership or demand the federal government turn over the lands.

Such measures are routinely considered unconstitutional, even when they pass. Supporters, however, see them as an important part of the fight to assert states’ rights.

Cliven Bundy has said he doesn’t recognize federal authority on the land near Bunkerville that his family settled and has used since the late 1870s.

BLM officials have accused him of failing to pay grazing fees for 20 years, racking up more than $1.1 million in fees and penalties, and failing to abide by court orders to remove his cattle from vast open range that is habitat for the endangered desert tortoise.

His standoff with the federal government and Bureau of Land Management last year attracted out-of-state militia members and was called off by federal agents on April 12, amid fears of a shootout, although BLM officials say they haven’t given up on their case.

Bundy has been lauded by some as a hero in the fight against federal overreach.

But critics raise serious concerns about the bill. The state’s legislative counsel bureau said the proposal was “manifestly hostile” to the federal government and would be struck down if challenged in court for attempting to put state law ahead of federal law.

Fiore, however, said she disagrees with that finding “100 percent.”

Nevada’s state conservation department estimated that transferring around 60 million acres of federally controlled land would cost the department around $95 million and that the parceling process for mining, logging and other industries could become “complicated and controversial.”

“If we want to take control of all that,” said Democratic Sen. Kelvin Atkinson, who opposes the plan, “I think we’ll go broke as a state.”

Crowd control measures were in place for the hearing. Capitol and local police made aware of the rally and other meetings were pushed back to accommodate a big hearing.

Opponents, including Battle Born Progress director Jocelyn Torres, say the measure would take land access out of the hands of everyday Nevadans.

“Federal lands belong to everyone, and they’re limiting it to folks who can buy these lands and exploit them,” she said. “If it’s unconstitutional, it will get stopped at some point.”

Obama supports reduction in military retirement pay

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

President Obama said Monday he supports the recommendations of a military commission that would reduce the size of traditional military retirement pay by about 20 percent and offer a new defined-contribution benefit for troops who leave before 20 years of service.

In a letter to congressional leaders, Mr. Obama said the proposals are “an important step forward in protecting the long-term viability of the all-volunteer force, improving quality-of-life for service members and their families, and ensuring the fiscal sustainability of the military compensation and retirement systems.”

Mr. Obama said he has directed his advisers to refine some recommendations, and that the White House will report to Congress on any proposed changes by April 30.

Under the recommendations, the plan would continue to offer full retirement benefits to anyone who has served 20 years or more.

The Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission issued a report in January report calling for…

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Activists ‘Shut Down’ Nestlé Water Bottling Plant in Sacramento


Environmental and human rights activists, holding plastic “torches” and “pitchforks,” formed human barricades at both entrances to the Nestlé Waters bottling plant in Sacramento at 5:00 a.m. on Friday, March 20, effectively shutting down the company’s operations for the day.

Members of the “Crunch Nestlé Alliance” shouted out a number of chants, including ”We got to fight for our right to water,” “Nestlé, Stop It, Water Not For Profit,” and “¿Agua Para Quien? Para Nuestra Gente.”

The protesters stayed until about 1 pm, but there were no arrests.

Representatives of the alliance said the company is draining up to 80 million gallons of water a year from Sacramento aquifers during a record drought. They claim Sacramento City Hall has made it possible through a “corporate welfare giveaway.”



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NBC News Sued For Libel & Slander After Describing Rifle Target Company As Bomb Makers

Give Me Liberty

This is from Bearing Arms.

I hope Tannerite Sports can dig deep into NBC’s pockets.

NBC News and a local affiliate have being slapped with a libel and slander lawsuit for March, 23, 2015 report that aired on Today (also known as The Today Show) entitled, “Bombs for Sale? Popular Stores Sell ‘Dangerous Explosives.’”

Attorneys representing Tannerite Sports filed suit against NBC Universal News Group (NBCU) and Lexington, KY-based WLEX Communications for libel and slander for allegedly defamatory print and video reports from NBC News national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen.


The video segment (above) on Today ran in conjunction with an equally inflammatory print story on the Today web site with the headline, Bombs for sale: Targets containing dangerous explosive being sold legally. WLEX ran a version of the Today article that also allegedly claimed that it is illegal under federal law to mix the two component parts of Tannerite, which is…

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A Nevada sheriff’s deputy has been arrested for allegedly pointing a gun at his wife during a domestic dispute.

gun-pointed-at-you-2PAHRUMP, Nev. (AP) — A Nevada sheriff’s deputy has been arrested for allegedly pointing a gun at his wife during a domestic dispute.

The Nye County Sheriff’s office said in a statement that Andrew Denning of Pahrump was arrested and now faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon, child endangerment and domestic battery.

Authorities said Denning and his wife were in an argument Saturday when he pushed her with his shoulder and tried to leave with his child.

When the wife resisted, Denning allegedly pointed a gun at her.

Denning has served as a deputy at the county detention center since Dec. 2014.

He has been placed on leave.


Tom GregoryGovernor Brian Sandoval announced the appointment of Thomas Wayne Gregory of Genoa to the Ninth Judicial District Court vacancy. Gregory will replace Nevada Appeals Court Judge Michael Gibbons, an inaugural appointee to the newly created Nevada Court of Appeals. The selection was made following interviews with the three finalists who were recommended by the Nevada Commission on Judicial Selection.

“Thomas Gregory has established himself as a seasoned and well respected member of the legal community in northern Nevada. His commitment to the rule of law, reputation for integrity, and knowledge of Nevada law give me the confidence that he will be an outstanding judge,” said Governor Brian Sandoval.

A native Nevadan, Thomas Gregory graduated from Douglas High School. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California and his Juris Doctorate Degree from the McGeorge School of Law in 1994.

Following law school, Gregory was admitted to the Nevada State Bar and served as a law clerk for the Ninth Judicial District Court. He then worked for the Nevada State Public Defender’s Office in Carson City. Gregory’s experience also includes time as a Deputy District Attorney in White Pine County and Washoe County District Attorney’s Office. In 2003, Gregory opened a private practice where he gained experience in family law, civil law, and the juvenile justice system.

He returned to public service in 2007 to work as a Deputy District Attorney in Douglas County. He currently serves as the Chief Deputy District Attorney for the Criminal Division of the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office.

Mr. Gregory resides in Genoa, NV with his wife and daughters. He is an active member of his community.


Government Orders Bank Tellers To Alert Police About Your Cash Withdrawals

An Outsider's Sojourn II

And the totalitarian police-state keeps right on rolling along. Only now it is your own money that is in jeopardy, if, that is, you have any left:

Government Orders Bank Tellers To Alert Police About Your Cash Withdrawals

Mac Slavo

Activist Post

How can you tell if you’re living in a police state?

The short answer is that you’re living in a police state when everyone becomes a suspected criminal or terrorist. And if the following report is any indicator, then welcome to the Reich.

The Justice Department has ordered bank tellers across America to contact law enforcement if they suspect your cash withdrawal may have something to do with illicit activity. There doesn’t need to be proof, or any sort of red flag indicator – merely suspicion by the bank teller processing your transaction is now enough to have you investigated by authorities.

Via The Sovereign Man…

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The Only Truly Compliant, Submissive Citizen in a Police State Is a Dead One | News for the Revolution

An Outsider's Sojourn II

Here is a more than apropos song lyric for today:

Tin soldiers and Nixon coming,
We’re finally on our own.
This summer I hear the drumming,
Four dead in Ohio.

Gotta get down to it
Soldiers are cutting us down
Should have been done long ago.
What if you knew her
And found her dead on the ground
How can you run when you know? (Ohio: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young)

I was twenty years old when the four Kent State students were murdered. I was born and raised in Ohio, so I had been more than affected by this senseless, despotic atrocity, which had been perpetrated by the Ohio National Guard, on orders from then governor, James A Rhodes. Needless to say, the words to this song resonated with me and a multitude of others at the time. This heinous crime would be our wake-up call to the knowledge…

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SOME’N UNIQUE: What Really Happened In Ferguson ~ From A St. Louis Native

F. Kenneth Taylor

Welcome to a late edition of “SOME’N  UNIQUE”. The reason for the late posting is because this week’s edition required a great deal of work, took 2 days to complete, and hits home with me as a lifelong native of St. Louis, MO. I wanted to dispel the deceptive and negative image of the Black residents of Ferguson that the media has portrayed to the world, as well as the image of the City of Ferguson.

Photo by Getty Images Photo by Getty Images

Let me say this again –

For those who don’t know; I (F. Kenneth Taylor), was born and raised in St. Louis, MO and currently live only a few minutes away from Ferguson, MO.  I have childhood friends that currently live in Ferguson as well. Much of the videos, news reports, and media coverage you all have seen and heard since the Michael Brown Shooting to the Darren Wilson…

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Operation Jade Helm: Military Drill For Martial Law

Jasper and Sardine

I’m always amazed at how people can be programmed by the mainstream media to ignore the obvious reality happening right in front of their eyes. Right now, America is being lulled into a hypnotic sense of denial while military training for martial law is happening right in their own neighborhoods and city streets. Yet, strangely, no one is allowed to refer to this exercise as training for martial law… even though that’s obviously what it is.

Most Americans remain totally unaware of the fact that a massive military drill spanning 10 U.S. states will soon put military troops, helicopters, armored transports and military weapons directly on the streets of communities across the nation. “Operation Jade Helm begins in July and will last for eight weeks,” reports the Daily Mail. “Soldiers will operate in and around towns in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado where some of…

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Resistance To Militarized Police Force Begins

Jasper and Sardine


Nightscopes, military assault rifles, grenade launchers and 14-ton Mine-Resistance Ambush-Protected vehicles built for taking down terrorist enclaves are becoming part of the toolbox of local police departments under a federal program that ships such equipment out on request and without charge.

The issue came came to national attention when law-enforcement officers in Ferguson, Missouri, outfitted like an invading army, were deployed against violent protesters outraged by the shooting death of black teen Michael Brown by a white police officer.

WND reported there are some 17,000 police departments nationwide equipped with $4.2 billion worth of equipment ranging from Blackhawk helicopters and battering rams to explosives, body armor and night vision.

It’s all under the federal government’s 1033 program that supplies “surplus” military weapons to local officers, departments and agencies.

But now resistance to such militarization of local police has been enacted with a bill signed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie…

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U.S. Supreme Court: If You’re Being GPS-Tracked, You’re Being Searched

Starvin Larry

If the government puts a GPS tracker on you, your car, or any of your personal effects, it counts as a search—and is therefore protected by the Fourth Amendment.

The Supreme Court clarified and affirmed that law on Monday, when it ruled on Torrey Dale Grady v. North Carolina, before sending the case back to that state’s high court. The Court’s short but unanimous opinions helps make sense of how the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unreasonable search and seizure, interacts with the expanding technological powers of the U.S. government.

“It doesn’t matter what the context is, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a car or a person. Putting that tracking device on a car or a person is a search,” said Jennifer Lynch, a senior staff attorney at the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF).

In this case, that context was punishment. Grady was twice convicted as a sex…

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Jerry Mander’s Political Corner – Police State Edition

'56 Packard Man

Jerry Mander


Shot Dead by Cops for a Trace of Pot: Is This Still America?

“Today, of course, authorities can break into homes without knocking. They can conduct raids at night… the Founders would be appalled.”

By Michael Walsh, PJ Media

This would have been unimaginable in the America of my youth. Now, it’s approved by the federal courts:

Earlier this month, a three-judge panel from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit issued an appalling decision in a lawsuit stemming from a fatal 2005 drug raid in Maryland. In fact, the opinion encapsulates everything that’s wrong with sending militarized police barreling into homes to serve search warrants on people suspected of nonviolent, consensual crimes.

Here’s what happened:

In May 2005, police in Cambridge, Md., received an anonymous tip about drug activity going in the duplex at 408 High St. (Yes, that’s the actual name of the street.) They…

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Daily Police Misconduct 3.31.15


National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 03.27.15

National Police Misconduct Reporting Project

” Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, March 27, 2015:

  • Fresno, California: A deputy chief was arrested on federal drug distribution charges. ow.ly/KSmAY
  • Brooklyn, Illinois: A now-former detective is accused of mishandling evidence. The department is now being investigated for broader infractions. ow.ly/KSmZS
  • New York, New York: An officer was arrested for repeated sexual assaults on a minor. He allegedly met the 16-year-old victim at the church where he was also pastor. ow.ly/KSvyP
  • Burlington, Vermont: An officer was arrested for domestic assault.ow.ly/KTeHh
  • Update: Carencro, Louisiana (First reported 02-12-15): A now-former officer pled guilty to federal extortion charges for protecting a prostitution and drug ring operating in a gentlemen’s club. ow.ly/KToRS
  • Marshall County, Alabama: Three deputies were arrested for criminal mischief. They’re accused of destroying campaign signs of the current sheriff’s opponent. ow.ly/KTrOb
  • New Jersey State Police: A…

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Congressman Heck Speaks At Legislature

CBS Las Vegas

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Republican Congressional Rep. Joe Heck says he’s working on several federal bills designed to help Nevada.

The former state senator told members of the Nevada Legislature on Monday that he’s working on Nevada-specific policy goals including advancing drone technology and increasing international tourism.

Heck said he’s also working on bills to reduce the state’s doctor shortage and fund career and technical education.

The congressman specifically called out regulations on the drone industry and said that overly burdensome rules would stifle development. Heck said he’s introducing a bill making it easier for foreign travelers to obtain a tourism visa.

Heck was elected to Congressional District 3 in southern Nevada in 2010 and previously served for four years in the state Senate.

Copyright 2015 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide: The WHO Glyphosate Report Ends A Thirty Year Cancer Cover Up

News for the Revolution

By Global Research News
Global Research, March 31, 2015
Sustainable Pulse

gmo-appleFollowing on from last week’s Word Health Organization (WHO) report on glyphosate, which confirmed the world’s most used herbicide probably causes cancer, Sustainable Pulse has discovered documents from 1991 that show how the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) themselves were fully aware of glyphosate’s carcinogenic potential.

GMO Crops

On February 11, 1985 the carcinogenic potential of glyphosate was first considered by an EPA panel, called the Toxicology Branch Ad Hoc Committee. The Committee, in a consensus review dated March 4, 1985, then classified glyphosate as a Class C Carcinogen. A Class C Carcinogen has  ”Suggestive evidence of carcinogenic potential” according to the EPA.

This Class C classification was changed by the EPA six years later to a Class E category which suggests “evidence of non-carcinogenicity for humans”. Mysteriously this change in glyphosate’s classification occurred during the same…

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Governor Brian Sandoval not nearly highest-paid Nevada government employee, 2014 salary data reveal

By Michael Chamberlain | Watchdog Arena

What’s your tax money being spent on?

The Nevada Policy Research Institute helps to answer that question by publishing the salaries of public employees for government agencies throughout the state of Nevada. The think tank has added 2014 information to its TransparentNevada.com, which provides a publicly-accessible database of public employee wage and benefit data in the Silver State.

Brian Sandoval with his bong

Brian Sandoval with his bong


SALARY SHOCK VALUE: Data on Nevada’s public employees shows many were paid more in 2014 than Gov. Brian Sandoval.

Among the information available from the 2014 data was that more than 2,000 public employees were paid more in total compensation than Nevada’s governor, Brian Sandoval. In fact, the governor was just the 3rd-highest paid Sandoval working for governments in the state of Nevada. His total pay and benefits of $184,195.25 was less than the $202,733.54 paid to Nicholas I. Sandoval, a fire engineer with the city of Las Vegas, and the $192,898.34 in total pay and benefits received by Hector A. Sandoval, an officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Government agencies in the Silver State paid more than 1,300 employees in excess of $200,000 in total wages and benefits. The state of Nevada spent more than $5 million on overtime in 2014 than the prior year, an increase of nearly 24 percent.

NPRI also revealed:

The State of Nevada is unlawfully redacting the names of the Inspector General, Medical Director, Park Supervisors, Park Rangers, as well as all law enforcement officials. The state is using an exemption lawmakers designed for undercover law enforcement personnel, whose safety could be jeopardized by disclosure.

moneyThe full magnitude on the taxpayers may not even be available as not every entity had responded to this year’s requests for data. In contrast to last year, when NPRI singled out Clark County for praise (along with the city of Reno) for “their friendly and timely responses to NPRI’s public records requests,” this year the think tank noted that Clark County (in addition to the city of Henderson) had failed so far to respond to NPRI’s requests for information.

Clark County includes some of the highest-paid public employees in the state. More than 200 Clark County employees received in excess of $200,000 in total compensation in 2013.

This article was written by a contributor of Watchdog Arena, Franklin Center’s network of writers, bloggers, and citizen journalists.

The VOODOO ZIP LINE On top of the RIO Grand Resort and Casino


The Voodoo hipline sits on top of the 490 ft tall 51st floor of the Rio Grand Resort and Casino in las Vegas Nevada. I’m Randy and sitting next to me on my right is Justin. I met Justin while waiting in line for the zip line. It was ironic because they live about 30 minutes away from where I live back in Illinois. His entire family didn’t want to challenge the ZipLine so he had no one to go with over the age of 18. I offered to go with Justin and he loved every minute of it. He is a true thrill seeker and he knows how to enjoy his ride. I also got to meet Brian the General Manager of this Zipline location and it was apparent from speaking with him he had a passion for making memories for people and he stressed how important safety is…

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Lawyer: ‘Indifference’ Led To Inmate Death

CBS Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A lawyer for relatives of a Nevada prison inmate shot and killed by a guard blames a four-month wait for information about the case on “deliberate indifference” by state officials, including Gov. Brian Sandoval.

Attorney Cal Potter said Friday he’s preparing a federal lawsuit for the family of Carlos Manuel Perez Jr.

The slaying occurred Nov. 12 — more than four months ago.

An attorney representing another inmate wounded in the shooting at High Desert State Prison says the two men were handcuffed at the time.

The results of an investigation were turned over Thursday to state Attorney General Adam Laxalt.

Sandoval says the case is in Laxalt’s hands.

Potter says Perez’s family got conflicting reports from prison officials, and didn’t learn until days later that Perez had been shot.

Copyright 2015 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or…

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134 Reasons Harry Reid Should Not Retire

Feds Rediscover Police Brutality In City of Brotherly Love…er…Beat City

News for the Revolution

17 Years and Still Corrupt

By Linn Washington
March 30, 2015
Counter Punch

The report slammed the Philadelphia Police Department for its historically flawed use of fatal force, directed primarily at non-whites, underscoring a repeated finding that Philadelphia’s Police Department has long owned one of the worst reputations of any police department in the United States.

The “persistence and regularity” of brutality and corruption in the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) indicate that “the city and its police force are failing to act to hold police accountable,” that report stated.

The almost total failure of officials in Philadelphia to hold errant police officers accountable, the report noted, solidifies a “culture of impunity” that leads to new generations of police officers learning quickly that “their leadership accepts corruption and excessive force.”

Those tough assessments of “shortcomings” within the Philadelphia Police Department are not contained in the damning report on deadly police practices…

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Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting In Boulder City

CBS Las Vegas

( Boulder City, NV ) – Boulder City police shot and killed a man late Sunday night after he reportedly waved a gun at them in the normally quiet small town southeast of Las Vegas.

Investigators say they got calls about shots fired from the area of 5th Street and Avenue A in Boulder City around 10:30pm Sunday.

Responding officers reportedly encountered a man outside an apartment there and say that when they asked the man to show his hands he pulled a gun and began firing.

Police say two officers returned fire with the victim pronounced dead after being taken to a hospital.

No one else was injured in the incident, which was reportedly the first fatal officer inv9ovled shooting in Boulder City in a decade.

Metro Police have taken the lead in the investigation of the shooting.

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Van De Kamp and the Shift in Prosecutorial Immunity

Nahmod Law

The Decision

In 2009, the Court handed down Van De Kamp v. Goldstein, 129 S. Ct. 855 (2009), a significant decision that expanded the scope of prosecutorial immunity to cover supervisory prosecutors in certain circumstances.  

Van De Kamp dealt with the applicability of prosecutorial immunity to a former district attorney and a former deputy district attorney who were sued for allegedly failing to develop policies and procedures, and failing to adequately train and supervise their subordinates, as to their constitutional obligation under Brady v. Maryland and Giglio v. United States to ensure that information on jailhouse informants was shared among prosecutors. The plaintiff, after imprisonment for twenty-four years for murder, succeeded in obtaining habeas corpus relief and was released. Thereafter, he claimed that a jailhouse informant testified falsely at his murder trial regarding (1) the plaintiff’s supposed confession to the murder and (2) the informant’s not having received…

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