Will Ms. Lynch Do the Unpleasant Parts of the Job?

Loretta LynchBy Jonathan Keim January 29, 2015 11:04 AM

This week, Loretta Lynch appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee to audition for a role as the most powerful lawyer in the country. But as Uncle Ben admonished Peter Parker in Spider-Man, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Is Ms. Lynch ready for the Attorney General’s least pleasant responsibilities? As the head of the Department of Justice, the Attorney General oversees the largest law-enforcement agency in the country. If confirmed, Ms. Lynch will not be able to dodge responsibility for upholding the professional standards of lawyers who represent the government in court.

Although the vast majority of government lawyers obey the law and follow the rules, the small number who don’t can do significant damage by misusing federal resources.eric holder

Case in point. Back in 2007, a massive wildfire (now called the Moonlight Fire) California broke out in Plumas County, California, ultimately burning tens of thousands of publicly-accessible forestland, including some federally-owned land. The California state agency known as Cal Fire extinguished the fire and worked with the U.S. Forest Service to investigate its cause.

These two agencies ultimately blamed logging company Sierra Pacific, which had been working on some of the land, claiming that a Sierra Pacific bulldozer sparked the Moonlight Fire after hitting a rock. Cal Fire and the federal government then sued Sierra Pacific for nearly $1 billion.

Loretta Lynch mashupThere was one tiny problem: the investigators didn’t really know that Sierra Pacific was responsible. What the investigators did know, however, was that the company had deep pockets.

So, the judge overseeing the state case found, investigators lied, obfuscated, evaded, falsified documents, destroyed other documents, and as the judge described it, “attempted to steamroll the truth.” Investigators ignored alternative possibilities, such as a spark caused by an illegally-modified chainsaw, or the presence of a suspected serial arsonist in the area at the time (later promoted to be the Forest Service’s Battalion Chief for fire prevention).

The state court also castigated Cal Fire’s lawyers for doing nothing to stop the deception, tolerating numerous false statements by government investigators, and failing to disclose nearly 7,000 pages of documents about a shady slush fund. These and other misdeeds ultimately led the judge to dismiss the state case and force Cal Fire to pay the defendants’ legal expenses.

In the meantime, Sierra Pacific settled with the federal government rather than face more than half a billion dollars in potential liability. Unbeknownst to Sierra Pacific, however, the federal government’s district management team had driven two honest government lawyers off the case.

According to sworn testimony submitted by the defendants, the chief of civil litigation for the U.S. Attorney’s Office removed the lead attorney from the Moonlight Fire litigation because in another case, he had insisted on following his ethical duty to disclose information that hurt the government. And a government lawyer who came from another district to help with the Moonlight Fire litigation left in disgust because of concerns that the local management team was more focused on revenue than justice. Sierra Pacific is now seeking to set aside the settlement as the product of a fraud on the court.

Losing isn’t fun. Sometimes doing the right thing hurts. But the government’s job is to do justice, not just to win. The Moonlight Fire experience shows just how easily some officials will pursue victory at the expense of justice, especially if revenue is at stake.

If confirmed, Loretta Lynch would be responsible for overseeing the professionalism and conduct of the Moonlight Fire litigation. Will Ms. Lynch do anything about this and other abuses of power? Or will she turn a blind eye?


It’s About To Get Worse Real Quick! The US Has Prepared For This Horrifying Event: The “America Gestapo” Has Boots on the Ground! (Life-Altering Video)

We have all heard the analogy of the frog in the kettle but is there any truth to that tail? When a frog is placed in a pot of cool water, which is slowly heated, will it boil to death or leap out to save its life? As it turns out, once the water gets hot enough the critter will hop out of Dodge.


At what point will America finally ‘hop out of Dodge?’ Will the continuous growth and intrusiveness of government make the people wake up? Or will they sit in the kettle of hot water boiling to death?


Since Obama’s presidency he has successfully brought America to her knees in debt and destroyed her economy. Not only that but our government is continually sending out training manuals and hosting seminars that train police and military personnel to target conservative ,anti-government citizens and turn them in. They have literally formed an American  Gestapo….


Video by On Point Preparedness


Here is the a list of executive orders:


Executive Order 10997 (grants government control over electric, gas, and minerals)


The verbiage states: “SECTION 1. Scope. The Secretary of the Interior (hereinafter referred to as the Secretary) shall prepare national emergency plans and develop preparedness programs covering (1) electric power; (2) petroleum and gas; (3) solid fuels; and (4) minerals. These plans and programs shall be designed to provide a state of readiness in these resource areas with respect to all conditions of national emergency, including attack upon the United States.” EO 10997


Executive Order 10998 (grants government control over food and farms)


The verbiage states: “SECTION 1. Scope. The Secretary of Agriculture (hereinafter referred to as the Secretary) shall prepare national emergency plans and develop preparedness programs covering: Food resources, farm equipment, fertilizer, and food resource facilities, as defined below; rural fire control; defense against biological warfare, chemical warfare, and radiological fallout pertaining to agricultural activities; and rural defense information and education. These plans and programs shall be designed to develop a state of readiness in these areas with respect to all conditions of national emergency, including attack upon the United States.” EO 10998


Executive Order 10990 (grants government control over labor)


The verbiage reads: “The President is authorized by the Act to establish by Executive order a safety council composed of representatives of Government departments and agencies to serve as an advisory body to the Secretary of Labor in furtherance of the safety program carried out by the Secretary pursuant to section 33 of the Act and to undertake such other measures as he deems proper to prevent injuries and accidents to persons covered by the Act.” EO 10990


Executive Order 10995 (grants government control over communications and media)


The verbiage states: “SEC. 2. Subject to the authority and control of the President, the Director of Telecommunications Management shall:


(a) Coordinate telecommunications activities of the executive branch of the Government and be responsible for the formulation, after consultation with appropriate agencies, of overall policies and standards therefor. He shall promote and encourage the adoption of uniform policies and standards by agencies authorized to operate telecommunications systems. Agencies shall consult with the Director of Telecommunications Management in the development of policies and standards for the conduct of their telecommunications activities within the overall policies of the executive branch.


SEC. 3. The authority to assign radio frequencies to Government agencies, vested in the President by section 305 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended (47 U.S.C. 305),including all functions heretofore vested in the Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee, is hereby delegated to the Director of the Office of Emergency Planning, who may redelegate such authority to the Director of Telecommunications Management. Such authority shall include the power to amend, modify, or revoke frequency assignments.” EO 10995


Executive Order 10999 (grants government control over transportation, highways, seaports, waterways)


The verbiagestates: “SECTION 1. Scope. The Secretary of Commerce (hereinafter referred to as the Secretary) shall prepare national emergency plans and develop preparedness programs covering:


(a) Development and coordination of over-all policies, plans, and procedures for the provision of a centralized control of all modes of transportation in an emergency for the movement of passenger and freight traffic of all types, and the determination of the proper apportionment and allocation of the total civil transportation capacity, or any portion thereof, to meet over-all essential civil and military needs.


(b) Federal emergency operational responsibilities with respect to: highways, roads, streets, bridges, tunnels, and appurtenances; highway traffic regulation; allocation of air carrier aircraft for essential military and civilian operations; ships in coastal and intercoastal use and ocean shipping, ports and port facilities; and the Saint Lawrence Seaway; except those elements of each normally operated or controlled by the Department of Defense.” EO 10999


Executive Order 11000 (grants government control to mobilize civilians into work brigades under their supervision)


The verbiage states: ” SECTION 1. Scope. The Secretary of Labor (hereinafter referred to as the Secretary) shall prepare national emergency plans and develop preparedness programs covering civilian manpower mobilization, more effective utilization of limited manpower resources including specialized personnel, wage and salary stabilization, worker incentives and protection, manpower resources and requirements, skill development and training, research, labor-management relations, and critical occupations. These plans and programs shall be designed to develop a state of readiness in these areas with respect to all conditions of national emergency, including attack upon the United States.” EO 11000


Executive Order 11001 (grants government control over health, education and welfare)


The verbiage states: ” SECTION 1. Scope. The Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare (hereinafter referred to as the Secretary) shall prepare national emergency plans and develop preparedness programs covering health services, civilian health manpower, health resources, welfare services, and educational programs as defined below. These plans and programs shall be designed to develop a state of readiness in these areas with respect to all conditions of national emergency including attack upon the United States.” EO 11001


Executive Order 11002 (grants government control over postmaster and creates a national registration of all persons)


The verbiage states: ” SECTION 1. Scope. The Postmaster General shall assist in the development of a national emergency registration system. These plans and programs shall be designed to develop a state of readiness in this area with respect to all conditions of national emergency including attack upon the United States.”  EO 11002


Executive Order 11003 (grants government control over airports, airways, and aviation)


The verbiage states: ” ECTION 1. Scope. The Administrator of the Federal Aviation Agency (hereinafter referred to as the Administrator) shall prepare national emergency plans and develop preparedness programs covering the emergency management of the Nation’s civil airports, civil aviation operating facilities, civil aviation services, and civil aircraft other than air carrier aircraft. These plans and programs shall be designed to develop a state of readiness in these areas with respect to all conditions of national emergency, including attack upon the United States.” EO 11003


Executive Order 11004 (create new locations for population, relocate communities, designate areas to be abandoned)


The verbiage states: ” SECTION 1. Scope. The Housing and Home Finance Administrator (hereinafter referred to as the Administrator) shall prepare national emergency plans and develop preparedness programs covering all aspects of lodging or housing and community facilities related thereto. These plans and programs shall be designed to develop a state of readiness in these areas with respect to all conditions of national emergency, including attack upon the United States.


SEC. 2. Housing Functions. The Administrator shall:


(b) Communities. Develop plans for the selection, acquisition, development, and disposal of areas for civilian uses in new, expanded, restored, or relocated communities; and for the construction of housing for new or restored communities.” EO 11004


Executive Order 11005 (grants government control over railroads, public storage facilities, and shipping)


The verbiage states: ” SECTION 1. Scope. The Interstate Commerce Commission (hereinafter referred to as the Commission shall prepare national emergency plans and develop preparedness programs covering railroad utilization, reduction of vulnerability, maintenance, restoration, and operation in an emergency; motor carrier utilization, reduction of vulnerability, and operation in an emergency; inland waterway mutilization of equipment and shipping, reduction of vulnerability, and operation in an emergency, excepting the St. Lawrence Seaway; and also provide guidance and consultation to domestic surface transportation and storage industries, as defined below, regarding emergency preparedness measures, and to States regarding development of their transportation plans in assigned areas. These plans and programs will be designed to develop a state of readiness in these areas with respect to all conditions of national emergency, including attack upon the United States.” EO 11005


Executive Order 11051 (gives authorization to put all executive orders into effect in times of increased international tensions,  economic and financial crisis)


The verbiage states: “ECTION 101. Resume of responsibilities. The Director of the Office of Emergency Planning (hereinafter referred to as the Director) shall:


(a) Advise and assist the President in the coordination of and in the determination of policy for the emergency plans and preparedness assignments of the Federal departments and agencies (hereinafter referred to as Federal agencies) designed to make possible at Federal, State and local levels the mobilization of the human, natural and industrial resources of the nation to meet all conditions of national emergency, including attack on the United States.


(b) Under the direction of the President, be responsible for the preparation of nonmilitary plans and preparedness programs with respect to organization and functioning of the Federal Government under emergency conditions and with respect to specific areas of Federal activity necessary in time of war which are neither performed in the normal operations of the regular departments and agencies nor assigned thereto by or under the authority of the President.” EO 11051


Executive Order 11921 (allows FEMA to develop plans to establish control over money. Additionally it states that congress cannot review the action for 6 months, meaning it will last at least that long!)


You can also find these Executive Orders in the Government National Archive.

MSM Blackout! Eric Holder’s DOJ Implicated On Multiple Corruption Charges! In an extraordinary development, Judge England, Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California, ordered the recusal of all the Eastern District judges from the case because of serious allegations that the Court itself was defrauded by the government in the original prosecution.



In perhaps the most stunning documentation yet of abuses by Eric Holder’s Justice Department, two former Assistant United States Attorneys spoke to defense attorneys and revealed appalling deceit and corruption of justice.

In perhaps the most stunning documentation yet of abuses by Eric Holder’s Justice Department, two former Assistant United States Attorneys spoke to defense attorneys and revealed appalling deceit and corruption of justice. This latest litigation time bomb has exploded from multi-million dollar litigation originally brought by the Department of Justice against Sierra Pacific based on allegations that the lumber company and related defendants were responsible for a wildfire that destroyed 65,000 acres in California.

In what was dubbed the “Moonlight Fire” case, the tables are now turned. The defendants have discovered new evidence and filed a stunning motion.

The new evidence and disclosures are being taken seriously by the Chief Judge of the Eastern District of California—as they should be. In a shocking action, Judge Morrison C. England Jr. ordered the recusal of every federal judge in the Eastern District of California.

Sierra Pacific Industries and other defendants were compelled to pay $55 million to the United States over a period of five years and transfer 22,500 acres of land to settle massive litigation brought against them by the United States alleging that they caused a 2007 fire that destroyed 65,000 acres in California.

Sierra Pacific has always maintained that the fire started elsewhere and that the state and federal investigators and Department attorneys lied.

Now that settlement may go up in smoke because of the new evidence of outrageous misconduct by the federal prosecutors and the investigators from state and federal offices, as well as findings earlier this year by a state judge.

sierra pacific moonlight fire

Judge Morrison C. England Jr.

In an extraordinary development, Judge Morrison C. England Jr., Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California, ordered the recusal of all the Eastern District judges from the case because of serious allegations that the Court itself was defrauded by the government in the original prosecution.

To avoid any appearance of partiality, he has referred the case to Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski to appoint a judge from outside the Eastern District to handle the case going forward.

Judge Kozinski has excoriated prosecutors for failing to meet their legal and ethical obligations.




Why every American should care about California’s Moonlight fire case


Smoke rises from the Moonlight fire, which burned in Plumas and Lassen counties in California for 22 days in September 2007. (Office of U.S. attorney)

Question: What happens when lawyers uncover what could be explosive evidence of misconduct in a $122 million case by attorneys in the Department of Justice?  Answer: the Department of Justice tries to have all defense lawyers who have even read about the alleged government misconduct removed from the case and gagged from discussing what they know.

What’s at stake here? In a word, justice, including the ability of many lawyers to continue to represent their clients.  And it is ultimately about our justice system—about the very rule of law.

This is not a hypothetical issue. It happened last month in a California federal court, where a local timber company is trying to pursue charges of fraud against federal prosecutors and investigators as well as win back millions in imposed penalties. The company has already won a major victory in California’s state court—which may be why the Department of Justice is trying so hard to make this case of allegedly profound prosecutorial abuse vanish.

A state audit lead to the discovery of piles of evidence that Cal Fire had hidden concerning the case–including an unauthorized, off-the-books “slush fund” that Cal Fire maintained for the profits of such actions.

The story starts on Labor Day weekend 2007, near Westwood, California, where a wildfire destroyed 65,000 acres of countryside.  Some 45,000 of those acres were national forest, and it cost millions for state and federal governments to extinguish the blaze. State and federal investigators and prosecutors set about to identify the cause and find someone to blame.

They quickly focused on a “deep pocket”—Sierra Pacific, a family-owned company that is the country’s second largest timber supplier and a huge local land-owner.

The government agencies decided that a bulldozer used by Sierra Pacific created a spark that started the blaze, and a massive litigation assault forced Sierra Pacific to sign a settlement of cash and land valued at  $122 million to end the federal litigation alone against it.  Sierra Pacific has already paid millions toward the settlement and transferred 1,500 acres of its valuable land to the feds.

But when push came to shove on a parallel state court case brought against Sierra Pacific by Cal Fire, the California investigative authority, it was the civil prosecution that went up in smoke.  A state audit lead to the discovery of piles of evidence that Cal Fire had hidden concerning the case–including an unauthorized, off-the-books “slush fund” that Cal Fire maintained for the profits of such actions.

California Judge Leslie C. Nichols found that Cal Fire “had engaged in the pervasive and systematic abuse of the California discovery rules” and “egregious” conduct affecting the integrity of the court itself.

He assessed $32 million in fees and court expenses against the state. Although the U.S. government was not a party to the state case, the U.S. Forest Service, Cal Fire and their attorneys had all worked together on the investigation and litigation under a joint prosecution agreement.

More was soon to come.  Former Assistant U.S, Attorney E. Robert Wright read the widely publicized orders of Judge Nichols, and on June 12, 2014 gave Sierra Pacific’s defense a 15-page sworn statement for use in the federal case against the timber firm. In it, he raised serious questions about possible suppression of evidence that would clear the company.

Sierra Pacific has now asked a federal court to set aside its $122 million settlement agreement because of fraud on the court—by the federal prosecutors and agents.  A federal judge has the case, and held his first hearing on its status on November 24. California Senior Federal District Judge William Shubb, himself a former U.S. Attorney, is reputedly a no-nonsense jurist who expects the government to follow the law—a novel and welcome application of Article III of our Constitution.

Shockingly, the Department of Justice moved to disqualify all of the defense attorneys who even read Robert Wright’s sworn declaration. The government asked the court to remove the entire defense team because Wright’s declaration contains confidential and privileged information belonging to the government.

The Department also claims that former Assistant United States Attorney Wright breached his duties of loyalty and confidentiality to his former client, the United States, by disclosing that the government may have been hiding evidence that undermined its case.  Calling Wright’s duty of loyalty to his client “absolute,” and his breach “inexcusable,” they claim that he should have brought any concern to the attention of his superiors.

Unfortunately for the government counsel, Assistant U.S. Attorney David Shelledy,  Sierra Pacific’s motion to set aside the judgment states that it did bring the entire problem to the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility—only to have the evidence of misconduct smothered as effectively as the evidence that someone less wealthy than Sierra Pacific had caused the original fire.

So far, Judge Shubb is not impressed.  He’s ignoring the Department’s motion to disqualify all the defense attorneys, and instead, requested more briefing on the real issues of government misconduct and possible fraud on the court.

A 1935 Supreme Court decision entitled Berger v. United States enshrines the notion that U.S.  Attorneys are representatives “not of an ordinary party to a controversy, but of a sovereignty” whose interest is not “that it shall win a case, but that justice shall be done.”

If so, perhaps Assistant U.S. Attorney Shelledy will wind up disqualified. Specifically named in Wright’s affidavit and implicated in possibly improper ethical decisions, he has a glaring conflict of interest.  Why is he still involved in pleadings for the United States?

Fraud on the court infects our entire judicial system and renders public confidence impossible.  What happens in Judge Shubb’s Sacramento federal courtroom will matter to all Americans.

Sidney Powell is a former federal prosecutor who served in three districts under nine United States Attorneys from both political parties.  She is the author of “Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice.”

News Censorship: Massive Fraud In California Federal Court Exposed By Judge, Going Unreported

eric holderCorrupt federal prosecutors presenting false evidence in order to shake down a blameless company and bring in tens of millions of dollars seems like a pretty dramatic story. Especially when former prosecutors support the charge and a chief judge acts on the allegations and takes dramatic action. Yet the media silence is deafening.Eric Holder’s Justice Department is implicated in a dramatic and shocking case of alleged corruption that is so bad that the Chief Judge of the Eastern District of California has taken what can rightly be called the “nuclear option” and recused all the judges in the district from the case because they may have been defrauded by the DoJ prosecutors.
So far, aside from the local paper, the Sacramento Bee, it is only Sidney Powell of the New York Observer, writing in the opinion pages of that publication that has paid attention to what should be a prominent national media scandal. In brief, the Sierra Pacific Industries, a lumber producer, was accused by the federal government of starting a large wildfire, and fined $55 million, and compelled to hand over title to 22,500 acres of land. The only problem is that the prosecution was allegedly corrupt, and knowingly submitted false evidence.In an extraordinary development, Judge England, Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California, ordered the recusal of all the Eastern District judges from the case because of serious allegations that the Court itself was defrauded by the government in the original prosecution. To avoid any appearance of partiality, he has referred the case to Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski to appoint a judge from outside the Eastern District to handle the case going forward. Judge Kozinski has excoriated prosecutors for failing to meet their legal and ethical obligations.The order notes that the defendants filed an action this week to set aside the $55 million settlement because, as the defendants allege, “the United States presented false evidence to the Defendants and the Court; advanced arguments to the Court premised on that false evidence; or, for which material evidence had been withheld, and obtaining court rulings based thereon; prepared key Moonlight Fire investigators for depositions, and allowed them to repeatedly give false testimony about the most important aspects of their investigation;

The Sacramento Bee reported on the Defendant’s filing. Indeed, the Defendants’ motion informs us that a former Assistant United States Attorney came forward and disclosed that he believes that he was removed from the original prosecution by “his boss, David Shelledy, chief of the civil division in the United States Attorney’s office,” because he “rebuffed” pressure to “engage in unethical conduct as a lawyer.” What punishment has Shelledy received?, like other former prosecutors who were unethical, Mr. Shelledy is to receive Attorney General Holder’s highest award for excellence—this week.

Read More: http://aun-tv.com/2014/10/news-censorship-massive-fraud-in-california-federal-court-exposed-by-judge-going-unreported/


Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=999_1414274642#ZrwGZvzRLtAbHBwy.99

The Scandals at Justice
Did Justice “steamroll the truth” in attempt to extort a settlement?

Attorney general Eric Holder (Alex Wong/Getty)
It is well known in legal circles that Eric Holder’s Justice Department has become so politicized, so unprincipled, and so ethically shoddy that Loretta Lynch, President Obama’s appointee to replace Holder, had to assure senators at her confirmation hearing that she was not Eric Holder.

Lynch was properly grilled on her views on immigration enforcement, executive orders, and terrorist prosecutions. But so far no senator has dug deep into some of the most abusive cases that Justice has filed, and asked why lower-case justice hasn’t been done.

One of the most notorious is Justice’s role in California’s “Moonlight Fire,” a conflagration on Labor Day 2007 that burned 20,000 acres of state forest in the Sierra Nevada along with 45,000 acres of federal forest. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection decided that Sierra Pacific Industries, a family-owned company that is the nation’s second-largest timber supplier, was responsible for the damage. Government investigators claim the blade of one of the company’s bulldozers hit a rock, creating a spark that started the blaze. Sierra Pacific pointed out clear holes in that theory, but Cal Fire nonetheless fined the timber company $8 million to pay for related costs. Because the fire burned more than 40,000 acres of national forest, the federal government also went after Sierra Pacific; in 2012, after five years of litigation, Sierra Pacific reluctantly agreed to a settlement that entailed paying the feds $4 million and giving Uncle Sam 22,500 acres of forest land.

But since then, there has been discovery in the related state lawsuit, which has uncovered a shocking claim of dereliction of duty: that Justice’s prosecutors “sat on their hands” and allowed fire investigators to frame Sierra Pacific. The possible motive? Sierra had deep pockets, and any settlement would create substantial revenue. In the state’s case, a substantial chunk of the money would go to an off-the-books slush fund run by Cal Fire, in which some of its official investigators had interests.The misconduct was so egregious that California Superior Court judge Leslie Nichols threw out the state’s case. Last year, he further ruled that the government’s case was “corrupt and tainted. Cal Fire failed to comply with discovery obligations, and its repeated failure was willful.” The judge charged that the state hid key photographs and tried to “steamroll the truth” in order to pin the fire on the company. Investigators lied under oath about what they knew, and federal prosecutors allegedly knew about their perjury and did nothing.” When Sierra Pacific lawyers questioned the bulldozer driver, he denied making a statement about the blaze’s origins, and he couldn’t have properly signed a document given to him by prosecutors because he can’t read. The U.S. Forest Service had evidence that one of its fire spotters may have been high on pot and missed the fire’s start. His supervisor wanted to fire him, but the supervisor’s superiors covered it all up by insisting the spotter get a satisfactory performance rating and stay on the job.

“The misconduct in this case is so pervasive,” Judge Nichols wrote, “that it would serve no purpose to attempt to recite it all here.”

Nichols also didn’t spare the office of California Attorney General Kamala Harris, now a candidate for Barbara Boxer’s U.S. Senate seat and a national Democratic star. Nichols wrote that he can recall “no instance in experience over 47 years as an advocate and a judge, in which the conduct of the Attorney General so thoroughly departed from the high standard it represents, and, in every other instance has exemplified.” Judge Nichols then ordered the state to pay Sierra Pacific a whopping $32 million in damages and expenses. Cal Fire denies any wrongdoing, while the offices of Harris and Governor Jerry Brown aren’t talking.

The Nichols ruling prompted Sierra Pacific to enter federal court, charging fraud, and to demand that its settlement money be returned. Ben Wagner, the U.S. Attorney responsible for the federal case, insists there is no fire behind all the smoke of a legal coverup, but he hasn’t properly explained why Robert Wright, his top assistant in charge of fire litigation, was removed from the Moonlight Fire case after he stated that he believed it was his duty to disclose material seriously damaging to the government’s case. In fact, Wright was removed by his immediate boss, David Shelledy, because he was honest and would not have gone along with the program. Wagner defends his subordinate Shelledy in part by noting that he was recently given an award for distinguished service by Eric Holder. Color me less than impressed.

Another federal prosecutor, Eric Overby, left the Midnight Fire probe in 2011 because he was shocked at the conduct of his colleagues. In Sierra Pacific’s brief he is quoted as saying: “In my entire career, yes, my entire career, I have never seen anything like this. Never.” He says that as he left he told his colleagues: “It’s called the Department of Justice. It’s not called the Department of Revenue.”

Justice’s response to Sierra Pacific’s demand for its money back has been to demand that U.S. District Judge William Shubb order the removal from the case of all of the company’s lawyers who have even read Robert Wright’s sworn declaration, a document that Justice says includes privileged information. Justice says Wright’s whistleblowing is “inexcusable.”

What’s inexcusable is that Justice has ignored the message of a 1935 Supreme Court opinion that ruled that Justice’s interest is not “that it shall win a case, but that Justice shall be done.” In 2013, Chief Judge Alex Kozinski of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which includes California, noted that an epidemic of prosecutorial abuse is “abroad in the land”; “Only judges,” he said, “can put a stop it it.”

Not quite right. It should be the responsibility of Loretta Lynch, the likely new attorney general, to address the excesses and ethical breaches in the Justice Department. And it is the responsibility of senators who will vote on her confirmation to go beyond the headline issues of immigration and terrorism and ask her some serious and probing questions about the Moonlight Fire fiasco and other troubling cases on Justice’s plate.

— John Fund is national-affairs columnist for National Review Online and the co-author of Obama’s Enforcer: Eric Holder’s Justice Department (Broadside Books, 2014).


Someone’s created a pizza-themed condom. Seriously.


MANDATORY CREDIT: Marina Malygina/Rex Features. Only for use in story about Marina Malygina's work. Editorial Use Only. No stock, books, advertising or merchandising without photographer's permission. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Marina Malygina/REX (4383495c) The pizza condom Condom designed to look like a pizza box, Russia, Nov 2014 FULL BODY: http://www.rexfeatures.com/nanolink/pv2e A Russian designer has created a quirky concept for condom packaging Special delivery! (Picture: Marina Malygina/REX)

If your idea of a perfect night in is pizza followed by sex, or even sex followed by pizza, then this novelty condom could be just what you need in your life.

You see Russian designer Marina Malygina has created a pizza condom. Yes, really!

It comes inside (no pun intended!) a tiny pizza box, but apparently doesn’t actually taste like pizza, which seems like a wasted opportunity to us.

MANDATORY CREDIT: Marina Malygina/Rex Features. Only for use in story about Marina Malygina's work. Editorial Use Only. No stock, books, advertising or merchandising without photographer's permission.  Mandatory Credit: Photo by Marina Malygina/REX (4383495d)  The pizza condom  Condom designed to look like a pizza box, Russia, Nov 2014  FULL BODY: http://www.rexfeatures.com/nanolink/pv2e  A Russian designer has created a quirky concept for condom packaging, pizza condoms.  Marina's fun design was inspired by her favourite T.V show Friends, and in particular Joey. What will they think of next? (Picture: Marina Malygina/REX)

Marina was inspired by a scene from Friends in which Joey was asked what he’d choose if he had to give up either food or nookie.

The condom is the latest in a recent spate of pizza-themed products, the most recent being a Hawaiian pizza style bedspread.

We’re now eagerly awaiting the next fast food influenced invention, so make it good folks!

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The Silent Soldier


January 30, 2015

Desert Musings:

Have you noticed that the world seems to be in utter turmoil? Chaos abounds just about everywhere you look, and in the middle of it all, you’ve got Barack Obama trying to tell the world he’s still relevent. Waving his hands in the air like he’s signaling a plane as if to say, “Hey! I’m still here! They told me 8 years….it’s only been 6!”.

You got your first clue of Obama’s lack of importance with Syria. Here’s this little piss of a country that isn’t much bigger than my bedroom closet, and I think my closet probably has more money in it. And Syria is pushing Obama around over chemical weapons. Then you’ve got Iran, not necessarily the puny kid on the block, but let’s be frank here…these guys are not a world power by any definition you want to use. They are pushing…

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EPISODE BREAKDOWN: On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin, discusses the Pentagon sponsoring an essay contest to honor the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Abby then talks about the mainstream media’s obsession with a snow storm, while ignoring important stories like the trial of former CIA agent, Jeffrey Sterling and the turmoil in Yemen. Abby then talks to Dan Johnson, President of the Solutions Institute, about how activists can turn words into tangible actions when it comes to many of the world’s most pressing issues. Abby then remarks on the way that US police deal with mentally unstable people holding knives compared to other developed countries. BTS wraps up the show with an interview with former Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, about her work combating police brutality and visits to Syria and Gaza.

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Katy Perry Has an Alien on Her Superbowl Dress – Illuminati Half-Time Ritual Pr-Show EXPOSED!

An investigative look into the symbolism surrounding Katy Perry and the Superbowl. The Illuminati have used the Super Bowl to perform a massive satanic ritual in front of so many unsuspecting people! In this video The Vigilant Christian shows how this year’s half-time show featuring Katy Perry will be NO different! In fact it may be the biggest one yet when we look at the evidence! And that is what we will do!

Rev 17:15 And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues. 16And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

17For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled. 18And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

Katy Perry Has an Alien on her Superbowl Dress – Illuminati Freemason Symbolism.

Is Katy Perry in the Illuminati?…

ABSOLUTELY Join Isaac Weishaupt as he reveals the occult symbolism behind Katy Perry. He exposes the Illuminati agenda through images and examples of Katy Perry’s mind control, kitten programming, hidden messages in music videos, and more.

“Now that you’re caught up, let’s take a look at why the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime performance will be full of Illuminati symbolism”

” As you’ve seen on my website and others, we are subjected to Illuminati rituals on a regular basis with MTV’s Video Music AwardsGrammy performances (like Katy Perry’s Dark Horse performance), or just run of the mill music videos.”

“Katy Perry is performing at a location that was picked out precisely for its numeric significance. The University of Phoenix stadium is situated at the 33rd degree of latitude; a line that crosses the planet through the Phoenician (Phoenix=Phoenicia) city of Tyre, (a city with an entrance adorned by the two pillars of Boaz and Jachin), and Baghdad, Iraq; near where the Tower of Babel was believed to exist.”

SOURCES: http://illuminatiwatcher.com/katy-perry-illuminati-goddess-2015-super-bowl-halftime-show/

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classified airline called “Janet” that operates out of Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport which transports contractors and government workers to and from the Nevada National Security Site (Area 51)

Aviation Feature – “Janet Airlines”

On the face of it, a dull looking collection of Boeing 737s operating from a drab terminal at Las Vegas McCarran Airport, but delve a little deeper and you’ll discover the most exclusive airline in the world. Paul Dunn examines the rather murky world of ‘Janet Airlines’.

© Paul Dunn - www.globalaviationresource.com

The Luxor Casino Hotel provides a somewhat surreal backdrop to the Janet Terminal at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport © Paul Dunn – http://www.globalaviationresource.com

The Nevada desert is the location for some of the most secret facilities in the United States. The Nevada National Security Site (NNSS, formerly the Nevada Test Site, NTS) was the location for around 1,000 nuclear detonations, and the area is still used for subcritical nuclear testing, along with a variety of other, often highly classified, weapons and military equipment tests. The NNSS covers 1,360 square miles, with its southern boundary located approximately 65 miles north of Las Vegas, the largest city in Nevada.

© Paul Dunn - www.globalaviationresource.com

The Mandalay Bay casino resort dominates the background as this Janet 737-600 departs runway 01L at Las Vegas, bound for Tonopah Test Range Airport © Paul Dunn – http://www.globalaviationresource.com

The NNSS contains at least two airfields within its boundaries, both of which are synonymous with the testing of exotic aircraft and technologies. The first of these is Tonopah Test Range Airport. In the past, this airfield was associated with operation of covertly acquired foreign aircraft, such as the various MiGs operated by the 4477th Tactical Evaluation Flight, the existence of which is now fairly well known and officially acknowledged, but was highly secret at the time. Later, of course, came the Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk, which was introduced to service at Tonopah, and spent the early, classified part of its operational career at the airfield, before the fleet moved to Holloman AFB in the early 1990s.

© Paul Dunn - www.globalaviationresource.com

Having delivered its passengers to their work location within the NNSS, this Janet 737 turns finals for runway 19R at McCarran © Paul Dunn – http://www.globalaviationresource.com

Today, the airfield is known to be used for the operation of UAVs such as the RQ-170 Sentinel, and the now-retired F-117 fleet is stored there. Rumours have circulated over the last few years that a small number of F-117s are still flying; despite several photos being circulated online (and a number of new ones emerging in recent days), no official announcement has been made, and the purpose of these flights is not known. Clearly, however, some clandestine activities still occur at the airfield, although it is best classed as a ‘grey’ site rather than ‘black’, as its location and existence are officially acknowledged by the USAF.

Far more ‘secret’, but ironically much more well known, is the airfield at Groom Lake, the notorious Area 51. Leaving aside the more outlandish theories of captured spacecraft and alien autopsies, the airfield is known to have been the location for some of the more exotic technologies to be tested over the last few decades. Originally the test flying location for the CIA’s Lockheed U-2, the airfield was later also used for testing the agency’s A-12 Blackbird spy plane.

The USAF used the airfield for foreign aircraft testing, but also for highly classified ‘Black Projects’; many of these are almost certainly still not in the public domain, but some of the more successful programs have now become widely known. These include the Have Blue demonstrator, which led directly to the F-117 and the Tacit Blue program, which yielded data for Northrop’s B-2 Spirit project. Undoubtedly, many more projects have been tested at the airfield over the years, and most will probably remain unknown for many years to come.

Today, the airfield is designated Detachment 3, Air Force Test Center, and as such is a remote unit of Edwards AFB. Little is known about activities there, and the US government is not forthcoming with information about it, although the airfield can be clearly seen on Google Earth and other mapping software.

The classified projects that are undertaken at the various NNSS facilities require a relatively large number of personnel and contractors. By their very nature, the locations for testing are extremely remote, and it is not practical for contractors to live on site for anything other than short periods; family members would surely not be welcome either! The more sensitive projects are also thought to be highly ‘compartmentalised’, meaning that a contractor working on a specific project would not be allowed access to other projects at the same location, which would also appear to make spending prolonged periods on base impractical from a security point of view.

© Paul Dunn - www.globalaviationresource.com

Janet flights generally use runways 01/19L/R for operations, and are busiest in the early mornings and late afternoons. Here it is a case of one out, one in, as a departing crew holds short of the runway while some of their colleagues land © Paul Dunn – http://www.globalaviationresource.com

To get around this, many of the contractors commute from or through Las Vegas, the largest town in the area. Transporting workers to and from the sites in the NNSS is the responsibility of the USAF, through a private contract firm, URS Corporation (formerly EG&G); this airline is nicknamed ‘Janet Airlines’, due to its callsign.

© Paul Dunn - www.globalaviationresource.com

A Saturday morning finds the entire fleet of Janet 737s parked outside the terminal at McCarran. Services do not normally operate at weekends © Paul Dunn – http://www.globalaviationresource.com

EG&G began transporting workers to Groom Lake in the early 1970s using a single DC-6. Another aircraft was later added to the fleet, and eventually the older propliners were replaced by newer Boeing 737-200s. Throughout the 1980s, the fleet consisted of five 737-200s, which were replaced in the early 1990s by similar aircraft. Of the later batch of six aircraft operated, five were actually former USAF T-43 navigation trainers; surplus to training requirements, they were converted to passenger configuration and delivered to EG&G. The aircraft received civilian registrations, but the USAF remained the owner, with the aircraft being registered to the Department of the Air Force, with an address at Hill AFB listed on the FAA database. Interestingly, when these aircraft were eventually retired in 2008/9, they were placed in storage at AMARG at Davis-Monthan AFB, further betraying their real ownership.

© Tom Gibbons - www.globalaviationresource.com

This 737-200 is actually a former USAF T-43, converted back to passenger configuration. Seen landing at Las Vegas in the late 1990s, this aircraft was retired to AMARG in 2009 © Tom Gibbons – http://www.globalaviationresource.com

© Paul Filmer - www.globalaviationresource.com

A genuine 737-200 (as opposed to a T-43), N4529W was originally delivered to Pacific Western Airlines in 1973, before being acquired by EG&G in 1983. Retired in 2008 © Paul Filmer – http://www.globalaviationresource.com

© Scott Rathbone - www.globalaviationresource.com

N5175U was another former USAF T-43. Retired in 2009, now stored at AMARG © Scott Rathbone – http://www.globalaviationresource.com

Today, EG&G has been absorbed into URS Corporation, which has assumed operation of the shuttle service to the NNSS. The current fleet consists of six Boeing 737-600s which were acquired second hand from Air China, with four of the fleet being previously operated by the now defunct China Southwest Airlines. In common with the previous 737-200s, the fleet carries an anonymous but nonetheless distinctive colour scheme, featuring a broad red stripe on a white fuselage and no airline titles. All aircraft are registered to the Department of the Air Force and leased to URS. They carry non-sequential registrations and also feature fleet numbers on the nose.

© Paul Dunn - www.globalaviationresource.com

Fleet number 201, N319BD was formerly operated by the now defunct airline China Southwest Airlines and later passed to Air China. It was acquired by EG&G in 2008 © Paul Dunn – http://www.globalaviationresource.com

© Paul Dunn - www.globalaviationresource.com

Fleet number 202, N869HH was also delivered to China Southwest (registered B-2156) before passing to Air China. Operated by EG&G since 2008 © Paul Dunn – http://www.globalaviationresource.com

© Paul Dunn - www.globalaviationresource.com

Fleet number 203, N859WP was formerly B-2160 with China Southwest and subsequently Air China. Passed to EG&G in 2009 © Paul Dunn – http://www.globalaviationresource.com

© Paul Dunn - www.globalaviationresource.com

Fleet number 204, N273RH was delivered new to Air China as B-5023. Registered to EG&G in March 2009 © Paul Dunn – http://www.globalaviationresource.com

© Paul Dunn - www.globalaviationresource.com

Fleet number 205, N365SR was formerly B-5027, new to Air China in 2003, joined the fleet in 2009 © Paul Dunn – http://www.globalaviationresource.com

© Paul Dunn - www.globalaviationresource.com

Fleet number 206, N288DP was the final ex-Air China 737 to be delivered to EG&G; the former B-5037 was delivered in July 2009 © Paul Dunn – http://www.globalaviationresource.com

In addition to the 737s, the company uses five turboprop aircraft, consisting of two Beech 1900Cs and three King Air B200Cs. These aircraft do not carry the well-known Janet livery, nor do they use the Janet callsign and they do not seem to see such regular use as the 737s.

Janet operations take place from a dedicated terminal at Las Vegas McCarran Airport; the nondescript building is located on the west side of runways 01/19L/R. From this terminal, a busy schedule operates on weekdays, with around 20 return flights departing for both airfields in the NNSS. The majority of departures apparently head for Groom Lake, with a slightly smaller number bound for Tonopah. Despite this, all the services are flight planned with a destination of “Tonopah Test Range”, and Groom Lake/Area 51 (also apparently known as Homey Airport, KXTA) is never mentioned.

The flights operate to a daily schedule (which can be obtained online from several websites) and, surprisingly, the services can also be tracked by online flight tracking sites such as Flight Aware. Although all flights give Tonopah as the destination, the services to and from Groom Lake can be identified as the ones which consistently arrive ‘early’ – Groom Lake is 83 miles from Las Vegas, Tonopah is 140 miles away. The Groom Lake flights also ‘disappear’ from the map display before reaching their official destination.

Although most of the Janet operations are conducted to Groom Lake and Tonopah, there are a small number of scheduled services to Air Force Plant 42 at Palmdale, CA. Plant 42 is home to the special projects divisions of several aerospace companies, notably Lockheed’s legendary Skunk Works; undoubtedly workers from these organisations are involved in projects being tested in the Nevada desert. The smaller aircraft in the fleet have also been noted at other locations such as Edwards AFB, NAWS China Lake and NAS Point Mugu, all locations involved in aircraft and weapons testing.

© Paul Dunn - www.globalaviationresource.com

Aside from McCarran, Palmdale Regional Airport is one of the very few ‘public’ places where Janet 737s can be seen; N319BD is seen here conducting crew training at PMD in 2011 © Paul Dunn – http://www.globalaviationresource.com

Probably the most exclusive airline in the world – you certainly can’t buy a ticket to their destinations! – for many (myself included), ‘Janet Airlines’ is a source of fascination. Some airlines and organisations have unusual equipment or colourful schemes. The Janet aircraft are fairly dull looking 737s, but they are interesting for what they represent, rather than what they actually are. They are an intrusion from another world, a highly classified world that doesn’t officially exist, a world of cutting-edge technology and advanced machines, although it is certain that the most interesting projects such as secret aircraft types are a tiny fragment of the work undertaken, hugely outnumbered by much more mundane, but vital, work on weapons systems, countermeasures and the like.

The constant comings and goings of the Janet aircraft at McCarran Airport shows that, although we may never know quite what, something interesting is going on in the desert, and surely some of it will emerge from the ‘Black World’ in the future. Let’s hope so anyway…

Police murders and the criminalization of protest in America

News for the Revolution

By Andre Damon
January 31, 2015
World Socialist Web Site

police-brutalityOn Friday, New York Police Department Commissioner William J. Bratton announced the formation of a 350-member paramilitary police unit specializing in “disorder control and counter-terrorism.” Bratton made clear the new unit would be used to crack down on political opposition.

In his announcement, Bratton explicitly equated peaceful protests, protected under the First Amendment of the US constitution, with acts of terrorism and mass murder. The commissioner said the new unit will be “designed for dealing with events like our recent protests, or incidents like Mumbai or what just happened in Paris,” referring to the 2008 Mumbai, India attacks that killed 164 people and the recent shooting of 11 people at the offices of the French weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo .

The police commissioner made clear that members of the unit would be heavily armed. “Long rifles and machine guns… are…

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Gov. Brian Sandoval warned Friday that if Nevada lawmakers don’t extend sun-setting taxes and approve new tax revenue the state could face across-the-board budget cuts as deep as 20 percent, damaging an already dismal education system.

Gov. Brian Sandoval warned Friday that if Nevada lawmakers don’t extend sun-setting taxes and approve new tax revenue the state could face across-the-board budget cuts as deep as 20 percent, damaging an already dismal education system.

“If you’re not going to continue the sunsets and you’re not going to do what I’m proposing, it will be devastating,” Sandoval told the Review-Journal editorial board as he made the case for his $1.15 billion plan to extend taxes and raise business license fees. “It will devastate the university system. It will devastate K-through-12.”

brian-sandoval-bongJust days before Monday’s open of the biennial Nevada Legislature session, Sandoval said he’s been meeting with leaders of various businesses — the fuel industry and insurance companies were mentioned — who oppose his tax plan, although they agree with his goal to boost education spending, improving quality at all levels to meet the needs of a modern workforce.

The governor said he’s also meeting with leaders in the Senate and the Assembly, now both controlled by majority Republicans, to begin selling his plan for a graduated business license fee that would raise $438 million over the next two years for education reforms.

Businesses would pay from $400 to $4.3 million annually for a license, depending on a companies’ gross receipts. The scheme is attracting critics who suggest it’s too close to failed plans to tax gross receipts in 2003 and last year’s voter-rejected business margins tax.

Sandoval said he’s well aware of the opposition and he welcomes a healthy debate on any proposal put forward during the session, from a corporate income tax to a tax on services to doubling the payroll tax, or Modified Business Tax, which four out of five Nevada businesses don’t pay.

“All of them agree that we need to fund education,” Sandoval said of the business community. “What the disagreement is, is how we’re going to do it. None of these (tax and revenue raising) plans is going to be perfect.”

Sandoval’s plan, he argued, “is the broadest. It is the fairest. And it is the simplest” because none of Nevada’s 330,000 or so companies are exempt, it’s easy to collect and a business license fee, now $200 a year, is already in place.

“There may be different iterations of this,” Sandoval said of his tax plan, adding that someone suggested to him “just double the MBT and we’ll be done in 48 hours.” Others have suggested extending the sales tax to services and allow businesses “to just pass it on” to consumers. He said the state wouldn’t be able to implement such a complicated service tax plan to raise revenue in the coming two years, however, which is why he suggested studying it first.

Sandoval, a moderate Republican, said his meetings with business people as well as lawmakers from both the Democratic and Republican parties have been positive, though conservative GOP Assembly members already oppose tax increases — the governor’s or any others.

“I think there’s general consensus the business community wants to do more for education,” Sandoval said, then joked. “Now we’ll see who runs for the hills. I’m not.”

Any tax must be approved by a two-thirds super-majority in the Legislature and Sandoval suggested he may be able to achieve that with a coalition of Democrats, moderate Republicans and conservative GOP lawmakers who can be convinced that more money for education won’t be wasted in light of improved accountability and other reforms.

“For the most part, the super-majority of the Legislature knows that this is a generational opportunity to make a difference,” Sandoval said. “And there are some who will just say ‘no.’”

Asked if he was surprised that the heaviest criticism is coming from his own party, Sandoval said, “I knew there was going to be criticism, but I have to do what’s right for the state.

“I don’t know what that means for me two years from now, four years from now,” he added. “I have to do what I think in my heart is best for the state of Nevada and that’s what we’re going to do.”

The governor said he isn’t thinking about political considerations, but is focused on ensuring he leaves the state in better shape than when he took office in 2011. During his first term, he said, he wasn’t in a position to offer bold proposals because he had to cut the budget to make ends meet in a recession economy. Then, Nevada’s unemployment rate was about 14 percent. Now, it’s dropped to 6.8 percent, and the economy is slowing recovering.

“I have to embrace the moment,” Sandoval said. “We’ve done the cuts. I’ve done the consolidations. We’ve done the sweeps (of funds to find revenue). I’ve done all that. I did make up my mind that I’m not going to move backwards anymore. And I also made up my mind I’m not going to put a future governor through this.”

“Somebody has to take this on,” the governor added. “I’m the governor. I have to lead and I will lead. I’m going to defend this,” he said of his tax plan. “If there are other good ideas out there, I’m going to listen.”

Sandoval was asked if he is prepared to give up some of his proposals in exchange for support for his overall plan. The governor said he’s “not going to pit kids against kids” or show his cards early in the game, although such deal-making is almost always necessary in the legislative process.

“I’d be like the Seahawks showing their playbook to the Patriots” before the Superbowl, the governor said with a smile.

Nevadans make moves to combat gun violence

He was just 20, not old enough to legally buy a drink at the bar inside the Las Vegas Club.

But his money was good there, and he used some change to pump nickels into the jukebox. It kept up a steady loop of “Crying in the Chapel,” the big hit of 1953.

His money had been good at the pawn shop down the street, too. That’s where he saw the pistol in the window.

Who knows what was going through his head that day? His previous address had been a Texas mental institution.

But whatever he was thinking, he perceived a slight from a pretty cocktail waitress and decided to get her attention by pulling out the pistol and firing two bullets into her. He shot a stranger at the bar, too.

The waitress was disabled, but survived. The fellow standing next to the kid who heard “Crying in the Chapel” in his head wasn’t so fortunate.

That was just one of several acts of gun violence that year that shocked the public, got Review-Journal Editor Al Cahlan agitated and led the Las Vegas City Commission to enact stricter gun ordinances in the increasingly wild downtown corridor. Thanks to the late local historian Frank Wright, who recounted it in his popular radio series “Nevada Yesterdays,” I was recently reminded of the long-faded news event.

We take for granted that Nevada’s Wild West heritage and libertarian political underpinnings are so engrained in our system that elected officials of the past were of a single mind about things like gun laws and safety. But that 1953 incident is a reminder that our community’s elders also saw the potential for trouble when you mix a 24-hour atmosphere with easily obtained firearms.

More than six decades ago, the city commission passed an ordinance forbidding the display of guns in shop windows and set the minimum age of 21 for purchases. Although it wasn’t included in the ordinance, there was also talk of requiring a waiting period.

Many years later, officials and citizens continue to debate gun safety in an age of unprecedented firearm proliferation and marketing, and the undeniable political power of the country’s gun lobby.

Late last year, an initiative petition calling for mandatory background checks on nearly all gun purchases in the state was filed by Nevadans for Background Checks, an eclectic group that includes victims of gun violence and some members of law enforcement. In a matter of a few weeks, the group managed to collect nearly 250,000 signatures — more than twice the 101,667 required to qualify the initiative for the 2016 ballot.

Although the petition process was challenged in December by a group called Nevadans for State Gun Rights, then-Secretary of State Ross Miller made it clear the legal process had been followed. It will be intriguing to see what the state’s new crop of Republican constitutional office holders do.

The Legislature can accept the will of more than 200,000 Nevada voters and approve the petition. If it decides to reject it, the measure would appear as a ballot question in 2016.

Either way, it appears Nevadans are once again attempting to do something to combat gun violence. The background check law’s critics range from those who believe it will be unsuccessful because criminals don’t follow the rules, to those who suspect all those gun registrations will one day be used to confiscate Americans’ weapons.

Advocates point to lower incidences of gun-related domestic violence. Domestic abusers will find it more difficult to purchase handguns if the effort becomes law.

Currently in Nevada, weapons sold at gun shows don’t require background checks. Nor do weapons sold between private parties. That would change if the background check measure becomes law.

The background check initiative wouldn’t have been needed if Gov. Brian Sandoval had signed the bill that passed the Legislature in 2013. But Sandoval vetoed it, a decision which no doubt pleased gun lobbyists who were actively working to undercut it.

Nevadans find out in a few months whether we will write a new chapter in the struggle for gun safety or simply continue to allow history to repeat itself.

Arizona inmate dies at Vegas UMC

KINGMAN, Ariz. — The father of an inmate killed at a prison in northwest Arizona says the family wants answers.

The Arizona Department of Corrections has supplied little information about the Jan. 19 death of Neil Early, 23, at University Medical Center in Las Vegas.

The agency is cloaking details of its criminal investigation at the state prison in Golden Valley that is privately operated under contract with the Utah-based Management &Training Corp. It’s the same prison where inadequate security was blamed for the 2010 escape of three inmates that led to the slayings of an Oklahoma couple in New Mexico.

Prisons spokesman Bill Lamoreaux said he couldn’t say when Early’s injuries were discovered or in which prison unit he was incarcerated. The inmate’s father, Keith Early, said he learned his son was held in the Cerbat unit when he was beaten Jan. 16.

Early said he doesn’t have a timeline, but that his son was transported to Kingman Regional Medical Center and then flown to Las Vegas. A guard at the hospital in Las Vegas indicated Early’s injured son had trouble standing, had been placed in a wheelchair and had been rolled into the prison infirmary, he said.

Early said he, his wife and their 14-year-old son drove to Las Vegas knowing the prognosis for Neil was grim following a Jan. 17 call from the prison pastor.

“It was very short and frank. He said Neil’s not doing good,” Early said. “From the beginning they said he’s not going to make it.”

Early said they learned Neil had brain trauma, a nearly 4 millimeter-long skull fracture and other injuries, all above the neck. He said surgery was performed to relieve pressure on the brain.

The younger Early was declared brain dead by the morning of Jan. 19, his father said.

Early said one unnamed person indicated his son was beaten over a debt of some sort, and an unnamed nurse said investigators found a sock filled with padlocks, which apparently were used to beat his son.

“So he was beat down with a sock and padlocks,” Early said.

Arizona prisons and Management &Training officials promised better communication with local law enforcement officials after an official report that addresses security flaws at the prison is released.

Prison officials said Early was serving time for convictions involving organized retail theft and possessing drug paraphernalia.

Early said his family thinks his son lives on in a sense because at least three of his organs were harvested after he was declared brain dead.

Early has constructed a website at neilearly.com that both honors his son and solicits information about his death. Images of his son scroll across the top of the page while his father remembers a teenager who played Junior PGA golf tournaments.

“He was really good,” Early said. “He had the most beautiful swing.”

Services will be held Feb. 7.

NO JUSTICE NO PEACE: Plaintiffs can’t be added to lawsuit against Vegas constable’s office “We’re disappointed with the court’s ruling, and we disagree with it,” Barr said Friday. “There are still thousands of victims who remain without justice.”

A former Utah woman cannot pursue her lawsuit against the Las Vegas constable’s office as a class-action case, a federal judge has ruled.

The lawsuit, filed last year by Nicole McMillen, centers on a $100 fee the constable’s office charged when citing new residents for not having Nevada license plates. McMillen’s attorney, Jeffrey Barr, had asked to add more than 14,000 people as plaintiffs in the case.

U.S. District Judge Andrew Gordon denied the request in an order filed Thursday.

“We’re disappointed with the court’s ruling, and we disagree with it,” Barr said Friday. “There are still thousands of victims who remain without justice.”

After numerous controversies, the Clark County Commission voted in 2013 to abolish the constable’s office. That decision became effective Jan. 4, when Constable John Bonaventura’s term ended. The Metropolitan Police Department since has taken over the office.

Nevada law allows the constable’s office to collect a $100 fee from the owner or driver of a vehicle that is not properly registered. After McMillen was cited in March at the upscale Turnberry Towers in Las Vegas, she obtained Nevada license plates but refused to pay the $100 fee.

In her lawsuit, McMillen claimed Bonaventura and his office violated her due process rights because she was given no opportunity to challenge the collection process in state court.

McMillen received a letter informing her that she had been issued a citation. It also said she could avoid having charges filed if she paid a $100 fee to the constable’s office. “You are responsible for the $100 fee regardless of judicial adjudication,” the letter noted.

In June, Gordon granted a preliminary injunction that barred the constable’s office from collecting the $100 fee for improperly registered vehicles. His recent order lifted that injunction, but a police spokeswoman said Friday that she did not know whether the department would resume collecting the fee.

Gordon’s recent order also dismissed McMillen’s due process claim. The judge ruled that her claim was moot because the defendants have waived her fee and her citation has been dismissed.

“There are some individuals who actually paid the fee in response to receiving the letter from defendants, and those individuals could challenge the statute’s constitutionality and defendants’ means of enforcing it,” Gordon wrote.

Attorney Robert Pool, who represents the defendants, said he was pleased with the judge’s decision to dismiss most of what Pool called a “frivolous” case.

Former Deputy Constable Bryan Cornell remains a defendant in the case. The lawsuit claims Cornell conducted an illegal search when he entered the guard-gated parking garage at McMillen’s residence looking for vehicles with out-of-state license plates.

According to Gordon’s order, McMillen’s allegations “do not support the conclusion that Cornell had probable cause.”

However, Gordon dismissed McMillen’s Fourth Amendment claim against the constable’s office and Bonaventura after concluding that her complaint “does not contain adequate factual allegations” that they “personally participated in or otherwise caused any Fourth Amendment violation.”

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures, and requires that warrants be supported by probable cause.

Gordon’s order gives McMillen until March 2 to amend her complaint.

“We’re weighing our options as to how to amend to get justice for the thousands of victims,” Barr said.

Former Bullhead City officer accused in sex assault won’t be prosecuted

KINGMAN, Ariz. — The Clark County district attorney’s office said Thursday it will not prosecute a former Bullhead City, Ariz., police sergeant for an alleged sexual assault in Laughlin last October. The announcement came at a Laughlin Justice Court arraignment hearing for Jesse Hoag, 37.

District Attorney spokeswoman Audrie Locke said case analysis determined a conviction was unlikely.

“We don’t think we have enough to win,” Locke said, noting the case could be renewed if new evidence arises.

The alleged victim in the Nevada case was the sister of one of Hoag’s fellow officers. The Nevada case occurred three weeks after Hoag was placed on administrative leave for allegedly sexually assaulting another young woman in Bullhead City.

The 21-year-old who was one of Hoag’s students at Mohave Community College alleged he forced himself upon her after they drove from a bar in Laughlin, across the Colorado River, into Bullhead City. Hoag faces a case management hearing in the Arizona case in Kingman next Thursday.

The 11-year veteran of the police department resigned last December.

Tax docs: Burning Man founders sold festival for $276K

Burning Man released its most recently filed tax documents, revealing the $7.3 million net worth of the umbrella nonprofit.

None of the documents, however, sheds light on the revenue pulled in by the annual festival held in the Black Rock Desert in early fall. Nor do they share salaries of the founding members.

“It is definitely incomplete information,” said Megan Miller, communications director for Burning Man Project.

While all of the information required from the Internal Revenue Service is in the documents, Miller said, Burning Man cannot yet disclose revenue information from this past year’s festival, nor the one prior since the organization currently is undergoing an outside audit for 2013 and 2014.

All of this missing information that Burners have been seeking should be available before this year’s end, Miller said.

The tax documents do, on the other hand, shed light on the sale of Black Rock City, LLC, a controversial move on behalf of Burning Man’s founders.

The project consists of Black Rock City, LLC and a plethora of other arts-based programs that Burning Man officials hope to expand given the new nonprofit structure as of January 2014.

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Old-school photography done on the playa. With no viewfinders on the camera it can a be challenging job. How do they do it? Just watch. Liz Margerum/RGJ

The multimillion-dollar Burning Man organization gained the bulk of its assets in December 2013 from the “deeply discounted” sale of Black Rock City, LLC — which runs the festival, according to statements in Burning Man’s 2013 990 form turned into the Internal Revenue Service.

In other words, all profit made from the festival will flow directly into the nonprofit’s coffers. Burning Man is required as a nonprofit to use any surplus funds to further its worldwide mission of expanding minds through art.

Burning Man posted its 99 form, which discusses its mission in more detail, to its website Tuesday afternoon. The organization’s 2012 documents additionally are available.

Before now, Burning Man did not discuss the numbers behind the sale of Black Rock City, LLC.

“None of the finances were shared before. We didn’t share how the transaction happened, who was paid what. We thought this was a good opportunity to share,” Miller said.

Prior to what the Internal Revenue Service considered the purchase of Black Rock City, LLC, Burning Man’s tax documents revealed that the nonprofit’s worth was about $332,000. Black Rock City, LLC, on the other hand, was valued at between $4.85 million and $7.39 million in assets.

The six founding members of Burning Man previously owned Black Rock City, LLC but unanimously decided in December 2013 to donate each of their shares to the nonprofit for $46,000 apiece. It did not become official until Jan. 1, 2014, hence the absence of Black Rock City, LLC’s finances in the 2013 tax documents.

“This is the beginning of what we hope to do a lot more of,” Miller said, noting that the Burning Man organization will be posting its forms annually on its website in an effort to be more transparent.

According to one appraiser, the shares were worth $1.23 million each, though another appraiser estimated that each share was worth closer to $809,000, according to the 990 form filed for 2013.

Either way, the founding members — Crimson Rose, Michael Mikel, Marian Goodell, Harley K. Dubois, Larry Harvey and Will Roger — gave the nonprofit an invaluable gift, according to Miller.

“I think it’s pretty incredible; I don’t think it happens very often,” Miller said.

None of the founders’ salaries was shared in the document since they were employed at the time by Black Rock City, LLC, instead of the nonprofit.

All of that will be available in the 2014 documents, Miller said.

Only Roger will continue to be an employee of Black Rock City, LLC, while the others have taken on roles with the Burning Man Project.

One salary, that of Jennifer Raiser, who also serves as the Burning Man Board of Directors’ treasurer, was posted because she was classified as a “key employee” of Burning Man. She was paid more than $111,000, though she recused herself from the board’s decision to hire her.

While Raiser continues to be the treasurer for the board, she no longer is involved in fundraising efforts, Miller said.

On the playa, the desert flat where the annual, weeklong celebration is held, the new structure of day-to-day operations will have an insignificant impact, Miller said.

While the public does not currently know what the organization was making off of the festival, it has been able to see where money was spent — at least during 2013, in the Afterburn Report. That year, the organization spent $26.8 million. Numbers are not yet available for 2014.

“The typical Burner’s experience won’t change much, except that there will be more opportunities to engage with Burning Man culture off of the playa and year-round,” Miller said.

Since becoming a nonprofit, Burning Man is focusing more on fundraising for its grant programs, including the “honorarium” program that funds projects for artists who want to create art for the playa, the playa being the desert flat where the main event is staged.

More funds also will go to programs such as Burners Without Borders, an international arts outreach program, and Big Arts for Small Towns, a program which helps implant large-scale sculpture art in rural areas.

Burning Man this year discontinued its donation ticket sales, in which Burners could opt to purchase a ticket for more than the previous $380 value to help someone else buy a ticket at a discounted price.

Instead, Burning Man is simply offering some higher-priced and lower-priced tickets.

Presale tickets currently are available for $800 each to attend this year’s Burning Man festivities, which take place Aug. 30 through Sept. 7. On Feb. 18, individual tickets will be on sale for $390, a $10 increase for the first time in three years, Miller said.

That’s not to say that Burning Man will not be taking donations. In fact, organizers are looking to gather more, but from fundraising instead of via donation tickets.

Burning Man released a statement alongside the tax documents Tuesday afternoon that explained some of its intentions.

“In the past, the LLC raised nearly all of its money from ticket sales to the annual event in Nevada. But that alone cannot support the flourishing global expansion of Burning Man culture,” read a statement on the organization’s website. “We want to seed and support the dreams of inspired Burners year-round, but this endeavor brings with it new challenges and new costs. The nonprofit structure allows us to accept charitable contributions from the community to help support this important work.”

Burning Man wants to expand its influence, Miller said, to towns and people near and far.

“Reno is a great example of how Burning Man culture is taking root, intercepting everyday life. We’d like to see more cities like Reno in that way,” Miller said.


Why is Google making human skin?


Google is known first and foremost for being the world’s most popular search engine. It’s also known for its cloud storage, its mobile operating system and its browser, along with other tech products.

What it isn’t known for is its health research, and yet the technology giant has discreetly built a state-of-the-art research facility where more than 100 doctors and scientists are working on developing a proactive, preventative approach to health and medicine.

[metro-link url=”http://metro.co.uk/2015/01/29/this-boy-15-invented-one-of-apples-most-popular-apps-while-bored-at-school-and-is-being-courted-by-facebook-and-google-5041500/” title=”This boy, 15, invented one of Apple’s most popular apps while ‘bored at school’ and is being courted by Facebook and Google”]

(Picture: The Atlantic/YouTube) The team need different skin types to analyse how the nanoparticles perform with different people (Picture: The Atlantic/YouTube)

Their first project, as Google X labs told The Atlantic, is creating a wristband that detects cancer cells. To do this, individuals would swallow a pill ‘twice a month’ containing nanoparticles. These nanoparticles would be designed to latch…

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Bombshell: U.S. Generals Expose Hillary’s Illicit Involvement in Benghazi

Socialism is not the Answer

Independent Sentinel

Hillary Clinton is not going to last as a presidential candidate no matter how many shock and awe campaign funds she has stockpiled.


Bombshell recordings released by The Washington Times show the frustration of top Pentagon officials over Clinton’s involvement in ousting Muammar Gaddafi. The officials – U.S. Generals – were so frustrated at the time that they opened up their own secret talks with Gaddafi’s son Seif.



As an aside, these aren’t the first damning tapes. The shocking tapes of her handling of a 12-year old rape victim reveal her character. One can be heard here.

Two new stories from The Washington Times expose some of the infighting among government agencies and branches of government on this controversial decision, and highlight the key role that Clinton played in initiating the war.

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Obama’s Foreign Troop Martial Law Occupation Forces Are Already Here | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show


by Dave Hodges

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CSS Offical-New-Logo2

When the American people, courtesy of the independent media only, reported that The Department of Homeland Security had obtained 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition and 2700 armored personnel carriers, do you recall the government’s explanation? After all, who is DHS preparing to fight? It is not likely that they will be sent to storm the beaches of Crimea. This nonmilitary army could only be used for one thing, the subjugation of the American people.

In yesterday’s article, I documented the fact, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that U.S. Army field manuals that specify the command and control related to the running of the FEMA camps would be conducted by foreign troops. The fact that the Army has stated as much does not tell us exactly who these guardians of the political dissidents of the future will be. However…

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Barack Obama Citizenship Scandal: 10 Key Quotes From the Birth Certificate Controversy

Socialism is not the Answer

Before you laugh about this, check out these links……….






The scandal involving the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate pales in comparison to the many scandals that have developed during his first and second terms as president.

President Obama released the long-form of his Hawaii birth certificate in 2011. However, despite this effort by the White House to put the birth certificate scandal to rest, doubts about his citizenship still linger.


Here are 10 quotes about Barack Obama’s citizenship scandal:

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New York City Plans to Ban Out-of-State Cars

Christian Patriots


NOT WELCOME: A Queens assemblyman wants to let New York City tow out-of-state vehicles parked on public streets overnight.

At least that’s the idea behind a proposal to ban overnight parking for out-of-state cars in New York City. Michael Miller, a Queens assemblyman, wants to tow away any cars left on city streets between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. that don’t have a New York license plate.

Because no one from outside New York State ever visits the Big Apple and spends the night, right?

Tourists could be in for a rude awakening when, upon awakening, they find their car is missing. Instead of spending the day at one of New York’s famed museums or attractions, they’ll be navigating the depths of the city’s impound lots and forced to pay at least $185to get their vehicle back.

Nothing like really getting the local experience, am I right?

But Miller…

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DHS seeks to deter terrorism by treating all Americans like terrorists

Feds to Unleash Hyper-Orwellian Police State at Super Bowl XLIX

Keeping with tradition, the Ministry of Homeland Security has decreed it will once again be implementing stringent, hyper-vigilant anti-terrorist security measures during this year’s Super Bowl.

Since 9/11, the yearly event has devolved into a free-for-all for the DHS and its sub-branch agencies, many of which will be on hand coordinating largely theatrical operations which serve more to acclimate the public to an Orwellian police state than provide any actual security.

The Transportation Security Agency will be on high alert closely scrutinizing travelers passing through Phoenix Sky Harbor, searching for prohibited items like air horns, BBQ sauce and flasks of all shapes and sizes, while blithely ignoring concerns brought to light by a security consultant who proved in 2013 that an array of makeshift weapons could be constructed using gift shop items found beyond TSA checkpoints.

“TSA will deploy nearly 90 additional Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) and supervisors as well as four Passenger Screening Canine teams,” a DHS press release states, adding that VIPR teams (Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response) will also be monitoring other mass transit hubs around the city.

The US Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agencies have the important task of protecting the NFL’s “intellectual property,” ostensibly “to ensure fans are getting official Super Bowl related memorabilia.”

The Secret Service, an agency which mainly works to protect national and visiting foreign leaders, will also get in on the act by scoping out your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media.

“The U.S. Secret Service will support open-source social media monitoring for situational awareness and has been assisting with cyber security vulnerability assessments and mitigation,” the press release states.

FEMA prepared staffers and first responders by using “role players” to carry out simulated “mass casualty events” “in which ‘injured’ role players were triaged, transported and treated in the midst of a chaotic situation that was still unfolding.”

The North American Aerospace Command (NORAD), outside of the purview of the DHS, has also announced it will be patrolling Phoenix airways ahead of and during the Super Bowl, unlike during 9/11 when it was ordered to stand down.

But the scores of federal employees apparently aren’t enough. DHS, following the 1984 playbook, is again enlisting citizen snitches to be wary of their fellow football lovers.

Predictably, the bloated agency has resurrected its tired “See Something, Say Something” campaign, encouraging game patrons to look upon each other with fear, distrust and suspicion.
Residents and football fans visiting Phoenix over the weekend will be inundated with “See Something, Say Something” messages “at hotels, on buses, billboards, magazines and visitor guides.”

And, “For the first time ever, individuals in Arizona who are using their smart phones to play games using the Game Day and NFL Experience mobile applications may see campaign messaging throughout Super Bowl Weekend.”

“Given how some of our homeland-security challenges are evolving, we think that public participation in our efforts is all the more important,” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said at a press conference Wednesday.

Of course, the effort to mold the public into government stool pigeons harkens back to the Nazi Germany era, where Gestapo secret police kept tabs on entire populations with the help of “ordinary” citizens.

“One common misconception about Nazi Germany,” reported Paul Joseph Watson, “was that the police state was solely a creation of the authorities and that the citizens were merely victims. On the contrary, Gestapo files show that 80% of all Gestapo investigations were started in response to information provided by denunciations by ‘ordinary’ Germans.”

“’There were relatively few secret police, and most were just processing the information coming in. I had found a shocking fact. It wasn’t the secret police who were doing this wide-scale surveillance and hiding on every street corner. It was the ordinary German people who were informing on their neighbors,’ wrote Robert Gellately of Florida State University.”

As more recreational activities are transformed into national special security events, statesman and Founding Father Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote, etched in a stairwell plaque at the Statue of Liberty, takes on a greater meaning: “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Watch: Infowars reporter Rob Dew uncovers the real scandal behind the upcoming Super Bowl. While hundreds of millions of fans eagerly await the game ahead, the truth is that the game is fixed and the only thing being played are the fans:


South Lake Tahoe Fire Captain Mark Wygant has been arrested on child porn charges

CHOMO PORNSOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (MyNews4.com & KRNV) — South Lake Tahoe Fire Captain Mark Wygant has been arrested and placed on paid admin leave according to City officials.

The City of South Lake Tahoe made the announcement via press releases Friday afternoon.

Officials say Wygant was arrested Thursday, January 29, pending results of a federal criminal investigation.

When the City first received an internal tip of a potential crime regarding a City employee, officials say they worked aggressively and collaboratively with federal and local law enforcement agencies to fully investigate the allegations.

According to El Dorado County Sheriff’s records, Wygant was booked into jail — and later released — for alleged Sexual Exploitation of Children.Mark Wygant

As this matter is an ongoing federal investigation, any further inquiries are to be directed to the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of California. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven otherwise.


Planet X Nibiru 2015 – Why Isn’t NASA Investigating The Severe Weather A Plethora Of Evidence 1/30/2015 (Video)

Fusion Laced Illusions - Alternative News - Independently Curated - "All News All The Time"

Insiders from NASA, DoD national military intelligence, SETI, and the CIA speculate 2/3 of the population of the planet could perish during the coming pole-shift caused by the passage of Planet X.

Another 2/3 of those that survive initially could pass away to starvation and exposure to the elements within 6 months. Most every secretive government agency in the USA is fully aware of what is expected and are readying themselves. The Vatican is fully abreast of what is expected. The public is not being warned and given their chance to prepare.
The volume of leaks from insiders, observatories, and the Vatican is bursting the dam of this disclosure wide open. The most important story on earth in over 3000 years is fast breaking loose from being held back by the controllers of the financial markets and major media for fear of panic and financial collapse.

These controllers put money…

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NYPD Launches Plan to Deal with Protests – Arm Police with Long Rifles, Machines Guns and Extra Protective Gear

peoples trust toronto


Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 12.44.27 PM

The morphing of “terrorism” and “domestic dissent” into an all encompassing and convenient category known as “domestic terrorists” or “domestic extremists” has been a long time coming. It has always been my contention, and continues to be, that the oligarchs who have funneled all of the wealth to themselves since the 2008 banker bailouts know exactly what they are doing. They also know that it will eventually result in severe domestic unrest during the next cyclical downturn. As such, the agenda has been to utilize the entirety of the intelligence-industrial-military complex created by the “war on terror” against the domestic population once it recognizes how badly it has been looted?

Read more here.

Vía Max Keiser http://ift.tt/166RSFJ

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Planet X – Nibiru 2015: Mysterious Deaths & Disappearances More Than You Need To Know 1/29/2015 (Video)

Fusion Laced Illusions - Alternative News - Independently Curated - "All News All The Time"

Many Researchers of Planet X / Nibiru feel mysterious death and disappearances are part of a cover-up. One in which government agencies quickly moved to conceal the most earth-shaking discovery in history, that planet x / nibiru is real and is in our solar system. Many believers in the imminent approach of Planet X/Nibiru accuse NASA of deliberately covering up visual evidence of its existence. One such accusation involves the IRAS infrared space observatory, launched in 1983. The satellite briefly made headlines due to an “unknown object” that was at first described as “possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this Solar System”. This newspaper article has been cited by proponents of the Nibiru cataclysm, beginning with Lieder herself, as evidence for the existence of Nibiru. However, further analysis revealed that of several initially unidentified objects, nine…

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A gay couple bought JebBushForPresident.com and are refusing to sell


(Picture: Getty Images) Jeb Bush has made comments in the past that have angered members of the LGBT community (Picture: Getty Images)

Prospective presidential candidate Jeb Bush is likely to be frustrated to learn that a gay couple own the rights to the domain name JebBushForPresident.com – and are refusing to sell.

Self-described ‘high-tech, nerdy bears’ CJ Phillips and Charlie Rainwater bought the domain name in 2008, and will be using the site to promote LGBT awareness.

And the news is likely to frustrate Florida Governor Jeb Bush – the son of former President George Bush senior – who will have hoped to use the site to run his presidential campaign. Bush has historically drawn the ire of the LGBT community after saying in 1994 that gay men and lesbians did not deserve special legal protection and that ‘sodomy’ should not be ‘elevated to the same constitutional status as race and religion’.

[metro-link url=”http://metro.co.uk/2015/01/27/school-gets-poor-ofsted-rating-because-pupils-use-gay-as-an-insult-5038518/” title=”School gets poor…

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tomfernandez28's Blog

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.13.39 AM

Eric Holder made a career out of protecting and coddling financial oligarchs (his 1999 memo essentially invented “Too Big to Jail”)


On matters of policy, Ms. Lynch called capital punishment “an effective penalty” and said she disagreed with Mr. Obama’s statements that marijuana was no more harmful than alcohol. She called the National Security Agency’s collection of American phone records “certainly constitutional, and effective.”

– From the New York Times article: Criticism of Holder Dominates Hearing on Loretta Lynch, Attorney General’s Possible Successor

Eric Holder made a career out of protecting and coddling financial oligarchs (his 1999 memo essentially invented “Too Big to Jail”). This was such a lucrative decision for Mr. Holder, that it allowed him to climb all the way to the top of his profession. The dividends that supporting this man ultimately paid to Wall Street criminals…

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Pine Nut Mountain Round Up On Hold

Tom Darby's Notebook

The planned roundup of 332 wild horses in Nevada’s Pine Nut Mountains is on hold until late February. ‘Protect Mustangs’ and ‘Friends of Animals’ filed a lawsuit alleging the Bureau of Land Management failed to prepare an environmental assessment as required and didn’t provide adequate public notice of its plans.

The lawsuit also alleges the government has ignored studies showing the fertility control drug PZP alters horse behavior as well as the birthing cycle. The BLM planned to gather all but 132 horses from ranges south of Dayton and east of Carson City and Gardnerville.

Of the 132 to be captured and released — all 66 mares would have received a 22-month treatment of the vaccine to prevent future reproduction.

The BLM contends an overpopulation of horses in the area has damaged the range, including valuable sage grouse habitat, and reduced availability of native forage grasses needed to support a healthy horse…

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Don’t Drone Me Bro

Journalists beware, robots are writing articles and ‘it’s going well’


Robots aren't so cute to us journalists anymore (Picture: Getty Images) Robots aren’t so cute to us journalists anymore (Picture: Getty Images)

I assure you this isn’t a robot writing this article – but it soon could be.

Machines are apparently taking over journalism by writing stories ‘without human edits’, which means my witty, funny and sharp articles may soon be a thing of the past.

But hopefully the automated technology, which has recently been used by the Associated Press, won’t be perfected until I earn a fortune writing a book.

[metro-link url=”http://metro.co.uk/2015/01/30/robot-penis-lets-men-have-sex-with-webcam-girls-over-the-internet-5043178/” title=”Robot penis lets men have sex with webcam girls over the internet”]

The news wire released a story this week that featured no byline because it had been written by a machine.

It came with a note saying: ‘This story was generated by Automated Insights using data from Zacks Investment Research.’

But my fears these robots could soon replace us humans are apparently unfounded, with AP’s vice president Lou…

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he was targeted became a targeted individual: Michael Hastings was that rarest of breeds: a mainstream reporter who wasn’t afraid to rail against the system, kick back against the establishment, and bite the hand that feeds him. On the morning of June 18, 2013, he died in a fiery car crash. But now details are emerging that he was on the verge of breaking an important new story about the CIA, and believed he was being investigated by the FBI. Now even a former counter-terrorism czar is admitting Hastings’ car may have been cyber-hijacked. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore the strange details surrounding the untimely death of Michael Hastings.

In this bombshell episode of the Boiling Frogs Post Podcast Show NSA whistleblower Russ Tice joins us to go on record for the first time with new revelations and the names of official culprits involved in the NSA’s illegal practices. Mr. Tice explains in detail how the National Security Agency targets, sucks-in, stores and analyzes illegally obtained content from the masses in the United States.

Supreme Court’s Erosion of the Fourth Amendment

Starvin Larry

Since 2000, the court has decided 13 cases that significantly weaken the Fourth Amendment’s guarantee against unreasonable searches and seizures:

Illinois v. Wardlow (2000) – Flight in a high-crime neighborhood may constitute reasonable suspicion for a warrantless stop.

Board of Education v. Pottawatomie (2002) – Public schools can randomly drug test students who engage in extracurricular activities.

Maryland v. Pringle (2003) – When drugs are found in a car, all occupants may be arrested even without particularized evidence connecting them to the drugs.

Hiibel v. Sixth Judicial District Court of Nevada (2004) – A state can compel someone stopped by police to identify himself.

Illinois v. Caballes (2005) – Police can use a drug dog to sniff around a car even without prior probable cause or reasonable suspicion that drugs are present.

Samson v. California (2006) – Parolees can be searched without a warrant…

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Swapping Prisoners with Terrorists

Swapping Prisoners with Terrorists, National Review Online, Andrew C. McCarthy, January 29, 2015


Obama’s disastrous policy dates back to his earliest days in office.

Suddenly, there is outrage in the land over President Obama’s policy of negotiating prisoner swaps with terrorist organizations, a national-security catastrophe that, as night follows day, is resulting in more abductions by terrorist organizations.

Well, yes, of course. But what took so long? Sorry if I sometimes sound like I work the “I Told You So” beat at the counter-jihad press. But as recounted in these pages, immediately upon assuming power in 2009, Obama started negotiating exchanges of terrorists — lopsided exchanges that sell out American national security for a net-zero return.

Critics now point to the indefensible swap Obama negotiated with our Taliban enemies in 2012 as if it were the start of the problem. In reality, the springing of five top Taliban…

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New NYPD Anti-Terror Unit Will Get Machine Guns To Police Protesters