Corrupt Carson City DA candidate Mark Krueger, if elected, to hire current embattled DA Neil Rombardo as Assistant DA?

neil rombardo is corrupt

I will be broke, no more bribes, so I need Mark to hire me as his assistant to keep the scheme going an to make sure my corruption is not found out by Jason Woodbury who may turn around and charge me under the RICO act. I’ll miss havign sex with my employees too… Now everyone know thanks to the interenets and google. Shit people google my name and see I had anal sex with a former deputy DA and then my wife divorced me. God damn. Now the blogs and all that shit. Fuck.

Many attorneys in the area believe that Krueger will turn around and give Rombardo a job if he is elected.

mark krueger

Neil is my BFF, I love him and I want to make sure he has a job to support his meth addiction. You know we get access to the “evidence vault” and poor Neil will be dope sick and unemployed.

Original Story with comments here:

What a desperate attempt by Mark Krueger and Neil Rombardo to try and win votes in the upcoming election for District Attorney. How about doing some real work over there. I don’t see how these two guys ever made it to their current positions. The Board of Supervisors should be ashamed of themselves for giving these two guys the time of the day. Jason Woodbury should stand up and call these guys out for all of their buffoonery. Neil Rombardo is the biggest joke of a DA I think Nevada has ever witnessed.

SEPTEMBER 3, 2014 AT 12:54 AM
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I think Rombardo and Krueger together have made a mockery of the DA’s office and justice being served here in Carson City. Did anyone catch the pathetic misuse of taxpayer dollars at today’s Board of Supervisors meeting? Two months before the election, Rombardo and Krueger roll out this DAWG program, which provides a therapy dog to victims of “crimes of secrecy” as Krueger stated. Krueger stated that the Carson City DAs Office is the first prosecutorial entity in Nevada to use such a dog. He must have not done his research. Washoe County Juvenile Detention has been using a therapy dog for quite some time so Krueger’s assertion is incorrect. I’d like to see the research he’s on therapy dogs since he says he done quite a bit. His message sure wasn’t too convincing. I don’t doubt that having a therapy dog to comfort victims of crime is a good thing. However, considering the timing and the two people pushing this program, I don’t see it as nothing more but free campaign time. Rombardo seems to want Krueger to win really bad, and Krueger seems like he will do or say anything to become DA. Many attorneys in the area believe that Krueger will turn around and give Rombardo a job if he is elected. I personally am beginning to wonder if such is true. If this is the direction that justice is headed in our community, shame on the supervisors for supporting such silly and ales serving programs.

SEPTEMBER 3, 2014 AT 2:10 AM
These comments were posted elsewhere and moved to this article by CCPolitics.

I would really like some information about the District Attorney’s race. Since your website is providing information regarding the politics in Carson City, this may be the forum that lets individuals freely (while respectfully) voice their opinions and knowledge about those running for election. I don’t think the citizens really understand and are aware of the constant turnover at the DA’s office under the current administration. It would be good to know about the past dealings of each candidate. I hear that the current assistant DA, Mark Krueger, actually sued his own board of County Commissioners during his time as Assistant DA in Lyon County because they refused to give employees in the DAs office a pay raise, although wages had been frozen for every County employee, regardless of department. Krueger has also run for Justice of the Peace and District Court Judge in Carson City and lost. I am not sure of his motive to become DA, other than to be in a position of power. I just think that some of these issues need to be brought to light so that voters can make a well informed decision come election time.

SEPTEMBER 3, 2014 AT 2:12 AM
These comments were posted elsewhere and moved to this article by CCPolitics.

Does Krueger plan on keeping Rombardo on his staff if he were to become DA? Many people would like to know this. Maybe “author” can look into this. Rombardo probably doesnt have anything lined up so the voters should know if Krueger would look out for his current boss or not.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2014 AT 7:00 PM
My observations- Krueger is going to the media for every case outcome and sentence the DA’s office is involved with. It looks like a last ditch effort to get the people to vote for him. I don’t think Krueger should get any kudos because the outcomes of these cases are what they are. Doesn’t take much skill to convict someone who walks into a restaraunt and pulls out a gun in front of a group of customers.How about letting the public know who your endorsements are and how you will do things different than what Rombardo has, Krueger.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2014 AT 8:06 PM
I couldn’t help but notice that the Nevada appeal reported the Olive Garden story and didn’t mention Krueger’s name. Almost seems as if Kruger didn’t like how the story was reported and so he reached out to I think it’s funny that his way of campaigning consists of just reposting every “free” media story to his campaign page.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2014 AT 6:55 AM
I too would like to know what these candidates are doing out in the community. I have researched both candidates and I was able to see that Woodbury is out and about going door to door and attending many events so that the public can get a better understanding of him and the job he plans to do if elected our next DA. Woodbury just seems to put more effort into his campaign, and seems to have support from a variety of people.

Krueger, on the other hand, seems to not be doing much. As some in the community have stated, he seems to be using his current position to grab attention. Going to the board of supervisors and to the media to push his campaign seems to be his norm. I am just calling it like I see it. As a voter, I have no clue of what he is doing on the campaign trail. I was speaking with someone who knows Krueger and was told he likes to play the “gotcha” game. When I asked what that meant, I was told that Krueger is the type who will do stuff in secret so that if he doesnt get the outcome he is looking for, he can downplay his efforts.

I guess I’d like to know if he is going door to door. Did he attend the Democratic “meet the candidates” gig a fee a sundays ago? Who in the community supports him?

Anyone who follows the current happenings in the local courts are aware of the problems at the DAs office. Even the author of this site can verify that there are staffing probelms and high turnover there. If what I am posting seems like an attack on Krueger, it isn’t. I just want honest and truthful information from both candidates. I have seen too many times where candidates have given little effort when campaigning, and I dont think being elected DA is a job that should be obtained by giving minimal effort. So, I ask that both candidates just give the voters more infromation.

I hope Krueger reads this site because maybe he can respond to my concerns. I would hope he proceeds to let us all know what efforts he is engaging in because as it stands now, the media updates to his campaign and facebook page with the Neil Rombardo likes for things he is SUPPOSED to be doing in his current position just aren’t convincing enough.


The race for Carson City District Attorney has been duller than dirt. Neither candidate’s efforts can be described as anything more than…watching paint dry.

In the blue and white corner, candidate Mark Krueger, currently employed in our fair city and listed on the DA’s website as the Chief of the Criminal Division. Krueger’s election website states that he is the Assistant District Attorney with prior stints as ADA for Lyon County, Senior Deputy Attorney General for the State of Nevada, and Clerk under Judge William Maddox. Krueger obtained his law degree in 1998.  Krueger’s website reads like a year old copy of “Forbes” in your doctor’s waiting room and lacks anything of substance in the issues department.  These things you say you will do, you should already be doing.

Wearing shades of rust and gold, is Jason Woodbury who’s website simply states “I am running for Carson City District Attorney because I want the job.” Woodbury was admitted to the Nevada Bar in 1998 and clerked under Judge Michael Griffen before coming to the Carson City DA’s Office in 1999, where he worked in both the Criminal and Civil Division. Woodbury went into private practice approximately 10 years ago, working in both civil litigation and criminal defense. Notably, Woodbury claims to want to run a “principled campaign” and thus far has avoided controversy.  His “issues” web page likewise lacks substance in what we could expect if Woodbury is elected though he sports a healthy set of endorsements from a wide range of supporters.

If you hadn’t seen the campaign signs, you’d hardly know there was a race. Last week’s dog show at the Board of Supervisors’ meeting was hardly a capstone to good policy in the DA’s office, but there have been no horrendous defeats either. There are no shortages of campaign issues in any race amongst Carson City politicians and the DA’s office is no exception. However, with so little time left before the election, it’s doubtful that we will see real differences in these candidates. Voter concerns abound but thus far have failed to produce substantive cause to vote either way.


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