Prosecutor: No need for new trial in Simpson case

Prosecutor: No need for new trial in Simpson case

9/30/14 11:26 AM

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Prosecutors in Las Vegas say O.J. Simpson got a fair trial and evidence supporting his 2008 conviction and imprisonment on kidnapping and armed robbery charges is overwhelming.

A deputy to Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson told the Nevada Supreme Court in a filing that Simpson isn’t entitled to a new trial in the 2007 hotel room confrontation over sports memorabilia.

Wolfson and Lawyers for Simpson didn’t immediately respond Tuesday to messages.

The 67-year-old Simpson has served more than six years of a nine-to-33-year Nevada prison sentence and isn’t eligible for parole until 2017.

A Clark County District Court judge rejected arguments last year that Simpson’s trial lawyer botched his case.

The high court in September 2010 rejected a previous appeal by the former football player.

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One Nevada gubernatorial candidate wants to create jobs by luring an Indian car­maker to Nevada to build a factory that would produce tiny, high-mileage $3,000 vehicles.

Another hopeful, a strict constitutionalist, calls immigrants from Mexico who are in the country illegally refugees and suggests if the country can’t fix its problems, the United States should take over its border region and put refugees there.

A third candidate, a college professor, said he’d reduce the state sales tax to 4 percent, repeal a payroll tax and cut a top-heavy university administration to save millions of dollars.

A fourth man, an assistant casino slot manager, said he got tired of yelling at the TV and decided to do something by running for the most powerful job — managing the state.

“I’d like to start from the top because there’s a lot to do,” said Chris Hyepock, a Democrat who took a job demotion and started working the graveyard shift so he could campaign during the day.

The four long shots running to replace GOP Gov. Brian Sandoval have one thing in common: belief that a common-man candidate has a chance to defeat a popular incumbent, who is far better known, better funded and better organized.

“People say that Brian Sandoval is unbeatable,” said David Lory VanDerBeek, of the Independent American Party. “I don’t think that’s true at all.”

Candidate filing opens March 3 and closes March 14, so more gubernatorial hopefuls may join those opposing Sandoval, the state’s first Hispanic governor.

Also, the Nevada Democratic Party has yet to field an anointed contender who might get more financial and organizational help than those already in the race can command.

Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak is considering a bid. And state Sen. Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas, said he might carry the Democratic flag if Sisolak doesn’t.

For now, Sandoval’s do-it-yourself opponents are trying to organize a gubernatorial debate — which the governor is expected to skip — to gain more attention for their campaigns.

Who are the men who aspire to lead Nevada by surprising Sandoval at the ballot box?

Here’s a look at the candidates and their views:

EDDIE HAMILTON, 71, Republican of Henderson and a businessman. He’s married with two adult children.

Hamilton pins his hopes on a recent Nevada Republican Party decision to endorse candidates during the primary season. He’s a member of the state GOP Central Committee that ultimately will decide endorsements. A Tea Party member, he calls himself the “conservative grassroots” alternative to Sandoval, who has been criticized from the right for twice extending more than $600 million in taxes to balance the budget.

“I have it on good authority that Sandoval is scared to death that he won’t get the endorsement and that he’ll be embarrassed,” Hamilton said, smiling at the prospect of beating the governor at the party level.

Relations between Sandoval and the state party are strained, but it’s unclear how the endorsement will turn out.

Hamilton, an engineer who built Chrysler auto plants, said he already has a job creation program: He hopes to persuade India’s Tata Motors Limited to build a plant and produce small vehicles in Northern Nevada. He said it would involve a transfer of 400 acres of federal land for the plant, which could employ as many as 6,000 workers.

For now, it’s just a dream. Hamilton hasn’t been in touch with Tata.

“We would probably give them the land for free,” Hamilton said.

“Sandoval has no idea how to create jobs — he’s only good for the law library,” Hamilton said of the former judge.

The Sandoval administration, in its most prominent deal, did give Apple $89 million in tax breaks for a data facility in the Reno area. The deal is expected to bring $1 billion in investment over the next decade.

In Southern Nevada, Hamilton said he would expand tourism by persuading the Nevada Legislature to lower the age from 21 to 18 for casino gambling and alcohol use. He said tribal casinos in California allow gambling by 18-year-olds.

“We could add 5 million more tourists ages 18, 19 and 20,” Hamilton said.

Like Sandoval, Hamilton is against the proposed 2 percent margin tax on business being pushed by educators.

Hamilton said he disagrees with Sandoval’s decision to implement President Barack Obama’s health care insurance reforms by starting a state exchange and expanding Medicaid. He said he would have let the federal government run the system.

Unlike Sandoval, Hamilton said homo­sexual couples should be given legal recognition in Nevada. He said the term “marriage,” however, should be reserved for mixed-gender couples.

“I just don’t like to call it marriage,” he said. “I wish they would come up with some other term.”

On immigration, Hamilton said he favors legalization, although he would stop short of offering U.S. citizenship to the 11 million adults now living in the country without legal documentation.

Hamilton said he didn’t have a problem with Sandoval’s signing a bill that allows immigrants in the country illegally to get driving permits so they can purchase insurance and drive legally. But he said the state should impose a fee of $500 or $750 to raise money for the state.

“There are a lot of costs to that program,” Hamilton said. “They should pay for it.”

Hamilton is no stranger to political campaigns. He has run for the U.S. Senate three times — twice as a Republican and once as a Democrat against U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., in 2010.

“Not only do you have a right to vote, you have a right to run for political office,” said Hamilton, who has lived in Nevada for a decade. “Otherwise, you give way to the elite political class.”

CHRIS HYEPOCK, 35, Democrat of North Las Vegas and assistant slot manager at J.W. Marriott Las Vegas Resort. He’s married with two young children.

Hyepock said he started thinking about running for governor two or three years ago. Before launching his campaign, he did “man on the street” interviews to hear what voters wanted. Then he took the leap.

“We keep electing the same type of people who don’t do their jobs,” Hyepock said, explaining most politicians are more focused on getting re-elected. “I figured I can yell at the TV or I can get involved and fix it.”

In June, he took a demotion and started working overnights so he could campaign by day. He has traveled to Northern Nevada and plans to return in February or March.

He marched in the recent Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade in Las Vegas, handing out bags of popcorn tagged with information about him and election dates. Thus, he has become known as “the popcorn guy” on the campaign trail.

Hyepock has taken the lead in trying to organize a debate so voters can compare the candidates.

“I feel we as Nevadans deserve much more than what we’ve been handed over the years,” said Hyepock, who criticized leaders for not planning for hard economic times during the boom years. “It’s years of bad management.”

A Texas transplant, Hyepock has lived in Nevada for more than 14 years. Raised in a Republican household, he was registered with the GOP until four years ago.

Hyepock’s focus is on improving education, including providing preschool for children. Only about 30 percent of Nevada children now go to preschool, he said.

He said the cost could be covered by tapping the $800 million expected to be raised if a proposed 2 percent margins tax on businesses wins voter approval in November. He supports the margins tax because of the state’s needs, he said.

“Money’s not the answer to fixing every­thing, but developing children before they go to school would help,” Hyepock said.

He said he also would encourage church groups and others to volunteer their time once or twice a month to help teach students to improve Nevada’s education system. It’s part of his “pay it forward” philosophy in life, he said.

Nevada also has to do more to attract new business, as have Texas, Wyoming and Utah, which are doing a better job, he said. Spending money more wisely and building up a budget surplus would help, he said.

“If they (businesses) don’t feel confident in our government they’re not going to bring their jobs here,” Hyepock said. “We have to make good decisions with our tax dollars.”

Hyepock proposed raising the minimum wage from $8.25 in Nevada to $10 an hour to make the state more attractive for workers and to raise Nevadans out of poverty. President Barack Obama has suggested a minimum wage of $10.10 an hour.

Hyepock said he hopes to attract crossover voters, and he takes time to speak to independents and Republicans, including members of the Tea Party movement who favor smaller government. This is his first run at political office.

“They always thank me for talking to them,” he said. “One Tea Party guy donated $25 to me after we talked. I get my pride by talking to people on the street. These groups I go to make me feel like, ‘Hey, you have a chance.’ ”

DAVID LORY VANDERBEEK, 38, Independent American Party of Pahrump. A marriage and family therapist, he’s married with five young children. He ran for the U.S. Senate in 2012 and for the Assembly in 2010.

VanDerBeek is a sixth-generation Nevadan whose family settled Lincoln County, he said. His view of government rises from the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, which gives Americans the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” he said.

He said he believes strongly in the Second Amendment right to bear arms and is opposed to universal background checks for gun buyers. He said he doesn’t like taxes, which “create an adversarial relationship between government and people.”

Instead, VanDerBeek said government should be funded by state investment and Nevada should have a state bank that makes loans to people who want to build businesses and create more jobs.

“Governments invest vast amounts of money,” VanDerBeek said. “You can take in more money through investments than through taxation.”

He argued there’s evidence that when government lowers taxes, tax collections go up and when private people keep more of their money, they make more money. He notes that President John F. Kennedy lowered taxes and and revenues went up.

“If you have a state bank, the priority is to loan money to companies who will headquarter themselves in Nevada, hiring people in Nevada, keeping wealth in Nevada,” he said.

Nevada also should develop more of its natural resources, including oil deposits, he said. And the state needs to regain control of more of its land, VanDerBeek said. At present, 87 percent of it is owned by the federal government.

“Through the proper partnership between government and private enterprise, you can phase out taxation,” he argued. “We need to take back the land a piece at a time.”

He said he blames Sandoval for what he called the “theft” of money from the State Industrial Insurance System, or SIIS, money he said could be invested for profit.

Former Gov. Kenny Guinn on Jan. 1, 2000, turned over $800 million in SIIS trust funds to the private Employers Insurance Company of Nevada. The state was trying to rid itself of $2 billion in long-term liability from the system.

Several years later, conservative critics sued the state, contending the $800 million was state property and turning it over to a private company violated the constitution. Sandoval was attorney general at the time.

“He could have prosecuted that and recovered the money,” VanDerBeek said.

State officials, however, see Guinn’s decision as a good move to protect the state from growing financial liability.

VanDerBeek’s thinking on immigrants who are in the country illegally could create a stir, especially in Nevada where close to 30 percent of the population is Latino.

He said such immigrants are refugees, and if Mexico doesn’t deal with its drug wars and poverty the United States should consider taking over border lands to create a place for them to live.

“The bottom line is that if Mexico continues to implode into the U.S. then we will have to do what we did in the past,” he said, noting the U.S. has fought past wars with Mexico.

“… We have to force Mexico to change,” VanDerBeek said. “We seem to have no problem going to Iraq and forcing them to change. Why can’t we just do the same with Mexico?”

VanDerBeek is passionate in his views.

“Every day for me is an opportunity to kick the establishment in the neck,” he said.

FRED CONQUEST, 67, of Las Vegas and anthropology professor at the College of Southern Nevada. He is divorced and running as a nonpartisan candidate.

Conquest ran for governor as a Democrat in 2010 and lost to Rory Reid, who lost to Sandoval. He said running against the son of U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., caused him problems within the party. As an independent, he won’t have to deal with such issues, and he doesn’t have to worry about competing in a primary, he said.

Conquest said his top priorities would be “fixing the education system and restructuring the tax system.”

He said he would repeal the payroll tax, which was supposed to sunset already. He also would get rid of the extra vehicle registration fee, which also was set to expire.

“Why do employers have to pay a tax for hiring people?” he asked.

He opposes the 2 percent margins tax on business. Instead, he wants to lower the sales tax to 4 percent. Now, the statewide sales tax rate is 6.85 percent, and can be higher in various cities such as 8.1 percent in Las Vegas.

“This will put more money in everybody’s pocket,” he said. “It also will create more demand for goods and services because people will have more money to spend.”

Asked how he would replace lost revenue, Conquest didn’t offer specifics.

On education, Conquest said the Nevada System of Higher Education budget is around $110 million because of a top-heavy administration for nine colleges. In comparison, he said Arkansas spends $40 million to run 37 colleges.

“The only service they really do is human resources, send paychecks,” Conquest said.

Conquest’s campaign is off to a slow start. He said he skipped the recent Martin Luther King Jr. parade in Las Vegas because “it didn’t translate into votes” in 2010. He said he’s still updating his old website and Facebook pages.

Asked whether he thinks Sandoval is truly vulnerable to an independent candidate, Conquest said, “Looks can be deceiving.

“He looks like he’s going to be OK, but the Republicans are squabbling among themselves and the Democrats haven’t thrown up anybody to deal with him,” he said. “I think we have a reasonable chance of sorts simply because more people are registering as independents.”

Nevada had 209,185 registered nonpartisan voters at the end of 2013. That compares to 492,956 Democrats, 415,320 Republicans and 56,497 with the IAP.

Contact reporter Laura Myers at or 702-387-2919. Follow her on Twitter @lmyerslvrj

Two years later, a captain…Cleaning up graffiti a…

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California mayor shot, killed; wife detained

(CNN) – The mayor of a city in Los Angeles County, California, was shot and killed Tuesday, an official said.

The wife of Bell Gardens Mayor Daniel Crespo, Levette Crespo, has been detained, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Amber Smith told CNN. Levette Crespo has not been charged.

According to the city website, Daniel Crespo was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.

He married his high school sweetheart in 1986, and has been married ever since. The couple has a son and daughter.

Mark Krueger loses debate for Carson City DA gig – Jason Woodbury leads race for next DA


“If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers.” –Charles Dickens

Last night, the League of Women Voters of Northern Nevada hosted another “debate” forum, this time for the candidates for Carson City District Attorney. Mark Kruger, currently a Deputy District Attorney, and Jason Woodbury, coming out of private practice to run for the first time for public office. Attendance was light and with only two candidates on deck, the session was over rather quickly. The League, once again, demonstrated that it knows how to get things done and this forum was no exception.

The DA Actions Starts here:

Introductions began with Woodbury outlining his background which you’ve already seen here, and then proceeded to his top three issues: Retention of high quality personnel and the high personnel turnover rate at the DA’s office which he believes is indicative of larger issues; delayed prosecutions for which he would “claim ownership” and only grant delays when absolutely necessary; and lastly renew and strictly adhere to the Open Meeting Law.

Kruger also provided his background and outlined his recent trial history and attributes. His three issues were: Expand victim witness programs including the recently touted dog program; decried Woodbury’s backing by defense attorneys who he claimed were responsible for the delays in trials; and then never really got to a third point while rambling over topics like services and saving taxpayers money. If this event were scored, the majority of points would have to go to Woodbury. His delivery was forceful, his points clear, and he provided specific measures he would implement to fix issues both candidates identified.

Kruger’s delivery was less confident and concise, though his experience as a trial attorney was clearly evident. One felt as if the audience was a jury and he was making closing arguments on a weak case.

When it came to audience questions, the first focused on the significant delays in child cases requiring victims to tell their story repeatedly. The author pointed to the Washoe County advocate programs as a successful model. Kruger claimed extensive experience with child abuse cases and with child advocacy programs but stated it requires a community effort and he would “reach out to the community” for this type of support. Woodbury stated that “we need to be realistic on what to expect” and went on to explain that Carson City lacks the resources to create a specific center but did have multiple resources capable of addressing the issues faced by victims. He went on to state that the DA’s Office needed to recognize that repeatedly postponing trials re-victimizes the victims.

Mark Krueger Carson City, Nevada

Mark Krueger Carson City, Nevada

This round went to Woodbury though he didn’t claim experience in working these types of cases, he was a clear proponent of effectively using existing resources as opposed to Kruger’s ambiguous “reaching out to the community.”

mark kruegerOn the subject of marijuana laws, both candidates spoke to the ambiguity of the effectiveness of treatment programs as well as the probability of changes in the law. Woodbury argued that strict enforcement of existing law was the essential. Kruger spoke to driving under the influence and strict enforcement of criminal law through aggressive prosecution to keep the community safe. No clear winner on this topic; its uncharted water for Nevada and certainly for Carson City.

Responding to a question about the open meeting law and the ability for the City Manger to hold meeting outside of the law. Kruger went first and explained that the law was clear but then failed to explain it clearly. He stated he was a proponent of the law and recited his experience in applying it. Woodbury spoke specifically to establishing training efforts to ensure City personnel understand the meeting law and then explained the need for meetings to occur to provide essential information. This round goes to…no one. You’ll have to watch the video if you’re looking for a better answer.

Regarding the need for a State Court of Appeals, Woodbury sated he was personally opposed because existing procedures within the court system could provide the relief the Superior Court desires. Kruger waffled around in coming an answer but came down to “I don’t know.” Given that the victor of this race will have to appear before judges affected by the results of the ballot question, this is likely a fair outcome but Woodbury gets points for both knowing the issue and having the guts air his personal viewpoint.

On a question of the factors influencing a death penalty case, Kruger gave us a class on the balance of aggravating and mitigating factors being the sole legal question. In contrast, Woodbury came out specifically in favor of the death penalty but emphasized that capital trials are extremely expensive and Carson City is not prepared to expend this kind of money without good reason. Woodbury also emphasized the need to ensure the victim’s family understands that the punishment is rarely actually carried out; criminals are more likely to die of natural causes rather than at the hands of the State.

On the highly charged issue of the Carson Tahoe Hospital declining to provide rape kits and exams for rape victims, Woodbury responded that the hospital’s decision “alarmed” him. He went on to explain that he had followed up by contacting the nursing leadership at the hospital. What he says he found out was that the hospital felt there were not enough cases to keep a nurse on staff with the specialized skills required to perform the exams and that other viable alternatives existed. Kruger claims there are nurses in the area with the skills to conduct the exams but that for unknown reasons (most likely money), the hospital doesn’t want to do them. Sadly, Kruger believes Carson City does have a sufficient number of cases to warrant having the exams done locally but did not provide an solution or an answer to the question.

In closing, Kruger spoke again of his experience and that he would like the opportunity to expand the victim’s services program while revising the efficiency of the DA’s Office. Woodbury concluded by saying he has no other career aspirations outside of becoming DA and he feels he is doing the right thing by standing up for the community, one he sincerely believes in.

As we’ve come to expect during this race, there was little in the way of controversy or fireworks. Both candidates appeared sincere in their belief that they are the best man for the job. Reading between the lines, Kruger leaned heavily on the fact that he’s already in the DA’s Office and his experience there somehow makes him the heir apparent. In sometimes stark contrast, Woodbury emphasized repeatedly that the status quo wasn’t working; for victims, for justice, for staff, or the taxpayers. Notably, he made the effort to get answers from Carson Tahoe Hospital whereas his opponent simply stated he didn’t know the reasons for the hospital’s decisions. There was little doubt that Woodbury easily claimed the high ground during the forum and Kruger was out-done, sometimes simply due to his lack of effort. This race still isn’t as volatile as the two for Supervisor and though it really isn’t as “dull as dirt.” Maybe it should be. Yes, we’re looking for someone to fix the personnel and policy issues at the DA’s Office but more importantly, we’re looking for a champion of justice. Kruger has the experience but Woodbury has the fire. One believes that his years of service make him “next” and one is leaving (an assumed lucrative) private practice to “do the right thing.” Passion isn’t often appreciated in most courtrooms but in a candidate, it’s an admirable quality. Other things being essentially equal, Woodbury brought the most to the debate and brings the most to Carson City.

Ex-employee alleges ethics director (Caren Cafferata-Jenkins, who’s running against corrupt Judge Chuck Weller in Department 11 in Washoe County Family Court) violated Nevada law

karen jenkins

Caren Cafferata-Jenkins, running against Judge Chuck Weller in Department 11 in Washoe County

By Emerson Marcus, RGJ

A former Nevada Commission on Ethics investigator said he has filed a complaint with the Nevada Attorney General’s Office alleging the commission’s executive director broke the very laws she was appointed to enforce.

Caren Cafferata-Jenkins, running against Judge Chuck Weller in Department 11 in Washoe County Family Court, denies using her position as the executive director of the commission to further her campaign.

“I would deny that,” she said. “If there is a legitimate complaint that is brought to the state and investigated by an objective third party, justice will be done.”

“Disgruntled employees are sometimes right but sometimes credibility needs to be evaluated for what it is,” she said.

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto would not confirm or deny the existence of an investigation.

Michael Lawrence, the former Nevada Commission on Ethics investigator, presented a copy of the complaint to the Reno Gazette-Journal earlier this month. Lawrence, who was terminated from his employment with the commission in April, filed the complaint in June, according to the paperwork submitted to the RGJ, six days after Cafferata-Jenkins advanced to the general election in the June 10 primary.

It alleges that Cafferata-Jenkins used “state equipment, time, facility and employees for her own benefit” and printed campaign materials from office printers.judge chuck weller

“Essentially, Cafferata-Jenkins ran her campaign from state office, turning government facility into her own personal ‘Kinko’s,'” Lawrence writes in the report.

“I know it sounds crazy,” Lawrence said in an interview with the RGJ. “I told the commission, ‘You can think why I am doing it (has to do with losing the job), I don’t care, find out for yourself.’ I promise it will come out sooner than later and people will be surprised.”

Lawrence’s position as an investigator in the office was terminated and he has since been replaced, Cafferata-Jenkins said.

06.12.06_judge_chuck_weller_shot_by_sniper_in_reno_nevada_KGOThe Nevada Commission on Ethics is a legislative-executive commission responsible for enforcing the state’s government ethics laws.

Cafferata-Jenkins has applied for judicial positions in Washoe and Clark counties in the past, but this is the first time her name has appeared on a ballot.

Nevada law says the executive director of the commission “shall not pursue any other business or occupation or hold any other office of profit that detracts from the full and timely performance of the Executive Director’s duties.” However, the Judicial Discipline Commission overseas judges, not the commission on ethics, and because it is a nonpartisan race, judicial campaigns are not handled by the ethics commission, Cafferata-Jenkins said.

Cafferata-Jenkins is not the only member of the commission on an election ballot this year.

Jim Shaw, a former Washoe County Commissioner, has served on the commission on ethics since 2008 and is running against Veronica Frenkel for Washoe County School Board of Trustee in District F.

Nevada law also says members of the commission shall not be “actively involved in the work of any political party or political campaign.”

Shaw could not be reached for comment.


Instead of raising taxes, now politically unviable, and instituting service cutbacks, also politically unviable, San Jose, California, will fall back on a tried and true method of government revenue generation.

San Jose Government Targets Cancer Patients in Revenue Generation BidInstead of raising taxes, now politically unviable, and instituting service cutbacks, also politically unviable, San Jose, California, will fall back on a tried and true method of government revenue generation.

It intends to prey on small business with a new round of code violation fines. The government has decided to target an especially vulnerable class of victims unable to defend themselves – the sick who use medical marijuana.

It will not go after the sick directly, of course. That would be seen as cruel and heartless. Instead, the San Jose government has decided to target the dispensaries that provide cancer patients and others with medication.

“San Jose could dramatically raise the fines for violating its new cannabis club regulations. The City Council on Tuesday will consider an escalating schedule of fees ranging from $2,500 to $50,000,” San Jose Insider reports. “Currently, a violation costs just $25.”
In California medical marijuana is prescribed for a number of conditions, including cancer, arthritis, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, and other maladies.

Targeting dispensaries for violating often arcane bureaucratic rules and regulations will undoubtedly result in higher prices for thousands of people who use medical marijuana.

The San Jose government is not limiting its latest revenue generation effort to the sick. It plans to raise fines and penalties on folks who either neglect or refuse to get permission from government to run a business. It will target street peddlers, pawnbrokers, message therapists, dance halls, public entertainment, billiard rooms, taxi cab drivers, and other small business owners and operators.

See the text of the resolution here.

It also raises substantially fines for a wide variety of offenses, including noise, public nuisance ($1,000 for the first offense, $5,000 for the third), window tinting and more.

Additionally, the resolution proposes to increase fees for an array of bureaucratic requirements and licenses.

Reward for arrest in stolen sign caper in South Lake Tahoe


I am providing a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whomever did this. Any reports can come to me or the police department.


Letter: Reward for arrest in stolen sign caper

To the community,

In the past two weeks I have had 10 campaigns stolen from various locations around town. The latest was last (Sunday) between 6 and 11:30pm.

Austin Sass

Some were located on individuals front yards and six of the 10 off of locations on Highway 50. At some of these locations, there were signs from other candidates that were not disturbed.

Four on Highway 50 were large signs (3 feet by 3 feet) and were zip tied to metal stakes. It took considerable effort to cut these signs off and whomever did it was very bold to be doing such right on the main thoroughfare in town. I believe this is a targeted effort.

I have filed police reports.

I am providing a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whomever did this. Any reports can come to me or the police department.

Thank you,

Austin Sass, South Lake Tahoe City Council candidate

THAILAND CONSIDERS TRACKING TOURISTS WITH GPS AFTER BANNING ORWELL’S 1984 After arresting citizens for reading 1984 in public, Thai officials now want to track tourists like cattle

Thailand, which began arresting citizens last summer for reading copies of George Orwell’s 1984, is now considering tracking tourists with GPS devices.

Thailand’s Tourism and Sports Minister, Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, said the government is working with hotels and resorts to assign ID wristbands, including serial numbers, to tourists and future plans include GPS tracking.

“The next step would be some sort of electronic tracking device but this has not yet been discussed in detail,” she told Reuters.

Kobkarn did admit, however, that the government was already encountering resistance against the initial wristband phase of the tracking program.
The Orwellian proposal comes merely months after undercover police in Thailand began dragging people away for reading 1984 in public.

“Don’t carry George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984,” Philippine Airlines warned passengers headed into the country. “You don’t want to be mistaken for an anti-coup protestor.”

After the Royal Thai Armed Forces launched a coup d’état against Thailand’s former government back in May, Orwell’s novel became a popular symbol of protest against the junta.

“Demonstrators have been arrested for reading the novel, according to reports, while screenings of the film adaptation have been cancelled with organizers claiming they were intimidated by police,” reported Oliver Smith with the Telegraph.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Thailand’s proposed GPS tracking of tourists, it’s not the first time government officials suggested tracking people like cattle in order to “keep them safe,” which only leads to the loss of liberty and an expanded government.

School officials in Huntsville, Ala., for example, created a secret surveillance program to monitor their students’ social media accounts.

The program, called “SAFe,” led to the expulsion of at least three students for merely posing with firearms in photos posted to Facebook, including an 18-year-old student who was posing with a handgun off of school grounds despite handgun ownership being legal at 18 in Alabama.

Similarly, police in Louisiana are asking residents to add surveillance cameras to their homes and then hand over control of the cameras to law enforcement.

“All you have to do is, you can go to a map and click on an icon for that camera in that area and pull up that camera and it’ll give us a live feed from that area,” St. Bernard Sheriff Jimm Pohlmann told CBS affiliate WAFB, adding that access to citizen’s cameras would eliminate the need for police to visit homes in person.

State Actors That Staged 9/11 Terrorist Attacks Disclosed, Plot Revealed, Justice Inevitable

Random Candidate

“After thirteen long years of one revelation after another, it has now been established that the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington DC were perpetrated by the very same governments that had the most to gain from them. The US Federal Government, along with theUK and Israel, have each been implicated in the most purposeful and calculated, complex and premeditated false flag operation of this millennium.”

The karmic slack of yesteryear has been tightened considerably, and only continues to be shortened with each passing day.

“Whenever the going gets really rough for those who do rule the realm, war has always been their way out.  Looking at the state of affairs across the planet, it’s quite easy to see how many plots are afoot to trigger a global conflict of apocalyptic proportions.  Yes, these guys (and gals) are truly desperate as the 9/11 terrorist…

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America’s Economic Impact Of Gambling

CBS Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A new study shows U.S. casinos had a $240 billion economic impact and employed 1.7 million people in 2013.

The American Gaming Association announced the results of the economic study at a news conference Tuesday. The group’s annual G2E Global Gaming Expo kicked off this week at the Sands Expo and Convention Center.

Oxford Economics studied the industry’s impact and included spending and revenue that might be linked but not directly connected to a casino. An example is a traveler who visits an area for a casino but also spends at a nearby gas station.

G2E is a trade show and conference where new slot machine designs, wagering technology and food and beverage concepts often debut.

Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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“Russia Could Ditch Dollar In 2-3 Years”; Deputy PM Warns Nuclear Subs “Could Reach Any Country On Any Continent”

peoples trust toronto

“Two to three years is enough, not only to launch [settlements in rubles], but also to complete these mechanisms,” says Andrey Kostin, head of Russia?s second-biggest bank VTB, noting that the possibility of the US and EU widening sanctions to exclude Russia from the SWIFT global money transfer system would become ?a point of no return? making any further dialog impossible. However, as Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin explains in this interview, how Russia’s military and industrial complex is responding to a growing threat from America. Russia is not responding with any talk about the nuclear button (at least not yet); but they are preparing for such an eventuality: “we are creating a nuclear submarine fleet… capable of reaching any country on any continent, if [USA] suddenly becomes the aggressor, and our top-most national interests come under threat,”adding that Obama’s coup has ushered in “the complete demise of the…

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A closer look at Windows 10 A better Windows 7 is on the way


The Start Menu is the most obvious addition. Just like in Windows 7 and other versions before it, the Start Menu largely acts in the same way. Microsoft has done a u-turn here, but it’s also considered the way it can modernize its Start Menu and it appears to have paid off. It’s customizable enough that you can resize it, pin traditional and modern apps, or simply have it match the color of your desktop wallpaper. These hints of Windows 8 shine through directly in the Windows 10 Start Menu, and although the overall interface feels like the Windows desktop, the Start Menu feels truly new and yet familiar at the same time.

Win10 Start menu 660


Another big new user interface feature is a new TaskView button that sits on the taskbar. It looks fairly innocuous, but when you trigger it you’re thrown into a multitasking view that’s very similar to Apple’s OS X Expose feature. Multiple desktops are available from here, and you can switch between them with ease to manage multiple apps across different workspaces. It’s the feature Windows has always needed, and Microsoft has borrowed elements from rival operating systems like OS X and Linux / Unix to really introduce this in Windows 10. But instead of making it identical to the competition, Microsoft has added in its productivity-focused snap views into Task View. You can snap apps in the same way you do in Windows 7 or Windows 8, and a new prompt will suggest apps that can be snapped alongside each other or windowed in complex ways. It appears to work well, even if there’s a slight learning curve you’ll need to get over to make the most out of it. I did notice that if you have apps running in a separate desktop space then it can get confusing to bring them to a different active desktop space, but this is an early build of Windows 10 and there’s a long way to go until it’s ready late next year.


Elsewhere, there are hints that Microsoft will revamp the user interface more. There’s subtle drop shadows around apps, and a new bar on the taskbar that indicates what apps are active. There’s also new icons for File Explorer and Desktop, but you can imagine that Microsoft will overhaul all of its icons to be more modern with Windows 10. Another big change is the ability to run universal modern apps in windows on the desktop. Microsoft demonstrated this originally at Build, but using it in practice just feels totally natural, as if it should have always been this way. You can snap these apps alongside each other, and they also seem to resize fairly well to make them a lot more usable for mouse and keyboard users.

Windows 10 might be fairly basic right now, but the signs are there that Microsoft understands its audience of Windows users. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore took the time to demonstrate a command prompt refresh that finally brings the ability to copy and paste directories with the keyboard. It’s the most minor and geeky feature you’d ever expect in a Microsoft keynote, but it demonstrates that the company appears to be serious about overhauling Windows fully with Windows 10. With regular updates planned over the coming months before release, expect to see Windows 10 change in unexpected and welcomed ways. It might look like Windows 10 is just another Windows 7, but hopefully once the company is done tidying up the Windows desktop it will look and feel like a lot more.

‘I’M GOING TO SHOOT HIM IN THE PENIS,’ SAYS COP BEFORE EXECUTING CAMPER Dash cam captures officer’s intentions before fateful shooting

nevada police stateAn Albuquerque police officer who killed a mentally ill homeless man last March expressed his desire to shoot him in the penis, new dash cam footage reveals.

The video, obtained by KOB4 News, details a conversation between APD Officer Keith Sandy and another officer shortly before the fateful shooting of James Boyd.

During the conversation, Sandy can be heard discussing his desire to shoot Boyd, who he refers to as a “f*cking lunatic,” in the penis with a shot gun.
“For this f***ing lunatic? I’m going to shoot him in the penis with a shotgun here in a second,” Sandy said.

Only two hours later, Sandy would do just that, taking Boyd’s life in the process.

According to civil rights attorney Shannon Kennedy, Sandy’s statement reveals a premeditated decision to violently engage Boyd.

“Two hours later he’s escalating the situation so he can do just that,” Kennedy told KOB4. “It’s chilling evidence and stunning that he has not been criminally indicted… It’s crystal clear and he says it with contempt in his voice.’”

According to KOB4, internal investigators asked Sandy about his comment only one month after the shooting.

Interestingly, Sandy claimed the comment was never made only moments after telling investigators that the statement was nothing more than “locker room banter.”

Sandy attempted to belittle the incident by arguing that officers regularly make crude and cruel jokes, so much that a group of officers had to create a safe word to signal when inappropriate jokes have gone too far.

“Of course it’s not a joke because he went forward and actually shot him,” Kennedy said. “Clearly he has complete disregard for people suffering from mental disabilities.”

“What is so mortifying about this shooting, and thank goodness we have a tape to show exactly what he did– which is instead of shooting him in the penis, he shoots him in the lower back. So had James Boyd not turned around at that moment to set down his bags, he would have been shot in the penis.”

Although currently on administrative leave, Sandy continues to carry his gun and badge according to an APD spokeswoman.

Boyd’s death sparked international outrage earlier this year and has continued to fuel the debate over appropriate uses of force by law enforcement.

500 Pot Houses in South Tahoe Chief Says

stoned tahoeThere are an estimated 500 unpermitted, illegal marijuana grow houses on the South Shore according to local law enforcement. In the city limits, South Lake Tahoe Police Chief Brian Uhler estimates there are 300 houses where marijuana is growing illegally … South Lake Tahoe Police Chief Brian Uhler and Matt Underhill made a presentation to the South Lake Tahoe City Council recently, bringing the problem of illegal grow houses to light.

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In a report as inflammatory as the King Fire itself, a Reno reporter’s story claims fire fighters on first day of fire failed to notice that it was not out. By next morning the fire had exploded into what we know call the King Fire that destroyed more than 12 homes and cost more than $50 million to fight.

kingOver the weekend the large Reno newspaper, owned by Gannet, filed a report that will have far reaching implications on not only fire fighter’s work, but on the case filed against the accused arsonist.

Siemny Chhuon of KXTV, writes,

“According to Cal Fire Battalion Chief Scott McLean, the fire initially only burned 1-2 acres off a very steep canyon. ‘Evidently some debris rolled off the edge and into the lower elevations,’ McLean explained.”

The story goes on to say,


Wayne Allen Huntsman, 37, has been charged with deliberately setting the King Fire.

“Cal Fire contained the fire contained the fire to about 80 percent that night. Mop up crews remained on scene. Hours later, McLean said crews realized a spot fire had started down below.”

We have heard numerous reports that the first response to the fire failed to do a good job “mopping up” and that their failure to recognize the remaining danger let the King Fire grow from a couple of acres to 150 square miles of burn.  The story filed by KXTV adds more such claims.

“The terrain was impossible to get down,” McLean added. “The firefighters were actually working on the edge, holding on to the hose as if it was rope to try to take care of the situation.”

About the accusations of neglect, McLean says he has heard all of it. He stands by his men.

They did their job, they did a very good job, they tackled the initial attack,” McLean said. “They had resources and followed everything they’re supposed to.”

The report added, “More resources were called in, but the fire had exploded out of control.”

Two weeks of accusations that fire fighters failed to do a sufficient job on the first day have been elevated from rumors to open accusations and rebuttals as Cal Fire Battalion Chief Scott McLean confirms the accusations and makes statements defending the work done by the initial crew.

State and Federal laws protect most government employees so it is unlikely that, even if the job was done inadequately, any fire fighters will receive any serious disciplinary actions, but the case against the accused arsonist might be placed in risk.

Almost all defenses are based on placing the blame on someone other then the defendant.  Now we can expect to hear the accused arsonist’s defense to say that everything after the first few acres was caused by fire fighter neglect.  This may come with the claim that the accused arsonist is the person that called in the fire fighter’s in the first place.

One thing is clear, the public, and perhaps the court, will want a full understanding of what occurred in the first 24 hours of the King Fire.

See Siemny Chhuon of KXTV story here:

POLLOCK PINES, Calif. – In order to understand how the King Fire exploded out of control, you have to understand where it started.

It started off of a hiking trail in Pollock Pines, off King of the Mountain Road.

According to Cal Fire Battalion Chief Scott McLean, the fire initially only burned 1-2 acres off a very steep canyon.

“Evidently some debris rolled off the edge and into the lower elevations,” McLean explained.

Cal Fire contained the fire contained the fire to about 80 percent that night. Mop up crews remained on scene. Hours later, McLean said crews realized a spot fire had started down below.

Because of the intense drought-like conditions, it doesn’t take much for the fire to take off.

“The terrain was impossible to get down,” McLean added. “The firefighters were actually working on the edge, holding on to the hose as if it was rope to try to take care of the situation.”

More resources were called in, but the fire had exploded out of control.

Eventually, authorities would arrest Wayne Huntsman on suspicion of arson. Sources say there were multiple points of origin.

There’s concern and chatter in the community. Some who believe mop up crews didn’t do their job that day.

McLean has heard all of it. He stands by his men.

“They did their job, they did a very good job, they tackled the initial attack,” McLean said. “They had resources and followed everything they’re supposed to.”

The fire is still under investigation.


. . . but . . . but . . . Vern got his guy . . . Right? . . . WTF! . . . Vern got his man . . . move along already!

Yes, we all saw this as they pulled everyone off the fire to, ‘sleep’ when they could have put it out that night.

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Carson Tahoe Health criticized for posture on sex assault exams

Carson Tahoe HealthCarson Tahoe Health facilities won’t do exams for victims of sexual assault, Carson City Health Officer Susan Pintar said Thursday, and District Attorney Neil Rombardo then criticized CTH.

“They just don’t want to deal with it,” Rombardo charged, saying it means rape victims must travel to Sparks for exams. He said that can cause not only unease for victims already traumatized, but also may complicate matters faced by his office. He made the critical comments during a Board of Health meeting over which Pintar presided, but later expanded his comments for the Nevada assault

He said he has met with hospital officials but gotten nowhere, and asserted the problem is the health care firm can’t make sufficient money on such exams.

Pintar, while less strident with her comments during the meeting, didn’t quarrel with Rombardo’s meeting remarks. They were backed by Sheriff Ken Furlong at Rombardo’s prompting. Pintar and Furlong sit on the city’s Board of Health along with the Board of Supervisors. The five-member city governing board, as well as the seven-member health board, met Thursday morning.

Pintar’s relatively diplomatic take came after Supervisor John McKenna raised questions about whether providing government money was the issue and Mayor Robert Crowell pointed out nurses are offered training on handling of sexual assault victims and exams by the office of Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez-Masto. Pintar kept her comment short.

“There are other issues at play,” she said.

rapeFurlong, for his part, not only backed Rombardo’s comments during the meeting but also decried how sexual assault victims are treated generally in society after they are victimized. “We treatinmates better,” he said.

Anna Anders, Carson Tahoe Health vice president and chief nursing officer, reached later said she didn’t have nurses with proper training and doing the exams isn’t in victims’ best interests. She said CTH accepts victims, sequesters them for comfort and gives whatever aid possible, then calls a sexual assault advocate.

She said the CTH approach keeps the victim’s needs uppermost because proper training of nurses doing such exams and precise handling of the evidence chain is most important. “We don’t have the trained staff here,” she said.

The health board discussion was part of Pintar’s report on city health activities both inside and outside of city government’s Health and Human Services Department. She called it a good news/bad news report, saying the bad was CTH would no longer do the exams but the good news was funding for flu vaccine preparedness for the city had been secured from state government. She said the flu vaccine preparedness initiative would come in October.

Also reporting on health matters were Nikki Aaker, HHS director, and several from her staff.

Among those reports was information concerning growth of city job fairs and resulting jobs, word about coordinating electronic medical records and data to make the best meaningful use of them, and continuing movement toward making Carson City a pedestrian and bicycle friendly community.

The mayor sounded enthusiastic that efforts were going forward to get the city designated a bike-friendly community. He said the last time he checked, the bike-friendly feature was among the top five or 10 things people seek when looking for a new place to live. “You know, it’s a big deal,” said Crowell.

Carson City Board of Supervisors taking up fair, medical pot licenses

nevada potKeying off the Nevada Sesquicentennial Fair last summer, city staff will propose $120,000 for 2015 and 2016 fairs after making a report Thursday to Carson City’s Board of Supervisors.

The board also will consider an ordinance on business license fee charges formedical marijuana establishments in the city. The board previously set the zoning locations for such establishments and signaled they want business license fees in the ordinance coming before them to range from $5,000 to $25,000, depending on the type of business.

Thursday’s board meeting begins at 8:30 a.m. in the Sierra Room at the Community Center, 851 E. William St. A report on the July 30-Aug. 3 fair at Fuji Park and Fairgrounds, which celebrated 150 years of Nevada statehood and was declared a success by many, will be provided by Deputy City Manager Marena Works during the board’s morning session.

At the same time, the agenda proposes that the city absorb the cost of $75,000 in initial seed money for this year’s fair, allow any money remaining in the fair account to be used next year, and seeks the allocation of $120,000 for fairs in 2015 and 2016. The breakdown from that amount would be $30,000 for next year’s fair and $90,000 for the one in 2016.

An afternoon session includes first reading, which is the main debate and preliminary voting stage, for the medical marijuana ordinance licensing issue. The post-lunch break board session begins at 2 p.m. in the Sierra Room.

In July, the board adopted zoning regulations for medical marijuana establishments, basically, withdispensaries allowed in some areas zoned commercial and other facilities in those zoned industrial.

The board signalled in a 4-1 vote Sept. 18 it wants license fees to be $5,000 for a lab, $15,000 for production of edibles, $20,000 for a grow facility and $25,000 for dispensaries. Carson City can have two dispensaries.

Also scheduled are a proclamation honoring Western Nevada College professors Marilee Swirczek and Don Carlson, along with WNC students for their efforts on “Always Lost: A Meditation on War” war exhibit.

THE ROAD TO PERDITION by CC POLITICS – The result was that, like other “workshops” there was no ability for the community to ask questions in a public CARSON CITY forum and thus zero accountability for what was asked and answered individually.

downtown carson city

Future of Downtown Carson City?

Today’s “workshop” presented by Carson City Staff for the downtown Carson Street lane reduction was a sorry example of government in action. In an awkwardly delivered slide show, Lee Plemel, our Community Development Director, began with stating no questions would be taken during the presentation.

The result was that, like other “workshops” there was no ability for the community to ask questions in a public forum and thus zero accountability for what was asked and answered individually.

Plemel frequently referred to the project as being the implementation of the “Complete Streets” policy, an off shoot of “Smart Growth America.” This program has come under fire in numerous communities due to emphasis on pedestrian and bicycle traffic over cars. The audience of an estimated 75 people gave oohs and awes over the computer generated street designs which were impressive but gave an overly optimistic view of the new landscape.

About 10 cars moved through the video of uniform storefronts and greenery. What was missing were the hard facts on how this would work to benefit our citizens. Transportation Manager Patrick Pittinger repeatedly stated that current traffic levels on Carson Street were less than 1972 levels but never presented the actual numbers.  After 20 minutes of show and tell, the presentation concluded to allow for questions in the foyer. money blackhole

Citizens then milled around patiently waiting for an opportunity to ask their questions, vaguely reminiscent of the shopping experience at Apple where one waits for a “genius” to answer a question. At one point Pittenger advised that the speed limit on the new road would likely remain 25 miles per hour but due to design of the intersections, traffic flow would actually decrease to 15 to 20 miles per hour. This is referred to as “traffic calming” in other cities and is a process frequently the source of major frustration by people actually trying to get somewhere. He again emphasized that current traffic flow was less than historical levels. So…we looked them up (you can too) and average flows are lower overall but Carson Street still handles over 1000 cars an hour during the weekdays, or an average of more than 18,000 per day. So…1000 cars per hour at 20 miles per hour on two lanes equals a downtown to be avoided. Pittenger’s “FAQ’s on Transportation Aspects” was useless and more propaganda than informative.  (Read item #12 first while you think about your tax dollars.)  Likewise, emergency responders appeared bought and paid for when agreeing that they could work within the restricted road space.  Common sense tells us that with over 1,000 cars per hour and restricted intersections, they cannot.

money burningOverall, the proposed design seems to be for a place that isn’t Carson City; a square peg for a round hole. No information was offered on the potential for business growth or the impact on existing or anticipated businesses. Great emphasis was placed on the new appearance and for $7 million of our money, it should look good…it should look real good. More apparent than the pretty pictures was the sense that no one is asking the hard questions. “Complete Streets” has been a great success and a dismal financialfailure in numerous cities but our planners can’t speak to that. What new businesses are likely to be enticed to this expensive remodeling project is also a question that has no answer. What is certain is that businesses that do not operate on “walk in” traffic will be excluded and if you intend to use Carson Street to get somewhere, it will take you a while.  And if your business relys on drive through traffic, you’re in big trouble.

City Staff showed a lack of guts by not allowing a “town hall” forum and thus guaranteeing that the Board of Supervisors will take the brunt of public criticism. City Staff has requested all comments be submitted in writing of via email and eventually on their not yet ready website “”  We’ve seen this before where less than 150 people who wrote comments on the 1/8 cent tax increase negated the voice of thousands who opposed it.

At a cost of now $7 million dollars, there a many tough questions we need our Board of Supervisors to ask. Let’s start with “What are we trying to accomplish and why?”  “Because we can” is not the right answer.

As of today, the public really has no better information than it did yesterday. As with the 1/8 cent sales tax increase, we are hearing only what proponents of the project want us to hear and we deserve better than that.

The race for Carson City District Attorney has been duller than dirt. Neither candidate’s efforts can be described as anything more than…watching paint dry.

dirt pileby

The race for Carson City District Attorney has been duller than dirt. Neither candidate’s efforts can be described as anything more than…watching paint dry.

In the blue and white corner, candidate Mark Krueger, currently employed in our fair city and listed on the DA’s website as the Chief of the Criminal Division. Krueger’s election website states that he is the Assistant District Attorney with prior stints as ADA for Lyon County, Senior Deputy Attorney General for the State of Nevada, and Clerk under Judge William Maddox. Krueger obtained his law degree in 1998.  Krueger’s website reads like a year old copy of “Forbes” in your doctor’s waiting room and lacks anything of substance in the issues department.  These things you say you will do, you should already be doing.

Mark Krueger Carson City, Nevada

Mark Krueger Carson City, Nevada

Wearing shades of rust and gold, is Jason Woodbury who’s website simply states “I am running for Carson City District Attorney because I want the job.” Woodbury was admitted to the Nevada Bar in 1998 and clerked under Judge Michael Griffen before coming to the Carson City DA’s Office in 1999, where he worked in both the Criminal and Civil Division. Woodbury went into private practice approximately 10 years ago, working in both civil litigation and criminal defense. Notably, Woodbury claims to want to run a “principled campaign” and thus far has avoided controversy.  His “issues” web page likewise lacks substance in what we could expect if Woodbury is elected though he sports a healthy set of endorsements from a wide range of supporters.

If you hadn’t seen the campaign signs, you’d hardly know there was a race. Last week’s dog show at the Board of Supervisors’ meeting was hardly a capstone to good policy in the DA’s office, but there have been no horrendous defeats either. There are no shortages of campaign issues in any race amongst Carson City politicians and the DA’s office is no exception. However, with so little time left before the election, it’s doubtful that we will see real differences in these candidates. Voter concerns abound but thus far have failed to produce substantive cause to vote either way.


  1. These comments were posted elsewhere and moved to this article by CCPolitics.

    What a desperate attempt by Mark Krueger and Neil Rombardo to try and win votes in the upcoming election for District Attorney. How about doing some real work over there. I don’t see how these two guys ever made it to their current positions. The Board of Supervisors should be ashamed of themselves for giving these two guys the time of the day. Jason Woodbury should stand up and call these guys out for all of their buffoonery. Neil Rombardo is the biggest joke of a DA I think Nevada has ever witnessed.

  2. These comments were posted elsewhere and moved to this article by CCPolitics.

    I think Rombardo and Krueger together have made a mockery of the DA’s office and justice being served here in Carson City. Did anyone catch the pathetic misuse of taxpayer dollars at today’s Board of Supervisors meeting? Two months before the election, Rombardo and Krueger roll out this DAWG program, which provides a therapy dog to victims of “crimes of secrecy” as Krueger stated. Krueger stated that the Carson City DAs Office is the first prosecutorial entity in Nevada to use such a dog. He must have not done his research. Washoe County Juvenile Detention has been using a therapy dog for quite some time so Krueger’s assertion is incorrect. I’d like to see the research he’s on therapy dogs since he says he done quite a bit. His message sure wasn’t too convincing. I don’t doubt that having a therapy dog to comfort victims of crime is a good thing. However, considering the timing and the two people pushing this program, I don’t see it as nothing more but free campaign time. Rombardo seems to want Krueger to win really bad, and Krueger seems like he will do or say anything to become DA. Many attorneys in the area believe that Krueger will turn around and give Rombardo a job if he is elected. I personally am beginning to wonder if such is true. If this is the direction that justice is headed in our community, shame on the supervisors for supporting such silly and ales serving programs.

  3. These comments were posted elsewhere and moved to this article by CCPolitics.

    I would really like some information about the District Attorney’s race. Since your website is providing information regarding the politics in Carson City, this may be the forum that lets individuals freely (while respectfully) voice their opinions and knowledge about those running for election. I don’t think the citizens really understand and are aware of the constant turnover at the DA’s office under the current administration. It would be good to know about the past dealings of each candidate. I hear that the current assistant DA, Mark Krueger, actually sued his own board of County Commissioners during his time as Assistant DA in Lyon County because they refused to give employees in the DAs office a pay raise, although wages had been frozen for every County employee, regardless of department. Krueger has also run for Justice of the Peace and District Court Judge in Carson City and lost. I am not sure of his motive to become DA, other than to be in a position of power. I just think that some of these issues need to be brought to light so that voters can make a well informed decision come election time.

  4. These comments were posted elsewhere and moved to this article by CCPolitics.

    Does Krueger plan on keeping Rombardo on his staff if he were to become DA? Many people would like to know this. Maybe “author” can look into this. Rombardo probably doesnt have anything lined up so the voters should know if Krueger would look out for his current boss or not.

  5. My observations- Krueger is going to the media for every case outcome and sentence the DA’s office is involved with. It looks like a last ditch effort to get the people to vote for him. I don’t think Krueger should get any kudos because the outcomes of these cases are what they are. Doesn’t take much skill to convict someone who walks into a restaraunt and pulls out a gun in front of a group of customers.How about letting the public know who your endorsements are and how you will do things different than what Rombardo has, Krueger.

  6. I couldn’t help but notice that the Nevada appeal reported the Olive Garden story and didn’t mention Krueger’s name. Almost seems as if Kruger didn’t like how the story was reported and so he reached out to I think it’s funny that his way of campaigning consists of just reposting every “free” media story to his campaign page.

  7. I too would like to know what these candidates are doing out in the community. I have researched both candidates and I was able to see that Woodbury is out and about going door to door and attending many events so that the public can get a better understanding of him and the job he plans to do if elected our next DA. Woodbury just seems to put more effort into his campaign, and seems to have support from a variety of people.

    Krueger, on the other hand, seems to not be doing much. As some in the community have stated, he seems to be using his current position to grab attention. Going to the board of supervisors and to the media to push his campaign seems to be his norm. I am just calling it like I see it. As a voter, I have no clue of what he is doing on the campaign trail. I was speaking with someone who knows Krueger and was told he likes to play the “gotcha” game. When I asked what that meant, I was told that Krueger is the type who will do stuff in secret so that if he doesnt get the outcome he is looking for, he can downplay his efforts.

    I guess I’d like to know if he is going door to door. Did he attend the Democratic “meet the candidates” gig a fee a sundays ago? Who in the community supports him?

    Anyone who follows the current happenings in the local courts are aware of the problems at the DAs office. Even the author of this site can verify that there are staffing probelms and high turnover there. If what I am posting seems like an attack on Krueger, it isn’t. I just want honest and truthful information from both candidates. I have seen too many times where candidates have given little effort when campaigning, and I dont think being elected DA is a job that should be obtained by giving minimal effort. So, I ask that both candidates just give the voters more infromation.

    I hope Krueger reads this site because maybe he can respond to my concerns. I would hope he proceeds to let us all know what efforts he is engaging in because as it stands now, the media updates to his campaign and facebook page with the Neil Rombardo likes for things he is SUPPOSED to be doing in his current position just aren’t convincing enough.

NEW WEBSITE: CARSON CITY POLITICS exposing the corrupt underbelly of Carson City politics


Corrupt Carson City DA candidate Mark Krueger, if elected, to hire current embattled DA Neil Rombardo as Assistant DA?

The race for Carson City District Attorney has been duller than dirt. Neither candidate’s efforts can be described as anything more than…watching paint dry.

carson politicsA COAT OF PAINT


“The most perfect political community is one in which the middle class is in control, and outnumbers both of the other classes.” –Aristotle

Last night the League of Women Voters of Northern Nevada hosted a candidate forum at the Carson City Community Center. Despite some hiccups in coordinating prior information in the “Voters Guide,” the League did an admirable job in putting the forum together. Attendance was light (roughly 50 people showed) but the forum wasbroadcast live by Carson TV and is now posted on You Tube here.  The story in theNevada Appeal covers the high points, what follows is the rest of the story.

In the hot seats were Karen Abowd, (Ward 1), the challenger Lisa Helget, John McKenna (Ward 3), and his opponent Lori Bagwell. The presentation began with a four minute introductory pitch to address two topics: Why the candidate felt he or she was qualified for the job and the top three issues for Carson City the candidate would address.

Abowd led with an overview of her 20 years of experience as a business owner and emphasized her last four years on the board. As we’ve come to expect, she made much of the completion of the I-58- freeway as if Carson City will be cut off from civilization upon its completion stating she “recognizes the urgent need to promote, support, and retain our businesses..” and the need to “position Carson City as the drive to, not drive by, community.” It’s hard to keep the clichés straight as Abowd on one hand expressed desire to increase manufacturing and tech industries through “synergy,” while on the other hand flogging the need to improve the appearance of downtown. Her claim that “increasing the economic base” includes “expanding senior services, prioritizing and accomplishing capital improvements (which are expenditures), and exploring renewable energy opportunities at the landfill to increase the general fund” was just nonsensical. Abowd touted her first term as City Supervisor as occurring “during one of our worst historical downturns economically” then said fiscal responsibility was, is, and will have her attention. Perhaps she’s hoping no one really checks on her voting record which include a litany of rate and tax increases, large expenditures for non-governmental issues, while massively increasing City debt.

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PressTV: Ron Paul calls for more secessionist movements in US, Tue Sep 30, 2014 1

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Ron Paul

 Ron Paul

Tue Sep 30, 2014 11:17AM GMT

Former US congressman from Texas Ron Paul has called for more secessionist movements in the United States following Scotland’s unsuccessful attempt at independence from the United Kingdom.

In an article on his website, Paul argues that all supporters of freedom should cheer secessionism because it allows for smaller government.

“Even though it ultimately failed at the ballot box, the recent campaign for Scottish independence should cheer supporters of the numerous secession movements springing up around the globe,” he wrote.

The former presidential candidate added that support for secession was also growing in America.

He also referred to a recent poll, in which one in four Americans said they would support their state seceding from the federal government.

The results of a Reuters/Ipsos…

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Gregory Mannarino-We Are Going to Global War


Greg Hunter

What happens when the global money printing stops working? Gregory Mannarino of says, “War, we are going to global war. This is the next step here. It is the natural progression of where they are taking us now. This new war we have in Syria, and Iraq is going to get much, much worse here.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with financial analyst/trader Gregory Mannarino.

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Media BiASS: Another Day, Another Pile of Steaming Crap

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ABC and CBS Ignore News That the Intelligence Community Actually Did Warn Obama About ISIS Threat

Throughout the day on Monday, several sources in the intelligence community disputed President Obama’s comments in an interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes that aired on Sundaynight that the intelligence community and Director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper are to blame for not recognizing the threat posed by ISIS. On the Monday evening newscasts of the major broadcast networks, ABC World News Tonight with David Muir chose to ignore the story all together while the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley simply re-aired Obama’s comments from 60 Minutes the night prior without acknowledging the criticisms since the interview aired. In contrast, NBC Nightly News offered a two-and-a-half-minute segment that included multiple news clips and congressional testimony going back to January that contradicted the President’s claim.

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Why Is China Hoarding Gold? Alan Greenspan Explains

peoples trust toronto

Remember when instead of pontificating on and explaining the consequences of three decades of devastating, ruinous, irresponsible Fed policies, and eagerly sharing ideas on how to “fix” these unfixable problems, Alan Greenspan was the primary culprit behind everything that is now wrong and broken with the world’s financial system? Oh, and also was not an “Austrian” economist?

Good times.

Today we bring you the “other” Greenspan: the one who is blissfully unaware that, almost singlehandedly, he destroyed western capitalism, which is now living day to day, on borrowed time from one central bank printer to another. Ironically, the topic of his most recent Op-Ed for the Council of Foreign Relation’s Foreign Affairs magazine, is none other than the default Kryptonite to every central banker, himself included if only a decade or so ago: gold.

And specifically the reason why, as we have covered consistently over the past 3 years, while…

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The UK’s Conservative Party Declares War on YouTube, Twitter, Free Speech and Common Sense

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One thing we know from history is that people in power tend to become very paranoid about losing it. People who hold power based on fraud and deceit, and who start to lose the support of the masses, are particularly vulnerable to extreme paranoia. This is exactly what I think is happening to people in power throughout the world.  From Hong Kong to Scotland. From Catalonia to the Middle East. All across the globe, young people are uniting in protest to achieve the same goal. They see a status quo in power that has destroyed their futures. They see centralized power far from where they live primarily being used by the super rich to become super richer. They are sick of it and they want something else. In fact, they are now beginning to demand something else.

This has absolutely nothing to do with Islamic extremists or Neo-Nazis. In fact, attacks by…

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Texas Is Booming…but CNN Doesn’t Want You to Know Why

International Liberty

Much of my writing is focused on the real-world impact of government policy, and this is why I repeatedly look at the relative economic performance of big government jurisdictions and small government jurisdictions.

But I don’t just highlight differences between nations. Yes, it’s educational to look at North Korea vs. South Korea or Chile vs. Venezuela vs. Argentina, but I also think you can learn a lot by looking at what’s happening with different states in America.

So we’ve looked at high-tax states that are languishing, such as California and Illinois, and compared them to zero-income-tax states such as Texas.

With this in mind, you can understand that I was intrigued to see that even the establishment media is noticing that Texas is out-pacing the rest of the nation.

Here are some excerpts from a report by CNN Money on rapid population growth in Texas.

More Americans moved to…

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Owner Declares Her Gun Range a Muslim-Free Zone

Owner Declares Her Gun Range a Muslim-Free Zone
September 30, 2014 Via Moonbattery

Jan Morgan – Beauty, brains, and guts.

(How to exercise your right to avoid death.-LS)

Is this still a free country? If so, we still enjoy the fundamental right of freedom of association. That would mean there will be no retaliation from the Islamophile federal government over Jan Morgan’s announcement that Muslims are no longer welcome at her Hot Springs, Arkansas business, the Gun Cave Indoor Shooting Range.

The policy is well-founded. From the owner’s website:

The primary reasons I do not want muslims shooting at my range are listed:

1) The Koran (which I have read and studied thoroughly) and (which all muslims align themselves with), contains 109 verses commanding hate, murder and terror against all human beings who refuse to submit or convert to Islam. Read those verses of violence here.

2) My life…

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Ruth Bader Ginsberg: Obama Can’t Appoint a Replacement I Want to See on the Court

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the U.S. Supreme Court. (photo: Matt Rourke/AP)
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the U.S. Supreme Court. (photo: Matt Rourke/AP)

oming off of her stirring dissent in the Hobby Lobby case, 21-year veteran Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has never been a more important voice for American women. In a rare interview—featured exclusively in the October issue of ELLE—she speaks frankly with Jessica Weisberg about everything from riding an elephant with Antonin Scalia to why people who want her to resign so President Obama can appoint another progressive justice are nuts.

Check out an excerpt from the 5,000-word piece below, and pick up the October issue to read the entire interview with Justice Ginsburg. And as a bonus, you’ll also find the story of one of former ACLU lawyer Ginsburg’s important early clients, Susan Struck—an Air Force nurse who was offered a stark choice when…

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Edelweiss Air Adds Flight To Vegas

CBS Las Vegas

(Las Vegas, NV) — Edelweiss Air, a Swiss airline that operates out of Zurich announced it is adding an additional flight to Las Vegas. Airport officials say McCarran is seeing more and more international business.

The strongest numbers come from close by Canada and Mexico, but McCarran’s Chris Jones says there’s a lot of growth coming from Europe.

The addition of Terminal 3 was necessary to meet demand. There are 7 gates for international travel. Jones says the airport could expand even more, they are currently conducting a feasibility study.

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Lieutenant governor candidates talk Tesla in debate

Lieutenant governor candidates talk Tesla in debate

RENO – The two major party candidates seeking the job of lieutenant governor in the November general election both endorsed the Tesla deal in a debate recorded Monday for the Nevada NewsMakers television program.

Republican Mark Hutchison and Democrat Lucy Flores, both of Las Vegas, spoke favorably of the deal to bring Tesla to Northern Nevada, citing the job creation potential that comes from winning the fierce competition to have the electric car maker’s battery factory located in Storey County.

“The most important thing that we brought with Tesla, in my view, was opportunity,” Hutchison said. “A good job will solve so many challenges.”

Flores said the people of Nevada “got a very good deal” with the Tesla decision to locate here.

The half-hour discussion produced no serious dust-ups, although Flores did take Hutchison to task for not supporting legislation in the 2013 session to directly help the Washoe County School District repair its aging schools.

The issue came up during a discussion about Tesla and what impacts the Gigafactory will have on local services given the estimated 6,500 jobs and $1.3 billion in potential tax breaks provided to the company over 20 years in exchange for coming to Nevada.

Instead of taking direct action, the Legislature passed enabling legislation to allow the Washoe County Commission to authorize tax hikes for school construction, but the commission never took a vote on the issue.

State policy makers must ensure that school districts have the revenue they need to address this concern, Flores said.

Tesla has committed to a $7.5 million contribution per year for five years to public education in Nevada, but the funding won’t begin until 2018.

Hutchison said he supported the legislation enabling the Washoe County Commission to raise taxes for schools, just as he did for Clark County measures allowing local government consideration of tax hikes aimed at road improvements and additional police hiring.

“Local governmental authorities closest to the people tend to make the best decisions,” he said.

Both Hutchison, a state senator in the middle of his first term, and Flores, a two-term Assemblywoman, also pointed to their records in the Legislature, including working with the other party, as why they are qualified to serve as acting governor should Gov. Brian Sandoval leave office in the middle of his second term in 2016 if he wins reelection in November.

There has been speculation that Sandoval might challenge U.S. Sen. Harry Reid in the Senate race in 2016.

Flores also dismissed a Review-Journal poll evaluating lawmakers in the 2013 session that gave her the worst grade among members of the Assembly.

“It was a poll of a handful of people, political insiders, who apparently voiced some displeasure in the things that I do,” she said. “But I will never apologize for being a fighter for my community; for achieving really good things.”

The half hour debate will air in Las Vegas on Tuesday on Cox Cable Channel 123 at 4:30 p.m. It will also air Saturday on KSNV- Las Vegas – Channel 3 at 5:30 a.m. and will be available on the NewsMakers website at by 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Adelson slips one spot on the Forbes list

Adam Laxalt: A look at the secret son of former senator Pete Domenici

Adam Laxalt: A look at the secret son of former senator Pete Domenici

Updated Thursday with photo

Adam Laxalt has some serious political genes: Grandfather Paul Laxaltis a former senator and governor of Nevada, not to mention a best friend of Ronald Reagan; mother Michelle Laxalt has worked as a high-profile Washington lobbyist and cable pundit.

Former senator Pete Domenici (R-N.M.), on Capitol Hill last week. (Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)
Now we know there’s more to the story: Retired New Mexico senatorPete Domenici, 80, announced this week that Adam is his illegitimate son.

“More than 30 years ago, I fathered a child outside of my marriage,” Domenici said in a statement to the Albuquerque Journal. “The mother of that child made me pledge that we would never reveal that parenthood, and I have tried to honor that pledge and so has she.”

But the carefully protected secret went public Wednesday, throwing the 34-year-old lawyer into the spotlight.

“I have lived my entire life as a private citizen and intend to remain one,” he told our colleague Rachel Weiner. “I plan to address personal issues privately and will not be commenting or joining any public discussion.”

Adam Laxalt as a senior at Georgetown University in 2001. (Ye Domesday Booke)
Laxalt, who grew up in Alexandria and now practices law in Las Vegas, boasts an impressive résumé: Jobs with Undersecretary of State John Bolton and Sen.John Warner, then five years as a Navy officer, including a deployment to Iraq.

Recently married, the strikingly handsome lawyer is a vocal conservative who has written op-eds for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, National Review Onlineand American Spectator. He also appears to be a burgeoning community leader, recently named to the board of the local Catholic Charities.

All this came after a troubled adolescence. In a 1999 profile in Washingtonian magazine, Laxalt discussed his teenage alcoholism: He started drinking as a freshman at St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School in Alexandria, and hit bottom at Tulane University in hard-partying New Orleans. A family intervention helped him go straight, he told the magazine: “Looking at my grandfather, whom I respect more than anyone with the exception of my mother, and to see how disappointed I made them was real rough.” After treatment at the Hazelden center in Minnesota (“The best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life”), he transferred to Georgetown, where he got his bachelor’s and law degrees.

Paul Laxalt in 1984. (Frank Johnston)
It is unclear whether Laxalt grew up knowing that Domenici was his father. In Michelle Laxalt’s statement to the Journal, she said that the pregnancy was the result of “one night’s mistake” and that she chose to raise Adam as a single parent. Both her father and Domenici were Republican senators at the time; she said she asked the married Domenici, who has eight other children, to keep the matter “private between the two of us.”

Very private, it seems. Even Michelle’s sister, Kathleen, said she didn’t know the identity of Adam’s father. “It was a big surprise to me,” she told us Wednesday. The subject was never discussed: “That was sort of a private thing for Michelle, and we respected that all these years.”

Also unclear: why the news emerged now, more than three decades after Adam’s birth. In their statements, both parents suggest their hand was forced. “Recently information has come to me that this sacred situation might be twisted, re-written out of whole cloth and shopped to press outlets large and small in a vicious attempt to smear, hurt and diminish Pete Domenici, an honorable man, his extraordinary wife, Nancy, and other innocents,” Michelle wrote.

Is there something going around? Last week, Rep. Steve Cohenrevealed that he also had a secret child. The Tennessee Democrat raised eyebrows when he tweeted, then deleted, cutesy messages to a 24-year-old Houston woman. (“Nice to know you were watchin SOTU Happy Valentines beautiful girl. Ilu.”) After criticism from the state GOP director, the 63-year-old revealed that the woman is the daughter he learned about a few years ago after reconnecting with a long-lost girlfriend; they now have a close relationship.

Cohen told our colleague Rosalind Helderman that he had been trying to keep the secret to protect his daughter’s privacy. “It’s awful,” he said. “Bloggers and people saying nasty things. It’s disgusting.”