Study: Cannabis May Cure Addiction To Hard Drugs

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A new study suggests that cannabinoids may play a crucial role in helping with stimulant addiction.

?A growing number of studies support a critical role of the ECBS and its modulation by synthetic or natural cannabinoids in various neurobiological and behavioral aspects of stimulants addiction. Thus, cannabinoids modulate brain reward systems closely involved in stimulants addiction, and provide further evidence that the cannabinoid system could be explored as a potential drug discovery target for treating addiction across different classes of stimulants.? ? US Natural Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health [1]

In a study published by the ?National Institute of Health,? researchers discovered cannabinoids affect the brain?s reward system, which includes the components of an individual?s brain responsible for determining their behavior displayed and the amount of pleasure they feel in response to a substance, in a manner similar to that of stimulants. Evidence suggests that the endocannabinoid…

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Crash And Burn


Crash And Burn

I am very pleased to announce the premiere edition of Monochromia, the brainchild of Joe Giordano of The Visual Chronicle. My name is Emilio and I will be one of 7 contributors, each of us posting one day a week.  It will be a black and white only photo blog to which I have the distinction of being the first contributor by dint of a random drawing of names from a hat! If black and white photography is one of your passions, I hope we do not disappoint. If you do not particularly care for black and white photography, please give us at least a week for one of us to hopefully change your mind. The odds should be with us!


My family comes from Fontanarosa, a small town about 1 hour east of Naples, Italy. They settled first in New York, but now those of us who remain reside…

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Nevada’s Latino population growth exceeds throughout the Intermountain West but support lags

Hispanic Political Caucus

Building the Infrastructure of Opportunity for Latinos in Nevada

Latinos in the Intermountain West were hit hard by the Great Recession and have had more difficulty recovering economically than non-Latinos. To improve economic resiliency, states need to develop an infrastructure of opportunity, according to The State of Latinos in the Intermountain West, a new report authored by the Kenny Guinn Center for Policy Priorities. Key elements of the infrastructure of opportunity include access to quality education, effective training and job development, health care, and capital.

“We found that outcomes for Latinos in the areas of education, economic well-being, and business development often lag behind non-Latinos throughout the Intermountain West,” said Dr. Nancy E. Brune, Executive Director of the Guinn Center for Policy Priorities. “Nevada’s Latinos often fare worse than Latinos in other states in the region. We have developed some policy guidance for policymakers in the areas of education…

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Hispanic Political Caucus

RNC Hires Hispanic State Directors and Hispanic Field Directors in Southwest

In an ongoing effort to strengthen the Republican Party’s relationships in Hispanic communities across the country, the Republican National Committee (RNC) is announced its Deputy Director of Hispanic Initiatives as well as its second wave of Hispanic engagement staff hires in four Southwest states: Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico. The engagement staff is part of the RNC’s unparalleled commitment to engage voters year-round to build a permanent foundation for future campaigns. Over the past year, the Hispanic engagement team has attended over 600 events and reached over 150,000 Hispanics across the country.

The new set of hires joins a growing Hispanic field team that is part of larger engagement effort which is active in 19 states.

“Today’s announcement strengthens our unprecedented efforts to ensure the Republican message of ‘opportunity for all’ reaches every voter,” said RNC Chairman Reince…

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Nelson’s Landing & Techatticup

Sean K Blog

Located just an hour from the center of the strip towards Laughlin, NV, Nelson’s Landing is the ideal place to rest and relax.  Water temperatures rarely exceed 75 degrees even in the dead of summer.  One thing to note is  that temperatures can be a lot hotter than in the city.  My buddy and I departed Las Vegas at 10:00a and the temperature was 97 degrees.  By the time we parked the car at Nelson’s Landing, the car was reading 108 degrees.

Driving to Nelson’s Landing, you will pass Techatticup Mine located in Eldorado Canyon.  Here you will find old relics, including an array of old cars, homes and also planes.  It’s definitely worth a stop and take a look.  They also have mini tours available.

To get to Nelson’s Landing, you would need to get to the 93/95 South heading toward Boulder City.  Right before you hit Boulder City…

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US: Arguments to be heard in Nevada same-sex marriage ban case

Equality News

The lawsuit challenges Nevada’s same-sex marriage ban 0 reader comments

Those on both sides of a case challenging Nevada’s same-sex marriage ban will soon be able to make brief arguments before a federal appeals court.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has allowed a combined 20 minutes for both sides to make oral arguments in the case.

Also considered by the same court are cases channeging the same-sex marriage bans in Hawaii and Idaho.

Lambda Legal is challenging the ban on same-sex couples marrying on behalf of eight couples who wish to marry in Nevada.

The Coailition for the Protection of Marriage is protecting the ban.

Judge Robert C Jones in 2012 upheld the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, which led the case to appeal.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is no longer defending the ban, and has said he will stand by any court ruling on the matter.

It is…

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Potentially habitable ‘super-Earth’ discovered just 16 light years away

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Scientists have added a new planet to their Habitable Exoplanets Catalog, Gliese 832c, which orbits a nearby red dwarf star, receives the same average energy from its sun as Earth does – potentially making it the most Earth-like planet yet.
Read Full Article at

Vía RT – News

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Children Who Remember Past Lives: Is This Boy His Own Grandfather?

2012 The Awakening

By Tara MacIsaac

A little boy referred to in case studies as “Sam,” showed convincing evidence that he is the reincarnation of his grandfather. Sam was 18 months old when his father was changing his diaper. Sam told his father, “When I was your age, I used to change your diaper.”

Dr. Jim B. Tucker at the Psychiatric Department of the University of Virginia explained Sam’s story in a video posted on the university website. Tucker has explored 2,500 cases of children remembering their past lives.

He explained that Sam made some startling statements while looking at an old photo album.


Sam was 4 years old when his grandmother died. His father brought an old photo album home from her house when he cleaned it out. To Sam’s parents’ knowledge, Sam had never seen a photo of his grandfather.

When they were looking through the album, Sam…

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How Blackwater Survived Iraq Probes Of Being “Above The Law” – By Threatening To Kill Investigators

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Just weeks before Blackwater guards fatally shot 17 civilians at Baghdad?s Nisour Square in 2007, The NY Times reports that the State Department began investigating the security contractor?s operations in Iraq. However, as James Risen reports, a senior official of the notorious private security firm allegedly threatened to kill a government investigator leading the probe into the firm?s Iraqi operation. Stunningly (or not), the US embassy sided with him and forced the inspector to cut the visit short.

As The Times reports, based on documents which were turned over to plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Blackwater… According to the documents, the investigators found numerous violations, including changing of security details without the State Department?s approval, reducing the number of guard details and storing of automatic weapons and ammunition in Blackwater employees? private rooms.

There were also discipline problems, with guards having parties with heavy drinking and female…

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Tesla Motors my come to Reno, NV – The Car Company They’re Scared Of And Why + Is Apple Looking to Buy Tesla? The Inside Scoop + Apple is moving forward on the next phase of its data center project in Northern Nevada


ImageApple is moving forward on the next phase of its data center project in Northern Nevada with the planned addition of four more facilities at its Reno Technology Park complex. Washoe County records show that the Cupertino, Calif.-based company submitted permit applications this year for four new data cluster buildings. The facilities will be built within 25 feet of Apple’s current structures at the technology park and will total about 103,000 square feet combined, said Don Jeppson, Washoe County building official. …

Apple has provided the first look inside its data centers in a series of media interviews designed to promote its use of green energy, including a short …

Why Reno, Nevada (not Arizona) is likely to land Tesla’s $5B gigafactory



Senior Reporter-Phoenix Business Journal
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Northern Nevada is the front runner to landTesla Motors’ $5 billion electric battery factory, though the California automaker is still talking to Texas, Arizona and New Mexico officials about incentive packages for the 1,000-acre site selection.

Multiple business and political sources in the Phoenix area say the Reno area in northern Nevada is the odds-on favorite to land the Tesla plant, which would encompass as much as 10 million square feet and employ 6,500 workers. Those officials asked not to be identified.

One real estate executive said Tesla may already be talking to Nevada officials about permits, zoning and land-use aspects of the gigafactory. The executive — who also asked not to be identified — said that is not happening in the other Southwestern states in contention.

One possible Nevada location for Tesla is the 5,000-acre Reno-Stead Airport. The airport has 3,000 acres available for development, a rail spur option and sits 15 miles north of Reno. It is the site of a former U.S. Air Force base.

Tesla needs plenty of land and railroad access for the plant, which will be powered by an adjacent solar and renewable energy field.

The Reno area has the advantage of being on the railroad to Tesla’s Fremont, Calif. assembly plant, and it’s closer than other sites under consideration — including ones in the Phoenix and Tucson areas.

Tesla officials did not respond to requests for comment nor did Reno-area economic developers.

The site selection process comes as Arizona, Texas and other U.S. states consider whether to allow Tesla to sell their high-priced electric cars directly to consumers — not through dealerships. Car dealerships are battling Tesla at a number state capitals, including Phoenix.

Jimmy Hamilton, one of Tesla’s lobbyists at the Arizona Legislature, said lawmakers’ eyes are on finalizing the state budget right now and then perhaps there could be some movement on legislation, House Bill 2123, to allow Tesla sell directly to consumers in Arizona.

Hamilton said the sales rules are not part of Tesla’s site-selection decision where to land the plant.

“It’s sole and separate,” Hamilton said.

Bobbi Sparrow, president of the Arizona Automobile Dealers Association, is also waiting to see what the Legislature does with the Tesla bill after the budget is completed. Sparrow said sales rules have also been a backdrop in Texas, which is contending for the plant and is considering dealership changes. “They are definitely using it in other states,” said Sparrow.

When asked about Arizona’s odds of landing the Tesla plant, Sparrow said “zero.”

Greater Phoenix Economic Council spokeswoman Michelle Kauk declined comment on Tesla . Officials at the Arizona Commerce Authority did not respond to a request for comment.

The Arizona Legislature is considering some tax break bills this session that will help AppleInc.’s new manufacturing plant in Mesa. Those tax breaks for renewable energy used at manufacturing plants and equipment write-offs for companies already receiving a lower 5 percent property tax rate are geared toward Apple, but could also benefit Tesla. Apple also has a large data center in Reno.

While Nevada has a proximity advantage to Tesla’s Bay Area factory and could also offer tax breaks to Tesla, Texas and New Mexico could also offer big incentives to land the plant. Texas has used big incentives to grab automakers and technology companies.

Tesla’s search efforts in the Valley have focused on farther-out suburban locations — such as Buckeye and Pinal County — with plenty of land and direct access to the railroads. Local and regional economic developers also declined comment. Companies such as Tesla and Apple often require interested parties, business recruiters and elected officials to sign non-disclosure agreements not to talk about projects.

Jim Dinkle, executive director of Access Arizona, a Pinal County economic development group, also declined comment on Tesla landing in Casa Grande or Picacho Peak — both of which sit on a Union Pacific railroad line.

“No comment other than to say that Pinal County would welcome Tesla and that it makes sense they would want to be along the Union Pacific mainline to the Port of Long Beach, at the intersection of Interstates 8 and 10 and equidistant between Phoenix and Tucson,” Dinkle said.


Mike Sunnucks writes about politics, law, airlines, sports business and the economy.

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Federal protection sought for wild horses in Nevada, West


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Thinking about Suing Your Lawyer?

Sometimes lawyers make mistakes. If your attorney really screws up your case, you may consider suing for legal malpractice.

>> Before You Sue <<

If your lawyer didn’t represent you properly, and you were harmed in the process, your lawyer might be liable to you for your loss. But before you pursue a lawsuit against your attorney, try these alternatives:

If none of these alternatives brings satisfaction, you may want to consider a legal malpractice claim against your attorney. This type of case is difficult to prove, so you’ll want to thoroughly investigate your chances of success before proceeding.

Types of Legal Malpractice Claims

Every case is different, but legal malpractice claims usually fall under three categories:

  • Negligence
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of contract

Negligence happens when your attorney fails to use the skill and care normally expected of a competent attorney.

How To Calculate Judicial Legal Malpractice Personal Injury Damages by Roxanne Grinage

Examples of negligence include:

  • Failing to file a lawsuit within the statute of limitations time required under law
  • Missing other important deadlines in the case
  • Not properly preparing for trial
  • Not following court orders

Most legal malpractice claims that end up in court are a result of lawyer negligence.

Joel Bander: Los Angeles California Legal Malpractice Attorney:

Joel Bander, Attorney at Law practices on legal malpractice cases, representing corporations and individuals, in California and nationwide. The greatest chance of success in suing an attorney is where the attorney/defendant has professional malpractice insurance and the claim involves negligence or a contract violation.

Breach of fiduciary duty usually occurs when your lawyer has a conflict of interest that harms you in some way. Examples of breach of fiduciary duty include:

  • Representing another client to your disadvantage (such as representing another defendant in the same lawsuit)
  • Having financial or social ties or troubles that prevent your lawyer from representing you to your best advantage
  • Improper sexual advances toward you
  • Lying to you about important case information
  • Not telling you about settlement offers
  • Settling your case for less than it was worth without your approval
  • Inappropriately using money belonging to you

Breach of contract cases are brought against lawyers who violate the terms of their specific agreement with their client. Some examples include:

  • Failing to file a foreclosure action for a client after agreeing to do so
  • Failing to research the registration of certain patents as promised
  • Not filing a mechanics’ lien for a client after agreeing to do so

Proving a Legal Malpractice Case

To win a negligence case against a lawyer, you must prove:

  • Your lawyer owed you a duty to competently represent you
  • He or she made a mistake or otherwise breached the duty owed to you
  • Your lawyer’s mistake injured or harmed you in a way that can be measured financially

Legal malpractice attorneys usually charge a contingency fee of between 40 and 50 percent of the amount you eventually receive. This is a higher contingency fee than other types of negligence cases, because the legal malpractice lawyer has to work harder at proving a legal malpractice case.

In order to prove legal malpractice, you must show that:

  • You would have won your underlying case if your lawyer had not been incompetent or made a mistake
  • You would have collected on a judgment on your underlying case after winning the case

These things are difficult to prove. Also, most legal malpractice cases are tried in court rather than settled. This requires much more time and preparation from your legal malpractice lawyer.

Any legal malpractice lawyer considering taking your case will want to know whether your original lawyer had malpractice insurance to cover your losses. Your new attorney will balance whether your provable losses are high enough to risk investing the time and energy to take the matter to trial.

The time limit for filing a legal malpractice case can be as short as one year. So contact a legal malpractice lawyer right away if you think you might have a case against your attorney.

Questions for Your Attorney

  • Can I refuse to pay my attorney’s bill for legal fees if I think he committed malpractice?
  • Should I report my attorney’s mistake to the state bar association?
  • Who will decide if my attorney was negligent?

Have a Legal Malpractice Question?
It’s Free & Easy.

Union representing Reno RTC workers authorizes strike

A labor union local representing Washoe County public transit system employees voted overwhelmingly Sunday to authorize a strike, but a contract extension until July 31 is possible, the union said.RTC strike

The current two-year contract between Teamsters Local 533 and MV Transportation, which operates the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County transit system, is set to expire at midnight Monday, officials said.

“Contact talks between the company and the union have been making progress, although too much remains to finalize an agreement by midnight” Monday, Teamsters Local 533 President Gary Watson said in a news release heading into this weekend.

rtcThe strike authorization vote “does not initiate a strike,” Watson, the union’s lead negotiator, said. “It does empower the union leadership to call a work stoppage at any time” beginning Tuesday.

RTC spokesman Michael Moreno said that MV Transportation would have contingencies in place for minimal interruption of services.

“RTC just wants to make sure that customers are taken care of,” he said Sunday.

In a written statement later in the day, Texas-based MV Transportation said it had been in contract talks since May with the union representing drivers, dispatchers and mechanics.

MV said it had requested a 60-day extension of the current agreement while a new agreement was negotiated.

“MV continues to bargain in good faith with the union and is committed to working together with Local 533 to come to a long-term agreement acceptable to both parties,” the company’s statement said.

Contract discussions are to continue in July, the company said.

“MV has not received any notification from Local 533 that they intend on striking, and we look forward to continued discussions over the coming weeks so as to achieve a successful resolution,” the statement said.


A group of Nevada judges tour Newmont Mining Corp.’s Gold Quarry mine north of Carlin. From left, Judge John Tatro, Carson City; Judge Brian Boatman, West Wendover; Judge Stephen Bishop, Ely; Judge Janiece Marshall, Las Vegas; and Judge Diana Sullivan, Las Vegas.

Judge Tatro SCANDALS

Judge John Tatro Carson City “Judge” Tatro fucken’ off in Elko

ELKO — Judges descended on Elko this week for business, but took the time to visit a few of northeastern Nevada’s unique landmarks.

About 50 judges from across the state gathered for the Nevada Judges of Limited Jurisdiction biannual seminar, which ran Tuesday through Friday at the Stockmen’s Hotel & Casino.

“For quite a few judges, this was their first exposure to this part of the state,” said Elko Justice of the Peace Mason Simons, who served as “host judge.”

The purpose of the conference, which takes place every January and June in different parts of the state, was for NJLJ members to further their legal education.

Participants had the opportunity, however, to go on a tour of Newmont Mining Corp.’s Gold Quarry open pit mine near Carlin.

Simons said the tour offered insight into Elko County’s economy.

Judges also…

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Mountain Democrat Newspaper reader asks “Why can Ty protest?”

mountain democrat

Vern Pierson protest

Vern Pierson protest

Why can Ty protest?

Mr. Ty Robben protested in front of the DA’s Office.  I believe District Attorney Vern Pierson said at that time that Mr. Robben had a First Amendment right to protest.

Since then, Mr. Robben was arrested on false charges in Nevada and those charges were dropped.1st amendment

I’m asking Mr. Pierson to expound on his interpretation of the Constitutional Rights of a citizen to protest so that all citizens will feel safe should we feel the need to protest as Ty Robben did.


 Letters to the Editor Discussion | 5 comments

  • Justice InsiderJune 19, 2014 – 9:06 pmMs. Weltee, DA Pierson has never interfered in a persons right to protest. I can’t recall him ever filing charges on anybody who chooses to protest peacefully. (Peacefully, meaning not causing harm to others or property damage) Mr. Robben protested and Mr. Pierson didn’t interfere. Mr. Robben had some issues in Nevada, however that’s another state.Reply | Report abusive comment
  • The original and real Oh BrotherJune 20, 2014 – 8:24 amSo Justice Insider you ARE a spokesperson for the District Attorney Vern Pierson. I can’t believe there really is a person working for the DA posting on this website. Not impressed and sad to hear that the stories are true about you and your employer.Reply | Report abusive comment
  • The original and real Oh BrotherJune 21, 2014 – 9:05 am@ Justice Insider – You have made no reply to my statement about the stories being true that you are in fact Mr. Piersons side kick from the DA office posting on this website. So now I will ask you. Are you the employee within the District Attorneys office that has been posting on this webite with, of course, inside information. Making this a true story? You appear to be answering this letter to the editor on behalf of Vern Pierson. | Report abusive comment
  • agent provocateurJune 21, 2014 – 4:05 pmHi, this is Ty Robben and Google just informed me of this post. For the record, Vern Pierson DID NOT interfere with my protests in Placerville. In fact, he was very respectful, and I respect him for that part unlike the thugs in Nevada like Carson City “Judge” John Tatro, DA Neil Rombardo and his corrupt assistant Mark Krueger and the CCSO Sheriff Ken Furlong. I was arrested by the Nevada idiots with all charges being dropped and now I am suing them in Federal Court for an array of Constitutional violations including 1st amendment and malicious prosecution, etc. So as bad as Vern Pierson may be, he’s not as bad as the criminals in Carson City!Reply | Report abusive comment
  • agent provocateurJune 21, 2014 – 4:12 pmSee my website Nevada State Personnel WATCH for my story. Placerville and EDC is a utopia compared to corrupt Carson City Nevada folks. Do not go to Carson City! I think even Vern Pierson would be shocked at the corruption in my cases out of Carson City.Reply | Report abusive

Nevada called the least safe state in nation

dont fuck with nevadaNevada is the least safe state in the nation.

Or so says the consumer and small business financial information website It used 26 metrics in five categories: financial safety, driving safety, workplace safety, natural disasters, and home and community safety.unsafe

Among the things that led to Nevada’s dismal overall status were a 47th ranking for “murder and non-negligent manslaughter per capita,” 47th for “public hospital rankings,” 43rd for “percentage of population without health insurance coverage,” 31st for “employer health insurance coverage rates” and 47th for “assault per capita.”

Piled on these were poor financial rankings for Nevada: 49th for “annual consumer savings account averages” and 50th for “percentage of people who spend more than they make.”

unsafe areaTwo safety areas where Nevada did well were for traffic fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles of travel (21st) and for the amount of property damage in natural disasters (12th), although perhaps the Silver State has less damage because it’s so sparsely populated.

Massachusetts was far and away the safest state, followed by New Hampshire and Minnesota. At the bottom, just above Nevada were Arkansas and Tennessee.

In the West, Utah ranked best, at 11th overall.

Ray Hagar: Adam Laxalt is a fresh and believable candidate in Nevada politics, yet new to the political wars of Nevada but Ross Miller can KICK HIS ASS!

Adam Laxalt

Adam Laxalt is a fresh and believable candidate in Nevada politics, yet new to the political wars of Nevada.

Adam Laxalt is a fresh and believable candidate in Nevada politics, yet new to the political wars of Nevada.

A first-time candidate at 35, Laxalt jumped into the race for attorney general when no other significant Republican would step up. You have to admire his courage, even his rookie enthusiasm.

He was sought after by Republicans partly because of his family name. He is, of course, the grandson of former U.S. Sen. and Gov. Paul Laxalt, who was so influential in 1980s Washington politics that he was called the “first friend” to President Ronald Reagan.

Laxalt has a lot going for him, politically. He’s a former Navy JAG officer who volunteered for the battle zones of Iraq. He has a wife and child straight out of central casting. Plus he’s got that royal name.

The thought here, however, is that it’s too much for Laxalt to be expected to defeat Democrat Ross Miller for attorney general this year.

Ross Miller kicks ass

Ross Miller kicks ass

Miller has been campaigning for attorney general for more than a year. Some say he’s been game-planning this race since he was re-elected as secretary of state in 2010.

He’s raised almost $1.4 million and has his own royal bloodline since his dad, Bob Miller, served 10 years as Nevada’s governor.

Like Paul Laxalt, Bob has friends in high places. Bill Clinton comes to mind. The former president wrote the foreword to Bob’s recent autobiography, “Son of a Gambling Man.”

The venerable and respected retired Sen. Paul Laxalt, 91, is perhaps too elderly to help his grandson’s campaign much. But that is not the case with Bob Miller, who’s still strong enough to arm wrestle you for a donation to his son’s campaign.

Nevada Secretary Of State Ross Miller Wins MMA Fight
Yes that’s really the Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller winning his first — and last amateur MMA bout.
The 36-year-old Miller has been in office since 2005.

More importantly, Nevada Democrats have a voter registration advantage over Republicans of almost 112,000.

Many are counting on a Republican upswing in 2014. It remains to be seen if that carries the day in the AG’s race.

IF ADAM LAXALT could turn back time, it might have been better for him to start his political career in Carson City and not Las Vegas, where he lives now.

Carson City is his grandfather’s hometown. Paul Laxalt played on Carson High School’s 1938 state championship basketball team. That’s how far back the family legacy goes.

The Laxalt name remains huge in Carson City. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Warren Lerude recently finished a book on Laxalt’s brother, Robert Laxalt, perhaps Nevada’s greatest author.

The state capital would certainly have embraced the homecoming of Paul Laxalt’s grandson. Maybe the smarter move for Adam Laxalt would have been to start his political career in Assembly District 40, representing his grandpa’s hometown.

Who wouldn’t vote for a Laxalt in that district? This year especially, Laxalt could have waltzed into Carson City’s open seat in Assembly District 40 and begun plotting his ascension to Congress.

With some legislative experience, Laxalt would be a better and more seasoned candidate for attorney general — or any other office — on his way to the top.

He certainly would be setting himself up to succeed Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Carson City, or beat him in a future primary. Amodei’s 2nd U.S. House District would be a good fit for Laxalt. Its residents respect military service and Nevada history.

As a congressman, Laxalt’s close ties to his grandfather and mother’s friends in Washington, D.C., could be put to use for Nevada voters, since we are talking about A-List Beltway Republicans.

Maybe Laxalt has the potential to become a statesman, like his grandfather. But he has to win an election first.

The hope here is that Adam Laxalt didn’t get suckered into an attorney general’s race he can’t win — one that may end his political career before it gets started.

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Hmmm, Just like the crap in Carson City Nevada – TX Judge accused of creating false court records Lawyer’s complaints that filings were backdated touch off probe in state court and lead clerk to resign


Lawyer’s complaints that filings were backdated touch off probe in state court and lead clerk to resign

back dateTexas State District Court Judge Denise Pratt is under investigation, accused of backdating court records to make it appear that she issued rulings and filed court documents sooner than she actually did, according to county officials.Judge Denise Pratt

Allegations against the 311th family court judge, raised by a Houston-area family lawyer in a criminal complaint filed with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and the State Commission on Judicial Conduct, already have led to the resignation of Pratt’s court clerk.

Webster-based family lawyer Greg Enos, whose criminal complaint last year against a Galveston County court-at-law judge sparked an investigation by the state attorney general and multiple indictments that led to the judge’s suspension and subsequent resignation, said he delivered his complaint against Pratt to First Assistant District Attorney Belinda Hill on Monday. Enos said he believes the office has already launched an investigation. A spokesman for the district attorney’s office said he “can’t confirm or deny” whether any investigation is underway, but county and other sources say the office is looking into it and already has contacted attorneys to arrange interviews. The concerns Enos is raising also have touched off an investigation by the Harris County District Clerk, the official keeper of all court records.

Hmmm, Just like the crap in Carson City Nevada – TX Judge accused of creating false court records Lawyer’s complaints that filings were backdated touch off probe in state court and lead clerk to resign

A Carson City man says the court clerk there is illegally back dating judicial filings for the state Attorney General. Todd Robben says a court filing by the Attorney General’s office in his wrongful termination case against the state’s Department of Taxation was dated in time to meet a procedural deadline, December 20th, but it wasn’t actually turned over to the court until at least the next day after that deadline. Read the rest of this story


District Clerk Chris Daniel said he looked into two of the six cases Enos included in his complaint, which led to the resignation on Monday of Pratt’s lead clerk, a well-liked, 25-year employee of the District Clerk’s office. Daniel said he found records were postdated or mis-marked in those two cases, and that he is looking into a seventh one that another family lawyer brought to his attention. Delays in rulings An inaccurate timestamp or missing signature on a court document not only erodes “the integrity of the record,” Daniel said, but can have an impact on appeals and other legal processes. “If you have the wrong date on a document, then statutorily you can run out of time to appeal a case, and that’s where the most damage is,” he said. Pratt did not respond to several requests for comment, but her campaign consultant, Allen Blakemore, issued a statement late Thursday suggesting Enos’ complaint is the result of hurt feelings. “The legal system produces winners and losers,” the statement says. “Sometimes losers get their feelings hurt. Often the easiest person to blame for an unwanted outcome is the judge.”

The statement, which says an unnamed lawyer “has already been forced to recant some of his claims and has even offered an apology,” goes on to say that “there are hundreds of attorneys who appear in this court who are satisfied” and that Pratt “looks forward to a speedy resolution of this criticism from one unhappy lawyer.” Blakemore confirmed the statement is referring to Enos. While the mis-marking and backdating of renditions and other documents are the crux of Enos’ complaint, it also says Pratt “takes months to make rulings in contested cases” when most family court judges do so immediately or within a few days. Enos alleges that the backdating or other mis-markings are meant to cover up the delays, writing in his complaint that “Pratt was acting like a fourth-grader who, on the day after her parents got the report card with the ‘F’ for not doing homework, stayed up late and did her homework assignments and dated them six weeks before.” Enos, whose law firm has a case scheduled for trial in Pratt’s court Friday morning, said his quarrel with the judge, who was first elected in 2010, is not personal.

“The only times I’ve had actual cases in Judge Pratt’s court, my clients have won, so I’m not disgruntled against her personally, but I’m just upset by what I see happening,” the attorney said. Several lawyers involved in the cases Enos cites in his complaint said they never have experienced such problems with a judge. Similar complaints Marcia Zimmerman, a 30-year veteran family lawyer based in Clear Lake, said she resorted to filing a motion after waiting for months on a ruling from Pratt. When the ruling finally came in, she was surprised to see the date listed was months before she had filed her motion. “I don’t think any of us believed the ruling was actually made before the petition for writ of mandamus because, why would she rule and not tell anybody?” Zimmerman said, noting that Pratt also missed two scheduled hearings. Family lawyer Robert Clark said he had a similar experience, arguing a case in January and then waiting five months for a ruling from Pratt that the official court record now says was issued on Jan. 30, the day before the two-day trial actually ended. “The thing is, it’s had a seriously adverse affect on the child in this case and my client,” Clark said. “This is just egregious.” Enos’ previous complaint against Galveston County Court-at-Law Judge Christopher Dupuy was filed with the Galveston County DA’s Office, which forwarded it to the state attorney general. Dupuy was indicted on eight criminal counts charging him with abuse of office in May and, in August, arrested for contempt of court and sentenced to 45 days in jail. Last month, he resigned from the bench and pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors in exchange for two years of probation. Blakemore said Pratt intends to run for a second term and already has begun campaigning. The filing deadline is Dec. 9.

If the allegations hold up, though, the Harris County Republican Party may ask Pratt to step aside, said Chairman Jared Woodfill, who is convening an advisory board to review Enos’ complaint. The last time the board convened was in 2006 to review allegations against former Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal, who eventually decided not to run. “We don’t turn a blind eye to these allegations,” Woodfill said. “We are going to be looking into them and we will proceed accordingly.”

Consumer Reports: Nevada Hospitals Worst In Nation

Consumer Reports: Nevada Hospitals Worst In Nation

Nevada SucksAn article in the prestigious Consumer Reports (September 2013) rated Nevada’s hospitals the worst in the nation.

“Your Safer-Surgery Survival Guide” rated patients 65 and older in 2,463 hospitals in every state and Nevada came in last. It compared how hospitals avoided “adverse events in Medicare patients during their hospital stay for surgery” from 2009-2011 and it looked at the percentage “who died in the hospital or stayed longer than expected.”

The magazine has a five point rating scale and one fifth of Nevada’s twenty hospitals were in the “Worse” category, their worst grouping. Nine states had no hospitals in this “Worse” grouping. Nevada only had three of our twenty (15%) listed as “Better” hospitals, so we also ranked 47th in their best category.
Given our very high number of “Worse” hospitals and our low number in the “Better” group, it can be concluded that we have the worst hospitals in the nation and the old joke, “Where should you go if you get sick in Las Vegas? ” still has the same answer. “Go to McCarran Airport.”

An AARP report on America’s Safest Hospitals did not include one Nevada hospital on its list of Safest Hospitals. In fact Nevada ranks 45th and hospital mistakes are now the third leading cause of deaths (AARP Magazine, 4/2013).

Worst Nursing Homes

“By far the worst record in the nation” for nursing homes according to the independent organization, Families for Better Care.
“Every Nevada nursing home was cited a deficiency and fewer than 25% of Nevada’s nursing homes scored an above average health inspection. There is a profundity of abuse and neglect sweeping through Nevada nursing homes as regulators cited more than 1 in 3 facilities with a severe deficiency.”
“Despite the state’s lousy track record, Nevada’s ombudsmen verified the second fewest number of registered complaints…The report also cited “100% of facilities with deficiencies” and “35% with severe deficiencies.”
Nevada was also the worst in “direct care staffing hours” and “health inspections above average.” Worse, there were no financial penalties for these dangerous and potentially lethal shortcomings.
Clearly, this is not a state where one should either grow old or get sick.

Doctor Shortage

“Nevada currently ranks 48th in the number of physicians per capita.”
“The makeup of practicing physicians in Nevada is characterized by growth in the proportion of female physicians and by growing percentages of older physicians nearing retirement. Furthermore, only 2 specialties… have practicing physicians at a per capita level higher than the national average leaving Nevada experiencing shortages for most medical and surgical specialties… Nevada only has 218 physicians per 100,000 of the population while the national average is 307…. With one of the lowest physician to population ratios and one of the highest population growth rates in the nation, the existing medical education system cannot keep up with the need.” (UNSOM, CEHSO, 2009)

Uninsured Nevadans

“Nevada catapulted to third place nationwide for its rate of uninsured.”In 2011 about 20%of us didn’t have health insurance and by 2012 that increased to 25%.
”Reno GJ, 9/1/13. Pg.A1) Unfortunately, Governor Sandoval previously vigorously contested Obamacare, and even filed a lawsuit against it.

Our Kid’s Drug Use

Our ignored kid’s drug abuse is a national disgrace.
Nevada youths were in the worst tier for 1) their past-year and past-month marijuana use and 2) “first use of marijuana” and they also had a significantly higher past-year nonmedical use of pain relievers rate than U.S. youths. Furthermore, U.S. youths significantly decreased their illicit drug dependence or abuse from 2002 to 2003 to 2008 to 2009 whereas Nevada youths did not. The proportion of cases involving primary heroin admissions for Nevada youths (12 – 17) has risen since 2003 but declined somewhat from 2008 to 2009. In 2009, Nevada youths accounted for 3.6% of the total primary heroin admissions in Nevada, whereas the rate was 0.5% for youths nationwide, so we are seven times higher!
In other words, more than 25% of the total primary heroin admissions in Nevada were from individuals aged 12 to 20, compared to only 6.2% for their U.S. counterparts.
Furthermore, Nevadans aged 12 to 25 accounted for more than half of the total primary heroin admissions; the rate was less than a quarter for their U.S. counterparts.

Kids Not Receiving Treatment

In 2008–2009, Nevada youths were ranked 4th tier in the category “needing but not receiving treatment for alcohol use” and 5th tier in the category “needing but not receiving treatment for illicit drug use.”
Nevada’s Horrendous Premature Birth Rate
We have one of the worst premature birth rates in the world.
The USA ranks 131 out of 184 countries, comparable to Somalia, Turkey and Thailand, and Nevada received a D rating with only six states with a worse score than ours.So are we one of the worst in the nation and one of the worst in the world.

Teen Pregnancies

Nevada ranked number 4 with 84 teenage pregnancies per 1,000 teens aged 15-19, but still we have no comprehensive, age appropriate sex ed in our schools.

Worst Mental Health

NAMI rated Nevada “D” in 2006 and again in 2009.
The National Alliance of the Mentally Ill (NAMI) ranks public mental systems and also rated us an F in two out of four categories and our 28% decrease in mental health funding in the three years from 2009 to 2012 has hurt us further. We now can claim
“One of the lowest per capita rates of mental health funding in the nation while our suicide rate is among the nation’s highest [fourth], as is the percentage of adults reporting poor mental health”.
In 2003, the patient to psychiatrist ratio in Nevada was approximately 700:1, half the target of 345:1. In the same year, there were 36 private psychiatric beds for the entire Clark County region with a population of 1,620,748.
After our Greyhound Bus Therapy scandal, Las Vegas’ primary public psychiatric hospital received a Preliminary Denial of Accreditation by the Joint Commission. The Governor’s response: create a commission to study it. This will be as successful as Governor Gibbon’s useless commission to study our educational system. A commission is no substitute for adequate funding,
The 2004 Center for Mental Health Services report ranked Nevada as the worst among 15 western states for mental illness prevalence, which means we have the most mental illness. The study projected that 23.7% of Nevada residents will have a diagnosable mental disorder at some point in their lifetime.
Nevada ranks 41st in the nation for mental health expenditures per capita at $68 dollars per person, the last time figures were calculated, in 2010. The national average is $121according to ( Nevada also has the fewest beds (5.1 per 100,000) and a consensus of experts suggests that 50 public psychiatric beds per 100,000 population is a minimum number, so we are about 10 percent of the recommended number.
The consequences of the severe shortage of public psychiatric beds include increased homelessness; the incarceration of mentally ill individuals in jails and prisons; emergency rooms being overrun with patients waiting for a psychiatric bed; and an increase in violent behavior, including homicides and Nevada has experienced all of these.
In conclusion, Nevada has one of the highest needs for mental illness and drug abuse in kids and adults and we have among the worst services.

Lakes Crossing

“Eight years ago Lakes Crossing was sued over its inpatient backlog and now faces a second lawsuit over the same issue.”
Nevada has only 66 of these secure psychiatric beds for the whole state and they are in Sparks. The Clark County Public Defender filed a second federal civil right suit in June 2013 as the average waiting time is now 85 days, almost three months and competency evaluations now must wait 125 days.
It is not fully licensed, “and has never been fully licensed by the state’” but just has a provisional license. This is because “the building doesn’t meet code requirements…[and] the fire alarm system does not meet minimum standards. Despite these deficiencies the cost here is still $142 per day, which is more than $50,000 per year and because we are not fully licensed we cannot recoup some of these costs from Medicare or Medicaid. (LVRJ, 11/16/2013)

Mental Health Funding

In spite of all our deficiencies, the Governor has cut $80 million more out of the state mental health budget since 2007 and “30 percent of Clark County jail inmates are now mentally ill.” (LVRJ 1/5/14, pg.15A) What an inhumane tragedy.



Big Brother may be alive and well at the Clark County School District. Censors at CCSD are blocking messages informing teachers of their workplace rights, according to the Nevada Policy Research Institute.

Teachers who are members of the Clark County Education Association (CCEA) have just atwo-week window each year, from July 1 through July 15, in which to opt out of the union. Just prior to that window each of the last few years, NPRI has sent an email to CCSD teachersinforming them of their right to opt out.

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OPINION: NEVADA JUDGE TOSSES FIRST AMENDMENT OUT THE WINDOW WITH RULING – It is called prior restraint. But that doesn’t seem to stop Nevada judges.



“Let her and Falsehood grapple; who ever knew Truth put to the worse in a free and open encounter?”
—John Milton, Areopagitica

It is called prior restraint. But that doesn’t seem to stop Nevada judges.

On the Friday before Tuesday’s primary election, a Reno judge ordered state Senate candidate Gary Schmidt to stop running a television ad that accused his Republican primary opponent, incumbent Ben Kieckhefer, of being a supporter of Harry Reid in the 2010 election, according to press accounts.

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A U.S. Senate subcommittee voted along party lines Wednesday to approve a constitutional amendment restricting the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech. Led by Nevada’s own Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, elected Democrats have for the last few years engaged in a widespread effort to restrict the speech of their opponents. And Nevada is no exception.

While railing against the influence of right-leaning billionaires, Reid used the floor of the United States Senate to hold the equivalent of an all-night telethon to solicit donations from a left-wing billionaire for his Democratic Senate colleagues.

In Wisconsin Democratic prosecutors have harassed conservative politicians and activists in so-called “John Doe” cases.

Here in the Silver State, Secretary of State Ross Miller has waged an all-out campaign to force disclosure by organizations engaging in political activity. Well, maybe not all out.

Former Las Vegas Sun reporter Andrew Doughman reported in January on Miller’s efforts toforce organizations to disclose their donors, noting three such lawsuits the Democrat Miller had filed.

• In July 2012, conservative group Citizen Outreach was fined for failing to file expense reports showing how the organization paid for mailers criticizing former Assemblyman John Oceguera, D-Las Vegas, during his 2010 re-election campaign. Citizen Outreach has appealed the decision.

• In November 2012, the Nevada branch of national conservative group Americans for Prosperity won a lawsuit about whether the group had to disclose donor contribution reports for a negative mailer it published about state Sen. Kelvin Atkinson, D-North Las Vegas. Miller is not appealing that decision.

• Also in November, a judge fined Virginia-based Alliance for America’s Future for running an advertisement in favor of Gov. Brian Sandoval in the 2010 election. The group did not register as a political action committee in Nevada, and the courts have said the group will now have to disclose who paid for the advertisement. The alliance has appealed the decision to the state Supreme Court.

Since that article was published another organization has become a target of Miller.

After a group known as the State Government Leadership Foundation ran a 30-second television ad critical of Miller, who is now running for Attorney General, he responded byvowing to “continue to review every legal option to compel this front group to reveal its special interest donors”.

A few days later a former deputy of Miller’s filed a complaint against SGLF, “seeking financial penalties and an injunction to halt the ad campaign” and claiming the group should have registered with the Secretary of State’s office and disclose its donors.

The Secretary of State’s office is no longer involved with this particular complaint. According to Public Information Officer Catherin Lu, the Secretary of State’s office received the complaint “and immediately deferred to the Nevada Attorney General’s office for review independent of this office.”

While Doughman states the situation is “not a partisan issue”, all of these lawsuits have targeted right-leaning groups. According to Lu, the only other similar case the Secretary of State’s office has pursued was against Joe Scala, owner of Courtesy Automotive, for actions Scala took during a recall effort of Las Vegas City Councilman Steve Ross, a Democrat.

Yet the behavior that should trigger the lawsuits, according to the sections of Nevada law Miller is claiming to be enforcing, is hardly limited to the right.

NRS 294A.140 requires essentially any group that receives more than $1,000 in contributions or “makes an expenditure for or against a candidate for office or a group of such candidates” to disclose its donors. NRS 294A.210 has similar provisions but applies to groups that expend more than $1,000 advocating for or against candidates.

As Doughman’s piece reveals,

“Our donations are confidential,” wrote Erin Neff, former executive director of ProgressNow Nevada Action, in an April 27, 2012, fundraising email appealing to Nevadans to donate to a campaign for state Sen. Pat Spearman, D-Las Vegas. “As a 501(c)(4), ProgressNow Nevada Action does not publicly report its donors.”

ProgressNow Nevada Action’s 990 filings indicate the group raised $355,047 in 2011 and $67,531 in 2012, far exceeding the limit NRS294A.140 sets for requiring disclosure. A search for the group on the Secretary of State’s campaign finance disclosure websiteindicates ProgressNow Nevada Action has not disclosed its donors.

In addition to the fundraising email for Spearman, the group also published a voter guide in 2012. While the guide is no longer available online, the website of the late Assemblywoman Peggy Pierce, who served in the Legislature through 2013 but passed away shortly after that session, contains the group’s candidate profile of Pierce.

“We can’t fathom why Peggy Pierce draws primaries. She’s a true progressive by any count and is one of the most reliable go-to legislators for progressive issues, ideas and bills.

“If it protects consumers; makes our tax system fair; raises revenue for schools or protects the environment, it’s likely a Peggy Pierce bill.”

If urging voters to call a candidate about an issue, the offense allegedly committed by AFP, is considered “express advocacy”, then certainly such fawning praise as was heaped upon the late Assemblywoman Pierce should meet the same definition. According to Lu, “[a]ny form of communication can be express advocacy,” including website content and, presumably, emails.

“Depending on content on website, it could be express advocacy which would trigger disclosure requirements of NRS 294A.348, contributions & expenses reporting requirements of NRS 294A.140/294A.210 (i.e., reporting all contributors who gave in excess of $1000), and it could require the organization to register as a PAC (NRS 294A.0055),” Lu wrote in an email. “Again, we evaluate the facts of each situation on a case-by-case basis.”

Yet it appears only right-leaning groups have been the object of Miller’s gaze.

This was not always the case. In 2009 Miller’s investigation of ACORN resulted in 13-count indictments against ACORN and its former Las Vegas leader. It was the only case in the nation in which the organization itself was charged with a felony.

But in the case of campaign disclosure, as with his Democrat colleagues across the country, it appears Miller is blind to the left.

Michael Chamberlain

Michael Chamberlain is the Editor of Watchdog Wire – Nevada. Please contact him at for story ideas or to get involved in citizen journalism in Nevada. Follow Michael on Twitter: @michaelpchamber


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  2. Unanimous Free Speech Ruling from High Court Contradicts Nevada Judge’s Decision
  3. Opinion: Nevada Judge Tosses First Amendment Out the Window with Ruling
  4. Western Lifestyle Threatened by Most Voracious Predator
  5. Nevada Ranchers Face Deadlier Dangers Than Armed Agents




Nevada is a land of wide open spaces and a tradition of the Old West. But, just as over 80% of the state’s land is controlled by the federal government and largely off-limits to economic development, much of the state’s economy is strangled by government through uncompetitive laws and regulations.

Virtually every state imposes requirements for licensing of certain professions. Nevada’s are some of the most stringent.

In fact, in certain industries, Nevada stands out above all other states. And not in a way that promotes economic growth and opportunity. As the Pacific Legal Foundation states,

Of the many “Certificate of Necessity” laws in the nation, the very worst is Nevada’s. That state imposes a long, tedious, and explicitly anti-competitive restriction against new companies that want to offer moving services to residents of the Silver State.

The PLF explains that because of the laws regulating moving companies “there are just 43 moving businesses in the entire state,” which is home to more than 2.5 million people.

According to Nevada law, a person who wants a Certificate must first prove not only that his proposed business is qualified, safe, and financially fit, but also
• that a new moving company would “foster sound economic conditions within the applicable industry,”
• that allowing a new moving company “will not unreasonably and adversely affect other” moving companies,
• that a new mover would “benefit and protect the safety and convenience of . . . the motor carrier business,”
• and, most shockingly, that a new moving company would be consistent with the state’s effort “[t]o discourage any practices which would tend to increase or create competition”!

It’s not just moving companies that are affected by the anti-competitive nature of Nevada’s transportation laws, which harm consumers by protecting established companies from new and innovative competitors.

The Nevada Policy Research Institute reports that Uber, a startup company that allows customers to use a phone app to arrange transportation, has specifically ruled out expanding to Las Vegas because Nevada’s transportation laws are hostile to such innovative companies.

According to that law, the purpose of the NTA is “to discourage any practices which would tend to increase or create competition that may be detrimental to the traveling and shipping public or the motor carrier businesses within this State.”

In other words, the explicit purpose of this regulatory agency is to protect incumbent transportation providers from competition, even if would-be competitors, such as Uber, might offer the public better and more innovative services.

Simply discouraging new businesses may not even be the worst part.

Not only must applicants secure the blessing of their would-be competitors, they must also, in pursuit of a certificate of public convenience, divulge very specific information relating to their proposed operations.

Thus, through the regulatory hearing, incumbent firms gain access to the business plans of prospective competitors. Upon reviewing these plans, owners of an incumbent firm can raise objections leading to the denial of a new certificate and then turn around to amend their own certificate in order to offer a service identical to the one proposed by the applicant. In other words, the State of Nevada not only protects legalized transportation cartels, it allows those providers to steal the ideas of any prospective competitor.

Rather than allowing more competition and letting consumers decide, Nevada law explicitly restricts competition and protects established firms from new and innovative competitors – hardly a situation conducive to promoting economic growth.

Michael Chamberlain

Michael Chamberlain is the Editor of Watchdog Wire – Nevada. Please contact him at for story ideas or to get involved in citizen journalism in Nevada. Follow Michael on Twitter: @michaelpchamber


Judge Andrew Napolitano: In light of the illegal terrorist trade Obama recently made, by passing congress, he has set himself up for a life sentence in prison by aiding and helping terrorists! TREASON! Obama should be in jail right now.

In light of the illegal terrorist trade Obama recently made, by passing congress, he has set himself up for a life sentence in prison by aiding and helping terrorists! TREASON! Obama should be in jail right now. The law isn’t on Obama’s side this time and this could erupt into something far more severe than he or his regime realized. His regime has now aiding and abetting the enemy! Shepard Smith asked Judge Andrew Napolitano whether or not the Taliban prisoner exchange was legal under the NDAA H.R. 1960 Statute.  The judge explained that the swap was illegal because taxpayer dollars were spent to remove these prisoners from Guantanamo Bay without giving Congress 30 days notice.  However, Napolitano goes a step further by pointing out that Obama has provided material assistance (human assets)  to the Taliban, which has been identified by Congress to be a non-state terrorist organization.  This is a crime punishable by imprisonment of 10 years to life, which covers all Americans–including the President.




Re NO Thank You

The Ritchie Factor

Lake Tahoe is the polar opposite of her nearby city of Reno – touted as the World’s biggest little city, according to the sign in the center of town, at least the second part is true.
 Reno sign

Who knew….people still smoke, (and they do it) indoors in Nevada- GASP!

Our arrival to our hotel in Reno found us in room #226 – a smoker’s room with no other option as management tried very hard to convince us that the “ozone-ator” running inside our room would make things as good a new in a few hours – which it did not. The hotel was sold out so we endured the rough night and early morning shower (you gotta love the smell of aged smoke in your towel while drying off) and an escape from the hotel leaving them with a plea to move us to a non-smoking room somewhere, anywhere.

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The tactic of demonizing the regime’s enemies has become rather common place in today’s world

The tactic of demonizing the regime’s enemies has become rather common place in today’s world. You see it on TV all the time, the Conspiracy Theorists are crazy, loons, who are hell bent on a Revolution, or they are paranoid, tin foil hat wearing nut jobs, who are preparing for the end of times. All of these assumptions are false. These Truthers are those who question the official stories of the liars in the White House. They are the tireless researchers, always searching for the truth, to bring about justice, where they can. Illuminati predictive programming on television is nothing new. Heck, television was created to manipulate minds. Check out this excellent video from Inluke119.



Busted On Camera: Illinois State Police Officer Lies Until He Realizes He Is Being Recorded, Changes His Tune Before Letting Driver Go (Video)

As injustice runs rampant in our country, here’s another fine example of why using your right to record police comes in very handy. The driver in the video wisely decided to tape this confrontation and caught comedy gold, when the police officer tries to lie about why he pulled the driver over, until he realizes he’s on Candid Camera and changes his tune and allows the driver to leave. The driver busts the cop out for his bad driving and excessive speeding!

Everyone must remember to keep some kind of camera on hand, whether on your phone or a little cheapy job that has good audio. Illinois State Police says he is above the law. Not this time, Officer!





Dancetronauts Rock Electric Daisy Carnival

Burners.Me: Me, Burners and The Man

dancetronauts strip ship

Thatdrop brings us a report on Burner favorites Dancetronauts appearance at last weekend’s Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas. And it sounds like they got an A+ :

Dancetronauts-First-FridayThe Dancetronauts brought the bass to EDC Las Vegas for the second year in a row with their world renowned “Bass Station” stage. The largest mobile stage in the United States, the 70 foot long structure pumped out 80,000 watts of sound while including a world premiere of the ground-breaking ProVision LED displays over the course of three days in the Las Vegas desert.

During the entire weekend Dancetronaut resident DJ’s dished out nonstop tunes, providing one of the most unique experiences present at all of Electric Daisy Carnival.

The illuminated stage drew attention from everyone who passed by and was one of the highlights of the day 3 parade.

Here’s some video of the Dancetronauts (and their Dancetrohotties) in action

There’s a lot more to a Dancetronauts show…

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$230K Grant Will Help Homeless Veterans In Vegas

CBS Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A southern Nevada program that helps homeless veterans get back on their feet is getting a boost from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Democratic Nevada Congresswoman Dina Titus announced Friday that the agency awarded $230,000 to the United States Veterans Initiative site in Las Vegas.

The money will go to the Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program.

Titus noted that veterans account for about 12 percent of the adult homeless population, and said the grant will provide critical funds for Las Vegas programs that help them.

(© Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)

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Part 3: The Mob Museum, Atomic Testing Museum, and more

There's More to Life Than Massachusetts.

The following day, I discovered what the Fremont Street Experience is truly like. I was reminded of walking a boardwalk with shops that have an informal, laid back aura. Though Fremont has shops on either side and engulfed in a giant canopy, which is a 90-foot barrel vault style tent. The venue has become a major tourist attraction for downtown Las Vegas, and is also the location of the Neon Museum and the city’s annual New Year’s Eve party, complete with fireworks on the display screen.

Also downtown, is the underrated, Mob Museum where I learned all about the organized crime that plagued the country during the first half of the 20th century. Armed with primitive knowledge of the mob history bestowed upon me by the HBO show, Boardwalk Empire, I attempted to understand exactly how prohibition law was serialized during this time. What I didn’t know, was…

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The Best Dam Trip We’ve Ever Taken

Stories of Our Boys

hoover dam

Hoover Dam, the 2nd tallest dam in America, but probably the best known.  (The tallest one, in case that made you as curious as it made me, is the Oroville Dam in Oroville, California, east of Sacramento.)

This trip was all for Alan. I was all, “Why waste our time in southern Nevada and California? It’s out of the way, and I have zero interest in seeing Vegas. Casinos and showgirls? Sorry. Not our scene.”

Alan was all, “What!!  The Hoover Dam is an engineering marvel!! ” And then he said a whole bunch of stuff about the dam–I had no idea what he was talking about, really. Engineering: also not my scene. Alan talks about civil engineering frequently, actually, and that’s why it took us so long to go from friends to more than friends. 😉 ha! Love you, Alan!

I do occasionally TRY to be a good wife, though…

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

50 days of adventure on a shoestring budget

10474686_10152256363507198_121762171010154429_nLAS  Vegas is the decadence capital of the world. Wherelse can you eat,drink, sleep, gamble, shop or have sex as much as you want, with as many people as you want (paid for or not)?

There is no denying this city of sins appeals to a broad range of people. Maybe not those with strong religious ties, but the majority of us.

For me, on this world tour, it is the cities lack of depth that appeals to me.

I can take what I want from this city and no one will judge me. If I want to laze in bed till 3pm in the afternoon, eat one meal a day, drink a carton of beer and gamble away, then so be it. Unlike other cities where you have to make the most of every second to fit in all the sightseeing, you can do as little or as much in…

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Summer snowpack under stratocumulus clouds

Community Cloud Atlas


Brian Boyd
Location: Ruby Mountains, NV
Date: 26 June 2014

The Ruby Mountains of Nevada extend, at the highest point, above 11,000 ft (nearly 3500 m). Signs of the winter’s snowpack remain in the summer months at these high elevations,  providing a nice white contrast to the darker mountain slopes, similar to the light and dark colors contrasts of the clouds above. It’s tough to tell from this picture just how deep these clouds have grown, but it’s evident they are of the cumulus variety, with well-defined flat cloud bases. These bases occur at the level of condensation, where the air rises and cools to its dewpoint temperature where saturation and (above which) condensation occurs. Their large coverage over the sky suggests these are stratocumulus clouds.

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Nevada judges may be removed in one of four ways

Nevada judges may be removed in one of four ways: kicked out

  • Judges may be impeached by a majority vote of the assembly and convicted by a two-thirds vote of the senate.
  • Judges may be removed by legislative resolution, passed by two thirds of the members of both houses.
  • Judges are subject to recall election.