Surveillance video catches women taking campaign signs in Reno for Reno mayoral candidate Chuck Reno

sign stealingRENO, Nev. (KRNV & — During campaign season, it’s not strange to hear of candidates’ signs being stolen or vandalized. But Reno mayoral candidate Chuck Reno said two of his signs were stolen this week under some very unique circumstances.

“Up off of 7th I had a sign shifted and moved,” Reno said. “I’ve lost signs on 7th Street up off of Kings Row.”

Reno said his campaign signs stolen from 5th Street and Keystone Avenue Thursday morning weren’t the first – but may be the strangest.

“There was an effort,” he said. “They really wanted my signs down.”

Business owner Roy Foster said they came in and asked him for wire cutters.

“They were women in their probably late thirties, early forties, two of them,” he said.

Foster said they claimed to be switching out the signs with a larger one.  Continue reading

BLM demonstrators arrive in Carson City on horseback to deliver petition

BLM demonstrators arrive in Carson City on horseback to deliver petition

BLM demonstrators arrive in Carson City on horseback to deliver petition

A group of horseback riders who left from Elko on Memorial Day arrived Friday in Carson City to present Gov. Sandoval with a petition regarding the BLM and its position on grazing reductions on federal lands and the closure of an allotment in Lander County.

Sandoval met with about 40 ranchers and told them he would make sure their concerns were heard by top brass at the BLM. Many said they were concerned about ongoing allotment reductions throughout Nevada, including those in the Battle Mountain District.

However, the BLM announced Tuesday it had reached agreement on May 23 with the permittees of the Argenta Allotment. The agreement becomes valid for a full grazing year following a two-week temporary measure to allow the paperwork to be finalized. The District staff has been working with the permittees and local county commissioners since February 2014 to come to equitable solution.

“Over the past year BLM Nevada managers have been working with stakeholders who use and enjoy the public lands in Nevada to find ways to cope with drought throughout the state,” said BLM Nevada State Director Amy Lueders. “We will continue to work collaboratively to find solutions that allow for resource recovery and meet the needs of the many hunters, ranchers, hikers, mining industry, wildlife enthusiasts and others who rely on these lands.”

The following is from the BLM news release.

As reported by the U.S. Drought Monitor – operated out of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln – dry conditions are prevailing across most of the West, with severe, extreme, or exceptional drought now covering all of California, most of Nevada, and parts of Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.

The BLM is taking measures in response to these drought-related challenges. BLM field offices where drought is occurring are working with livestock operators to implement temporary changes in grazing practices, which may involve livestock adjustments, grazing rotations, water hauling, or rest of pastures. In Nevada, there has been a voluntary reduction of more than 400,000 Animal Unit Months (AUM) by livestock permittees. This is a 20 percent reduction from total AUMs.

Although the drought’s impact on ecosystem process and function is beyond the control BLM staff, the agency will continue to address issues and manage uses with a view toward the long-term health and productivity of the public lands, which includes working with affected ranchers to minimize impacts to their operations.


Cliven Bundy

Adventures of a freelance journalist

So it’s taken me a few weeks to get these edited, but I spent a weekend at the Bundy ranch in Nevada. Unfortunately I got a kidney stone while I was there and through the blinding pain, hospital visit, and mind-numbing medication, I lost all of my notes, so I’ll have to go back down to get names for captions. Luckily I left on a high-note so they will hopefully welcome me back, and since there isn’t much to report news-wise from the ranch, I don’t feel a great deal of pressure to shop the photos around just yet. Anyway, here you are and I hope you enjoy. As always, mine not yours. Please don’t download, this is how I make my living.


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Don’t get Kieckhefer’d again. Vote for the authentic conservative candidate, Gary Schmidt.

On April 20, 2010 on the Sam Shad Show (Nevada Newsmakers) then candidate Ben Kieckhefer said he will not vote to extend the sunset on the “temporary” $600 million tax hike that was passed in 2009.


Then Senate-candidate Ben Kieckhefer promises not to raise taxes in 2011. Kieckhefer specifically says he will not vote for extending the “sunset” taxes.

Original video from the April 20, 2010, edition of Nevada Newsmakers.

In fact, in spite of his promise (above), Ben Kieckhefer voted FOR extending the sunset TWICE — in effect, VOTED FOR A HUGE TAX INCREASE twice — once in the 76th session (2011)  immediately after his promise never to do so, and again in the 77th session (2013) of the legislature.
Instead of discussing the issues, instead of running on the issues, his ads consist of infantile personal attacks:
Whom is this silliness supposed to convince? Do his handlers really think they are talking to low information voters in s REPUBLICAN primary? How low is their opinion of REPUBLICAN primary voters?
Here are two new Gary Schmidt radio spots running on five stations, in response.
Gary R. Schmidt – Republican Candidate for Senate District 16
Southern Washoe County and Carson City
Click Here for the Nevada Appeal Story
Campaign Speech at Conservative Talk Luncheon (YouTube video)
Ben Kieckhefer “Had my first NASCAR experience today in Las Vegas with a few good friends.”
Many northern Nevada Republicans (Douglas, Carson, Washoe) went to our Republican Conventions Saturday, working tireless throughout the day, all the while our elected good-ol-boys had a grand time playing with cars and Tweeted this wonderful picture.
Kieckhefer works for Lobbyist/Law Firm (audio)
What Kieckhefer stands for VS What I stand for (audio)
Summary of \Issues and Stances (audio)
Gary speaks to North Shore Tahoe Community (YouTube Video)
My Republican Conservative Stances (5-22 audio)
My Republican Conservative Stances (5-22 audio) 60 seconds

Links To Important Nevada Documents

Nevada State Constitution NRS 239 Nevada Public Records Law NRS 241 Nevada Open Meeting Law NRS 281A Nevada Ethics Law Nevada Ethics Commission Web Site
I Believe in:

  • Limited Govenment and Fiscal Responsibility
  • Strong Supporter of “Right to Bear Arms”
  • Local and Parental Control of Education
  • Eliminating Overly Burdonsome Regulations
  • Promoting Agriculture and Rural Tourism

  • I will NOT be a party to Elitist Special Interest back room deals
  • I will stand at the door of Governance & Welcome ALL THE PEOPLE
  • I will at all times respect the WILL & WISDOM of the PEOPLE
  • I will at all times Honor the Open Meeting Law & the Public Records Law & work diligently to strengthen & expand them
  • I will NOT GO ALONG just to GET ALONG
  • I will be a Representative OF and FOR ALL of the PEOPLE
ELECTED OFFICIALS MUST STRIVE TO WELCOME, ENCOURAGE, AND FACILITATE CITIZEN PARTICIPATION IN THE REGULATION AND CONTROL OF THEIR GOVERNMENT!The process of Government is broken and we are in financial crisis. Most residents have little or no confidence or respect for Officials, whether elected or bureaucrats. Without immediate and corrective measures our quality of life will continue to plummet out of control. At the same time we have the pressures of increased taxes, fees, costs, & deficits.
It is not to late to take corrective actions, but it is the eleventh hour, and WE THE PEOPLE must move immediately to begin to resume control of OUR government.

To Email me click here or call me at 775-622-4670HOME


Nevada ranchers cite Gandhi in protest ride

BundyIlloWEBUnlike the militiamen who came with weapons to support Southern Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy in his stand against federal land managers, ranchers in Northern Nevada are taking a page out of Gandhi’s book in their protest of livestock grazing reductions on U.S. lands.

Elko County Commissioner Grant Gerber is the chief organizer of a 70-mile horseback trek beginning on Memorial Day that he calls the “Grass March.”

He said the multiday ride from Elko to Battle Mountain is modeled after Gandhi’s “Salt March” from Sabarmati to Dandi, India, that protested the British colonial monopoly on salt in 1930.

Gerber said the Salt March was the opening salvo in a series of non-violent acts of civil disobedience that garnered international sympathy and ultimately helped lead to India’s independence.Mahatma-Gandhi-Quotes-Non-Violence-Day-Gandhi-Jayanti-Wallpapers

Gerber, a lawyer who has represented dozens of plaintiffs in lawsuits against the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management over the past two decades, said federal agencies have the same stranglehold on Nevada land and grass as the British had on Indian salt supplies.

“The British government in India not only deprived the Indian people of their freedom but was ruining India economically, politically, culturally and spiritually. The same thing is happening in Nevada,” he said.

BLM officials say temporary reductions in some grazing allotments are necessary due to lingering drought.

“Much of the western United States and much of Nevada is experiencing severe to extreme drought conditions,” the agency said in a statement issued from its state headquarters in Reno. “These conditions have stressed all resources on the public lands, making grazing throughout most of Nevada unsustainable at permitted levels.”

One in a series

The Nevadans’ ride is the latest in a series of demonstrations since the federal government’s run-in with Bundy about 75 miles northeast of Las Vegas.

It comes at a time when land managers face a number of challenges acerbated by drought, ranging from wild-horse herds they say are overpopulated to the potential listing of the sage grouse as an endangered species.

Bundy and his supporters, some of them armed militia members, thwarted a BLM roundup of his cattle near Bunkerville in April.

The BLM says he owes more than $1 million in fees and penalties for trespassing without a permit over 20 years, but he refuses to acknowledge federal authority on the arid lands where he says his family has run cattle for more than a century.

Two weeks ago, dozens of people rode their ATVs and motorcycles on an off-limits trail in southern Utah’s Recapture Canyon in a protest against what they called the federal government’s overreaching control of public lands.

Gerber said he and others — he’s not sure how many — will ride 20 miles Monday from Elko to Carlin, where Carlin Mayor Cliff Eklund has planned a variety of events at the rodeo grounds in support of the ranchers.

Gerber said he plans to leave at sunrise and hopes to arrive by 1 p.m.

Then they will ride another 15 to 20 miles per day until they reach Battle Mountain. His sons and others will provide assistance at least part of the way from an old chuck wagon pulled by mules.

Along the way, they intend to gather signatures on a petition to present to Gov. Brian Sandoval urging the removal of the BLM’s Battle Mountain District Manager Doug Furtado.

Why Battle Mountain?

Gerber said Battle Mountain became the destination because it’s the county seat in Lander County, where he said some of the most dramatic livestock grazing reductions are occurring.

He said the BLM has ordered the closure of the Argenta allotment covering about 540 square miles in the county, about half of which is on federal land.

BLM spokeswoman Erica Szlosek says that’s “not accurate” and the fate of the allotment remained uncertain.

“We could issue a decision to close it — a full force and effect decision — but that has not occurred,” she told the Associated Press on Friday. “We’ve been meeting with the permittees on the Argenta allotment, but they still are talking back and forth. No final decision has been made.”

The ride

• Elko to Carlin

• Carlin Mayor Cliff Eklund has planned a variety of events at the rodeo grounds in support of the ranchers.

• Another 15 to 20 miles per day until riders reach Battle Mountain.

Source: Associated Press

Adam Kokesh Post Lockup Interview

Adam Charles KokeshAdam Charles Kokesh (born February 1, 1982) is an American libertarian talk show host and activist. A decorated veteran of the War in Iraq, he came to disparage war and advocate nonviolent resistance to power. Variously identifying as anarchist, agorist, voluntaryist, Kokesh has called for a “new American revolution” for the “orderly dissolution of the federal government.”[1][2][3]

Early life

Kokesh was born on February 1, 1982, in San Francisco, California.[4] He is the son of Charles Kokesh, a Santa Fe businessman and former owner of the defunct Santa Fe Horse Park.[5][6]

Kokesh attended the Native American Preparatory School in San Ysidro, New Mexico,[7] and he received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Claremont McKenna College. Kokesh learned Arabic during his tenure in Iraq.[8]

Kokesh was raised Jewish, but today is an atheist.[9]

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NEW WEBSITE: Carson City Sheriff WATCH

Carson city sheriff WATCH

Welcome to the Carson City Sheriff WATCH website.  We were inspired to create this website to help transform the Carson City Sheriff Department from a corrupt police force under Sheriff Kenny Furlong into a modern Sheriff department with Transparency, Trust and Accountability.

We will post the Good, the Bad and the Ugly information about the CCSO.

We want your feedback both positive and negative.


carson city sheriff corruption

Carson City Sheriff WATCH

Carson city sheriff WATCHWelcome to the Carson City Sheriff WATCH website.  We were inspired to create this website to help transform the Carson City Sheriff Department from a corrupt police force under Sheriff Kenny Furlong into a modern Sheriff department with Transparency, Trust and Accountability.

We will post the Good, the Bad and the Ugly information about the CCSO.

We want your feedback both positive and negative.

Keep checking back as we develop this website and be sure to see out main website for Nevada based stories here:

Vote for ANYBODY BUT FURLONG in Carson City 2014.

CARSON NOW: Carson City sheriff’s candidates square off on Disagreements came at other areas of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, which has a budget of nearly $16 MILLION DOLLARS!!!

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong

By Jeff Munson

With early voting in Nevada’s primary election beginning Saturday, Carson City residents learned more about some of the philosophies of candidates in the contested…

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VIDEO Another Week of Obama Gov’t Lawlessness

Reclaim Our Republic

keep telling you are free
Video Proof That Obama Has Listened To American Phone Calls
May 23, 2014 By Andrew P. Napolitano

What if the federal government is shameless? What if it personifies the adage of do as I say and not as I do? What if it does the very things it prosecutes others for doing? What if it has written laws and enacted procedures so that it can spy and kill, while it charges others with doing just that?

What if the feds recently indicted five low-level Chinese military officers for spying on American corporations? What if the feds accused these officers of using their computers in Beijing to hack into computers in Denver that are not owned by the federal government but by well-known and wealthy American corporations? What if these corporations are rich enough to install digital protections and procedures to insulate themselves from hackers? What if when Google and Apple…

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The War on America’s Military Veterans, Waged with SWAT Teams, Surveillance and Neglect

Reclaim Our Republic

May 23, 2014 By John W. Whitehead

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”—John F. Kennedy

Just in time for Memorial Day, we’re once again being treated to a generous serving of praise and grandstanding by politicians and corporations eager to go on record as being supportive of our veterans. Patriotic platitudes aside, however, America has done a deplorable job of caring for her veterans. We erect monuments for those who die while serving in the military, yet for those who return home, there’s little honor to be found.

Despite the fact that the U.S. boasts more than 23 million veterans who have served in World War II through Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan, the plight of veterans today is deplorable, with large numbers of them impoverished, unemployed, traumatized mentally and…

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With the primary election just around the corner, accusations of rape have surfaced in the Storey County Sheriff’s race

sherif race gets ugly in VCVIRGINIA CITY, Nev. ( & KRNV) — With the primary election just around the corner, accusations of rape have surfaced in the Storey County Sheriff’s race.

See video here: VIDEO


Sheriff Gerald Antinoro is squaring off against two of his own deputies in his re-election bid.

But the fact that they all work together has not stopped this race from getting downright ugly.

Antinoro said he has never seen anything like it.

Sheriff Gerald Antinoro

Sheriff Gerald Antinoro accused of RAPE

“Definitely one of the dirtiest campaigns I’ve ever seen in my 30 years in law enforcement.”

As Antinoro seeks his second term as sheriff on the Comstock, he finds himself not only defending his record, but his character. Antinoro is facing off against Tim Guthrie and Shawn Mahan.

Among the questions that have surfaced is why a member of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang is featured in one of Antinoro’s campaign brochures planting trees. News 4 asked Antinoro for an explanation. “So he belongs to an outlaw motorcycle group, but anybody who’s willing to lend a hand and improve our community, I’m not going to turn that down.” VC Sheriff Gerald Antinoro

News 4 has also been contacted by several people inside and outside the Storey County Sheriff’s Office, who claim Antinoro covered up a murder after Virginia City resident Judy Black fell down some stairs in her house and died recently.

Antinoro said all signs point to an accidental death. But sources close to the case said the scene looked suspicious, because of the amount of blood found throughout the house on Combination Road. They said there was blood upstairs and downstairs, and that Black suffered “trauma from head to toe”. Our sources also said her injuries were so severe that her family was not allowed to see view body at the mortuary.

The sheriff said there is no cover-up. “It’s been thoroughly examined, thoroughly documented,” Antintoro insisted.

But that does not compare to a complaint filed with Sparks Police in January, accusing Antinoro of rape. The alleged victim told police, “(Then deputy sheriff) Antinoro had sex with me while (another deputy named) Dosen pleasured himself.” The alleged victim said it happened sometime in 2006. That was eight years ago. 

News 4 asked Sheriff Antinoro to respond to the allegation. “One, I categorically deny committing any sexual assault at anytime in my life,” he said. neil rombardo scandal

Antinoro said he questions why the complaint was filed eight years after the fact, during the middle of a political campaign. And he also wonders why he was never even contacted by Sparks Police.

The Sparks Police Department said by the time that complaint was filed, the statute of limitations on rape had already expired. So there was nothing for them to investigate. As for why the woman who filed the complaint waited eight years before speaking up, Sparks Police said they did not ask about that, because they do not want to discourage other potential victims from coming forward in any case.

Even though the case was never investigated, the accusation is out there and the complaint is now a public document. “It stinks of a witch hunt,” said Antinoro. “Unnamed person making a complaint where there’s absolutely no basis.”

If that is the case, the question is, why in the typically friendly, small town of Virginia City have the politics become so mean-spirited?

It depends who you ask. Some say Virginia City is simply a town that does not like change. “It’s the old guard versus the new guard,” said local business owner Breck Greninger. “And Jerry rode in wearing a white hat.”

Others, like Storey County District Attorney Bill Maddox, said it is simply a fact of life in a small town where everybody knows everyone. “It’s a little more personal, the fewer people you have. In Virginia City, most of the people know the candidates, so it’s a little more personal in small towns than it is in the big cities.”

The question is, will the rumors and the accusations impact the vote on election day?

News 4 did speak with Guthrie and Mahan, the other two candidates in the race. They both deny having any role in spreading these accusations.

As far as the rape allegation, that case is closed. When it comes to the death of Judy Black, Sheriff Antinoro said it appears to be accidental, but he is awaiting the results of an autopsy before making it official.

Early voting in Storey County begins on Saturday.


KRNV News: Carson City Sheriff SET Team’s routine patrol, is actually more of a “fishing expedition”

CCSO SETCARSON CITY, Nev. ( & KRNV) — With just a few hours of sunlight left on a spring afternoon, Carson City Sheriff’s Office Sgt Brian Humphrey and his partner, IVO are set to begin their ten-hour shift.


But what may appear to be routine patrol, is actually more of a fishing expedition for the CCSO SET Team…

See video here: CCSO SET TEAM VIDEO

But what may appear to be routine patrol, is actually more of a fishing expedition.

“I actually use that term quite a bit,” said Sgt. Humphrey. “We’re going fishing and we don’t want to the little fish, we want to throw them back.”  

The big fish Humphrey is referring to, are the small percentage of the population who commit the majority of crimes in the city. To find them, the Special Enforcement Team of deputies and officers from the surrounding area establish leads the old-fashioned way.

“We’re going to drive by certain locations, certain houses as get a feel as to what going on today,” said Humphrey. “If you don’t get out and talk to people and make the stops, you’re not going to find anything.”

What may start as a simple stop for a traffic violation, could end in a warning. Or lead to something much more serious.

“A simple little contact with someone who commits a minor violation, such as jaywalking or something like that, may lead to a felony warrant or someone running from us, because they have drug or a gun on them that they’re not supposed to have,” Humphrey explained.

The day starts like most for the team, following leads, and making lots of contacts. A couple hours into the shift, they are called to assist a fellow SET member in a traffic stop for a minor infraction.

Behind the wheel is 20-year-old Zach Porter, one of those familiar faces the team has deal with in the past for drugs. With nothing to hide, Porter takes a seat on the curb, and gives permission for IVO to search his truck. “Yeah, I’m trying to stay out of trouble. I’m on formal probation, so you guys can search me all you want.”

He’s all smiles as the search turns up clean. In fact, Porter is about as farmiliar with the SET team as they are with him. He was raided in the past, and the SET team found six ounces of marijuana.

As it turns out, that bust proved to be a turning point for this 20-year-old. “I was going all downhill. It was getting worse by the day with the addiction. I was getting swallowed by it.”

A few days after meeting Porter, News 4 went back out to visit him at his home in Carson City. What we found was much different than his arrest record would suggest.

“I’m on a path and I want to be somewhere else in 4-5 yeas and I have it all planned out with goals,” revealed Porter. “It’s great to have goals.”

Goals and, for the first time, a support system to stay on track.

“Ultimately people need to get sober for themselves,” said Drug and Alcohol Counselor Brandie White. “I can’t make them be sober, so they have to accept their treatment.”

Porter finally accepted his reality inside a Washoe County jail cell. “It was going deeper and deeper, I saw my other friends going to heroine and meth and doing cocaine.”

When asked if Porter thought he would have gone there, he said, “Yeah, if I didn’t straighten up or get caught. Those guys (the SET team) were a focal part because if those guys didn’t catch me, I’d probably be doing the same exact thing.”

That success is echoed inside the walls of White’s counseling office. “This last week, I’ve had three of my clients come to me and say they’d been stopped by the SET team, and all three came up clean, and that’s good news for me. They all had a story to tell, so I think they’re doing a good job out there.”

“If you fall off track, you’re going to see that badge in front of you,” said Sheriff Ken Furlong. “If you stay on track, they have the ability to help you along.”

Since initiating the Specialized Enforcement element to patrol, Furlong said success stories like Porter’s and many others means one thing. “It is working. In 2013, we saw a dramatic drop in our crime levels in town. Brian Humphrey leads that team and he’s doing an exceptional job.”

They will continue fishing the streets of Carson City, in hopes of reducing crimes, while creating more success stories like Porter’s. “I love the positive aspect of it, especially from going to my rock bottom to being good, and being in a four-year college kind of thing. My whole work’s paying for it, part of the union, I would have never have thought of any of that.”


CARSON NOW: Carson City sheriff’s candidates square off on Disagreements came at other areas of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, which has a budget of nearly $16 MILLION DOLLARS!!!

With early voting in Nevada’s primary election beginning Saturday, Carson City residents learned more about some of the philosophies of candidates in the contested races during Wednesday night’s candidate forum hosted by the Carson City Chamber of Commerce.

The Performance Hall of the BAC was a full house for the forum, with hardly an empty seat found for the first segment where the candidates for sheriff were questioned. The audience was reduced to about half after the sheriff’s candidate portion ended.

During the forum the four candidates for sheriff squared off on topics such as staffing, drugs, and budgets. There was one agreement among candidates when it came to the city’s intense crackdown with gangs over the past four years.

Ken Furlong, up for re-election as sheriff, said four years ago the city was facing issues with a growing number of gangs in town. Gang activity has since been virtually non-existent and it was the department and the support of Douglas and Lyon County law agencies and community organizations that were responsible for the success of the crackdown.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


“When was the last time you heard about gangs in Carson City? The answer is four years ago,” said Furlong.

Disagreements came at other areas of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, which has a budget of nearly $16 million.


Disagreements came at other areas of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, which has a budget of nearly $16 million.

A question was posed about how the budget has been justified given that the crime rate is going down.

Candidate Deputy Don Gibson said 12 positions were lost in the 2010 budget, and that the administration should have cut into administration more to pay for line level officers on the street instead of promoting a captain.

The money for the captain’s salary could have been split to pay for two patrol deputies, said Gibson. He said the nearly $16 million budget is a sufficient amount for the department to run on, but that he would allocate the money more wisely by hiring less administrators and more line level employees.

Candidate Sgt. Daniel Gonzales said he would not fill assistant sheriff positions if elected and would instead use the savings to pay for costs associated with the department’s aging fleet of vehicles and new technology. He said the administration side of the agency has become “top heavy” and that he would use the budget more creatively for better patrol vehicles and more officers on the street. He said he would look for creative ways to make cuts so that both middle schools would have police officers assigned to them.

The CCSO has a has a massive budget of nearly $16 MILLION DOLLARS!!! There must be transparency in this budget. These is waste in the CCSO and massive liability as Dan points out at 38:50 – CCSO needs the body cams to reduce the lawsuits and provide accountability.

Ty Robben Excellent idea by Dan at 31:24 to have the CCSO Deputies wear body audio/video cameras to help abate the rampant, wholesale corruption by some bad CCSO Deputies… They should also wear these in the jail too. Too many beatings and planted evidence and stuff like that with the CCSO. The cameras have help in notorious corrupt police departments like New Orleans and the LAPD. The CCSO has a corruption problem as Dan and the other candidates have discussed and the community is concerned about the police state, rights being violated and the cost of the lawsuits.

Ty Robben The CCSO has a has a massive budget of nearly $16 MILLION DOLLARS!!! There must be transparency in this budget. These is waste in the CCSO and massive liability as Dan points out at 38:50 – CCSO needs the body cams to reduce the lawsuits and provide accountability.

At 30:55 Daniel Gonzales talks about inmate processing fees – what is this? why would an inmate pay a fee Mr. Gonzales? Where does all the money go from the $1.09 top Ramen you sell in the commissary at a 1,000% mark up along with the other junk food inmates have to buy to keep from starving? Lorne please bring this up, the CCSO makes big money off the inmates. The CCSO also get federal money or inmates too.

Ty Robben Daniel Gonzales points out the CCSO is operating a very, very low to no standards to the services and accountability and CCSO needs better transparency at 22:55

Ty Robben Don Gibson points out CCSO Deputies have low morale under Furlong at 20:50

Ty Robben Furlong covers up crime in Carson City and does not report “gang” crime. This is a fact, and lets criminals of the hook like they did when let let Keith urr of the hook for running meth or the “gangs” along with a felon in possession of 60 loaded AR15 and AK47 machine guns. Just Google Keith Furr on Carson Now and the Appeal and read and then see my story on Nevada State Personnel WATCH by searching for Keith Furr. Furlong also does not go after drug (meth and heroin) dealers because he makes money from this according to inside sources, or shall I say confidential informants. The jail is poorly managed, inmates do not get their meds or proper medical care. There are problems with the food and water and inmates have been poisoned there. This is unacceptable. Lorne Houle knows this first hand and should use his platform to expose the corruption the others candidates will not.

Ty Robben Daniel Gonzales points out “we need to bring back the trust in the community” at 13:54 – This is a good point as trust in the CCSO is very low. Please see my website Nevada State Personnel Watch where I point out some serious concerns about the CCSO under the current regime. As many Carson City residents know i was recently released from 6 long months in Furlongs jail where he had me in the “hole” or trumped up charges against his friend Judge John Tatro. All charges against me were dismissed by the Douglas County DA after the Carson City DA Mark Krueger was kicked off the case since I have filed FBI complaints against him and I am currently in Federal Court with pending legal action against them. The list of concerns with the CCSO under Furlong are too long to add here, so please see my website and vote for anyone but Furlong.

lorne Houle Very well spoken candidates!!! When I went up on stage, I couldn’t remember what to say… So instead, I kept saying “ummm” and “you know” WAY too much… lol. Great questions although I couldn’t answer some of them since I’m not yet part of the Sheriff’s Department and not privileged to “department drama”.

Candidate Lorne Houle said he would cut his own salary by half if elected, with cost savings to go toward more energy efficient police vehicles. He also noted there could be a cost savings in the department if cuts were made at the jail, placing more people on house arrest for non-serious crimes, thus freeing up jail staff salaries.

Furlong said in the last six months the sheriff’s office removed a captain’s position and back filled it with two deputies. It had an assistant sheriff retire and that position was not filled and a forensics position went from a sworn position to a non-sworn position. The agency has already done what the candidates are saying should be done, Furlong said.

He noted the Sheriff’s Office runs efficiently around 3 percent below what is allowed in the budgets. Furlong said the fleet of vehicles the department has have been maintained, saying “sometimes it is better to hold off a year,” when purchasing vehicles, because money could be better spent elsewhere.

Candidates were asked about what changes they would make to the department.

Gonzales said he would enhance what the agency has and take it to the next level. He said he would utilize the sheriff’s reserves more and noted that if the department is running 3 percent of the budget annually, than it ought to have better equipment. He noted that recently a canister of pepper spray that was used in the jail and had a stamp on it that said use before 2003. “We should be providing employees equipment to serve you better.” He also advocated the need for technology upgrades including body cameras.

Furlong noted changes are already being made at the department for next year. Management has been rolled back, due to retirements and attrition, countering a criticism earlier that administration had become top heavy. He said that half of the cuts from 2010 were not from the front line and that the supervisors do work as patrol officers as well. He noted the agency is running as lean as it can and will continue to run lean.

Gibson said he would like to see staffing go to 7 deputies on the street instead of the minimum level of 4 deputies. He said he would pay for the additional officers on the street by cutting adminstration-level officer positions. Gibson also said he would eliminate a numbers based management philosophy where there is a mindset that officers need to be writing more tickets, saying “it turns the very same people who we serve and protect into the victims of our production.”

Houle said he would strengthen the relationship in the community between the agency and the officers on the street. He said there are two groups of people, those who are friends of the department and those in the community who are nervous and skeptical of the agency. He said he represents those who are skeptical, and thinks officers give too many tickets and are policing the wrong people, including low level drug users. He said that drug users are not criminals but are treated like them, saying there needs to be more services for drug addicts instead of throwing them in jail.

Though there wasn’t a direct question posed, there was disagreement on the way the Sheriff’s Office special enforcement team is being run. Gibson, a former SET officer, noted the agency spends too much going after the low-level drug users instead of focusing on the bigger problem, the drug dealers themselves.

He noted that the department ought to be targeting drug suppliers because of the assets they have that can be seized. By taking the assets such as homes and vehicles, less taxpayer money would be spent on drug enforcement because the assets from drug dealers would pay for the SET team.

Gonzales said he would add another officer to the SET team. He said the SET philosophy is that the low-level drug offenders are typically the ones breaking into homes and businesses to pay for their drug habits and therefore it is essential to work to get them off the streets. He said the Tri-Net task force, which handles the high level drug sellers, needs to be held accountable for going after those with large sums of drug money.

“We know the drugs are coming in, let the people who focus on that do their job,” he said.

The candidates were asked about mental health and law enforcement issues. Furlong noted the city as well as the state and nation are dealing with issues of mental illness and policing and actively working on crisis intervention, which is being done in Carson City with mental health now incorporated into response plans. “We are working collaboratively with every agency we possibly can,” said Furlong.

Gonzales noted that he is a trained Crisis Intervention Instructor and he teaches staff. He said he would work to take the CIT program to the next level with mobile health units to better address suicide calls. Houle noted that drug addiction and mental illness are illnesses and that they should not be treated like criminals. He said mental health subjects should not be kept in jail but put in group homes where they can be given the help they need.

Guy Felton talks about Freedom of Speech and Washoe county commissioners charlatans

Patriot Supreme, Felton, has been crusading for America for over 20 years.

Felton’s original prepared comments: (He changed them slightly because of threat of being WRONGFULLY removed from the meeting. And he wanted his “guaranteed” 3 minutes.)

As of this month, and having passed their required background check, I am now a member of Sheriff Richard Mack’s Constitutional Posse.

If I am removed from this meeting for offending Chairman Humke’s ignorance of what democracy is all about, my remarks at this time may be read on . Mr. Humke does not comprehend that he is hired help and is thereby lower on the totem pole than we, the sovereign people. Mr. Humke does not comprehend that his employers have clear right to offend him with criticisms regarding his violations of the United States Constitution, his violations of his oath of office, his violations of Supreme Court decisions, and his arrogant and tyrannical abuses of powers delegated to him.

Mr. Humke does not comprehend that his adversarial attitude toward openness and responsiveness is un-American and that this more than justifies his being held in bitter contempt by many of us. Mr. Humke does not comprehend that it is just plain wrong to railroad critics of his criminal antics in any courtroom where he controls the pay and office budget of the involved judge.

Our First Amendment right to free speech was built into our American scheme of government primarily to not only permit ~ but to also encourage ~ criticisms of run-amok public officials by we, the people. Free speech is our first defense against corrupt and treasonous bleeps such as Humke. As the Supreme Court made clear in Times v. Sullivan (1964): We Americans “have a profound national commitment to the principle that debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide open.”

Moving on, I encourage all of you to stop ignoring and thereby covering up criminal activities within Nevada government. I request that you agendize for public discussion such issues as Nevada government’s report card grade of D-minus when evaluated by the State Integrity Investigation. That D-minus translates into our state government being wide-open to corruption.

I further encourage you to stop covering up the murder of Mr. Nolan Klein and the rotten fact that Nevada’s prisons are “not fit for human habitation” as exposed by the ACLU of Nevada.

He changed them slightly because of threat of being WRONGFULLY removed from the meeting. And he wanted his “guaranteed” 3 minutes.

Adventure Time!

Leigh Ann Dufurrena

Some folks make extreme life choices. They leave good, secure jobs to follow a dream or escape the monotony of daily life. Some buy the farm (literally, and sadly, sometimes figuratively) they’ve always wanted; they raise goats, and chickens and sell pickled foods at farmers markets. Some run for a political office in a state that doesn’t swing their way (shameless plug: Vote Holli Woodings for Idaho Secretary of State). Some become wildly successful by chance, while others work hard yet just can’t seem not to fail. Some go back to school. Some join the circus.

I find myself in the conundrum of an extreme life decision. Do I…

A.     Continue the professional career I have built, working at the job I love with great co-workers, a myriad of opportunities and a “good feeling” at the end of the day, or

B.     Follow the rabbit down…

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HR-433 will Help Harness Potential Solar Energy Sources

Pass Bills. Create Jobs.

Solar Energy Potential in Northern Nevada is among the highest in the Nation. Pass Bill HR-433 if you would like us to harness this clean energy source.

Solar energy is a locally available renewable resource.  Mason Valley has been identified as a potential location for solar development.  It does not need to be imported from other regions of the country or from across the world, which reduces our dependence on imported resources.

Electricity produced by solar is clean and silent. Solar energy does not release any harmful air or water pollution into the environment, deplete natural resources, or endanger animal or human health.

A one kilowatt solar system will prevent approximately 170 lbs. of coal from being burned, 300 lbs of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere, and 105 gallons of water from being consumed each month!

What are we waiting on?

We are waiting on passage of  the…

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Editorial: Sue Lowden for lieutenant governor

Welcome to Silver Springs, Nevada

The race for lieutenant governor is normally of minimal interest, but this year it is the race to watch. The reason why is a bit complicated.

Gov. Brian Sandoval is a shoo-in for re-election, after Sen. Harry Reid reneged on his promise that Democrats would field a “respectable” opponent. But, after he wins another four-year term, will he serve all four years or move on to a bigger challenge, like taking on Reid in 2016?

He isn’t saying, for obvious reasons. But his hand-picked selection of state Sen. Mark Hutchison for lieutenant governor is a pretty bold hint.

The problem is that the Nevada Republican Party had a different choice in mind, and its endorsement went to former state Sen. Sue Lowden.

We agree with the party’s choice, and the issue of mining taxes played a major role in our decision.

“I have an appreciation for the fact that mining…

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Bruce Czopek

You know it is full on spring in Northern Nevada when the livestock truck shows up on the edge of BLM land and lets out its cargo of hungry sheep.  The desert has gotten as green as it is going to get and the government wants to make its nickel off that hard earned greenery.  I walk these hills all the time and it seems like a waste of gas to bring the sheep here. Better to stop at McDonalds and get them all a giant McSalad or something.  Be easier on the sheepherder too. However, in some areas of new soft cheat grass they do offer a pre emptive fire control by eating up a potential fire fuel that burns easily when it dries out.  A nice vinaigrette would go good about now.


Springtime sheep. Washoe Valley. photo by Bruce Czopek


Sheep on Jumbo Grade.  Photo by Bruce Czopek


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Cloudships Over Beatty, Nevada

The Bridge To Freedom


Taken near Beatty Hotsprings, Beatty Nevada. These two ships appeared after taking a walk into the back country. They were not visible on the trek back to the campsite. But I was thinking about the possiblility our galactic family was there. It was only after I turned around and looked back towards the trail, that I saw them..Makes you think…doesn’t it.  Wishing you all many happy sightings and miracles…Desert Gypsy

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Nevada Students and Educators Describe Common Core

Common core is a bad idea…

Core Task Project

In a video posted here, a number of students and educators explain why they support the Common Core. The video was developed by the Nevada Ready! initiative, an effort  by the Nevada Department of Education and the Nevada State Board of Education. Apart from the video, you can also keep track of the Nevada Ready! initiative on the web, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Expensive TSA Nudie Scanners Find A New Home: Prisons


Source: TechDirt, by Timothy Geigner, May 22nd 2014

from the can-i-get-a-refund? dept

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had much news about the TSA’s nudie scanners, other than the admission by one TSA employee that they, you know, don’t work to do anything other than show people being naked. Yes, the federal government’s oddly belated overreaction to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which they don’t think will be attempted again, required a massive influx of taxpayer cash to pay for all this uselessness. That would be your money, my money, all of our money going into a program that didn’t work, wasn’t needed, and violated our rights. But a story of this kind of futility and waste needs a nice little bow put on it for an ending. The federal government never seems to fail us in this kind of request.

Where are those nudie scanners now that they’re being…

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Who Needs The United States? Not Russia And China


Source: Economic Collapse Blog, by Michael Snyder

Russia and China have just signed what is being called “the gas deal of the century”, and the two countries are discussing moving away from the U.S. dollar and using their own currencies to trade with one another.  This has huge implications for the future of the U.S. economy, but the mainstream media in the United States is being strangely quiet about all of this.  For example, I searched CNN’s website to see if I could find something about this gas deal between Russia and China and I did not find anything.  But I did find links to “top stories” entitled “Celebs who went faux red” and “Adorable kid tugs on Obama’s ear“.  Is it any wonder why the mainstream media is dying?  If a particular story does not fit their agenda, they will simply ignore it.  But the truth…

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Memorial Day is a day for remembrance

Somewhere in Texas

Most Americans think of Memorial Day as the first weekend of Summer. Some think of the Indianapolis 500. Some think about family gatherings where BBQ is the food of choice.

All these are fun and I might take part in one or two of these also but that is not the reason for Memorial Day. The day is set aside to honor and remember those gave the ultimate sacrifice during times of war. There have nearly 850,000 deaths to men and women during the conflicts our military has been involved in around the world.

These deaths have affected many families, some families more than once. This day was created to show thanks for these men and women who have died during battles and their families that they have not been forgotten.

So when you get together with family, friends, or just coworkers today, say something about remembering those vets that…

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Putting American GMO Consumption into Perspective

The Progressive Cynic

© Josh Sager – April 2014

In recent years, genetically modified crops and food additives have become extremely contentious in American politics. Many Americans are skeptical about the safety and morality of genetically engineered crops, thus have pushed for new regulations mandating labeling on any food which contains GMO ingredients.


While the GMO industry and their lobbyists claim that genetic modifications are safe for human consumption, there is a growing body of evidence which indicates that GMOs may have some extremely serious health consequences when eaten regularly.

Here are a few examples of such evidence:

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Like Mother, Like Son: Notorious woman with Carson City ties, Sante Kimes, dies in prison

 ImageNEW YORK – Sante Kimes, who along with her son made up a notorious grifter team convicted of the murders of a wealthy widow in New York and a businessman in Los Angeles, has died in her prison cell at age 79.

Don Gibson for Carson City Sheriff “I believe in the US Constitution and support the 2nd amendment”

Don Gibson
We like what Sheriff candidate Don Gibson is talking about. Good luck Don. -Top Ramen
Don’s website
If any of you read the Voter’s Guide in the Nevada Appeal, they for some reason, left out a very important question which I responded to. The question was (why should voters choose me?)Here is my answer:I am honored and humbled to have this opportunity to run for Carson City Sheriff. As a lifelong resident I have seen Carson City change for the better.


Having been in law enforcement for over sixteen years I have the demonstrative ability and necessary leadership skills to lead the office of Sheriff. 

don gibson carson city sheriff

We like what Sheriff candidate Don Gibson is talking about. Good luck Don. -Top Ramen

Together with my team we will continue Carson City’s positive change and always strive to improve the quality of life for all of us.
I will have an open and transparent administration with my door always open to all members of our community.
I believe in the US Constitution and support the 2nd amendment.
I intend to stay the person I am and obtain the faith of Carson City residents. I am someone you can count on, be sure about, and will proudly serve our community as a Sheriff we can all be proud of.Remember tomorrow May 24th is the first day to early vote..Thank you

The Human Condition

The Human Condition

  (The average reader might do well here with an internet search on the phrase ‘human condition’ so as to see how much misinformation there is out there as opposed to the biology and anthropology underlying this ‘interview’.)   

Image1 – What is meant by ‘the human condition’? 
‘The human condition’ is a phrase typically used with respect the generality of situations that humans face in ‘getting along with each other and the world’, situations that are difficult to encompass in some way because of hang-ups or predispositions of one kind or another or just simple ignorance -“What did I do to wrong her?”, “Why can’t we get along with each other?” and “The beauty of a flower, isn’t that proof of God”? -illnesses of a sort, mental and real, our own or society’s, mental or real, and how they weigh upon us and society about us. The human condition is, for example, the material of poetry in general and the lyrics of most music (‘rap’ included) and various other ‘secular’ or even religious situations -lovers in warring religions, for example, and the irony in the contemporaneity of both most abject and most excessive ‘lifestyle and quality of life’ as in some parts of Africa and anywhere in the US. Perhaps the most obvious examples come right off any daily newspaper -the ‘irresolvability’ of the Israeli-Palestinian problem, letters to Dear Abby and Ann Landers (and their answers) -or the dog next door, run over and killed because your neighbor had a fight with his wife and forgot to close the gate. And there are more general examples too -the individual saddling his friends and relatives with his aches and pains or complaints on government: “They (whoever) ought’a do (whatever)” and “You can’t change human nature”. Various expressions of frustration, ‘unrequited love’, ‘the seven deadly sins’ -‘the human condition’ is some one aspect or another of these items. 

2 – Why does it always seems to have a sorrowful or ‘negative’ cast to it? -examples otherwise? 
‘Discomfiture’, in general -mental or physical, is antithetical to our evolutionary nature which is, more correctly (and genetically), ‘the pursuit of best well-being and viability’, so when we come up against anything that is ‘troublesome’ to that pursuit in some way, we tend to linger on its ‘resolution’ -or at least wonder “Why can’t we -” and “If only -“. When there is no such problem, on the other hand, we automatically get on with the routine of life. 

Examples otherwise? -the typically superficial and essentially momentary ‘happiness in another’s good fortune’ and ‘glee at your team winning!’, for example -not generally bagged as ‘human condition’, but schadenfreud in particular and extreme: ‘happiness in another’s misfortune’, which, by its very substance, reflects completely consistent ‘negativity’. 

The irony in one’s ‘once being aware of the human condition’ (most sophisticated sense implicit) is that he will probably also see how ‘noise in the system due to those who don’t understand it’ impinges and intrudes upon ‘the well-being and quality of life of those that do’. A further peculiarity of the ‘neonate ignorance and pecking order’ underlying the human condition then, is that knowledge of those two properties and their implications eventually drives the life-form to ‘optimizing the nature and course of the life-form and its geological time-frame’ -‘the minimization of pejorative consequences of the present upon the well-being and viability of the continuing life-form’. Worse still then, those that do understand must, eventually, inevitably and ‘justifiably’, find themselves ‘pecking upon those that do not understand’ -more ‘evolutionary aristocratization‘ therein.

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InEDC: In a Stunning Rebuke of El Dorado County DA Vern Pierson’s Charges, Jury find Dellinger & Alarcon Not Guilty of all charges

Dan Dellinger and Cris Alarcon WIN – Vern Pierson loses again!

ImageIn what can only be termed as a crushing defeat of the District Attorney’s charges, the jury returns after just 47 minutes of deliberations to exonerate Dan Dellinger and Cris Alarcon of all charges in a unanimous 12 to 0 decision. This is ADA James Clinchard second major defeat in as many weeks after a jury returned no guilty charges of political malfeasance against Supervisor Ray Nutting last week.

Disclosure: This writer is the same as the defendant in this case even though the DA’s office was inexplicably unable to correctly spell the name.

In just 47 minutes, a jury handed a stunning defeat to the DA’s office and ADA James Clinchard, and a vindication of the defendant’s claims that the charges were without legal merit, by returning a not guilty verdict on every count.  Not only was the verdict returned quickly, it was returned by a unanimous vote of 12 to 0 voting not guilty.


Protest at DA Vern Pierson’s Placerville office

Three years ago the Pioneer Fire Protection District hired Dan Dellinger Consulting to help solve a problem of a revenue shortfall caused from declining revenues related to the decline in local property values.  After analysis and public informational meetings, the consulting firm delivered the message from the local fire district residents: let them vote on a parcel tax of $85 per developed lot in order to save the independence of local fire services and to keep emergency response times to a minimum.  In November of 2011, the self-imposed tax was overwhelmingly passed by the local voters.

Prior to the passage of the parcel tax, the county Auditor objected to the payment to Dan Dellinger Consulting saying, “”Routinely, I do not look at disbursements for small special districts. A member of my staff brought this to me and said, ‘This seems way out of line.’ ” Harn said his office raised concerns about certain payments to Dan Dellinger Consulting based on a June 2011 consulting contract with the fire district that appeared to contain services for illegal campaign activities and what appeared to be a promise of a $12,000 bonus for the firm if the measure passed.  After meeting directly with the Auditor-Controller, the verbiage of the contract was altered at Joe Harn’s direction. After that, the initial payment was made by Harn.

Dan Dellinger

Dan Dellinger acquitted

This was not the first time the consultant, or the fire district, had run into conflict with Joe Harn.  Dan Dellinger and Cris Alarcon were instrumental in assisting candidates in local races win. Candidates that were running against candidates endorsed by, and monetarily supported by Joe Harn.  The fire district, as well as many other fire districts, have complained of Joe Harn’s arbitrary, and capricious control of local agencies funds that are collected and administered by the county through the Auditor-Controller’s office.

Cris Alarcon acquitted

Cris Alarcon acquitted

Tangentially, Cris Alarcon was involved with the vetting of a new young man that declared he was interested in entering local politics while the two were independently attending a Board of Supervisors meeting in the spring of 2010.  In the process, Alarcon discovered that the young man had a boyfriend that was twice his age that had been declared a sexual predator by state psychologist in prior court proceedings leading up to his conviction for sexually assaulting boys in his care.  Alarcon sat on this information until the older man indicated that he would volunteer to supervise a local boy scout overnight event.  At that point Alarcon objected and threats of legal action was brought against Alarcon by the man accusing him of interfering in his ability to make a living.  Although Alarcon invited the twice convicted pedifile to charge him, the man declined to do anything more than make threats.

Unbeknownst to Alarcon, was that the younger man in that couple was soon to be seated on the 2011 Civil Grand Jury. Details of this event are cronicalled here. In that story, the last line is, “Small County Politics can be ugly.”

The story contained an indictment of the young man’s intent. “Somehow, Ryan Donner made his way onto the Grand Jury about a year after the public outing of his boyfriend Kevin Hurtado. Ryan Donner served on the 2011 El Dorado Grand Jury. Not coincidentally, they recommended prosecuting Cris Alarcon and Daniel Dellinger over a local ballot measure campaign. Alarcon and Dellinger have an air-tight case. It appears that Vern Pierson knows this, but is using the ‘Grand Jury Made me do it’ defense. And Pierson’s rampage is based on a Grand Jury that could easily have been influenced by the young boyfriend of a publicly outed pedophile?”


Regardless of how the Grand Jury came to its conclusion, the DA’s office received the Grand Jury’s report and investigated the allegations and case law. On July 27, 2012, the DA issued a press release which, in part, read: “Today, the El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office filed a civil Complaint against Defendants Dan Dellinger and Christopher Alarcon for fraudulently obtaining taxpayer financed contracts with the Pioneer Fire Protection District (PFPD) related to illegal campaign activity to expressly advocate a position in favor of the passage of a tax increase (Ballot Measure F) which voters approved in November, 2011.”

Dan Dellinger responded on Aug. 5, 2012 saying, “his firm acted properly, providing to the district only informational materials and handling the paperwork necessary to place the measure on the ballot. Voter outreach activities that the firm conducted were covered by private donations to a campaign committee, Save Pioneer Fire.”

Dellinger maintained that the complaint was politically motivated. County Auditor-Controller Joe Harn requested the grand jury investigation. Dellinger said Harn and District Attorney Vern Pierson are trying to put him out of business because he has conducted successful campaigns for several political candidates that they did not support.

“This is Chicago-style politics at its worst,” Dellinger said. “The public will see through this.”

Nearly two years later, a jury indeed did, “see through this” as Dellinger had predicted.  In contradiction to the tainted Grand Jury and the DA’s allegations that there were violations of law, the trial jury came to a different opinion after hearing the facts presented in a court of law.

Both Alarcon and Dellinger accuse two elected county officials of using the power of their office to pursue political agendas at the taxpayers expense.  Not only in this case, but also in the DA’s case against Supervisor Ray Nutting, a client of Dan Dellinger Consulting.

The case against the sitting Supervisor was a high-profile defeat for the DA’s office.  In a twist of timing, both the Auditor Joe Harn, and District Attorney, were served subpoenas for the Dellinger/Alarcon case on the same day as the jury refused to convict Nutting of any of the charges made by the DA’s case in prme.  In that case, Mary-Beth Moylan, a McGeorge School of Law professor specializing in political law, said after the verdict that it was unclear whether prosecutors made a good decision to pursue criminal charges. “I think the basic problem with this case is that it really doesn’t call for a legal commentary as much as it appears to be a political circus up there,” said Moylan.

Although the DA did make a motion earlier this week to delay the Dellinger/Alarcon case until after the election, the motion was denied by the presiding El Dorado County Superior Court Judge James R. Wagoner.  The ADA argued that Dan Dellinger had used unfair influence in obtaining the contract because Dan Dellinger had a track record of winning (the contract was awarded in an undisputed open bid process with other bidders).  The DA’s complaint said Dan Dellinger Consulting, “cited to an impressive list of former local politicians. Information later provided to the PFPD by Defendants gave a detailed list of nine local politicians as references for Dan Dellinger and Christopher Alarcon, which included several El Dorado County Elected Officials (including a judge and a county supervisor) and two members of the California State Legislature.”  [The judge noted above was not Wagoner and neither have Alarcon or Dellinger ever worked on a campaign for Wagoner]

This, as well as all other arguments made by the DA’s office, were uniformly and unanimously rejected by the trial jury.

The jury has spoken and the issues of law are settled, but as always maintained by the defendants, this is a case of politics, not law, and the politics are not settled.  Not settled at all.

The cost to taxpayers in a failed attempt to convict Nutting, Alarcon, and Dellinger is unknown but may sideliners have estimated it in the millions.  The personal costs to the three are more than just dollars.  The cost in stress and damaged reputations are inestimable. Nutting and Dellinger have outstanding bills with their lawyers, although Dellinger was represented by  Anthony Palik after his resources ran out to pay his local lawyer.  Alarcon had no legal bills but had a $100,000 judgement pending against him if the case was not resolved in his favor.

Although Nutting continued to get paid as a Supervisor, both Alarcon and particularly Dellinger were financially devastated by the charges.  Few politicians were willing to hire political consultants under a cloud of professional wrong-doing.  Elections are largely about appearances and every candidate understands that the opposition will use associations with consultants being prosecuted against them during an election.  This resulted in a total loss of income for Dellinger at a time when he had unjustified legal expenses.  This has exhausted all of Dellinger’s savings.

Fortunately, Anthony Palik agreed that the charges were unfounded and agreed to take on the case.  Without legal representation against any charges made with the weight and power of the DA’s office, it is unclear if justice would have prevailed.

For Alarcon’s part, he has been an outspoken critic of the use of the Auditor’s office by Joe Harn, and the DA’s office by Vern Pierson, for what he calls a gross misuse of taxpayer’s money and government prestige to pursue political agendas unrelated to the respective offices.

Both Alarcon and Dellinger pledge that the legal questions, although costly and time consuming, are just a step in a battle that will be renewed at the ballot box.

In addition to the local news service owned by Alarcon, he also has provided a residence for the DA’s current political challenger, Judson Henry.  Although Alarcon never asked Henry to run for the office, he was happy to provide him a residence to meet the requirement of county residency to run for the DA’s office.  In addition, Alarcon is actively volunteering in a number of other campaigns for candidates challenging those that he feels are, are will, abuse the office for which they are running.

Regardless of the outcome of the elections this June, it is certain that Alarcon and Dellinger will take the forefront in recruiting and consulting candidates for what they call “clean and transparent” government in El Dorado County that does not waste the precious resource of citizen’s taxes.

Cris Alarcon.

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Ray Hagar Asks: How does Sandoval stay so popular?

Sometimes, you wonder how Gov. Brian Sandoval stays so popular?

brian-sandoval-bongAs we begin the early-voting period for Nevada’s primary elections, Sandoval has no real opposition from either party. His approval ratings consistently are sunny and in the 60s.

He has survived some crisis that might have done in other politicians.

First up is Nevada’s mental-health scandal. Thanks to aggressive reporting by the Sacramento Bee last year, our mental health care system became a nationwide embarrassment – handing one-way bus tickets out of town to patients at a Las Vegas hospital.

Sandoval was initially silent when the Bee broke the story. He eventually took action, setting up the Governor’s Behavioral Health and Wellness Council.

Sure, the Nevada Democratic Party send out almost-daily e-mails ripping Sandoval as the issue percolated. But the criticism was never more than a lone cry in the night, since Nevada’s leading Democrats in the Legislature said nary a peep about the issue.

THEN WE HAVE the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange. Nevada was forced to scrap its Obamacare exchange recently and  adopt the federal exchange’s eligibility and enrollment functions for the sign-up period beginning Nov. 15, though it will keep its status and funding as a state-controlled system. Nevada is the only state with a Republican governor that ran its own health insurance exchange in 2014. And now that it’s officially beyond repair, Sandoval has taken little criticism.

Right-wing activist Sharron Angle has won her petition-drive crusade to end Nevada’s health insurance exchange without the need to walk one neighborhood.

If Sandoval were his predecessor, Gov. Jim Gibbons, he’d be tortured and tormented relentlessly about these state failures.

SANDOVAL, HOWEVER, gets a mulligan. Why? To borrow a line from the 1992 presidential campaign, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

When Sandoval took office in 2010, the unemployment rate in Las Vegas was 13.8 percent and 13.5 percent in Reno.

At the last count, Nevada’s unemployment rate is down to 8 percent.

Sandoval said from Day One of his administration that economic development was his “Job One.”

Apparently, Nevadans are cool with that.

Former Councilwoman Jessica Sferrazza calls Reno Mayor Bob Cashell a bully

jessica SferrazzaFormer Councilwoman Jessica Sferrazza, who is running mayoral candidate Hillary Schieve’s campaign, took to social media today to call Mayor Bob Cashell a bully– just 24 hours after Cashell endorsed one of Schieve’s opponents in the race.

On her Facebook and Twitter page, Sferrazza linked to a website describing Nevada’s anti-bullying laws.

“I wonder if this law applies to the Mayor?” Sferrazza wrote, adding the hashtag #BullyBob.

Earlier this year, Sferrazza, who served 12 years on the Council with Cashell, had her own mayoral campaign thwarted by a Nevada Supreme Court opinion barring term-limited council members from running. She has since become the campaign manager for her close friend, Councilwoman Schieve.

On Wednesday, Cashell endorsed Reno civil engineer Ray Pezonella, one of Schieve’s 17 opponents in the primary election.

Sferrazza said her decision to criticize Cashell’s behavior is unrelated to Schieve’s campaign. She said she was prompted to criticize him after a news article describing the heated conversation he had with Schieve during a council meeting last week over whether the baseball park developers have paid their property taxes.

“Anyone who watches a council meeting can see his behavior when challenged,” Sferrazza said. “He is the same behind closed doors.”

“Your story reminded me of my tenure with him,” she added.

Sferrazza said her post reflected her personal opinion of Cashell.

“He’s got in my face when I’ve disagreed with him on issues,” she said. “You can see him get testy and cut people off when he doesn’t get his way.

“If you disagree with Bob Cashell, watch out,” she said.

Neither Cashell nor Schieve were immediately available for comment.


UPDATE: Reached by phone, Schieve declined to comment on Sferrazza’s statement.

“I just want everyone to get along,” Schieve said. “No comment.”

Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong panned, praised

ImageSheriff Ken Furlong at a Wednesday night candidates’ forum faced criticism from opponents about staffing in the community, but was given credit for combating gangs.

The incumbent sheriff faces three opponents in the June 10 primary election, after which two of the four running are likely to advance to November’s general election. The opponents are Don Gibson and Daniel Gonzales, both of the sheriff’s department, and Lorne Houle, who cited experience as a Marine provost marshal. Gibson and Gonzales took Furlong to task over staffing.

“Morale is dismal at best in the sheriff’s office,” said Gibson, calling for re-allocation of resources to provide more deputies in the field. He said minimum line staffing per shift should be seven rather than five. Gonzales, meanwhile, put it in terms of services to citizens. “We should have more field services to provide for you,” he said. Gonzales also called for new technology and newer patrol cars.

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Exposed: Voter Fraud Going On In Nevada, Worse Than Ballot Stuffing

Exposed: Voter Fraud Going On In Nevada, Worse Than Ballot Stuffing

What we will expose in this article is indicative of Voter Fraud in all States and in National Elections.

Is it illegals voting?   No.   Is it voter machine fraud? No.   Both are very serious, and they do happen.  The worst Voter Fraud is the politicians defrauding voters into thinking they are the opposite of what they really are.  This fraud often decides elections and swings more votes than the other forms of voter fraud.

Today while driving to buy groceries in Reno I heard two Ben Kieckhefer radio ads, minutes apart.  Both of his ads claimed that he was an anti tax conservative Republican, and one mentioned his primary opponent Gary Schmidt in a Nevada State Senate race for the district that includes the capitol, Carson City.  It just happens I have met and talked with both Ben and Gary.

His ads are typical of one of the worst things about modern political campaigns.

As background the first time I met Ben Kieckhefer was when he was running for office in 2010.  It was at a Nevada Republican Assemblies meeting and he made probably his most famous quote of his life,“THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST WILL HAPPEN BEFORE I WILL VOTE TO RAISE TAXES.”  He really said that, heard it first hand.  Later in the press he was quoted as saying“If I could get Jesus to walk through that door, I might trade taxes for it.”  He got a lot of support from conservative Republicans as a result, and won the election in 2010.

And as you will see in the following video, when he was specifically asked about one vote on a very large ($620 million) tax increase, that would be one of his first votes if elected, he said on TV that he would vote against it.

Being this article is about voter fraud, guess what he did?  Yes, in his first major opportunity to vote for a big tax increase, the same one he promised to vote against, he voted for it.   Those same conservatives that support him then, now generally detest him.  Think detest is too strong?   Here is what Chuck Muth, a well know Nevada conservative and columnist, had to say about him:

And then there’s Sen. Ben Kieckhefer. What a low-rent street-walker.

After famously declaring on Tax Day, April 15, that “If I could get Jesus to walk through that door, I might trade taxes for it.” Well, Jesus didn’t walk through any doors, yet Kieckhefer reportedly traded his vote on the budget deal for, get this….a lousy $25,000 for the arts council.

Yeah, there’s an essential government service!

Not only is Kieckhefer a political prostitute, he’s a cheap one at that! But fret not for young Ben’s future. Expect him to trade his Senate seat sometime after the session for a lucrative lobbying career. Maybe he can nab that coveted slot as the brothel association’s lobbyist to replace retiring George Flint.  

The truth is that Ben Kieckhefer defrauded the voters just as much as a dishonest car salesman that gives a sweet little old lady a test drive in a Cadillac STS, then sells it to her for $45,000,  then delivers a 1977 Yugo with a frozen engine.   In both cases the fraud greatly benefited the fraud that committed the fraud.


Is this unusual?  No it is standard procedure in American politics to create the most deceptive ads and slogans possible.  Remember “If you like your insurance, you can keep it, period!”  This will continue as long as we allow it, because it is very beneficial to the frauds that commit it.

It is not only okay for the news media to expose this and fight it, it is our duty.  The voters of America are being disenfranchised by this fraud.

You have heard the truth about what he has done.  There is more.  An independent organization in Nevada, Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI) ranks all legislators in Nevada and Ben has one of the most anti-conservative voting records of Republicans, with a 46% rating, even below that of one Senate Democrat.

Politicians never say they are in favor of special interests and lobbyists, yet as we know, most are, and cater to them instead of the people.  How does Ben Kieckhefer rate on resisting lobbyists?

His campaign contributions records say he got $1,000 from a lobbying firm called


Lawyers & Lobbyists




How much influence does that lobbying firm have over Kieckhefer?  His full time job provides insight on that.  Ben works for that very same firm, full time.  For this he was singled out as having one of the worst conflicts of interests of any USA legislators by Public Integrity.   “Ben Kieckhefer, a Republican state Senator in Nevada, is also the director of corporate communications for a Las Vegas law firm. In 2011, he told the Reno Gazette-Journal that he talks with the lobbyists at his firm so he knows what they are working on. “We need to make sure I have a clear understanding of what they’re testifying on so I don’t have a conflict of interest I don’t know about,” he said.”

So its OK to have conflicts of interest that you know about? It is when people know about conflicts of interest, that the corruption happens!

His opponent Gary Schmidt is best known for fighting for many years for open meetings and against government secrecy as a citizen.  His policies have always been consistent, although for a while he registered as a Democrat because of disgust at Republicans that did not do, what they said they would during campaigns.  He has rather amazingly received the endorsement of the Nevada Republican Party, the NVRA and the Carson City Republican Party Central Committee, even though he is running against a Republican incumbent in a primary.  This further illustrates the disgust that conservatives have for Kieckhefer.

Yet with all the special interest money that Kieckhefer has got, he is running ads that could likely fool a voter that does not follow the news and politics much, which is most voters.   That is the scam that happens over and over in America.  The most serious form of voter fraud we have.   Now that you know the facts, have a listen to Kieckhefer’s ad.


GOOD IDEA: Carson City Sheriff candidate Daniel Gonzales suggests CCSO deputies wear audio/video cam recorders

ImageCarson City Sheriff candidate Daniel Gonzales suggests CCSO deputies wear audio/video cam recorders at the Carson City Chamber of Commerce forum May 21 2014.

Excellent idea by Dan at 31:24 to have the CCSO Deputies wear body audio/video cameras to help abate the rampant, wholesale corruption by some bad CCSO Deputies… They should also wear these in the jail too. Too many beatings and planted evidence and stuff like that with the CCSO.

We think this is a very, very good idea, but they will still tamper with the audio/video like the did with Mike Weston.

Can Cop-Worn Cameras Restore Faith In CARSON CITY like they did with the  New Orleans Police?

Lt. Travis St. Pierre, of the New Orleans Police Department, shows off a body-worn camera during a press conference in January.

Lt. Travis St. Pierre, of the New Orleans Police Department, shows off a body-worn camera during a press conference in January.
Brett Duke/The Times-Picayune/Landov

These days, the department is trying to rebuild the public’s trust — which is where the body cameras come in.

Officer Johnny Brumfeld, responding to a call in the French Quarter, has one of the cameras mounted on his chest. He’s supposed to record almost all interactions with the public: “Whenever there’s a call for service, right before I engage in contact with the party that calls or any self-initiated contact,” he says.

An ‘Unvarnished’ Record Of Events

The department brass want the public to notice the cameras.

“It’s just a win-win,” says Ronal Serpas, New Orleans’ superintendent of police. He’s trying to convince a federal court that the police department has changed — that it’s reformed enough to get out from under a federal consent decree. The cameras are one way of demonstrating the department’s spirit of transparency.

“The body-worn camera can help us have that unvarnished re-creation of what happened,” Serpas says. “It’ll give supervisors an opportunity to say something along the lines of, you know, ‘Mrs. Smith, our officers did not treat your son poorly, and we actually have evidence to that now.’ Or, ‘You’re right, we did not do a good job.’ “

But what happens if an officer stops recording — say, right before Mrs. Smith’s son gets roughed up? The chief says that kind of “selective recording” won’t be tolerated.

“Clearly, if an officer was to interrupt that by their choice and they didn’t do it any other day that week, they haven’t done it any other day that month, it’s gonna raise a lot of suspicion,” Serpas says.

The department’s body camera rules do not spell out the penalty for failing to record, though Serpas says a cop can be fired for being untruthful.

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VA Whistleblo​wer Says He’s Been Demoted, Bullied

tomfernandez28's Blog

VA Whistleblo​wer Says He’s Been Demoted, Bullied

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Dr. Jose Mathews says he’s paying the price for being a whistle-blower at the VA hospital in St. Louis.

He didn’t hold back as he told his story to KMOX.

Mathews was head of psychiatry at the VA before he came forward to say that doctors were treating only half the mental health patients they had the capacity to handle.

After, he says he was promptly removed from his position and specifically instructed not to contact any of the psychiatrists he was leading.

But even though he was re-located to a basement office, Mathews continues going to work at the VA as scheduled—but says there has been harassment from some co-workers.

“They’re sometimes mocking,” he says. “There are sometimes people who make it a point to come into my office and laugh. Seriously, this is not a joke.”

He points out it’s only a minority of…

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