Paul Plans “Audit The Fed” Filibuster At Yellen Nomination


Rand Paul Plans Filibuster Of Fed Chair Nominee Janet Yellen Until “Audit The Fed” Bill Gets A Vote




” Janet Yellen likes printing money…lots of it! This self-professed Keynesian economist is slated to become Obama’s next chair of the Federal Reserve, but Rand Paul isn’t going to allow her confirmation to breeze through the Senate without a fight.  Reports from Capitol Hill indicate that Paul is planning to hold up her nomination until he can get a vote on a bill to audit the Federal Reserve.

from New York Post:

Republican Senator Rand Paul plans to put a “hold” on the nomination of Janet Yellen to be chair of the Federal Reserve, CNBC reported on Friday, a move that would force supporters to round up 60 votes in the 100 seat Senate to confirm her.

CNBC, citing a source close to the Kentucky lawmaker, said Paul…

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Reclaim America: Alex Jones Alamo Speech

Alex Jones at unprecedented gun rights rally at Alamo: ‘If it’s a war they want, it’s a war they’ll get’

 By Scott Kaufman
Sunday, October 20, 2013 10:48 EDT

Gun rights activists gathered yesterday at the Alamo to protest any and all laws that would prohibit them from openly carrying firearms. The “Come and Take It San Antonio!” rally broke a longstanding Texas tradition of not using the symbol of its independence as a political prop. Continue reading

MUST WATCH: Iranian Filmmaker Bahman Nassiri Exposes The Illuminati

Bahman Nassiri, a Iranian Filmmaker and 32nd degree Scottish Rite Freemason-turned Christian, explains his knowledge of the Illuminati.

He says, “I am an Iranian exile turned into an Iranian-American film maker, and I am also a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Freemason, but I can assure you that if there are Political Lodges in the U.S. , I have not been involved with them.”

He goes on to say, “I released a feature film on 1/1/11 called ‘The Golden Veil’ which shows the conspiracy behind the Iranian revolution and the U.S. hostage crisis, foreshadowing what is happening today in the Middle East.”

Government is a bully

 Government Bullies: How Everyday Americans are Being Harassed, Abused, and Imprisoned by the Feds Paperback
by Rand Paul (Author) , Ron Paul (Foreword)

Government regulations are out of control. They dictate how much water goes into your commode, and how much water comes out of your showerhead. They determine how hot the water needs to be in your washing machine, and how many miles to the gallon your car must achieve. Since the Patriot Act, your banking records, your gun registration, and your phone bill are easily accessible by government snoops. Mothers are arrested for buying raw milk. Families are fined for selling bunny rabbits without a license. Home and property owners are strapped with obscene fines, entangled in costly legal messes, and sent to federal prison, all for moving dirt from one end of their land to another. Unelected bureaucrats, armed with arbitrary rules and no need to back them up, stonewall and attack American citizens at every turn. The damage can be overwhelmingly taxing—financially, emotionally and even physically.

And who is being held accountable? Government regulation and red tape run amok in Washington, and honest, tax-paying citizens are the victims of an administration’s misuse and abuse of power. Now, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, takes an in-depth look at the legislation that is trampling the rights of ordinary citizens, strangling their ability to conduct private, everyday activities without egregious government interference. He highlights outrageous searches, seizures and arrests, and points to thousands of regulations that have been added to the books since Obama took office. Most importantly, he charts a direction out of this mess, and toward renewed freedom for all Americans.

These stories are of everyday Americans badgered and harassed by their own government—the very institution that is supposed to serve us all. This gross breach of our constitution is as frightening as it is real, and GOVERNMENT BULLIES is a call to action against it.


Snowden’s Dad SCHOOLS Obama, Pelosi, and Holder in Open Letter

Published July 29, 2013 by Sussex County Angel

lonRe: Civil Disobedience, Edward J. Snowden, and the Constitution

Dear Mr. President:

You are acutely aware that the history of liberty is a history of civil disobedience to unjust laws or practices. As Edmund Burke sermonized, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Civil disobedience is not the first, but the last option. Henry David Thoreau wrote with profound restraint in Civil Disobedience: “If the injustice is part of the necessary friction of the machine of government, let it go, let it go: perchance it will wear smooth certainly the machine will wear out. If the injustice has a spring, or a pulley, or a rope, or a crank, exclusively for itself, then perhaps you may consider whether the remedy will not be worse than the evil; but if it is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law. Let your life be a counter friction to stop the machine.” Continue reading

Sheldon Adelson says US should drop atomic bomb on Iran

Maybe the Us should drop a bomb on Sheldon Adelson?

NEW YORK – During a panel at Yeshiva University on Tuesday evening, Sheldon Adelson, noted businessman and owner of the newspaper Israel Hayom, suggested that the US should use nuclear weapons on Iran to impose its demands from a position of strength.

Asked by moderator Rabbi Shmuley Boteach whether the US should negotiate with Iran if it were to cease its uranium enrichment program, Adelson retorted, “What are we going to negotiate about?”  Continue reading

Sandoval campaign offers perks for cash just like a prostitute

ImageSandoval campaign offers perks for cash just like a prostitute that he his and the pimps who put him on the street corners. Image

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Gov. Brian Sandoval’s campaign is offering video chats and lunch with the Republican governor in exchange for monthly donations toward his re-election.

Campaign officials say the strategy is aimed at smaller donors but critics say it is in poor taste and could raise the notion of pay for play.

An email entitled “exclusive benefits” sent by the campaign’s finance director Kate Szafran offers various levels of access and perks for monthly contributions ranging from $10 to $100.

Sandoval’s campaign manager Jeremy Hughes says the trinkets and face time are an attempt to appeal to grassroots voters. He scoffs that the fundraising tactic could be viewed as pay-for-play.

President of the Nevada Center for Public Ethics Martin Dean Dupalo says the pitch is poorly worded and could backfire with voters.


Jan. 7 2014 U.S. trial for former Nevada forestry official Keith Westengard’s lawsuit

A former fire battalion chief for the Nevada Division of Forestry in Elko will get a chance in U.S. District Court in Reno early next year to try to prove he was illegally fired three years ago in retaliation for blowing the whistle on improper agency activities.

U.S. District Judge Robert Jones set a Jan. 7 trial date for Keith Westengard’s lawsuit against the state.

Westengard says his First Amendment rights were violated after he told Elko County commissioners about improper management of firefighting resources in Elko County.

Jones denied the state’s motion to dismiss the case earlier this year. He ruled there was enough evidence to suggest Westengard’s supervisors acted “vindictively and apparently illegally … in plotting to destroy” his professional reputation with false evaluations.

Westengard files against seven NDF employees

July 29, 2010 9:57 pm  •  JULIE WOOTTON Staff Writer

ELKO – Elko County’s battalion chief for the Nevada Division of Forestry filed a civil complaint last week in U.S. District Court against seven coworkers for allegedly creating a hostile work environment.

Keith Westengard filed the complaint against Peter Anderson, administrator; Richard Harvey, assistant administrator; Michael Dondero, state fire management officer; Thomas Turk, safety officer; Sam Hicks, battalion chief; Holly Bullington, fire control dispatcher 3; and James Michael Rector, who works in the fire management office.

“The hostile environment the Defendants have created is so hostile and abusive that no reasonable person would be expected to tolerate it in order to keep their job and economic livelihood at the agency,” stated the complaint.

The complaint also states that Westengard will seek leave from the position in case he chooses to resign.

Jeffrey Dickerson of Reno is the lead attorney for Westengard and Julie Ann Cavanaugh-Bill, of Spring Creek, is also representing Westengard, according to court records.

Dickerson didn’t return a phone call Thursday and Westengard’s cell phone number is no longer in service.

Elko County Manager Rob Stokes said Westengard is a state, not county, employee.

The complaint states that Westengard has “suffered emotional distress, mental anguish, harm to reputation, embarrassment, grief, humiliation, loss of enjoyment of life and career, as well as special damages, including lost overtime and lost time in the pursuit of grievances.”

Anderson, who works in NDF’s state office in Carson City, said under state law, he can’t comment on the complaint because it’s a personnel issue. He said all questions would have to be directed to the Nevada Attorney General’s Office and there’s no NDF spokesperson on the issue.

On July 23, the day the complaint was filed in Reno, the case was assigned to District Judge Robert Jones and Magistrate Judge Robert McQuaid.

On Monday, each NDF employee named in the complaint was issued a summons asking for an answer to the complaint.

A response must be received within 21 days after the summons is issued, or within 60 days for employees of the United States.

Each defendant is being sued under his or her individual position. “At all times they were acting under the color of State law in violating Plaintiff’s constitutional right under the First Amendment to free speech,” according to the complaint.

Westengard heard about several issues affecting the operations of NDF and reported them to the defendants, according to the complaint.

He said he was concerned about his supervisor interfering with the operations of the Elko agency, a different supervisor’s management style that was adversely affecting morale, and illegal activity in terms of utilizing grant money for equipment donated to NDF.

Bullington allegedly failed to respond to Westengard’s call-outs from a hazardous waste situation in Rector’s presence, according to the complaint.

Westengard was issued a negative performance evaluation and was placed on administrative leave during wildfire season.

The complaint states that defaming comments were made about Westengard by the defendants within and outside the agency stating he wasn’t qualified to be battalion chief.

According to the complaint, Harvey admitted that the purpose of the “adverse employment actions” is to keep Westengard quiet so “NDF does not lose its contract with Elko County, which has a value to the agency in the six figures on an annual basis, the agency’s largest contract in the State of Nevada.”

Elko County Commissioners heard about four hours of testimony on the operation of NDF during a May meeting.

During the meeting, Brent Palmer, a volunteer firefighter from Pilot Valley, alleged that illegal activities have taken place within NDF, including mismanagement of grant funds, but Elko County staff said they hadn’t seen any evidence.

Anderson said during the meeting that 473 fire districts, including Elko County’s, are unique to Nevada and are built on a partnership between the county and state.

In the 1950s, Elko County contracted with NDF to manage the county’s fire district.

Anderson said there’s an agreement, not a contract, with Elko County to provide services.

Other NDF-related topics that came up during the May meeting included striping of Elko County fire vehicles and volunteer firefighter morale.


(20) Comments

  1. Buster
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    Buster – September 03, 2010 11:33 am
    If what I know about this comes to light in Court WOW!!
    Westengard you have more frinds than you know and more than just the people named right now will be linked to it all. 

    I think this may just spread into another County? The Dirty Dozen? This is gonna get good! If what I know does come out, I think it all will, there will be many job openings soon.

  2. Tecoma 3
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    Tecoma 3 – August 21, 2010 2:05 pm

    Brent Palmer,

    Elko County Tax Payer,
    Elko County Volunteer Firefighter
    Elko County Coalition Of Firefighters

  3. record straight
    Report Abuse
    record straight – August 20, 2010 4:47 pm
    “Getrealpeople”….you hit the nail on the head and so many people couldn’t agree with you more! Time will tell and the truth will come out. Good luck Mr. W, you have a lot of support behind you. By the way, have you heard the latest drama in the fire world of northern Nevada, that Mr. R (Rector) is being investigated for alleged sexual harassment violations? Just 6 months into his position as FMO. Let’s see how NDF covers this up.
  4. momentum
    Report Abuse
    momentum – August 17, 2010 2:35 pm
    I’m so confused. They are being charge with what? Being pieces of crap? I didn’t know that was even possible. This comment board reminds me of my elementary school. “You’re ugly” “Oh yeah, well you smell funny” Where is the Principal when you need him? I think this should be settled with a contest. Two lines, everyone gets a hose, and whoever is standing at the end wins. Fair enough?
  5. getrealpeople
    Report Abuse
    getrealpeople – August 15, 2010 2:54 pm
    oh come on ffwife. The only people that are angry because they got caught are the 7 described! Every single one described is a piece of crap and should be charged with worse. You are no one to say anything you pick one side and dont even see the truth maybe you should pick a better side not one that is corrupt and a bunch of horn dogs. Way to go W i hope you stick it to the men and women!!! Make them pay for what they are! Go W do what many have wanted to do! make them pay for everything!
  6. ffwife
    Report Abuse
    ffwife – August 07, 2010 4:19 pm
    As for NDF and NDFiscorrupt I’m sure I can also put faces to your screen as well because you also seem to know a lot of vital and confidential information. And remember those who live in glass houses shall not cast the first stone. You are all angry because you got caught and now you’ve got nothing left. Your friends didn’t betray you, you betrayed them the minute you pulled your crap.
  7. ffwife
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    ffwife – August 07, 2010 4:14 pm
    I would like to say nvr2L8 and nolies thank you because you are the ones that see through the bull that Mr. W is trying to pull off. These charges are utter B.S. These charges come through a man who is hypocritical and disgruntled. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on. I’m not one of the 7 mentioned in these charges and those of you who know well could probably guess who I am I don’t really care. I’d tell you this to your face.
  8. Tecoma 3
    Report Abuse
    Tecoma 3 – August 05, 2010 8:23 pm
    Hey decline. If you are referring to us volunteers as hillbillies then post a sign on your house that says “No Hillbillie Firefighter allowed on this property” I dare say, that even though you have dissed on us we will still help you. “Don’t ever underestimate the will and abilities of a Volunteer Firefighter” Yes most of Elko County’s volunteer FD’s have old unsafe equipment. You can thank NDF for that. NDF has some very good people, it’s the “Sacred 7 that I have a big problem with”
  9. record straight
    Report Abuse
    record straight – August 05, 2010 3:06 pm
    I must agree with momentum to call the volunteers “hillbillies” is a slap in the face. The volunteers that donate their time to training, responding to fires and medical emergencies, and public events are to be honored. These men and women are the backbone of many fire departments throughout the country, including Elko County, however to keep the record straight all that new full time equipment has been purchased and is owned by Elko County tax payers. It has been many years since NDF has purchased equipment for this County. My understanding is over 10 years.
  10. momentum
    Report Abuse
    momentum – August 05, 2010 9:48 am
    40 year old equipment? The full time NDF trucks are almost all pretty up-to-date. It’s the volunteer departments that have the older stuff. With that in mind, I have to assume you are calling the volunteers hillbillies. What an ignorant comment. These guys volunteer to provide their services to you and you call them names? As long as they get the wet stuff on the red stuff in a timely matter, it shouldn’t matter what the trucks look like, you hillbilly.
  11. decline
    Report Abuse
    decline – August 04, 2010 3:52 pm
    good job W this county needs brought up to speed on public service. fire ambulance to police should protect the community and i have seen police and ambulance improve but iam tired of seeing 40 year old or older technoligy respond by my house with hill billies on bord tryin to say they know what there doin. hopefully your case will help get rid of some of the good old boy system, and make the system protect the public like it should.
  12. NDFiscorrupt
    Report Abuse
    NDFiscorrupt – August 03, 2010 6:51 pm
    GIVE ME A BREAK! If the last two posts aren’t obvious enough, it should be clear to those of us who’ve worked for NDF that these 2 posts more than likely from two of the 7 folks being sued!! I didn’t read ANYWHERE in the article that stated “forming their own department” or “creating a defection”. Only an insider would come up with that! Take it from someone who knows, NDF is doing everything they can to cover this up & I applaud Mr. W’s courage standing up & fighting back when no one else could
  13. Tecoma 3
    Report Abuse
    Tecoma 3 – August 03, 2010 2:24 pm
    Hey, nolies and NVR2L8. It’s easy to hide behind a screen name. I challenge the two of you and Mr. Anderson to a debate perhaps on TV and before the public. Chief Westengard has gained the respect of his full time guys as well as the volunteers.

    Bring it on lets set the record straight and spread no lies! By the way my name is Brent Palmer, what are your?

  14. NDF
    Report Abuse
    NDF – August 03, 2010 2:05 pm
    nolies and nrv2L8. After reading your comments I bet I could put faces to your screen names. I think you are part of Pete’s Thugs. You seem to know some information that nobody else does. nolies give us all a break after all nobody lies like nolies.
  15. nolies
    Report Abuse
    nolies – August 03, 2010 7:30 am
    This is nothing but retaliation for getting caught creating a mutiny. Mr. W. if you were thinking of quitting, then quit, don’t bleed the employer and sue everyone around you. It’s too easy to sue now days. So sorry NDF has to put up with this, especially during fire season, it has always been an upstanding outfit. IF I were caught doing this kind of thing, I wonder if I could sue my captains too? This could be habit forming behavior.
  16. nvr2L8
    Report Abuse
    nvr2L8 – August 03, 2010 6:58 am
    NDF does a good job in Elko County. Sounds like disgruntled employees and retaliation. Doesn’t anyone have loyalty to their employer anymore or has the tail wagged the dog too long? Tough when an employee that’s being repremanded or gets caught trying to form their own department, and creating a defection, gets caught, then sues the people that are trying to clean up the mess. If you didn’t like NDF why not get another job? I’d be mad as hell if this happened to me.
    Report Abuse
    CLEAVLAND STEAMER – July 31, 2010 5:16 pm
    Wow-NDF is in the paper alot lately-
  18. NDF
    Report Abuse
    NDF – July 30, 2010 1:50 pm

    Peter Anderson – State Forester – Richard Harvey – Deputy Forester – Michael Dondero – State Fire Management Officer – Thomas Turk – Elko Safety Officer – Sam Hicks – Eureka County Battalion Chief – James Mike Rector – Elko District Fire Management Officer – Holly Bullinton – Lead Dispatcher NDF, Elko

  19. NDF
    Report Abuse
    NDF – July 30, 2010 1:31 pm
    I have worked for NDF. Chief Wesentgard I support you one hundred percent! Me and my family applaud you for standing up and fighting these NDF THUGS.I am sure you and your family have suffered as did my family. No one can understand Until one has worked for Mr. Anderson and his gang of thugs what pure hell they can put you through.Elko and Eureka Counties it’s time to stand up and do what is right. Your are either afraid of NDF or are just like them. Commissioners DO YOUR JOB FIX IT. FIX IT….
  20. HOLA
    Report Abuse
    HOLA – July 30, 2010 9:41 am
    Good luck against the state! The County has a few more civil cases coming. Dale is going to leave quite a burden for the new sheriff and it’s tax payers. He skated by with the whole Rocky mess. If you all only knew. Good luck Dave and Mikey! 
    “Any man can handle adversity, but give him power and see his true character.”

Police Officer Delivers Baby While On Duty

CBS Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (AP) — It was no ordinary day on the job for Las Vegas police officer Jesus Jimenez.

Officials say Jimenez was dispatched to an apartment complex on East Charleston Boulevard Monday morning when he found the mother-to-be in labor in the back seat of a car.

Jimenez helped deliver the baby in the parking lot, unwrap the umbilical cord from the baby’s neck, and clear the airway so the girl could breathe — all before medical personnel arrived.

Rescuers who showed up later took the mother and her new arrival to Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center.

(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)

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A Reno Neighborhood Drinks in Style –

Reno / Tahoe Real Estate Blog

As Nevada’s second city, Reno was once a boomtown of gambling, vice and quickie divorces. The city struggled as tribal casinos proliferated in neighboring California in the last decade, sapping the demand for just-across-state-lines slot machines and blackjack tables. Never as cosmopolitan as its “Biggest Little City” motto suggests, Reno has long had a night life dominated by second-rate casinos, strip clubs and the diviest of dive bars. Those days, however, are disappearing.

Nowhere is that change more apparent than in the Midtown District, a modest neighborhood south of downtown where a half-dozen new lounges, gastro pubs, craft breweries and cocktail bars have recently opened. In a city notorious for wicked night life, this generation of businesses represents a continuation of a boozy after-dark tradition and a break from Reno’s seedy past. This Midtown, as such, has existed for only a handful of years. Previously, the district was known…

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Nevada Projects Population Growth

CBS Las Vegas

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Nevada’s demographer says the state’s population grew by 35 percent in the first 10 years of the century despite a trifecta of economic whammies and is projected to grow another 9.6 percent by 2020.

Demographer Jeff Hardcastle released his population estimates for the next 20 years on Wednesday.

He projects Nevada will add 529,000 people over the next two decades, with Clark County gaining the most, about 377,000.

Hardcastle says the state’s gambling industry continues to be the biggest driver for employment but education and health care sectors have the most room to grow.

He says Nevada has regained only 28 percent of jobs lost at the height of the recession, compared with 75 percent nationally.


Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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NEVADA: Charter schools and my opinion columns

Charter Pulse

charter-schoolI received the following inquiry from the Bonanza’s editor: “I’ve had a reader question me about your relationship with the Mariposa Academy, the building/property where it’s located … and whether or not you stand to gain anything financially from your previous promotion of a charter school in Incline Village and … if there’s a perceived conflict of interest in your columns over the years that have spoken highly of charter schools.” I’m happy to respond.

Having grown up in Southern California and spent my working career there I developed an admiration for Latinos. I learned to appreciate their culture, work ethic, devotion to family and many other characteristics.

In school many of my friends were Latinos. Later I worked for a bank that made a lot of real estate loans in East Los Angeles and I was impressed with the absence of delinquencies in that portfolio. Regardless of the economy…

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Wild horse advocates acquitted of all charges in Storey County dumping case

Tuesday's Horse


RENO, NEVADA (October 17, 2013) — After a day-long trial in the historic Storey County Court House, Judge Steve McMorris acquitted the Let ‘Em Run Foundation and horse advocates Willis Lamm and Shirley Allen on all charges brought about by the Nevada Department of Agriculture.

Director of Agriculture Jim Barbee had alleged that the defendants had dumped eight former Virginia Range horses onto the open range without rebranding the horses, that they had abandoned them and that they had let them starve. Barbee then widely spread those allegations in the press and throughout the State Legislature.

The defendants argued that the horses had been placed on the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center, which was private land, with the permission of the Managing Partner, Lance Gilman.

In court, one of the department’s own witnesses described the industrial center as over 100,000 acres of private property with a fence that…

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Las Vegas Housing Recovery Slows

HZ Connection

October 20, 2013
Market: Las Vegas, NV

The Las Vegas MSA’s streak of 19 consecutive months of single-family home price increases finally came to an end in September. The median price fell 1.1% month-over-month to $180,000, still representing a 29% annual increase. According to reports from The Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors this is the first monthly decrease since January 2012. Dave Tina, the organization’s president, lent some perspective to the situation: “We knew these rising home prices had to slow down sometime. This may be the beginning of more stable prices for the coming months.”

In terms of demand, of the 14,659 single-family homes that were listed for sale at the month’s end, 6,330 homes did not yet have an offer. That is That is a 12.8% increase in homes without an offer over the previous month and 60% increase year-over-year.

Read more at the Las Vegas Review-Journal

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Girl: Teacher shot by ‘nice kid’ who was bullied

[ndn id=25279298]

(CNN) — No one knows why he picked this day, this time, these victims.

It was the first day back from fall break at Sparks Middle School. Students milled about, waiting to hear the morning bell.

Within moments, two 12-year-old students were wounded. A beloved teacher and military veteran lay dead. And the young shooter — armed with his parents’ gun — took his own life, silencing any way of understanding what he was thinking.

‘I think he took out his bullying’

Before Monday morning, the gunman seemed like the antithesis of a school shooter.

“He was really a nice kid,” schoolmate Amaya Newton said. “He would make you smile when you were having bad day.”

But for whatever reason, the boy, whom authorities have not identified, took his parents’ handgun to school, a federal law enforcement source said.

“I believe it was because I saw him getting…

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Nevada shooting sparks gun-free zone, bullying debate

The Pug


A student at Sparks Middle School in Nevada pulled out a gun in class and fired at a teacher and his classmates. The student killed the teacher, Michael Landsberry, a 45-year-old United States Marine Corps veteran, and injured two other students before killing himself.

Like most before it, the shooting happened in a gun-free zone.


You just proved people don’t listen. Not surprisingly, shooters don’t obey gun-free zone signs either.

I’m being satirical, but the fact remains: nothing tells a shooter that his or her law-abiding victims will be unarmed quite like a sign that says: “NO GUNS ALLOWED.”

Should we allow everyone the freedom to openly carry weapons?

People are emotional creatures. Imagine how upset Larry will be when his McDouble has onions on the side even though he only wanted pickles and a drive-through ordering becomes a drive-by shooting.


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Mustang Police Horse Abby has died

Tuesday's Horse


The Mono County Sheriff’s Office is saddened to report the loss of one of our mounted team members, Abby, the Mustang Police Horse. Abby had a 17-year career span as a mounted patrol horse with partner Lt. Phil West.

Abby was a former wild mustang, foaled in 1991, and gathered from the BLM Herd Management ‘Area 52,’ near Tonopah, NV.

Abby came to Lt. Phil West in 1992 from Officer Rich Perkins of the Bishop Police Department.

In the spring of 1994, after Lt. West lost his first mustang police horse, Modoc, Abby went into training to become the replacement horse. Abby became a familiar face in the Eastern Sierras with the inter-agency Eastern Sierra Mounted Enforcement Unit, working details from Lone Pine to Bridgeport and gathered thousands of loving strokes from citizens and visitors in the course of her career.

Abby’s career with Lt. West spanned 17-years.

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Heidi Fleiss Arrested…Again

CBS Las Vegas

(Pahrump, NV) — Former “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss is back behind bars.

This arrest comes just two days before a scheduled court appearance to face charges on a marijuana growing operation.

Nye County police confirm Fleiss was taken into custody around 3:30 Tuesday morning.

Charges include being under the influence of a controlled substance, DUI drugs, possession of marijuana with intent to sell, possession of greater than 1 ounce of marijuana, driving without a license, driving with suspended registration and driving with no insurance.

Police seized about 4 ounces of marijuana and $10,000 in cash from her vehicle.

She was booked into the Nye County Detention Center, due to face arraignment Tuesday afternoon.  Bail was set at $22,233.

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The NRA Calls for Armed Teachers in Response to Nevada School Shooting

SuperGirl Advent

The NRA Calls for Armed Teachers in Response to Nevada School Shooting

There has been yet another school shooting that ended in two deaths and two seriously injured at a Nevada middle school. This particular school shooting was out of the ordinary as fellow students proclaimed how the shooter was a “good student.” No one would have suspected that he would have brought a firearm from home to shoot himself and others.

 NRA Geniuses (Sarcasm)

Now that the country has seen these school shootings one too many times, the Gun control debate sparks new theories about protecting ourselves and youths. I try to stay neutral about gun control, but there is no way I can at this time. The NRA states that the recent shooting is an indication that teachers should be armed in the classroom.

Armed Teachers? Oh Hell Naw!

I know many educators, and while most of…

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Who Was MichaelMark Rippie?


I’ll speak of him as if he were dead. I got this idea from Mark Twain, the opening of his autobiography. He introduced the book with talk about how he’d need to write as if he were already dead. Exposing such blatant and intimate “privacies”, he’d have to write as if he were already gone.

For the sake of my writings, I’m going to just assume Mark Rippie is dead. One cannot be too careful. At the time of this writing, no, he’s not dead, but being incapacitated as I’m told he is, I don’t think he’ll be reading my words–though he might, so who knows. I’ll write as if he’s gone already.

You’d have to be inside the relationship that he and I had to understand the man’s views at all. His ex-wife seems to understand him and I know that she can’t handle being around him. I can’t…

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Nevada School Shooter IDed

The city of Sparks, Nevada, has released the name of the 12-year-old who killed a teacher and wounded two students in a school shooting: one Jose Reyes. The city had previously refused to identify the boy, though the Reno Gazette-Journal asserted it should do so in accordance with state…
Read more about:
Nevada School Shooter IDed

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Sick Inmate Dies In Carson City Prison

They kill you in Carson City.

CBS Las Vegas

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — State officials are reporting the third inmate death this month at a Carson City prison.

Officials with the Nevada Department of Corrections say a sick inmate died Monday at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center. They don’t suspect foul play.

Authorities say the inmate has been incarcerated since 2009 and was serving an 8-20 year sentence on a burglary conviction out of Clark County.

Officials say they aren’t releasing the person’s name until they can notify relatives.

The death is the third reported among the prison’s inmates this month.

Fifty-two-year-old Richard Ferst and 62-year-old Larry Peck died earlier in October.

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Julian Assange’s campaign to turn people off The Fifth Estate appears to be working

He didn’t win a seat in the Australian Senate, he hasn’t quite brought an end to the surveillance state, and he looks set to be confined to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for a long time yet. But on one front at least Julian Assange can feel pretty satisfied: his campaign to turn people off The Fifth Estate appears to be working.

On its opening weekend in the US, the film took just $1.7 million on 1769 screens – an average of less than $1000 per screen. In the UK, where it opened a week earlier, it took a little over $800,000 on 411 screens in its opening four days, a slightly better but still underwhelming result.

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Armed Feds Raid Reporter’s Home, Confiscate Confidential Docs

An investigative reporter in the Washington, D.C., area says armed federal agents stormed her home in August and confiscated stacks of confidential documents, leading her to fear that her undercover government sources have been exposed.

Report: Armed Feds Raid Reporters Home, Confiscate Confidential Docs

Audrey Hudson, a freelance reporter for Newsmax and the Colorado Observer, said the Department of Homeland Security and the Maryland State Police raided her home in Shady Side, Md., in August, the Daily Caller reported.

A copy of the search warrant shows law enforcement officials were cleared to search her home for firearms, according to the Daily Caller. Hudson’s husband, Paul Flanagan, was found guilty in 1986 of resisting arrest and is forbidden by law from owning or possessing a firearm, explaining why the raid allowed authorities to search their shared property for firearms.

But Hudson told the Daily Caller that agents also confiscated documents containing information on sources within the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration. She said no subpoena was presented for the documents and said the confiscation was outside the bounds of the warrant.

She said about seven officers dressed in full body armor arrived at her home at 4:30 a.m. Aug. 6 and presented her with a search warrant. Hudson said an investigator with the Coast Guard’s Investigative Service identified her as the reporter responsible for writing a series of articles critical of air marshals for The Washington Times newspaper. Continue reading

Audit the Federal Reserve: Second chance is now!

History in a Hurry

It is a good day when CNBC is freaking out.

They are reporting that Sen. Rand Paul is going to block the nomination of Janet Yellen to the Federal Reserve (probably next week), until Sen. Harry Reid allows a vote on Paul’s Audit the Fed bill. The bill overwhelmingly passed the U.S. House last year, but Reid didn’t let it come to a vote in the Senate.

I have a tingly feeling that this will be as great as Paul’s drones filibustero.

Go here to listen to a brief recording from Campaign for Liberty and sign their petition for the audit bill. Sign it again if you already have signed it. Call, email, and bug your U.S. rep and senators to vote to audit the Federal Reserve.

For more information on the history of the Federal Reserve, please read The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the…

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Dismemberment of Command: America’s Military Shakeup

USA Partisan

See on Scoop.itLiberty Revolution

We all knew the military was being “cleaned up.” Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General “Marty” Dempsey, when he assumed America’s top military command, filled a position that had been virtually vacant for over a decade.

That decade and more had been filled with failures of command, dozens of them, at the highest levels, numerous inexplicable and often senseless violations of good order and discipline. Moreover, many of those violations bordered on or exceeded the necessary prerequisites to qualify as war crimes or treason.

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[VIDEO] U.S. Sells Navy’s First Ever Supercarrier — All 60,000 Tons of it — for 1¢

pundit from another planet

The U.S. Navy’s first supercarrier, the now-decommissionedUSS Forrestal (AVT-59)has been sold for one cent to Texas-based All Star Metals to be taken apart and scrapped.

The Navy awarded the contract to the company on Oct. 22. The net price proposed by the company “considered the estimated proceeds from the sale of the scrap metal to be generated from dismantling,” according to an official statement.

Now, All Star Metals will develop a plan to tow the aging carrier — first launched in 1954 and decommissioned in 1993 — from Philadelphia to Brownsville, Texas.

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Is There Anything Right?

Bob's Opinion

Good Morning, (TGIF)

Ready to Crumble
76% agree — we are headed in the wrong direction

This morning as usual, my wife calls it border-line eccentric routine, I set down at my desk with the intent of reading my 60 – 70 emails, looking over the news feeds, and reviewing the posts made by those few souls who have chosen to follow me on Facebook and Twitter.  This morning I decided to sneak up on the routine, and check out just the headlines, then briefly scan the posts on the Facebook and Twitter gadgets.

That should be enough of a break in my pathetic routine to send me into on-line information shock for some time.  However, I looked at the headlines, and posts, kicked back and gazed into the soon to be obsolete iGoogle page, into the infinite world of ‘Al Gore’ who invented this mess.  Instant information, and from that instant information…

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NSPW gets revamped to adjust message from dark to light & negative to positive

good_vs__evilNevada State Personnel WATCH gets revamped to adjust message from dark to light & negative to positive. In light of a shift of faith and political pressure, I am rearranging certain posts  on this website to remove potentially dark and negative to replace with more positive. What does this mean? The website will remain up with most posts in tact, posts that may  be controversial are being toned down or removed to remove any thing that can be taken out of context and used against me.

This website was designed to showcase  my ANTI CORRUPTION protests and expose the rampant, wholesale corruption in Nevada government, especially the judicial branch.  The website took off and went viral with over 100,000 hits and an average of 500 hits per day. The unique writing style and genre have attracted a following of people who love the website and other who hate it.

The writing style needed a slight tweak to highlight the facts and less bad words to describe to corruption. Obviously, I am passionate when these stories are written, and I want to make a name as a writer who covers this kind of topic – hard hitting, in your face style…

The goal is to get the word out, expose the corruption and advocate for changes to make a positive change in Nevada where corruption runs rampant. This website does not advocate for violence – but change is needed.  I know I am trying all legal remedies to work out my personal issues, but therein lies the problem – The Nevada judicial system is corrupt to the core and the judges completely ignore the laws and acts of the cases to carry out personal vendettas lock stock and barrel. The must be a complete reform and bad judges, DA’s, cops and government officials must be held accountable or their actions and fired, charged and disciplined. light-vs-dark

The corruption in Nevada is very damaging to the victims and there is very little recourse because the various venues  for redress like the courts, State bar, commission on judicial discipline, FBI, AG and DA’s are corrupt and cover up the corruption.

The whole system is very sick and evil. Covering this corruption is like covering the worst crimes like pedophilia, rapists, murders and hard core drug related crime. It can make you sick and disgusted.

This is really good vs. evil in my opinion.  I know there are good people in power, but they can be sucked into evil deeds and they fear to stand up to the evil for a number of reasons including losing their jobs for not being a team player. On the other hand, these people need to fight evil by prosecuting real crimes like murder, rape, robbery, etc… It is a paradox. Along the way, the Constitution is being tossed out and innocent people are being treated unfairly like the worst criminals. When the people in power do this intentionally, they essentially lower themselves to the worsts of the worst criminal.

lennonGoing forward, I do not want to lower myself or this website to their level. Instead, I must figure out who to elevate above and yet still report the story.  Actually, I wish there were no more negative stories to write about, but unfortunately it seems every day there is more news of corruption and scandal in Nevada and the world at large.

The evil in this world is so rampant and it can be very deceptive. I have personally asked for God to once again and intervene and guide me away from the evil forces. This is a leap of faith. God does act in mysterious ways and I ind myself doing things differently, yet still fighting the good fight. Removing certain posts from this website seemed to all in-line with all of this and keeping focused on what I want in a positive light is the right vehicle.

The people who are committing the corruption must know they are sinners. They know that ignoring the facts and laws is wrong and using the judicial system to carry out a personal vendetta is wrong. Perhaps they will change their ways?

All people are sinners to some extant, and the universe and God does allow people freewill and the wisdom to choose to change. I do not claim to be something I am not, I ask my maker to give me the wisdom to see what I must do, and I must follow the positive light and not be drawn into the deception. the-further-a-society-drifts-from-truth-george-orwell-quote-screenshot-540x547

If you are not religious – it does not matter. My message is good vs evil and everyone can agree both good and evil exist. I do not believe this to necessarily be religious at all, but you must at least have faith in yourself. I also think all the various religious beliefs have good teachings and that is what must be demonstrated. The most simple and most profound are the 10 commandments. and if we can all live by these rules, there would be peace on earth.

There is a brilliant song by Bruce Springsteen that seems to capture this spirit. This is a really broad song that can mean a lot to a lot of people.  The “take a God filled soul” part is what is interesting. Here is someone who is religious, who has done all this praying, all his Bible reading or confession or whatever. Yet, he feels at the end. It could be a priest whose secret lover or wife (if he were Anglican or Orthodox) died. It does not have to be about a soldier. The wonderful thing about the Boss is how almost all his songs mean so much to different people. The song “American Skin (41 Shots)” was about whom? The police who each day have to make that horrible call IF it was a wallet or a gun? I don’t know if he was sure or is even sure himself what his songs mean. Like all the great poets he gives even the most personal of songs like “Born to Run” a broad meaning that I used to identify with “Born to Run” to the point of obsessing, being a “bad boy” and taking off in my ’67 Dodge Dart.  As to the part about the gun, it can mean anything – this is just a song, but it captures a wide range of things into just a great song that can mean different things to different people. Someone is going to take this out of context to say Ty has his finger on the trigger! Nope, Bruce Springsteen wrote the words as a metaphor in his song. I interpret this lyric as a man who is acing good and evil and he has his finger on the trigger… There is no innuendo from me here…

For me, this powerful song is about a God fearing man being tested and in the end, there is good and evil. You need to watch out or else evil can eat you up and turn your heart black…

This song is about war on the battlefield and in the spiritual world and it  makes me look at the moment and take inventory and put things in check, for me the choice is clear and they are not taking my soul to fill it with devils and dust.

I got God on my side, And I’m just trying to survive, What if what you do to survive kills the things you love,  Fears a dangerous thing, It’ll turn your heart black you can trust,It’ll take your God filled soul, Fill it with devils and dust

judge forced to resign after caught texting instructions to assistant DA during trial

Tim Cushing
October 24, 2013

"Innocent until proven guilty" has become little more than a disclaimer tacked onto cop-centered reality shows. / By Brian Turner, via Wikimedia Commons

“Innocent until proven guilty” has become little more than a disclaimer tacked onto cop-centered reality shows. / By Brian Turner, via Wikimedia Commons

Oh, the hilarity that is the phrase “criminal justice system.” Talk to any defense attorney and they’ll tell you how the deck is stacked against defendants and defense lawyers. The ideal of “innocent until proven guilty” has become little more than a disclaimer tacked onto cop-centered reality shows. Defendants are guilty until the jury is somehow tricked by the defense into handing down a “not guilty” verdict. A lot of effort goes towards dissuading defendants from even making it this far, as prosecutors will present worst-case scenarios comprised of every violation conceivable in order to get an agreement to plead guilty to a lesser charge. Continue reading

Carson City Sheriff, DA and corrupt Judges retaliate against Ty Robben after being sued

power corruptsThe Carson City Sheriff, DA and corrupt Judges retaliate after being sued by threatening civil rights activist Ty Robben with “charges” by an unnamed “political official”… This is another attempt by the corrupt, evil and vindictive Carson City and Nevada government to try to shutdown this website, quash the multimillion dollar lawsuits and put people in jail or prison for doing nothing.

This website and Ty Robben do not advocate for violence, we are against violence and corruption. The ones who want violence are the corrupt and evil officials who want me dead or exposing them and ending their political careers.

The problem is the Nevada and Carson City government uses violence against the citizens.  This website provides stories and links to Nevada corruption and police violence.  This website cuts through the censored news to bring the story to the public and asks the real questions and presents the facts.

Ty Robben will stand up to any corrupt officials, including the Sheriff, DA and Judge(s). There are a ton of corrupt officials in Nevada, and especially Carson City. These people will kill you to shut you up, they will jail you and poison your food like they did to me, they trump up false charges. These people are “bullies” who abuse their power and create much bigger problems by abusing and harassing people who stand up to them and expose their corruption.

There is so much corruption, it can make you sick. This is very real and real people are suffering because of the corruption. With the incidents like Ruby Ridge and Waco, Texas – there has been some reform, but Nevada clearly lacks the reform needed. We know the FBI has been made aware of this instant situation, yet they seem to let the problems fester.

This website gets hundreds of hits everyday and has well over 100,000 hits in addition to the youtube and facebook sites. Clearly, the corrupt officials are angered and want to shut me down by doing more of the same retaliation. How far will they go?  Apparently they want me dead… Stay tuned.

I was told by Carson City detective Dan Gomes and his partner named Olsen that something related to this website constitutes a “threat” to an unnamed public official. I asked who the official was and what the threat was, and they did not say. I there is a threat or something they want taken down, they need to tell me and they have not.

I suspect that my lawsuit which exposes the corruption with the Department of Alternative Sentencing rattled their cage. The story about the Judge John Tatro shooting and the “confession” made by the perpetrator also rattled their cage. Dan Gomes is back peddling on the story he told me in an effort to cover up that case.  Ironically, this website has assisted in fighting crime and has offered information leading to the real suspects of crimes. There is no “threat” by Mr. Robben, instead they threaten Mr. Robben.

The Carson City Sheriff department can not be trusted. Everything has been one big lie and cover up from the beginning when I served a subpoena to the NDOT Director  named Susan Martinovich who evaded service and ran over my foot with her SUV. The Sheriff, DA and courts work lock stock and barrel to harass me and violate my civil rights in retaliation when in act they should admit their own wrongdoings and settle the civil and criminal cases instead of obstructing justice.  They won’t and they will continue to lie, cheat and make false accusations against me.

I want to make it very, very clear in this post that I do not want violence – I want justice. I have not threatened anyone with a preemptive strike of violence. I have made my actions speak as in filing court motions and lawsuits – not AR15’s, not AK47’s or anything that would be a threat. These people know that. I have stated that I will take them down politically and legally – and I have.

They know I have started to write a tell all book and they are concerned that I have even more embarrassing information to expose them, and I do. So they want to label me the next Julian Assange or Edward Snowden. Again, maybe they should settle these matters, admit their wrongdoings that we all know about and resign from office.

White-wolf-and-black-wolf-fightingTy Robben has made a pledge to follow his faith and listen to the “White Wolf”. This whole case and situation can be explained as good and evil. Ty Robben is fighting an evil entity “Black Wolf” that thrives on bullying, lawlessness, retaliation and greed to accomplish their goals at any cost.

Rather than all into the trap of the black wolf, I must feed the White Wolf which represents the good. I must listen to the positive thoughts and have trust that God is pointing me in the right direction. The Black Wolf can be defeated by not feeding it and the White Wolf will grow stronger by feeding it with positive energy. The White Wolf will prevail.

Here that Black Wolves use deception to distract away from the truth, as we all can clearly see. The White Wolf brings light and truth to which the Black Wolf is afraid of and runs into the darkness.

Carson City is a Den of Corruption or the Black Wolves. The Black Wolf who alleges that I have been “stalking” and “threatening” and even “Intimidating” will not even release his or her name to me or the exact facts of the said allegation. This is listed as CCSO case 13-5924.

CCSO detective Dan Gomes has threatened me that he is forwarding this case to the Carson City District Attorney Neil Rombardo and Travis Lucia who is a conflict-of-interest as I am suing them both personally. Judge John Tatro has already admitted he is bias and prejudiced against me since he falsely accused me once already of shooting the front door of his house. I was cleared of that allegation by the CCSO Dan Gomes after I fully cooperated and even provided information about that actual person who confessed to the shooting! I am suing John Tatro.

Nice story, isn’t it? It is not so hard to resonate with the “feeding” of anger, jealousy, envy and greed. These emotions can really have power over us and we can see how we keep fueling them and feel how hard it is to “snap out of it”. What also sounds pretty convincing and hopeful is the idea that we have a choice. We can stop feeding the black wolf and start feeding the white wolf at any given moment. It’s the whole spiritual path, or the path to happiness and fulfillment in a nutshell. And I don’t know about you but the third thing that definitely speaks to me is that it’s a never ending battle. Not that I like it but I surely resonate with it.

Stop feeding the black wolf. Feed the white wolf. It’s that simple. But it ain’t easy.

But I found out something really cool about the white wolf. Where the shoulder height of the black wolf can reach a maximum of 32-34 inches (80-85 cm), the white wolf can grow into the size of a horse. When a well developed white wolf enters a room filled with back wolves something changes. The underdeveloped white wolves realize they are potentially a lot stronger than their black bullies. All of a sudden they got back-up. And every strong white wolf will back his weaker brothers and sisters up. Always.

Tribute to Marvin “Bulldozer Rampage” Heemeyer

Here is a man named Marvin Heemeyer who took his outrage to an extreme using an armored bulldozer!

“Sometimes reasonable men must do unreasonable things.”

200px-Marvin_HeemeyerMarvin Heemeyer was a professional welder living in the quiet Colorado town of Granby, just trying to make a living for himself running a small muffler repair shop.  Unfortunately, he was also in the business of getting royally fucked over by everyone in town, ranging from the paperboy to the asshats in City Hall who wouldn’t compromise with him on some crazy fucking wacky zoning issues he was trying to work out.  Eventually, after years of petitions, appeals and negotiations that proved about as fruitful as smashing his face into a cinderblock, the bastards at the Granby Zoning Commission basically told Marv that he could go fuck himself gently with a chainsaw.  They were going to build a concrete plant adjacent to Heemeyer’s muffler shop, cut off his business’ sewer line, slap him with a bunch of increasingly-massive fines, and ultimately run his ass out of town on a fucking rail.

But Marvin Heemeyer wasn’t the sort of mewling pussy coward who was going to sit there and let a bunch of stuffed-suit bastards fuck him over like a little bitch.  He was an insane badass motherfucker with an arc welder and a mad desire for vengeance at all costs, and he decided he wasn’t going to take it anymore.  Heemeyer paid his $2,500 fine to City Hall, scribbling the word “cowards” in the memo portion of the check.  Then he bought a massive bulldozer, sold his business, and spent the next year and a half turning this gigantic piece of construction equipment into the most insanely fucking awesome vehicle ever constructed by human hands:  The KILLDOZER.


The Killdozer was every bit as badass as its name would imply.  First, Heemeyer constructed composite armor for the outside of the Caterpillar – one foot of solid concrete sandwiched between half-inch sheets of unforgiving steel.  Since the entire outside of the dozer was encased in an unflinching layer of bazooka-proof armor, he also welded two cameras to the outside of the machine and linked them up to a series of monitors in the cabin.  This juryrigged system allowed him to remotely see outside and steer this juggernaut effectively.  He placed food, water, air conditioning and life support in the cabin, and also installed gun ports in the front, sides and back of the monstrosity – one with a .50 caliber Barrett M82 sniper rifle, one with a .223 caliber assault rifle, and one with a scoped .308 caliber rifle.  He also kept a 9mm pistol in the glove box and a .357 revolver in a holster on his belt.  The weapons were all welded into place, and thick sheets of balls-out bulletproof plexiglass were in place to facilitate accurate aiming.  Basically this thing was like a badass fucking combination of a Panther tank, a garbage truck, the antagonist from Maximum Overdrive and Optimus Prime in truck mode. Continue reading

FBI investigating possible courthouse cover-ups in Las Vegas – Carson City next?

got corruptionBy JEFF GERMAN

FBI agents quietly have interviewed current and former courthouse employees in a stepped-up investigation into allegations of excessive force by Family Court marshals and possible cover-ups of their actions.

The investigation, which has been ongoing for weeks, has created a stir within courthouse circles because of the possibility it could lead to court administrators accused of turning a deaf ear to some brutality allegations.

Family Court, a division of Clark County District Court, has 20 judges who oversee a variety of domestic issues, including divorces and child custody and abuse cases. Continue reading

Jesse Ventura Calls For “American Revolution” Against The “Corrupt System” – WE CONCUR

The irony of Jesse Ventura calling for a new “American Revolution” in a conversation with Brit Piers Morgan is not lost on us but the former Governor of Minnesota asks some awkwardly open questions in this ‘colorful’ interview.

Ventura asked if the government’s shut down, “That should mean we shouldn’t have to pay any taxes, right?”

He called for another American revolution to push back against the “corrupt system” created by Democrats and Republicans in Washington.

He told Morgan the two-party system has legalized “bribery” for access, suggesting he’s fed up enough to actually run for president in 2016. Ventura called both parties “gangs,” and Morgan admitted he had to agree, adding that they’re “overpaid, underworked children!”

The discussion then veers from Obamacare, Ventura’s run for President, and the JFK conspiracy.