Former UNR soccer coach Terri Patraw releases a book “One Thousand Showers: A University Immersed in a Culture of Retaliation and an Avalanche of Lies”

Terri PatrawPublication Date: June 13, 2013

Playing by the rules was the only game in town as far as Terri Patraw was concerned even though it was the consensus that the town in question – Reno, Nevada – played by its own rules. Terri Patraw was a highly successful Division I soccer coach and recruiter with the requisite aggressive, scrappy personality that goes with it. When she reported wrongdoing of a fellow coach her world was turned upside down by a culture of retaliation that engulfed an entire college campus. Eventually, Athletic Director Cary Groth and others including the Nevada System of Higher Education, the university legal team and the band of mercenary attorneys that they over time amassed against her, the local media, the entire Nevada judicial system and ultimately even the NCAA would learn that she is a fighter, a winner, and not one to be intimidated. This story is straight out of today’s headlines – Lance Armstrong, Penn State, Rutgers, Mike Leach/Texas Tech, University of Miami, and others – and will turn heads nationally in the NCAA, judicial, and higher education communities. 

An Interesting, Easy Read
By A Soccer Mom on June 19, 2013

After reading this book I am amazed what has happened to a winning soccer coach and her soccer team at the university. It appears that the AD did not care about the soccer program nor the student athletes. How sad. After reading this book I would not want any of my children to attend the University of Nevada nor would I want them to be employed there. My eyes were opened to the corruption in the judicial system in Nevada. I am appalled to see what happened to an innocent victim. This book is an interesting, easy read. – A Soccer Mom

Nevada Corruption Exposed
By A Thinking Man on June 18, 2013

This book exposes corruption in the state of Nevada from its top university to the state’s highest courts. Amazingly, the media also fails in doing its job in ferreting out and reporting the truth.
Any college student or student who intends to go to college — especially those involved in sports — and their parents should read this book. This book will open a lot of eyes.

By karla mok on June 17, 2013
I enjoyed the read and find it highly disgusting that school and public officials that are entrusted to protect our children use their position to feed their ego and destroy values they aaid to teach our children. This kind of behavior should be exposed.


One thought on “Former UNR soccer coach Terri Patraw releases a book “One Thousand Showers: A University Immersed in a Culture of Retaliation and an Avalanche of Lies”

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