Dick Gammick agrees with Mike Weston, the NHP edited dash cam video and Mr. Weston’s case should be vacated – Is Judge Scott Pearson obstructing justice?

DA Dick Gammick

DA Dick Gammick

Dick Gammick agrees with Mike Weston, the NHP edited dash cam video and Mr. Weston’s case/conviction should be vacated and expunged as stipulated by Washoe DA Dick Gammick.

JP Scott Pearson "Obstruction of Justice"

JP Scott Pearson “Obstruction of Justice”

Is Judge Scott Pearson obstructing justice by being the judge, jury and prosecutor to abuse his desecration in denying Mr. Weston justice after 8 years of fighting this corruption? Who does JP Scott think he is? A puppet for Redneck justice DA Gammick?

See Judge Scott Pearson’s contributors:

Pearson, Scott – Report 1Report 1, Amended  Report 2  Report 3

Scott Pearson worked for corrupt DA Gammick!

Reno DA Dick Gammick ANTI-CORRUPTION protest

Reno DA Dick Gammick ANTI-CORRUPTION protest

This video shows NHP edited the dash cam video

Nevada Highway Patrol Corruption


Congressional Testimony: Mike Weston to Bill Windsor of Lawless America in Carson City, Nevada

A decision is expected soon by the Reno Justice Court Judge Scott Pearson.  Mike has also requested the court to report DA Dick Gammick to the “appropriate authorities” for the fraud and Brady Disclosure ( See Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963) violations of evidence tampering to withholding exculpatory evidence 

The Supreme Court held that withholding exculpatory evidence violates due process “where the evidence is material either to guilt or to punishment”; and the court determined that under Maryland state law the withheld evidence could not have exculpated the defendant but was material to the level of punishment he would be given. Hence the Maryland Court of Appeals’ ruling was affirmed.

John Helzer Assistant Washoe DA

John Helzer Assistant Washoe DA

Deleting portions of a video and leaving a time stamp to reflect such was done is not misconduct, let alone fraud.” (Emphasis added).

[t]he State would not oppose the sealing of defendant’s record. Thus, if the relief granted is limited to that requested by the defendant, namely vacating his conviction and retuning fines and fees paid by the defendant without findings of fact or conclusions of law, the State would not oppose such relief.”

Nevada Highway Patrol protests DA DICK GAMMICK

Nevada Highway Patrol protests DA DICK GAMMICK

Dick Gammick is a Disaster – Roger Whomes on Sam Shad Nevada Newsmakers

Washoe DA Dick Gammick is a wannabe cop who illegally pulls people over acting under the color of law impersonating a  peace officer.

Dick Gammick’s former daughter-in-law discusses how Gammick treated her when she sought court ordered child support from her ex-husband, Gammick’s son. Rebecca says Dick Gammick threatened her

Nevada Highway Patrol protests DA DICK GAMMICK

Nevada Highway Patrol protests DA DICK GAMMICK

Nevada Highway Patrol protests

Nevada Highway Patrol protests

Nevada Highway Patrol protests

Nevada Highway Patrol protests

Nevada Highway Patrol protests

Nevada Highway Patrol protests







Nevada Highway Patrol protests DA DICK GAMMICK AND AG MASTO

Nevada Highway Patrol protests DA DICK GAMMICK AND AG MASTO

To read the history, see our earlier story : https://nevadastatepersonnelwatch.wordpress.com/2012/07/25/july-2012-updates-continued-mike-weston-story-nhp-now-admits-to-editing-dash-cam-audiovideo

Brian Sandoval letter

Brian Sandoval letter

mike weston da1


Nevada Highway Patrol, City Settle Beating Case

Mike’s case is like the LA dash cam incident where Police were caught by Their Own Dash Cam Framing Citizens For Another Cop’s Crimes

This is the original website for Mike Weston’s case created back in 2005


                  Nevada is a major example of the culture of corruption which plagues America.


NOTE: The Government seems to be blocking the NevadaLicensedCriminals.com site and we’re trying to fix the censorship.


The old Washoe County Courthouse in Reno where the Constitution and due process are commonly violated.

Wake up, America!

Dick Gammick protest

Dick Gammick protest

Sweeping legislation is needed to get tough with corrupt judges, politicians,
lawyers, and cops. The death penalty would be just and appropriate.
Persons who abuse public powers must be held accountable.
Let us declare war on corruption and do whatever it takes.
Our worst enemy is run-amok government.
~ Guy Felton, Publisher

Nevada Highway Patrol

Nevada Highway Patrol

Nevada Highway Patrol

Nevada Highway Patrol

Nevada Highway Patrol

Nevada Highway Patrol

Nevada Highway Patrol

Nevada Highway Patrol

Have YOU been victimized by Nevada’s corrupt legal system?

Mike Weston has and he’s fighting back!

On June 19, 2005, Weston was run off Interstate 80 near the Keystone exit in Reno by two vehicles traveling at extremely high speed. When he returned to the road, he soon came upon a Nevada Highway Patrol cruiser on the shoulder of the highway. Its driver, Officer Edward Bowers, had stopped a large pickup truck and was in process of issuing a citation to the truck’s driver.

Weston stopped his car behind the trooper’s cruiser.

After waiting at least three minutes to observe the officer’s situation and to determine that the officer was not engaged in a threatening scenario, Weston approached Bowers to report that he had just been run off the road by two reckless drivers who posed a clear and present danger to other vehicles. Significant dialogue discussed during this exchange is not included in an audio-video tape as played during Weston’s trial; this proves that evidence was altered to undermine truth. The tape was shot by a camera onboard the NHP cruiser. 

Moments later, Bowers recognized Weston as a person who had previously criticized him. Bowers’ focus shifted to Weston being a critic and he, Bowers, indicated no concern with Weston’s close avoidance of what might have been a fatal accident ~ nor with the clear and present danger to other vehicles posed by the two speeding vehicles Weston reported to him.

Without issuing a warning to Weston, as mandated by law, Bowers issued a citation to Weston for “obstructing and delaying a peace officer”. The audio-video tape mentioned above proves that Bowers did not issue a warning as required by law. Weston was fully cooperative with Bowers; the tape documents this.

On August 19, 2005, Weston found himself in a kangaroo court with “Judge” Fidel Salcedo presiding. During this scenario Weston was victimized by editing of the audio-video tape, complete with a doctored timestamp, and by Officer Bowers lying under oath (perjury).

Weston is now requesting a new hearing. See below >>>>>>

Publishers comment: Mr. Weston has been and continues to be harassed by police officers with clear intent to intimidate him so that he will terminate his contacting government officials to report crimes committed against himself. When public employees authorized to carry lethal weapons feel themselves free to abuse their delegated powers to silence critics by intimidation or worse, a totally unacceptable situation is created. Peace officers who act as thugs against their employers should be tried for treason and, if convicted, executed.

This publisher has suggested to Mr. Weston that he begin keeping a log of any incident involving any action by any member of any law enforcement entity ~ including the corrupt FBI ~ which he, Weston, deems inappropriate. The same for any possible surrogate of any member of any law enforcement entity. If known, names of involved public employees or surrogates will be listed on this website and also reported by letter to the President of the United States.  

As of November 14, 2011, Weston has 31 entries in his log of inappropriate actions taken against him by law enforcement officers. He has installed two video cameras in his car (facing front and rear) to document future incidents of harassment. Future incidents will be put on YouTube ~ with comments including names of rogue law officers.)

If any other Nevada citizen would like to report improper conduct on the part of any law enforcement officer, please send a BRIEF message to this publisher by email. Be sure to include your home phone number and suggest a time to call.

There is no doubt, whatsoever, that a citizens’ review board is needed in Washoe County to deal with public employees who should not be.

                                                                                 ~ Guy Felton

State of Nevada v. Michael Weston, Case RCV 2005-023211
File: Michael Weston, 5-15-08


Suppression of evidence

Tampered evidence

Perjury ~ false statements

Clerk “Robin” denied Weston’s right to appeal when she told him at the last moment that he needed an affidavit.

Time code was altered on the Nevada Highway Patrol audio-video tape.

Court/NHP did not permit Weston to review said audio-video tape before his day in court (August 19, 2005).

Judge Salcedo denied Weston’s right to enter a relevant complaint letter and relevant response letter from Senator Harry Reid regarding an earlier complaint against the NHP.

Only 3 minutes of the NHP audio-video tape were shown in court out of a total time of 22 minutes.

Weston was forced by Bowers to restage a verbal exchange in front of the NHP cruiser’s camera. The restage was substituted on the “official” tape in place of the original exchange!

Weston’s car was searched without his permission by NHP officers and he, Weston, was ordered to not observe this search.

Bowers’ audio-video tape and the court transcript were both altered after Weston contacted Nevada Public Safety about discrepancies in the audio-video tape played during Weston’s day in court. Withheld evidence was crucial to proving Weston’s innocence regarding any wrong-doing.

During Bowers’ testimony in court, he stated, under oath, that Weston came up to him and said, “Excuse me, excuse me, I want to talk to you about SUVs and pickups.” This statement is not depicted on the audio-video tape as Bowers claimed when Weston first approached him.

The Court refused to give a copy of the NHP’s audio-video tape to Weston for his review and evaluation until after the deadline for filing an appeal.

The Court outright lied to Weston regarding the procedure for obtaining a transcript of his day in court. This to frustrate Weston’s procuring said transcript.

“Kelly” at the District Attorney’s Office informed Weston that evidence had been destroyed and then changed her story to say she didn’t know who had custody of said evidence. Weston was later permitted to obtain a copy of the evidence (audio-video tape) after the appeal period expired.

The audio-video tape documents that Sergeant Kinard (Bowers’ immediate supervisor) asked Bowers, “Did you tell him to hold off (i.e., give Weston due warning)?” Bowers replied, “Yes, I did.” Kinard then asked Bowers, “Did Weston do anything else wrong?” Bowers answered, “No.” Bowers, in fact, never gave due warning to Weston.

During the Court proceeding, there was no discussion regarding Weston having been (or not having been) given due notice before he was cited as required by law. Weston was not given due notice at the time of the subject incident.

The Prosecutor asked Bowers if the audio-video tape shown in Court depicted the true events that transpired. Bowers answered, “Yes.” Bowers lied in that the tape had been edited ~ not only for time, but also to leave out crucial evidence in Weston’s favor.

Judge Salcedo ignored Weston’s reporting to him that Court Clerk “Robin” did not permit him to file appeal papers which Weston attempted to submit in a timely manner.

While pursuing his case, Weston was harassed and stopped on the road a total of 6 times by NHP officers for ridiculous and fraudulent reasons.

Third-party hearsay evidence against Weston was used by the Prosecutor during her closing argument.

The Department of Public Safety made 2 trips to the evidence room on the 9th and 15th of December 2005 to retrieve and return the Weston audio-video tape. This was before Weston was permitted to copy the tape. Who did what with the tape before permitting Weston’s close evaluation of it?

Weston was made to feel that pursuing justice in his case was discouraged by Court officials and that the NHP would maliciously retaliate against him should he persist in doing so.

If Weston is denied fair review of his maltreatment by the Court and the NHP, he will be forced to pursue related litigation in federal court and also sue for heavy punitive damages in the amount of one million dollars.

FBI (Read their “We don’t give a damn” reply below.)
Senator Harry Reid & other federal officials 



June 2, 2008

Dear Mr. Weston:

RE: Complaint against Edward Bowers

The FBI has reviewed your complaint of May 20, 2008, wherein you allege you have been the victim of a civil rights violation. Based on the review of your complaint information, no investigation will be initiated.

Enclosed with this letter please find the following items you provided to our office on May 23, 2008:

One VHS tape containing the video of Trooper Bowers dashboard camera depicting the incident; one DVD containing the audio from Reno Justice Court depicting the bench trial for Weston’s citation; one copy of the bench trial transcript; one copy of the letter from Office of Professional Responsibility (DPS); one copy of the letter to George Togliatti; one copy of Weston’s appeal letter; one copy of the ACLU complaint form; one copy of NRS 197.190; one copy of letter to the Nevada Commission of Judicial Discipline; one copy of of a response letter from the Commission of Judicial Discipline; one copy of a response letter from Senator Harry Reid; one copy of a newspaper article; and one copy of a sheet of paper with Nevada State Crimes. ###

Publisher’s comment: Martinez and West are asked to explain why they refer above to evidence tampering, perjury, and judicial fraud as “a civil rights violation”. Such willful mischaracterization of the felony crimes committed against Weston amounts to fraud, misprision of fraud, and obstruction of justice.

Also, the above letter fails to acknowledge receipt by the Reno FBI office of three documents submitted as evidence by Weston in addition to the items noted. These three documents were not returned to Weston; one is a printout of the altered times shown on the audio-visual tape:


Hour 5
Minute 11 Incident begins
Minute 10
Minute 09 Does not display
Minute 08
Minute 07 75 seconds
Minute 06 55 seconds
Minute 05 15 seconds
Minute 04 68 seconds
Minute 03 45 seconds
Minute 02 25 seconds
Minute 01 55 seconds

Hour 4
Minute 59 40 seconds
Minute 58 15 seconds
Minute 59 Displays again / 40 seconds / Different content
Minute 57 85 seconds
Minute 56 70 seconds
Minute 55 25 seconds
Minute 54 55 seconds
Minute 53 23 seconds
Minute 52 95 seconds
Minute 51 Does not display
Minute 50 80 seconds
Minute 49 40 seconds
Minute 48 40 seconds
Minute 47 55 seconds
Minute 46 40 seconds
Minute 45 Does not display
Minute 44 25 seconds
Minute 43 55 seconds
Minute 42 25 seconds
Minute 41 Incident ends

Weston’s criminal and conspiratorial treatment by Nevada and federal employees will be brought to the attention of the Nevada Supreme Court, all members of the state legislature, and all members of Nevada’s congressional delegation.

Google “Abuses by the Federal Bureau of Investigation”
Think our national police force can be trusted? Truth is, it has a record of running amok.
We need a national referendum to abolish the FBI. Police powers should only be
entrusted to persons having sterling integrity and a sense of mission.

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