Carson City Sheriff Kenny furlong needs to be asked the real questions.

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Carson City Sheriff Kenny furlong needs to be asked the real questions. This guy and his deputies are corrupt as hell and the Sheriff is one big RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) operation. Please read the circa 2006 Topox called “Corrupt Law enforcement in Carson City Nevada” by Patty Pruett, Dayton Nevada.  We’ll post some of the text at the bottom of this story.  We also uncovered a Grand Jury investigation suggestion ALL CARSON CITY SHERIFF personnel should be DRUG TESTED.

Some of this may seem outlandish until you remember these things happened in 1989 South Lake Tahoe when the city mayor named Terry Trupp was busted for a major cocaine trafficking cartel and just recently Johnny Poland of the SLTPD was hooked up on charges of obstructing justice, evidence tampering and aiding and embedding the “Mexican Moffia” in South Lake Tahoe.See our other website at

Kenny will you do a show with us and our video cameras? …And why did you come into my cell two times and give me a “stink eye” death look? Is it true what you deputies are saying about you?

Published on Mar 26, 2013 Watch Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong answer important questions from some influential women in our community

 Kenny Furlong stated his position on “gun control” where he did elaborate that because of the Ihop shootings, he would be compelled to confiscate firearms in Carson City, NV. Although, he believes it won’t happen and he was primary focused on multi-round auto and semi-auto firearms.

Gun Control at 20:00 – Kenny wants to ban weapons (at least assault style weapons) because of the Ihop incident. In that case a Norinco MAK90 was modified from semi to fully auto. Other Sheriff Associations from around the State of Nevada and the rest of the union are fully supporting the US Constitution and 2nd amendment rights, Sheriff Furlong is not.

Below are Nevada Sheriffs that support gun rights:

  1. Ed Kilgpore Humboldt NV
  2. Benjamin D. Trotter Churchill NV
  3. Tony DeMeo Nye NV

methadoneSo, Kenny what’s the Sheriff’s role in alleged distribution with meth, heroin and other drugs and drug dealers in Carson City?

Is your daughter Kendra Furlong fully recovered from her battles with crank (meth) addiction?

kenny furlong

What’s the Sheriff’s role in alleged distribution with meth, heroin and other drugs and drug cartels in Carson City?

Sheriff Furlong and Kendra Furlong – Crystal Darkness

Is the Sheriff office under any investigations? Rumors are rampant that federal grand money is “missing”? We heard the FBI was investigation misappropriation of funds related to Kenny Furlong using the Carson City “credit card” to pay for friends vehicles impounds after DUI’s (which were covered up)… Is this true?

We hear of many “cover ups” and other “scandals” concerning the Carson City Sheriff’s department including last years incident with former NDOT Director, Susan Martinovich where it’s alleged the Sheriff covered up that fact Susan Martinovich essentially was involved in a  “hit and run” and the victim was actually charged with trumped up charges that were later dropped. This seems like a blatant attempt to cover-up Susan Martinovich’s criminal involvement in that incident, correct?

Kenny Furlong, you did go to Carson City High School, correct (you talk about that in carson high schoolthe video).  Interesting that Susan Martinovich and Justice of the Peace Judge John Tatro all went to the same High School and played significant roles in the hit and run coverup. What’s your take on that Furlong?

Kenny Furlong and Neil Rombardo gay?

Kenny Furlong and Neil Rombardo

In recent photo shots, you Kenny furlong seem to hanging out with Carson City District Attorney Neil Rombardo a lot. We’ve seen you dancing with the stars along with Neil Rombardo and giving blood with him as well. Are you gay? What exactly is your “friendship” with Neil Rombardo? Seems like there should be a better “separation of power” in such a small incestuous little city like Carson.

We hear of food poisoning and unsafe and inhumane conditions and treatment of inmates at your Carson City jail. We note that statistics show 20% of incarcerated people are actually innocent. Regardless of innocence or guilt, the facts show that there are a high number of alleged “suicides” hangingthat occur in the Carson City jail. Released inmates report tainted food with drugs including methadone. The showers have excessive mold and airborne insects and diseases like MRSA skin infection is rampant in the Carson City jailhouse. We hear that a medical malpractice and civil rights lawsuit is imminent against you and the Carson City court system including Judge John Tatro…

What exacly is Kenny Furlong’s position on gun owners rights? We understand he agrees with the Obama administration.

Finally, with all this controversy, what are your plan Kenny Furlong for the future? Do you plan on staying in law enforcement or are you getting your affairs in order to go to prison?

These problems seem outlandish, but it has happened to  others. See this story:

The California press refuses to cover this true story of the torture of a senior citizen milk man

The Los Angeles Times is so corrupt and whored out to its corporate interests that it won’t even cover this story! There is torture and abuse of farmers happening right in Los Angeles, and the LA Times absolutely refuses to cover the story! How’s that for pathetic journalism? (If the LA Times actually starts to cover this story, I will retract this paragraph. But as of this writing, the LA Times has done nothing to cover this huge story of government abuse of innocent citizens.)

In fact, to date no newspaper in California has covered this story of torture and abuse of the California milk man. There is complete silence on it. A total cover-up. The lamestream media wants you to believe this never happens in California.

But these pictures don’t lie. The recorded testimony of James Stewart is factual and truthful.

Watch the video, hear it yourself and compare to what happened to Ty Robben in the Carson City jail including poisoned food, solitary confinement, red bracelet indicating a felon or danger, inhuman jail conditions and lack of jail personnel ethics, violations of law and human rights, etc  :

Learn more:

Corrupt Law enforcement in Carson City Nevada

Posted in the Washington Post Forum

Dear readers

Yesterday a friend of mine went to the Casrson City “Motel 6 to get her daughters things” that were left there by “Cops” about a week prior after they arrested her Minor daughter for drug possesion. The Girl was with many other people, who were doing drugs also! None were arrested! Only her! The Girl is “Related to Officer Bill Abbott”!

Officer Abbott was just “Busted down from tri-net” DRUG task force! After the mother of the girl began to “Fight back” against the Corruption!

Now her daughter is in Juvinial, and yesterday a Cop went to the Motel 6, and tried to “Plant drugs” On the Mother/Estranged half sister of that Cop!

It’s getting “Ugly in Carson City Nevada”! These Cops are out of Control! And so is Sheriff
Kenny Furling! Our Carson City Sheriff will now try to plant drugs on those of us “Fighting back” against their “Already Corrupt sheriffs department!”
I am allerting the Public that none of us do drugs and are at risk for being “Set up” as revenge for a Long battle for Justice in Carson City Nevada.

Send help form the “Outside”! Send reporters and Crews to “Write about our struggle for justice”!

Patty Pruett, Dayton Nevada.

Nole Waters former Carson City District Attorney

Nole Waters former Carson City District Attorney

Corrected Special Grand Jury Report

The community of Carson City would have been much better served had the Carson City District Attorney’s office arrested and prosecuted John and James Bustamante with the vigor that was shown in the arrest and prosecution of Rolland Weddell. Given, through testimony to this Grand Jury, that:
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Director of Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline David Sarnowski retiring

nv judicial ethics

David Sarnowski, general counsel and executive director of the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline, is retiring after 32 years in state service. Sarnowski has been in his present post for 11 years and said he doesn’t know what he will do after leaving state government June 30, 2013. His retirement was disclosed at a meeting of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee on Friday.

The commission will select a replacement for the job, which pays $137,145 a year.

tatro judgeWe’re reviewing Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline and previous complaint against Carson City judges like 2006 Nevada Appeal Judicial ethics complaint filed against Justice of Peace Tatro. Look for new complaints against Judge Tatro to be filed and shown here ASAP. We see “Judge” Tatro abusing his “authority” by acting under the color of law and  committing “crimes against humanity and public decency”.

Why in the world does the Nevada Supreme Court allow these so called “judges” (Tatro has no law degree) to act in this manner when they are trying to convince taxpayers to support a new Intermediate Appeals Court in Nevada?

A Carson City woman who previously accused bailiffs at the capital’s district court of violating her rights, manhandling, and injuring her during an arrest has filed a complaint with the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline accusing Justice of the Peace John Tatro of bias.Tonya Brown last month lost her lawsuit in federal court against the city and the bailiff who arrested her for trespassing.Brown said she believes Tatro was biased against her in her justice court trial on the trespass charges in which she was convicted. She said Tatro’s comments were so biased that, during her federal court civil-rights trial, …

Carson City Judge Tatro

Carson City Judge Tatro

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Nevada Department of Public Safety – Capitol Police Division coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto and Governor Brian Sandoval coverage of ANTI-CURRPTION protest against Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto and Governor Brian Sandoval

last summer we got to meet most of the Nevada Department of Public Safety – Capitol Police Division and our experience with them was very positive. These fellas (and the ladies) were all very professional when we did our protests and they talked with us and some got to know us and what we were standing up for – our rights. We found this video on youtube and felt inclined to stick it on the website. We figure with the upcoming spring, we’ll be protesting in Carson City on a regular basis and we’ll want to remain on the good side of the DPS CPD. Cheers fellas.

Treason is a CAPITAL CRIME Judge John Tatro & NAG Masto

Treason is a CAPITAL CRIME

The Capitol Police Division has been in existence for over 50 years, established in 1949. The division is comprised of 31 officers and one civilian. Capitol Police provides police services on numerous state properties, enhancing the safety of visitors and employees on those properties.

Catherine Cortez Masto protest

Catherine Cortez Masto protest

VIDEO: Former Nevada Assemblyman Steven Brooks has been arrested in California

Former Nevada Assemblyman Steven Brooks has been arrested in California (warning graphic)

BARSTOW, Calif. (AP) — 04/02/2013 Authorities say a former Nevada lawmaker who has had repeated trouble with the law is due in a California court after police say he led them on a freeway chase on the road from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Continue reading

Reno press covers Justin Brothers Bail Bonds protest

Protesters target Justin Brothers Bail Bonds
March 28, 2013 9:23 am ThisIsReno


The Justin Brothers Bail Bonds company was the target of a protest held March 26, 2013 with protesters unfurling the “World’s Largest CRIME SCENE tape” and other large signs like “Justin Brothers FRAUD” and “End the Rampant CORRUPTION.”

What’s all the commotion about? Protester Ty Robben said he was the victim of illegal activity by the Justin Bros (Dennis and Richard Justin) along with their “bounty hunter” Doug Lewis from Reno and Carson City. Robben said the Justin Bros are the subjects of a multi-million dollar lawsuit, five criminal charges (assault, battery with taser gun, violation of 847.5, etc.) and complaints with the Nevada Secretary of State for alleged failure to have a valid business license and the Nevada Division of Insurance for alleged fraudulent business activity related to the bail bond and bounty hunter (also called bail recovery) industry in Nevada.

Robben said he was originally involved in a legal situation for serving a court subpoena for the previous state pilot, Jim Richardson, to the former Nevada Department of Transportation Director Susan Martinovich. Robben was on bail for what he said was an trumped up misdemeanor charge of assault which he said was later dismissed. While on bail, and although not a “fugitive,” Robben said he was wanted by the Justin Bros for an alleged violation of his pre-trial conditions.

Robben said the Justin Bros claim they had a warrant from the Carson City Justice Court signed by Judge John Tatro. The problem, Robben said, was that bail bondsmen and bounty hunters are not deputized peace officers, and they crossed into South Lake Tahoe in the State of California where Mr. Robben lives.

 Robben said the bounty hunters kicked in his front door and tasered him 3 times. Robben said he was able to outrun the bounty hunters in the thick woods around his Tahoe home. He said the bounty hunters then slashed his car tires.

“These idiots acted above the law by acting under the color of law” said Robben, pointing out that bounty hunters like Dog the Bounty Hunter (who has a new series coming out April 2013 on CMT) are basically citizens and not deputized law enforcement. Bounty hunters do not serve warrants — police or the Sheriff typically perform that duty, Robben said.

Robben, who is represented by Sacrament attorney Julius Engel, said he has filed a multi-million dollar civil lawsuit against the Justin Bros in Sacramento Federal Court as case ROBBEN v. JUSTIN et al., Case No.: 2:13-cv-00238-MCE-DAD.


Nevada officials choke people and feel them up in Las Vegas and poison people in Carson City

Nevada Corruption

Nevada Corruption

Every day we hear horror stories of Nevada corruption.  The corruption thrives in the Nevada courts and Nevada “law enforcement” where low life criminals are allowed to run rampant with their evil and fucked up minds and mess with people. These idiots should pay the ultimate price.  The  idiots  in Carson City are notorious for messing with people and even poisoning people in the Carson City jail under the direction of the Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong. First hand accounts of food poisoning include putting drugs into the jail food including possible methadone.  The methadone story is one of the top 10 stories on NSPW, see that story here:
Las Vegas Review Journal - Tonja Brown "The Nolan Klein Story"By JEFF GERMAN

Amid a cloud of misconduct allegations, the man who oversees Family Court marshals is stepping down April 8 to become a rank-and-file marshal assigned to a judge, court officials confirmed Monday.

Lt. Steve Rushfield, at the center of the swirling misconduct allegations detailed in a March 17 Review-Journal report, made the announcement at a morning briefing of marshals in Family Court.

“This is a voluntary action on his part,” said Mary Ann Price, the spokeswoman for District Court, which oversees Family Court.

Price declined further comment.

Rushfield, a veteran of 24 years of public service, declined comment. Chief District Judge Jennifer Togliatti was out of town and unavailable for comment. And Steve Grierson, the District Court executive, said he was unable to comment because it is a personnel matter.

Rushfield is suspected of participating in a cover-up of assault allegations against another marshal and was the subject of an internal investigation into allegations he choked a 23-year-old woman restrained in a chair in a holding cell.

The other marshal, Ron Fox, was fired after a hearing master upheld allegations he groped Monica Contreras, 28, who was in Family Court on Aug. 8, 2011, for a brief hearing related to her divorce.

In a courtroom incident captured on video, Contreras complained to Hearing Master Patricia Doninger that Fox assaulted her in a nearby witness room under the guise of searching for drugs.

Contreras alleged Fox touched her buttocks and breast and ordered her to lift and shake her bra so he could determine whether she was hiding drugs or drug paraphernalia, according to internal court documents.

On courtroom video, Doninger is seen playing with Contreras’ daughter and appearing to ignore the woman’s emotional description of the incident and plea for help.

Fox tried to get her to recant the allegations. When she refused, another marshal, James Kenyon, handcuffed her and took her into custody. Her crime, as described by Fox, was making false allegations.

Rushfield was investigated in connection with an incident on May 20, 2010, in which he is alleged to have choked Crystal Williams in a restraining chair.

Williams was at a hearing in Family Court to support a friend. After a confrontation with marshals outside the courtroom about her use of a cellphone, she was taken to a holding cell and strapped into the chair.

According to one of the four marshals in the room, Williams was combative and constantly screaming. The marshal, who asked not to be named in fear of retribution, said Rushfield grabbed her by the throat with one hand, shoved her head back and said, “You’re in my house, bitch. Shut the f— up.”

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Nevada Supreme Court Justice Michael Cherry acknowledges Nevada is corrupt and needs help

Nevada Supreme Court

Nevada Supreme Court

We read this story in the Elko Daily and we agree with Nevada Supreme Court Justice Michael Cherry that Nevada constantly  violates citizens constitutional rights, however the problem is rampant in all areas of Nevada and especially Carson City with are not necessarily considered “rural” as  Justice Michael Cherry has focused is attention.  Also, Reno and Las Vegas have rampant problems regardless of this report and the problem is not just with “indigent” people (people with no money) – it happens to people with money too.

Justice Michael Cherry

Justice Michael Cherry

March 25, 2013 CARSON CITY (AP) — Nevada  Supreme Court Justice Michael Cherry is pressing for state action to ensure indigent criminal defendants in rural counties have access to lawyers. His request coincides with last week’s release of a report that found poor suspects may be held in rural Nevada jails for weeks or even months before they are able to talk to a defense lawyer.



The study by the Boston-based Sixth Amendment Center found most rural counties not only have a limited number of attorneys, but they lack the money to pay the lawyers. The report was presented to the Indigent Defense Commission of the Nevada Supreme Court, which will hold a hearing on the issue, the Las Vegas Sun reported. The study was commissioned by the court.

The report detailed Nevada’s first-in-the-nation status of requiring the appointment and payment of legal counsel in all cases, and how rural counties lost that commitment beginning in the mid-1970s.

“Nevada’s rural counties simply cannot shoulder the state’s obligations under the Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution any longer,” Cherry said in a statement. “Judicial, legislative, and executive action is needed to restore Nevada’s historic and deep-rooted commitment to equal justice to the poor. We need to fix this problem now,” he added. Cherry called for a state-funded, state-administered independent commission overseeing services in rural areas.

The problem does not exist in the state’s two most populous counties, Clark and Washoe, which have public defenders’ offices. According to the report, an individual defendant may be one of several hundred vying at the same time for the attention of a single attorney. It also found overburdened attorneys often have financial conflicts that pit their ability to earn a living against their ethical duty to advocate solely in the best interests of clients. The Sixth Amendment gives rights to criminal defendants, including the right to a speedy trial and the right to have a lawyer.



Former Governor Brian Sandoval chief-of-staff Heidi Gansert accused of illegally keeping campaign money

RENO, Nev. (KRNV & — A former Reno assemblywoman is in the hot seat tonight after being accused of misusing more than $100,000 of campaign money.

Ex-Republican Assemblywoman Heidi Gansert is accused of illegally keeping the money after she left office in November of 2010.

Heidi Gansert and Brian Sandoval

Heidi Gansert and Brian Sandoval corruption

Embattled Heidi Gansert was also the chief of staff for Nevada Governor Sandoval.

The complaint filed on Wednesday by ex-Washoe Democratic Party Chairman, Chris Wicker cites that she gave nearly $74,000 to her political action committee.

Under Nevada law, public officers who do not seek re-election are supposed to dispose of unused funds within about two months.

Heidi Gansert now works for UNR University of Reno: UNR hires Heidi Gansert, ex-chief of staff for Gov. Sandoval, as $180,000-a-year special assistant.unr

Heidi Gansert, a former Nevada assemblywoman and former chief of staff for Gov. Brian Sandoval, has been hired to be University of Nevada, Reno President Marc Johnson’s special assistant for external affairs, UNR officials announced today.

Gansert, who will focus on economic and workforce development, will be paid $180,000 annually.

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Are Nevada State Employees Being Bullied?

RGJ Opnion

RGJ Opinion “Letter to Editor”

opinion shopThe Governor’s Office would have you believe that a joint task force between the Department of Public Safety – Division of Parole and Probation, and the Department of Corrections are working together to integrate Parole functions into the NDOC. Wrong! The task force is comprised of a select few command staff, who were blindsided and ordered to facilitate this proposed transition without opposition, despite high costs and lack of practicality.

Is the Division of Parole and Probation command staff being politically bullied to support the Governor’s proposal to transfer the Parole functions over to the Department of Corrections?

Are involved State employees being “frowned upon” for exercising their First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech, in an effort to avoid embarrassing the Governor’s Office? Continue reading

Dick Gammick agrees with Mike Weston, the NHP edited dash cam video and Mr. Weston’s case should be vacated – Is Judge Scott Pearson obstructing justice?

DA Dick Gammick

DA Dick Gammick

Dick Gammick agrees with Mike Weston, the NHP edited dash cam video and Mr. Weston’s case/conviction should be vacated and expunged as stipulated by Washoe DA Dick Gammick.

JP Scott Pearson "Obstruction of Justice"

JP Scott Pearson “Obstruction of Justice”

Is Judge Scott Pearson obstructing justice by being the judge, jury and prosecutor to abuse his desecration in denying Mr. Weston justice after 8 years of fighting this corruption? Who does JP Scott think he is? A puppet for Redneck justice DA Gammick?

See Judge Scott Pearson’s contributors:

Pearson, Scott – Report 1Report 1, Amended  Report 2  Report 3

Scott Pearson worked for corrupt DA Gammick!

Reno DA Dick Gammick ANTI-CORRUPTION protest

Reno DA Dick Gammick ANTI-CORRUPTION protest

This video shows NHP edited the dash cam video

Nevada Highway Patrol Corruption

Congressional Testimony: Mike Weston to Bill Windsor of Lawless America in Carson City, Nevada

A decision is expected soon by the Reno Justice Court Judge Scott Pearson.  Mike has also requested the court to report DA Dick Gammick to the “appropriate authorities” for the fraud and Brady Disclosure ( See Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963) violations of evidence tampering to withholding exculpatory evidence 

The Supreme Court held that withholding exculpatory evidence violates due process “where the evidence is material either to guilt or to punishment”; and the court determined that under Maryland state law the withheld evidence could not have exculpated the defendant but was material to the level of punishment he would be given. Hence the Maryland Court of Appeals’ ruling was affirmed.

John Helzer Assistant Washoe DA

John Helzer Assistant Washoe DA

Deleting portions of a video and leaving a time stamp to reflect such was done is not misconduct, let alone fraud.” (Emphasis added).

[t]he State would not oppose the sealing of defendant’s record. Thus, if the relief granted is limited to that requested by the defendant, namely vacating his conviction and retuning fines and fees paid by the defendant without findings of fact or conclusions of law, the State would not oppose such relief.”

Nevada Highway Patrol protests DA DICK GAMMICK

Nevada Highway Patrol protests DA DICK GAMMICK

Dick Gammick is a Disaster – Roger Whomes on Sam Shad Nevada Newsmakers

Washoe DA Dick Gammick is a wannabe cop who illegally pulls people over acting under the color of law impersonating a  peace officer.

Dick Gammick’s former daughter-in-law discusses how Gammick treated her when she sought court ordered child support from her ex-husband, Gammick’s son. Rebecca says Dick Gammick threatened her

Nevada Highway Patrol protests DA DICK GAMMICK

Nevada Highway Patrol protests DA DICK GAMMICK

Nevada Highway Patrol protests

Nevada Highway Patrol protests

Nevada Highway Patrol protests

Nevada Highway Patrol protests

Nevada Highway Patrol protests

Nevada Highway Patrol protests







Nevada Highway Patrol protests DA DICK GAMMICK AND AG MASTO

Nevada Highway Patrol protests DA DICK GAMMICK AND AG MASTO

To read the history, see our earlier story :

Brian Sandoval letter

Brian Sandoval letter

mike weston da1


Nevada Highway Patrol, City Settle Beating Case

Mike’s case is like the LA dash cam incident where Police were caught by Their Own Dash Cam Framing Citizens For Another Cop’s Crimes

This is the original website for Mike Weston’s case created back in 2005


                  Nevada is a major example of the culture of corruption which plagues America.


NOTE: The Government seems to be blocking the site and we’re trying to fix the censorship.


The old Washoe County Courthouse in Reno where the Constitution and due process are commonly violated.

Wake up, America!

Dick Gammick protest

Dick Gammick protest

Sweeping legislation is needed to get tough with corrupt judges, politicians,
lawyers, and cops. The death penalty would be just and appropriate.
Persons who abuse public powers must be held accountable.
Let us declare war on corruption and do whatever it takes.
Our worst enemy is run-amok government.
~ Guy Felton, Publisher

Nevada Highway Patrol

Nevada Highway Patrol

Nevada Highway Patrol

Nevada Highway Patrol

Nevada Highway Patrol

Nevada Highway Patrol

Nevada Highway Patrol

Nevada Highway Patrol

Have YOU been victimized by Nevada’s corrupt legal system?

Mike Weston has and he’s fighting back!

On June 19, 2005, Weston was run off Interstate 80 near the Keystone exit in Reno by two vehicles traveling at extremely high speed. When he returned to the road, he soon came upon a Nevada Highway Patrol cruiser on the shoulder of the highway. Its driver, Officer Edward Bowers, had stopped a large pickup truck and was in process of issuing a citation to the truck’s driver.

Weston stopped his car behind the trooper’s cruiser.

After waiting at least three minutes to observe the officer’s situation and to determine that the officer was not engaged in a threatening scenario, Weston approached Bowers to report that he had just been run off the road by two reckless drivers who posed a clear and present danger to other vehicles. Significant dialogue discussed during this exchange is not included in an audio-video tape as played during Weston’s trial; this proves that evidence was altered to undermine truth. The tape was shot by a camera onboard the NHP cruiser. 

Moments later, Bowers recognized Weston as a person who had previously criticized him. Bowers’ focus shifted to Weston being a critic and he, Bowers, indicated no concern with Weston’s close avoidance of what might have been a fatal accident ~ nor with the clear and present danger to other vehicles posed by the two speeding vehicles Weston reported to him.

Without issuing a warning to Weston, as mandated by law, Bowers issued a citation to Weston for “obstructing and delaying a peace officer”. The audio-video tape mentioned above proves that Bowers did not issue a warning as required by law. Weston was fully cooperative with Bowers; the tape documents this.

On August 19, 2005, Weston found himself in a kangaroo court with “Judge” Fidel Salcedo presiding. During this scenario Weston was victimized by editing of the audio-video tape, complete with a doctored timestamp, and by Officer Bowers lying under oath (perjury).

Weston is now requesting a new hearing. See below >>>>>>

Publishers comment: Mr. Weston has been and continues to be harassed by police officers with clear intent to intimidate him so that he will terminate his contacting government officials to report crimes committed against himself. When public employees authorized to carry lethal weapons feel themselves free to abuse their delegated powers to silence critics by intimidation or worse, a totally unacceptable situation is created. Peace officers who act as thugs against their employers should be tried for treason and, if convicted, executed.

This publisher has suggested to Mr. Weston that he begin keeping a log of any incident involving any action by any member of any law enforcement entity ~ including the corrupt FBI ~ which he, Weston, deems inappropriate. The same for any possible surrogate of any member of any law enforcement entity. If known, names of involved public employees or surrogates will be listed on this website and also reported by letter to the President of the United States.  

As of November 14, 2011, Weston has 31 entries in his log of inappropriate actions taken against him by law enforcement officers. He has installed two video cameras in his car (facing front and rear) to document future incidents of harassment. Future incidents will be put on YouTube ~ with comments including names of rogue law officers.)

If any other Nevada citizen would like to report improper conduct on the part of any law enforcement officer, please send a BRIEF message to this publisher by email. Be sure to include your home phone number and suggest a time to call.

There is no doubt, whatsoever, that a citizens’ review board is needed in Washoe County to deal with public employees who should not be.

                                                                                 ~ Guy Felton

State of Nevada v. Michael Weston, Case RCV 2005-023211
File: Michael Weston, 5-15-08


Suppression of evidence

Tampered evidence

Perjury ~ false statements

Clerk “Robin” denied Weston’s right to appeal when she told him at the last moment that he needed an affidavit.

Time code was altered on the Nevada Highway Patrol audio-video tape.

Court/NHP did not permit Weston to review said audio-video tape before his day in court (August 19, 2005).

Judge Salcedo denied Weston’s right to enter a relevant complaint letter and relevant response letter from Senator Harry Reid regarding an earlier complaint against the NHP.

Only 3 minutes of the NHP audio-video tape were shown in court out of a total time of 22 minutes.

Weston was forced by Bowers to restage a verbal exchange in front of the NHP cruiser’s camera. The restage was substituted on the “official” tape in place of the original exchange!

Weston’s car was searched without his permission by NHP officers and he, Weston, was ordered to not observe this search.

Bowers’ audio-video tape and the court transcript were both altered after Weston contacted Nevada Public Safety about discrepancies in the audio-video tape played during Weston’s day in court. Withheld evidence was crucial to proving Weston’s innocence regarding any wrong-doing.

During Bowers’ testimony in court, he stated, under oath, that Weston came up to him and said, “Excuse me, excuse me, I want to talk to you about SUVs and pickups.” This statement is not depicted on the audio-video tape as Bowers claimed when Weston first approached him.

The Court refused to give a copy of the NHP’s audio-video tape to Weston for his review and evaluation until after the deadline for filing an appeal.

The Court outright lied to Weston regarding the procedure for obtaining a transcript of his day in court. This to frustrate Weston’s procuring said transcript.

“Kelly” at the District Attorney’s Office informed Weston that evidence had been destroyed and then changed her story to say she didn’t know who had custody of said evidence. Weston was later permitted to obtain a copy of the evidence (audio-video tape) after the appeal period expired.

The audio-video tape documents that Sergeant Kinard (Bowers’ immediate supervisor) asked Bowers, “Did you tell him to hold off (i.e., give Weston due warning)?” Bowers replied, “Yes, I did.” Kinard then asked Bowers, “Did Weston do anything else wrong?” Bowers answered, “No.” Bowers, in fact, never gave due warning to Weston.

During the Court proceeding, there was no discussion regarding Weston having been (or not having been) given due notice before he was cited as required by law. Weston was not given due notice at the time of the subject incident.

The Prosecutor asked Bowers if the audio-video tape shown in Court depicted the true events that transpired. Bowers answered, “Yes.” Bowers lied in that the tape had been edited ~ not only for time, but also to leave out crucial evidence in Weston’s favor.

Judge Salcedo ignored Weston’s reporting to him that Court Clerk “Robin” did not permit him to file appeal papers which Weston attempted to submit in a timely manner.

While pursuing his case, Weston was harassed and stopped on the road a total of 6 times by NHP officers for ridiculous and fraudulent reasons.

Third-party hearsay evidence against Weston was used by the Prosecutor during her closing argument.

The Department of Public Safety made 2 trips to the evidence room on the 9th and 15th of December 2005 to retrieve and return the Weston audio-video tape. This was before Weston was permitted to copy the tape. Who did what with the tape before permitting Weston’s close evaluation of it?

Weston was made to feel that pursuing justice in his case was discouraged by Court officials and that the NHP would maliciously retaliate against him should he persist in doing so.

If Weston is denied fair review of his maltreatment by the Court and the NHP, he will be forced to pursue related litigation in federal court and also sue for heavy punitive damages in the amount of one million dollars.

FBI (Read their “We don’t give a damn” reply below.)
Senator Harry Reid & other federal officials 



June 2, 2008

Dear Mr. Weston:

RE: Complaint against Edward Bowers

The FBI has reviewed your complaint of May 20, 2008, wherein you allege you have been the victim of a civil rights violation. Based on the review of your complaint information, no investigation will be initiated.

Enclosed with this letter please find the following items you provided to our office on May 23, 2008:

One VHS tape containing the video of Trooper Bowers dashboard camera depicting the incident; one DVD containing the audio from Reno Justice Court depicting the bench trial for Weston’s citation; one copy of the bench trial transcript; one copy of the letter from Office of Professional Responsibility (DPS); one copy of the letter to George Togliatti; one copy of Weston’s appeal letter; one copy of the ACLU complaint form; one copy of NRS 197.190; one copy of letter to the Nevada Commission of Judicial Discipline; one copy of of a response letter from the Commission of Judicial Discipline; one copy of a response letter from Senator Harry Reid; one copy of a newspaper article; and one copy of a sheet of paper with Nevada State Crimes. ###

Publisher’s comment: Martinez and West are asked to explain why they refer above to evidence tampering, perjury, and judicial fraud as “a civil rights violation”. Such willful mischaracterization of the felony crimes committed against Weston amounts to fraud, misprision of fraud, and obstruction of justice.

Also, the above letter fails to acknowledge receipt by the Reno FBI office of three documents submitted as evidence by Weston in addition to the items noted. These three documents were not returned to Weston; one is a printout of the altered times shown on the audio-visual tape:


Hour 5
Minute 11 Incident begins
Minute 10
Minute 09 Does not display
Minute 08
Minute 07 75 seconds
Minute 06 55 seconds
Minute 05 15 seconds
Minute 04 68 seconds
Minute 03 45 seconds
Minute 02 25 seconds
Minute 01 55 seconds

Hour 4
Minute 59 40 seconds
Minute 58 15 seconds
Minute 59 Displays again / 40 seconds / Different content
Minute 57 85 seconds
Minute 56 70 seconds
Minute 55 25 seconds
Minute 54 55 seconds
Minute 53 23 seconds
Minute 52 95 seconds
Minute 51 Does not display
Minute 50 80 seconds
Minute 49 40 seconds
Minute 48 40 seconds
Minute 47 55 seconds
Minute 46 40 seconds
Minute 45 Does not display
Minute 44 25 seconds
Minute 43 55 seconds
Minute 42 25 seconds
Minute 41 Incident ends

Weston’s criminal and conspiratorial treatment by Nevada and federal employees will be brought to the attention of the Nevada Supreme Court, all members of the state legislature, and all members of Nevada’s congressional delegation.

Google “Abuses by the Federal Bureau of Investigation”
Think our national police force can be trusted? Truth is, it has a record of running amok.
We need a national referendum to abolish the FBI. Police powers should only be
entrusted to persons having sterling integrity and a sense of mission.

Former California city of “Bell” officials convicted in corruption trial

We had to cover this California scandal in the small city of Bell California where former California city officials were convicted in a corruption trial.

by Alex Dobuzinskis and Steve Gorman

Five former Bell City elected officials, Victor Bello, Oscar Hernandez, George Cole, Teresa Jacobo (bottom R-L), and George Mirabal (top C) were found guilty of stealing public money by paying themselves extraordinary salaries, in a Los Angeles Superior courtroom March 20, 2013. REUTERS/Irfan Khan/POOL

– Five former Bell City elected officials, Victor Bello, Oscar Hernandez, George Cole, Teresa Jacobo (bottom R-L), and George Mirabal (top C) were found guilty of stealing public money

Former and current Bell city employees attend a bail reduction hearing in Superior Court September 22, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. Pictured are (L-R) former city Manager Robert Rizzo, former assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia, former city Councilman Victor Bello and Mayor Oscar Hernandez. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael E. Pastor reduced Rizzo’s $3.2 million bail to $2 million. Pastor also made modest reductions in bail for Spaccia and the mayor. Bello’s bail was left unchanged.

Residents of Bell CA celebrate justice in the streets

Residents of Bell CA celebrate justice in the streets

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Five former elected officials from the scandal-plagued California city of Bell were convicted on Wednesday of misusing municipal funds by collecting exorbitant salaries in a case that drew national attention as a symbol of public corruption.

The trial stemmed from an explosive scandal in Bell, a small, mostly blue-collar municipality near Los Angeles, following revelations in 2010 that its city manager, Robert Rizzo, was paid a salary of $787,000 – or nearly twice that of President Barack Obama. Continue reading

NV ANTI Corruption in books, movies, press and more!

Ty Robben filming of lawless America movie

Ty Robben filming of lawless America movie in Carson City, Nevada

As most followers of NSPW know, we’ve received good press coverage in Northern and Southern Nevada as well as Lake Tahoe, CA.

We’re also in the Lawless America movie documenting Nevada based Government and Judicial corruption.

We’re also venturing into book-writing and screen plays too for our own stories to be showcased.

A new book coming out this Summer will showcase Nevada based Government and Judicial corruption. We’re keeping the author and name secret for now, but Nevada will soon be captivated by the “thousands”  of lies, conspiracies and stories of corruption this book of a ‘who’s who’ list of names will reveal.

Here is an excerpt from the “Nevada Judicial Corruption” chapter of the book:

In 2012, Ty Robben, a Nevada citizen, led peaceful and lawful protests against corruption in the Attorney General’s Office and the Nevada judiciary. After several high profile demonstrations – with theWorlds Largest Crime Scene Banner at 4 ft tall x 150 ft long – in front of the AG’s Office and the courthouse spurred significant media coverage, he was arrested on a trumped up misdemeanor assault charge. He spent a total of 22 days in jail– 8 in solitary confinement – and nearly a month under house arrest with an ankle monitor.

"Judge" Tatro

“Judge” Tatro

The judge who signed the arrest warrant was Judge John Tatro, the same judge who Ty had attempted to disqualify from his civil case due to judicial bias.

The assault charge against Robben was eventually dropped.

judge tatro shooting

judge Tatro shooting

In December 2012, Judge Tatro woke up to the sound of gunfire at his home around 4:30 am. Two shots entered the front door, passed through the living room, and left through a sliding glass door. Ty Robben was questioned and immediately cleared. There has been no reported arrest to date but the police reviewed the judge’s court calendar in search of suspects. This incident followed the highly publicized June 2006 shooting of Judge Chuck Weller. Judge Weller was shot in the chest through the window of his third-floor courthouse office in Reno, Nevada, by a sniper in the parking garage across the street. The sniper, Darren Mack, had appeared before Judge Weller in Mack’s divorce case. Both Judge Tatro and Judge Weller had less than stellar reputations for rendering honest decisions in cases that came before them.

judge tatro crime scene

judge Tatro home a “crime scene” after gun shots fired into his front door!

Nevada ANTI-Corruption protest once again targets the Justin Brothers Bail Bonds in Reno, NV.

March 18, 2013 Nevada ANTI-Corruption protest targets the Justin Brothers Bail Bonds in Reno, NV. The protest also targeted the corruption in the Reno court system including that of Reno Justice Court Judge Scott Pearson for obstructing justice in the Mike Weston case where DA Dick Gammick has no objections to the relief Mr. Weston has requested. More on that story can be found on this website and we’ll write an update to Mr. Weston’s legal plight very soon. For now, we’ve been focused the the Justin Brothers Bail Bonds case and related protests that are planned for the duration.

justin brothers bail bonds

reno protest Continue reading

Lake Tahoe News covers Justin Brothers Bail Bonds / Doug Lewis criminal charges


Carson City bounty hunter Doug Lewis faces charges in S. Tahoe

On: March 13, 2013,  By: admin, In: News3 Comments

Doug Lewis Nevada Bounty Hunter with Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Doug Lewis Nevada Bounty Hunter with Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Five misdemeanor charges have been filed against a Carson City bounty hunter in regards to his actions in South Lake Tahoe.

Douglas Lewis with Justin Brothers Bail Bonds has been charged with unlawful arrest, aggravated trespass, vandalism, battery and damaging a vehicle.

The incident occurred in October at the South Lake Tahoe home of Ty Robben. Robben wanted felony charges filed against the suspect. He said the bounty hunters broke down his door and used a Taser on him.

Robben has since filed a civil suit against the Carson City firm and has protested the Justin Brothers with the large crime scene tape. “Protesting will continue against the Justin Bros for the duration” Robben said.

It was the delay in action that led Robben in January to protest near the South Lake Tahoe Police Department.

Doug Lewis starred in a TV show called Bounty Hunter watch it here:

Doug Lewis is also doing business on a permanently revoked Nevada business license according to the Nevada Secretary of State website

– Lake Tahoe News staff report

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds Carson City charged with criminal activity in bounty hunter case gone bad

Tahoe Tribune News covers the story – Charges filed in police protest case against Justin Brothers Bail Bonds ‘Bounty Hunter’ Doug Lewis

Tahoe Tribune story on Ty Robben

Tahoe Tribune

The El Dorado District Attorney’s Office has filed charges against a bail bondsman for an October incident that spurred a protest against the South Lake Tahoe Police Department.

On Thursday, Assistant District Attorney Hans Uthe filed five misdemeanor counts against bail bondsmen Douglas Lewis for an October incident in the Sierra Tract neighborhood in which bounty hunters allegedly entered the home of Todd “Ty” Robben in an attempt to bring him into custody on a Nevada warrant.

The counts against Lewis include unlawful arrest, aggravated trespass, vandalism, battery and damaging a vehicle, according to court documents.

A man who answered the phone at Justin Brothers Bail Bonds Tuesday morning declined to say how Lewis could be reached. The man said there is no comment on the charges before hanging up.

During the October incident, bondsmen from the company entered the Pinter Avenue home of Robben and shocked him with a Taser in an attempt to take him into custody, according to Robben’s account of the incident.

Robben contends the bondsmen did not have a legal warrant for the search.

The pace of the investigation into the incident led Robben to organize a protest against the police department along Al Tahoe Boulevard in January


Ty Robben · Top Commenter ·

I want to say thank you to the South Lake Tahoe Police and El Dorado County District Attorney for getting this done. Please see more at

justin brothers bail bonds

Justin Brothers bail bonds

Justin Brothers bail bonds

Tahoe Mountain News covers part II of the Ty Robben vs. Justin Brothers Bail Bonds ‘Bounty Hunter’ case where criminal charges have been filed against agent Doug Lewis


tmn The Tahoe Mountain News covered part one of the story here:

and here:


ty robben bounty hunter









By Heather Gould March 2013, Source:

Ty Robben may be ‘radical’ – but he may also be right. Mt. News

Apparently Mr.Lewis also fails to have a current Nevada Business License! You can check on-line and see

 Entity Name  NV Business ID  Status  Type
NEVADA BAIL ENFORCEMENT, LLC NV20041305929 Permanently Revoked Domestic Limited-Liability Company

Bounty Hunter Douglas Lewis will face five misdemeanor charges in connection  with an October 18 incident at the Sierra Tract home of local resident Todd ”Ty ” Robben, in which he attempted to take Robben into custody on a misdemeanor contempt of court warrant out of Carson City. See

Robben’s door was broken down. he was “tased” at least twice, his tires were slashed and he had to bolt into a nearby field to escape, according to a South Lake Tahoe Police report. The charges against Lewis, filed by the EI Dorado County District Attorney’s office, include allegedly failing to obtain a California warrant for the capture of Robben, aggravated trespass for allegedly forcing his way into Robben’s home, alleged vandalism of a dwelling for breaking down the door, alleged battery for tasing Robben, and alleged damage to a vehicle for slashing Robben’s tires. Doug Lewis could not be reached for comment by press time.

Robben sought more serious felony charges and wonders why other individuals accompanying and assisting Lewis were not charged as well. He said he was nevertheless “relieved” that El Dorado County authorities had acted, and that his faith in the system had been restored somewhat after months of frustration over the handling of the case.

Robben protested in front of the South Lake Tahoe Police Department in late January. claiming the police were failing to take him seriously and investigate his case in a timely manner, due to his activism against government and a negative portrait painted of him by law enforcement in Nevada.

Hans Uthe, the Tahoe-based assistant district attorney. Said felony charges were not filed against Lewis largely because he had failed to get clearance from a California judge. “As a professional bounty hunter he should have known he had to do that. It would have been very easy for him to do.” And though Lewis was apparently assisted by others in his attempt to capture Robben, only he is being charged because he was the leader or boss of the pursuit, said Uthe. ” It was hi s decisions, his determinations how to proceed.” Uthe said. “We’re holding him responsible.”

In statements on the matter, police officials said they had made every effort to accommodate Robben, given time and staffing constraints. The police report was completed and released after the Tahoe Mountain News filed a California Public Records Act request.

Robben did compliment the police department for finishing the report when it did . The 164-page report contained 14 pages devoted to investigation of the alleged crimes and 150 pages of applicable statutes and legal precedents submitted by Robben.

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Robben has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the bail bond company, Justin Brothers Bail Bonds, that employed Lewis and has also protested in front of the their Carson City and Reno offices. Owner Dennis Justin said he had “no comment what so ever” about the suit or the charges filed against Lewis.


At the time of Lewis’s alleged crimes against Robben, Robben was out on bail on charges including assault after attempting to serve a subpoena for a friend on a Nevada state official named Susan Martinovich with the Department of Transportation. The friend had filed suit against the department, claiming he was fired for exposing wrongdoing. The suit is similar to one filed by Robben against the Nevada Department of Taxation, his former employer, which is currently on appeal. Robben calls himself a “supporter of whistleblowers.”

The woman being served said she felt threatened and was accosted by Robben and later received a restraining order against him. Robben said the situation was all turned around and that she assaulted him by driving over his toe. Eventually. All charges were dropped,  except one – disorderly conduct – which will be dismissed if Robben complies with court conditions for a year.

Robben does have two other restraining orders against him including one by his brother from whom he has been estranged for five years with absolutely no contact and who lives in Florida. The other one was issued under false pretenses to an employee in his previous place of work who was angry with Robben reported him for sending pornography over government computers, Robben said.

The contempt of court warrant was issued – in error by Carson city Judge John Tatro, says Robben – after he supposedly failed to show up for a court check-in. The matter was cleared up when he later checked in.

Amnesty International has classified lasers as deadly weapons.

Noted bail bondsmen and bounty hunter Leonard Padilla commented on the actions of the bounty hunters. The easiest way to catch a fugitive is to talk them into surrendering, said Padilla. Something the bounty hunters allegedly did with Robben for ten minutes according to the police report, before breaking down his door which is permitted, said Padilla. If one is 100 percent sure. not 80 percent sure. Not 98 percent sure, but 100 percent sure, that the fugitive is inside. He said tasers must be deployed with care so as not to cause undue harm. “Not everyone can go and buy a taser and s tart tasing people. You have to have special training” Padilla said. Amnesty International has classified lasers as deadly weapons. Finally, the slashing of tires perplexed Padilla. After nearly 40 years in business, he has never used such a tactic, which he called “childish” and “comical.” The best time to catch someone is when they leave a dwelling to go to a car, he said. Or as they drive off.

In the police report, the bounty hunters said they didn’t ‘t want Robben to drive in what they said was a fragile mental slat. Stating he had been under psychiatric care, an assertion Robben vehemently denies. He was put on suicide watch
while initially in the Carson City jail,  a tactic used to imprison him in solitary confinement. Robben wrote he has been “certified as sane … has no prior criminal record … has never been hospitalized for mental health! This is character assassination’ of me.” He earlier provided a letter to the Mountain News from the EI Dorado County Department of Mental Health stating he does not qualify for services, so is therefore of sound mind, said Robben.

Additionally. Robben contends, police officers stood by while the bounty hunters went about their allegedly illegal activities and did not intervene while he was attacked and pursued. The report does not note any action taken by South Lake Tahoe police and states an officer was in the area at the time.

Bounty hunters do have broad powers to pursue, capture and detain fugitives. The report also said police declined to assist the bounty hunters given it was a misdemeanor, non-extraditable warrant out of another state. The report said the South Lake Tahoe Police did briefly search for Robben after he ran to try and convince him to give himself up. South Lake Tahoe Police spokesman Lt. David Stevenson said he would not comment further. The report said the bounty hunters continued to search for Robben for five hours after he fled. Robben said he hiked to a friend’s house and furtively hid out in his RV so the friend would not be charged with harboring a fugitive. He then made his way to the Black Jack Inn at Stateline where he watched the Giants win the playoffs

Bounty Hunter Nevada Bail Enforcement agent Doug Lewis Charged with Assault/Battery March 2013. Doug Lewis stars in this National Geographic episode of Leonard Padilla “Bounty Hunter” filmed in Reno and Sparks Nevada.

See the full episode below or here:

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Read the story here:

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds criminal complaint

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds criminal complaint

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds criminal complaint

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds criminal complaint

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Charges filed in Justin Bro’s Bail Bonds ‘Bounty Hunter’ case

Ty Robben Victory

Bounty Hunter Doug Lewis of Nevada Bail Enforcement is charged with 5 counts in El Dorado County. Mr. Lewis was contracted with Justin Brothers Bail Bonds of Carson City and Reno, NV.

See the taser lawsuit story here

Apparently Mr.Lewis also fails to have a current Nevada Business License!

 Entity Name  NV Business ID  Status  Type
NEVADA BAIL ENFORCEMENT, LLC NV20041305929 Permanently Revoked Domestic Limited-Liability Company

Continue reading

SILENCED – A new documentary about government whistle-blowers from Oscar nominee James Spione by Morninglight Films

SILENCED – A new documentary from Oscar nominee James Spione by Morninglight Films

Telling the truth becomes a dangerous act when four federal whistleblowers reveal the darkest corners of America’s war on terror. Continue reading

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds Carson City protest

On Monday March 04, 2013 we protested in front of the Justin Brothers Bail Bonds location in the incestuous dirty little cesspool of Carson City, Nevada. The  Justin Brothers Bail Bonds sits directly in front of the corrupt Carson City courthouse. Hundreds of people drove by and some stooped to ask us about the protest and share their stories of the Carson City Corruption.

Please see the updates here:

See more of the Ty Robben vs  Justin Bros case here:

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds Carson City

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds Carson City

Protesters hold a demonstration against Justin Brothers Bail Bonds FRAUD

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds Carson City

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds Carson City

Carson City Sheriff Responds to massive CRIME SCENE at Justin Bros Bail Bonds in Carson City, NV

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds Carson City

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds illegally broke into home illegally used a taser on Ty Robben

Please see the updates here:

Justin Brothers Bail BondsJustin Brothers Bail Bonds illegally broke into home illegally used a taser on Ty Robben.  Ty Robben is now suing the Justin Brothers Bail Bonds company out of Carson City, Nevada.  Mr. Robben was tased 3 times after 5 bounty hunters illegally entered his home with no warrant pursuant to California penal code 847.5.

The bounty hunters also face a litany of criminal charges including burglary, assault, battery (with deadly weapons), trespassing, stalking, harassment, conspiracy, vandalism, kidnapping, false imprisonment, breach of peace,  and failure to obtain a warrant.   Justin Brothers Bail Bondslawsuit

Mr. Robben was not a fugitive and the bounty hunters had no legal reason to try to arrest him or cross State lines from Carson City, Nevada into South Lake Tahoe California to unlawfully break into his Lake Tahoe home.

Mr. Robben has filed criminal and civil charges against the Justin Brothers Bail Bond company out of Carson City and Reno, Nevada.justin brothers bail bonds taser lawsuit

Tasers are consider lethal weapons and they kill people. Similar taser lawsuits address the seriousness of taser use.

Taser safety issues

Critics argue that Tasers and other high-voltage stun devices can cause cardiac arrhythmia in susceptible subjects, possibly leading to heart attack or death in minutes by ventricular fibrillation, which leads to cardiac arrest and—if not treated immediately—to sudden death. People susceptible to this outcome are sometimes healthy and unaware of their susceptibility.

Ban-the-TasersAlthough the medical conditions or use of illegal drugs among some of the casualties may have been the proximate cause of death, the electric shock of the Taser can significantly heighten such risk for subjects in an at-risk category.[1]

“Non-lethal” designation

While they are not technically considered lethal, some authorities and non-governmental organizations question both the degree of safety presented by the weapon and the ethical implications of using a weapon that some, such as sections of Amnesty International, allege is inhumane. As a consequence, Amnesty International Canada and other civil liberties organizations have argued that a moratorium should be placed on Taser use until research can determine a way for them to be safely used.[7] Amnesty International has documented over 334 deaths that occurred after the use of tasers. Amnesty International. Police sources question whether the taser was the actual cause of death in those cases, as many of the deaths occurred in people with serious medical conditions and/or severe drug intoxication, often to the point of excited delirium.

CBC News Tests Tasers – Proves Tasers Unsafe!

Tasers No Longer a Non-Lethal Alternative for Law Enforcement

acluBy Rebecca McCray, ACLU Criminal Law Reform Project & Emma Andersson, Criminal Law Reform Project at 3:39pm

Tasers subject their victims to a 50,000 volt shock followed by 100 microsecond pulses of 1,200 volts.   Since 2001, more than 500 people in the United States have died after law enforcement officers used this weapon against them. A study published this week by the American Heart Association’s Circulation Journal confirms that the misuse of a Taser can cause sudden cardiac arrest and death.taser-x26-large

In theory, a Taser is intended to serve as a non-lethal method of control for law enforcement officers when they need to physically restrain a dangerous person. But as the new Circulation study demonstrates, Tasers cannot so simply be categorized as “non-lethal.” In addition, there are far too many instances in which officers have impulsively deployed Tasers against children, pregnant women and the mentally ill, even though the victims posed no real danger to either the officers or anyone else.

The new evidence that Tasers can cause cardiac arrest and death, coupled with the disturbing trend of officers using Tasers in flagrantly unnecessary situations, makes it all the more troubling that states do not uniformly or consistently govern or regulate officers’ use of Tasers. This means that Taser policies vary greatly between police departments, often leading to vague, outdated and inaccurate guidelines that result in misunderstanding about the misuse of these allegedly non-lethal weapons.

Taser training materials are mostly provided by Taser International, the private company that makes the weapon. Relying on a private, for-profit company that has a vested interest in promoting and selling their product for training guidelines is not only nonsensical, but dangerous. For example, though Taser International advises officers against administering a shock to the victim’s chest, it does not prohibit targeting this area. In fact, Taser minimizes the potential risk of death or cardiac trauma, instead emphasizing a need to insulate police officers – and itself – from the legal ramifications associated with a shock to the chest. The company goes on to recommend against aiming for the chest because “shots to the chest, particularly at close range, are frequently ineffective because of the lack of major muscle groups in the chest area.” It’s not difficult to see why relying on Taser International’s profit-seeking and liability-evading advice, rather than on rigorous and objective scientific evidence, is both unwise and unsafe.tazer gun

The new Circulation study should provoke us all – including and most importantly law enforcement agencies – to revisit when the deployment of a Taser is worth its serious risks. To be sure, law enforcement officers have a legitimate interest in protecting themselves and the public during potentially violent encounters, and for the victim, a Taser is generally a less lethal alternative to a firearm. But history demonstrates that law enforcement agencies have failed to create and implement Taser training policies that effectively educate officers about the risks involved and ensure that officers only use Tasers when actually necessary. Law enforcement agencies should review and revise their Taser policies so that officers can make informed and responsible decisions about when using a Taser is warranted. Particularly given the increasing – and disturbing – popularity and indiscriminate use of Tasers, police departments around the country must ensure that they use these lethal weapons responsibly, ethically and as safely as possible.

Angela Jones, a Los Angeles woman, suffered cardiac arrest after being shocked with a Taser gun by police during a traffic stop in June. The incident, which was caught on video by a California Highway Patrol dashboard camera, has once again raised questions about the safety of the weapon.

CBC report on the latest example of senseless use of deadly force by police, compounded by the routine lie that the police had been attacked by the victim. Since we already know Robert had no drugs or alcohol in his system, how long will it be until he’s diagnosed as suffering from “excited delirium syndrome” – the phony disorder invented by the Taser lobby to deny the obvious fact Tasers often kill people.

Marin County has agreed to pay $1.9 million to settle a lawsuit filed by a man who accused sheriff’s deputies of shocking him with a Taser

Justin Brothers Bail BondslawsuitMarin County has agreed to pay $1.9 million to settle a lawsuit filed by a man who accused sheriff’s deputies of shocking him with a Taser when he refused to go to the hospital after he fell. The county Board of Supervisors voted in closed session Tuesday to approve the settlement to Peter McFarland, 66, for an incident that “was not consistent with department policy,” said County Counsel Patrick Faulkner. “Federal law surrounding the use of Tasers is more restrictive today than it was in 2009, when deputies used a Taser to help take Peter McFarland in custody,” Faulkner said. Continue reading

First they ignore you, then they ridicule and laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win

We like this video using Linux a metaphor from Mahatma Gandhi famous quote

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

My religion is based on truth and non-violence. Truth is my God. Non-violence is the means of realising Him.

My religion is based on truth and non-violence. Truth is my God. Non-violence is the means of realising Him.

My religion is based on truth and non-violence. Truth is my God. Non-violence is the means of realising Him.

Meet my friend Xiever Rudd – For the love of the Earth buy and share his music.

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Justin Brothers Bail Bonds fraud, racketeering and criminal activity turns into a massive CRIME SCENE in Reno Nevada

Justin Brothers Bail Bonds and Nevada Bail Enforcement were the subjects of a protest today March 01, 2013 in Reno, Nevada. Dennis Justin, Richard Justin and their cohort Doug Lewis are accused of fraud, racketeering and criminal activity. more on this story will be poster shortly.

Justin Brothers bail bonds

Justin Brothers bail bonds

Justin  Brothers Bail bonds

Justin Brothers Bail bonds

Justin  Brothers Bail bonds is a fraud

Justin Brothers Bail bonds is a fraud

dennis justin of the justin brothers bail bonds

Dennis Justin of the Justin brothers bail bonds

justin bros