NV State Personnel WATCH supports El Dorado (South Lake Tahoe) Sheriff John D’Agostini stand on U.S. Constitution

The El Dorado County sheriff has fired off an anti-gun control letter to Vice President Joe Biden.

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 By Bill Lindelof, Sacramento Bee

The El Dorado County sheriff has fired off an anti-gun control letter to Vice President Joe Biden.

“It is well known and proven with facts, not emotional inference, that gun control of any kind, has no effect on the reduction of crime, anywhere,” wrote Sheriff John D’Agostini.

The letter, also sent out as a press release, was written to Biden Jan. 17.

Here is the El Dorado County sheriff’s letter to Biden.

The Obama administration is trying to get congressional support for a package of gun-control proposals, including an assault rifle ban. Biden helped formulate the proposals.

The gun control proposals come following the December shooting at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school that left 20 children and six staffers dead.

El Dorado DA Vern Pierson discusses firearms and CCW laws:

biden letter

Source: http://www.laketahoenews.net/2013/01/el-dorado-county-sheriff-tells-biden-views-on-gun-control/

More MSM news outlets and bloggers covering our ANTI-Corruption & Lawless America Movement

Is protesting local, State and Federal corruption the new Occupy? We are a small ANTI-Corruption movement, but united with Lawless America one person can make change happen. People all over the Country can do what we are doing.  Always encourage local media and news blogs to cover you story and protest.

Residents protest South Lake Tahoe police


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Corrupt law enforcement in South Lake Tahoe?

That’s what some people believe. And they took to the streets Monday to make their feelings known.

Ty Robben organized the Jan. 28 demonstration along Al Tahoe Boulevard. Robben’s issues started last fall when bounty hunters busted down his door. He’s been waiting for the South Lake Tahoe cops to finish the report. He even went to the City Council meeting last week to plead the electeds to intervene to speed up the process.

By the end of last week the report was done and passed on to the District Attorney’s Office.

But Robben said he is having a hard time getting a copy of the report.

“I think this is the moment for Police Chief [Brian] Uhler to shine or sink. I think Chief Uhler seems like a nice fella based on my experience and I hope he’s legit. Perhaps some of the people below him are the problem,” Robben told Lake Tahoe News. “The PD does good things too and I would prefer to not be their critic or on their bad side.”

At the protest on Monday people were sharing stories of their run-ins with local law enforcement. Drivers honked their horns in support.

When an unmarked police vehicle went by and suddenly turned on its lights for no apparent reason one protester wondered out loud if that was to try to intimidate those who had gathered peacefully.

“I do think that the totality of my situation and others warrants some kind of future discussions. Most people are very, very intimidated to speak up or stand up for their rights because of retaliation by police, the DA or the courts. I have been retaliated against, but protesting is one thing I can do and I have certain control over that right. For some of us, that might be the only justice we ever get,” Robben said.

Robben hopes future protests are not necessary – but he said there would be more if he believes there is a need to raise awareness about what law enforcement is or is not doing.

The planning of the protest unintentionally coincided within less than a week of Officer Johnny Poland being arrested on five federal charges dealing with witness and evidence tampering. Robben was planning the protest before Poland’s arrest.

– Lake Tahoe News staff report     See Comments below: Continue reading

Taxpayers demand transparency – So. Lake Tahoe media covers South Lake Tahoe Police protest

The Tahoe Tribune, LakeTahoeNews.net or other media sources including SLTPDwatch.wordpress.com covered the January 28, 2013 ANTI-corruption protest at the South Tahoe Police Department.

Tahoe Tribune story on Ty Robben

Tahoe Tribune story on Ty Robben

Police protest draws handful of supporters

Ty Robben was pushing the envelope

regarding the city’s sign ordinances.

<b>Adam Jensen / Tahoe Daily Tribune</b>Reno resident Mike Weston, left, and South Lake Tahoe resident Ty Robben string up oversized crime scene tape during a police protest along Al Tahoe Boulevard Monday afternoon.
Reno resident Mike Weston, left, and South Lake Tahoe resident Ty Robben string up oversized crime scene tape during a  police protest along Al Tahoe Boulevard Monday afternoon. Adam Jensen / Tahoe Daily Tribune
A man who is upset about South Lake Tahoe Police Department’s handling of an incident involving bounty hunters at a Sierra Tract home protested alleged police corruption Monday.Todd “Ty” Robben unfurled oversized crime-scene tape and posted numerous signs on Al Tahoe Boulevard Monday afternoon alleging malfeasance by police.Robben is angered by the department’s response to an October incident in which he says Nevada bounty hunters illegally entered his Pinter Avenue house to serve a misdemeanor contempt of court warrant out of Nevada without the required documentation from California.He said he was shocked with a Taser during the incident, but escaped what he considers an attempted kidnapping by the bounty hunters.“What I’m saying is justice delayed is justice denied,” Robben said at the start of Monday’s demonstration. “They’re not giving me a straight answer on the delay.”South Lake Tahoe Police Chief Brian Uhler was surprised by the protest, saying he has been in contact with Robben regarding the status of the investigation as recently as Friday.The department has made “steady progress” on the investigation of the bounty hunters’ behavior, Uhler said. He questioned the need for urgency on the incident because it does not present an ongoing threat to public safety.

The police chief also questioned the use of language on some of the protest signs that could be offensive to some and said Robben was pushing the envelope regarding the city’s sign ordinances. He said the department supports people’s constitutional rights to free speech and didn’t want to make a big deal about the possible infractions.

Police have submitted information on the October incident to the El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office, Uhler said. Whether or not criminal charges will arise form the incident is unknown.

The District Attorney’s Office sent the investigation of the incident back to police in December for further information gathering last month. Assistant District Attorney Hans Uthe said on Tuesday afternoon that documentation of the incident was re-submitted to prosecutors about 10 a.m. Monday.

Despite the signs alleging corruption, Robben said he doesn’t feel that most police are corrupt, but said that it is up to them to prove they are not. He said he hoped the protest would bring exposure to people with similar complaints.

“This is what we can do as citizens,” Robben said, describing himself as a patriot.”

Three people were at the protest when it started around noon. Several people stopped by to inquire about the reasons for the signs. Fliers advertising the protest included a picture of recently arrested South Lake Tahoe police officer Johnny Poland. Robben said the protest was planned prior to Poland’s arrest. This is not the first time Robben has used protests to draw attention to alleged corruption by government officials.

Robben organized similar protests in front of the Nevada Attorney General’s Office in April, alleging the Carson City Court Clerk’s Office manipulated transcripts and improperly allowed the Nevada Attorney General’s Office to file court documents late in his fight to be reinstated to a job with the Nevada Department of Taxation, according to an article in the Nevada Appeal.

In September 2009 Robben filed a lawsuit alleging he was the victim of discrimination and was demoted after bringing complaints to managers. Robben was arrested in Carson City in August on misdemeanor counts of assault and breach of peace for an incident in which he says he was legally attempting to serve a subpoena on Nevada Department of Transportation Director Susan Martinovich earlier in the month, according to the article.

Robben said that Martinovich ran over his toe with a car while he was attempting to serve the subpoena, the Appeal reported. Martinovich has said she felt threatened during the incident and was later granted a restraining order against Robben. Prosecutors said Robben pleaded no contest to a disorderly conduct charge to settle the case in November, according to a subsequent Nevada Appeal article.

Note: The “disorderly conduct charge” charge is delayed and Ty Robben has not been convicted of that trumped up charge.

— The Associated Press contributed to this story.

RGJ covers Nevada corruption albeit a little late

Nevada in basement of “corruption risk” list – so, what are the solutions?
10:11 am, Jan 24, 2013 | Written by Reno Rebirth

nevada capitol

Nevada ranks low on prevention of legislative corruption, according to a new study. The state’s grades include a D in public access to information and a D- in state budget process.

The study was produced by the Center for Public Integrity, Public Radio International and Global Integrity. “The State Integrity Investigation is a $1.5 million public collaboration designed to expose practices that undermine trust in state capitols — and spotlight the states that are doing things right,” according to the study’s website.

The list:You can see how all the states did here.

Here’s are Nevada’s grades:

So, what are some solutions? Can anything be changed? Join the discussion in the comments below.

report card

Brian Uhler replaces embattled Terry Daniels as Chief of Police in So. Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe hires police chief from outside department

He was on the force in 1989 when then Mayor Terry Trupp was arrested on a variety of federal crimes — mostly drug related in what the FBI called Operation Deep Snow. Trupp recently died after serving a number of years behind bars.


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Updated Nov. 2, 2010, 12:36pm. By Kathryn Reed

The first police chief hired from outside the department was sworn in this morning at the South Lake Tahoe City Council meeting.

Brian Uhler becomes the eighth chief, taking over a department that has had a rocky time of it in recent years, especially under the leadership of former Chief Terry Daniels. Capt. Martin Hewlett has been the leader of the department since the start of the year after Daniels left. Continue reading

An ANTI-Corruption demonstration/protest will be held Monday at high noon January 28, 2013

An ANTI-Corruption demonstration/protest will be held

Monday at high noon January 28, 2013

in front of the SLT Police Dept on Al Tahoe Blvd.


We’ll have the world’s largest CRIME SCENE banner

and other professional signs demanding competency, honesty and transparency into South Lake Tahoe Police law enforcement.

The SLTPD also must complete police investigations and not cover them up!  No more lies, slow-balling and whitewashing to protect corrupt cronies.

Come on by, bring a sign and honk if you drive by.

ANTI Corruption protests coming to South Lake Tahoe Police Department?

So-Lake-Tahoe-badge150The South Lake Tahoe police have been dragging out an investigation related to this writer since October 2012.  It’s going on 4 months.  The investigation centers on Justin Brother bailbonds (Justin Bros.) illegally crossing state lines from Nevada to Lake Tahoe, California to kidnap an alleged “fugitive”…

The SLTP and Sargent Josh Adler have until Friday January 25, 2013 to get the report done before we bring our famous CRIME SCENE banner to the South Lake Tahoe police Dept for an ANTI Corruption protest.

The “Bounty Hunters” failed to obtain a mandated California warrant pursuant to CA penal code 847.5 witch states:

If a person has been admitted to bail in another state, escapes bail, and is present in this State, the bail bondsman or other person who is bail for such fugitive, may file with a magistrate in the county where the fugitive is present an affidavit stating the name and whereabouts of the fugitive, the offense with which the alleged fugitive was charged or of which he was convicted, the time and place of same, and the particulars in which the fugitive has violated the terms of his bail, and may request the issuance of a warrant for arrest of the fugitive, and the issuance, after hearing, of an order authorizing the affiant to return the fugitive to the jurisdiction from which he escaped bail.  The magistrate may require such additional evidence under oath as he deems necessary to decide the issue.  If he concludes that there is probable cause for believing that the person alleged to be a fugitive is such, he may issue a warrant for his arrest.  The magistrate shall notify the district attorney of such action and shall direct him to investigate the case and determine the facts of the matter.  When the fugitive is brought before him pursuant to the warrant, the magistrate shall set a time and place for hearing, and shall advise the fugitive of his right to counsel and to produce evidence at the hearing.  He may admit the fugitive to bail pending the hearing.  The district attorney shall appear at the hearing.  If, after hearing, the magistrate is satisfied from the evidence that the person is a fugitive he may issue an order authorizing affiant to return the fugitive to the jurisdiction from which he escaped bail.

A bondsman or other person who is bail for a fugitive admitted to bail in another state who takes the fugitive into custody, except pursuant to an order issued under this section, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Continue reading

Corruption, underage sex, gang connections alleged in South Lake Tahoe police officer’s arrest

Next door to corrupt Nevada and just 30 minutes away from corrupt Carson City, NV lies the mountain resort community of South Lake Tahoe, CA.  We’ll be addressing the corruption pollution blowing into South Lake Tahoe, CA from Carson City, NV in an upcoming post.  At the time we’re getting ready to write the post, this story popped up in the local media:

Good to see the SLTPD cleaning up corruption.

Underage sex, gang connections alleged in police officer’s arrest:

Johnny Poland

Johnny Poland

South Lake Tahoe Police Chief Brian Uhler discussed SLTPD corruption scandal

South Lake Tahoe Police Chief Brian Uhler discussed SLTPD corruption scandal

Officer Johnny Poland, Tribune file photo

Original story: http://www.tahoedailytribune.com/article/20130123/NEWS/130129961/0/FRONTPAGE

By Adam Jensen

Police officer John “Johnny” Poland allegedly used his position of power to groom teenage girls for sex and provide sensitive police information to people connected to gang members, according to a criminal complaint filed this week. And when the police officer looked liked he might get caught, he told his sexual partners to get rid of the evidence, according to the FBI.
Poland, 44, was arrested at the South Lake Tahoe Police Department about 10 a.m. Wednesday while picking up paperwork, according to Police Chief Brian Uhler. Continue reading

Video raises concerns about South Lake Tahoe SWAT team’s actions

South Lake Tahoe SWATSOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (KRNV & MyNews4.com) – A video obtained exclusively by News 4 is raising new questions about how law enforcement handled an investigation into the possible bribery of a South Lake Tahoe City Council member.

The home video from neighbors of bribery suspect Gino Dimatteo you can see at least 12 armed swat team members throwing a flash bang into his house while trying to execute a search warrant.

“If anybody would have been in the hallway approaching the door, it probably would have killed them,” defense attorney Ted Long said. “This is crazy. This is cowboy. This is wild west and citizens ought to be frightened.”

Long says officers knew the house was empty because his client was already detained at a separate search of another location. Long says he had the keys to the house and was offering to go unlock it.

“How are you going to justify this when you’ve got the suspect in custody and an attorney standing there with a key saying I’ll corporate with you. How do you justify this?” he said.

News 4 tried to get answers from the sheriff’s office, but they have not yet returned our request for comment.

Long is asking the El Dorado County Grand Jury to look into how this case was handled.