Fifteen members of Las Vegas Sheriff Douglas Gillespie’s organization have been served with a Federal complaint

The Las Vegas Tribune writes the following story on a new Las Vegas corruption scandal involving the Las Vegas Sheriff Douglas Gillespie’s organization.
You Have Been Served!

Douglas Gillespie

Fifteen members of Sheriff Douglas Gillespie’s organization have been served with a Federal complaint filed in District Court for the State of Nevada that notified them they are being sued in a historical legal precedent against the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department by one of their own.The complaint has been filed by Las Vegas Attorney David Otto on behalf of his client, the Plantiff, 34-year veteran with LVMPD, Detective Gordon Martines.The lawsuit specifically names the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the Defendants, their agents, officers, servants and/or employees, engaged in unlawful conduct by, inter alia, retaliating against Plaintiff for exercising his First Amendment right to free speech and denying him procedural due process.

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Doug Gillespie Wins and the LVMPD Atrophies 10/29/2012

Posted by Mike Zahara on Oct 29, 2010

I think it’s time to change how we choose our sheriffs in Clark County and make the position a nationally searched appointed position done jointly by the LVMPD’s stakeholders at the city and county.

It’s the only way we’re going to break the stranglehold the Resort Security Directors and their many, many friends in organized crime who created Metro 37 years ago to solely benefit them at the expense of our community, its safety, and its international reputation.

Both have hand selected each and every sheriff since the day Metro was born and Sheriff Douglas

Gillespie—after much initial trepidation over being even more subservient to both—now enjoys the perqs and privileges therein of being mob and resort owned, and the communities’ perception of the department has never been worse.

And employee morale is lower than whale shit across the entire LVMPD.

In six years of observing the department and getting to know a lot of the players, I genuinely feel sorry for the true professionals, the average Joes and Janes, the dedicated public servants who really do have a near impossible mission with the biggest group of shitheads running a major urban police department in the entire United States at the LVMPD.

If I were the King of Clark County, my first duties would be to engage two of Metro’s bigg

est, ugliest cops to pay personal visits with empty Xerox paper boxes for the brass I would fired immediately.

Gone without a moment’s hesitation:

All three Assistant Sheriffs: Ray Flynn, Ted Moody, and Mike McClary—one of which should be in federal prison today, one who was a good cop once upon a time, and one who is just an overall asshole, though all three could wear any of these labels on any given day. Their positions are redundant and wasteful, and both former primary candidate and retired Captain Dan Barry and current opponent Patrol Officer Laurie Bisch are to be commended for finally publicly stating the painfully obvious in support of eliminating all three positions.

Then my big, ugly Xerox box cops would pay a visit to the following Deputy Chiefs too:

Deputy Chief Marc Joseph, Deputy Chief Greg McCurdy, Deputy Chief Gary Schofield, Deputy Chief Joseph Lombardo; all are tits on a bull useless, and most of them should already be serving long federal prison sentences. All four are and always were garbage cops and all failed upward at the LVMPD because of what they were willing to do and to ignore to advance themselves.

Just like Doug Gillespie once did to become Sheriff of Clark County.

There’s a small group of Captains and Lieutenants that I would fire immediately too, including the hyper-corrupted Brett Primas over at Homeland Security and his subordinate drug dealing/using Lt Steve Menger. I’ll leave the others for you to speculate about because most haven’t been in the public realm.

No one ever asks why Sheriff Emeritus Jerry Keller controls so much federal grant money and contracts to his cronies; no one ever asks why he’s still running Metro today either.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department would be reborn if all the above were immediately and deservedly fired and/or imprisoned;everyone agrees that they are the collective problem at the LVMPD.

There comes a moment for some LVMPD cops that when they become DCs, they morph into something that they may have never been before—though some were always assholes from their very first day at the Academy.

Doug Gillespie was once happy to be a regular cop and to come home to slap his wife Louise and the kids around every evening, until he became a Deputy Chief and was groomed by the mob and the resorts to mop up Bill Young’s many, many, many, many, many messes.

One of the sheriff’s prerogatives is to rearrange anyone at the rank of Captain or higher however he/she so chooses, they just lose their exalted titles, not their pay grade and benies, and Sheriff Douglas Gillespie left the personnel disaster that Bill Young left behind in place highlighting his nonexistent management style in neon lights.

Nobody ordered paperclips better than Douglas Gillespie did as a bureaucratic, mid-level do-nothing at the LVMPD; and now no one is a worse police chief in America than Douglas Gillespie is today either.

He’s steered the ship of the LVMPD to join other such notorious departments such as New Orleans, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Detroit.  He has sold and greatly expanded local crime as an entertainment prospect for Hollywood, and the city’s already terrible image now suffers internationally because of it.

An appointed sheriff would create or bring up his/her own team of trusted  underlings; Sheriff Doug Gillespie relies on such a small group of dirty and corrupted cops because the entire department loathes him and not a soul outside of his tiny ‘group’ trusts him because he’s so dirty and is so easily compromised.

I often wonder where the FBI and US Attorney are; where the US Department of Justice in DC is too!  I’ve  watched Doug Gillespie’s personally approved ‘Red Squads’ in action three times now. The latest was at CCAC—the same AC run by Gillespie buddy and TV ad star and wife-beater Captain Charles Hank who Gillespie tried to sweep that under the rug of court seal—digitally photograph persons who were stopped but not ticketed; the latest was this past June at the anniversary party of one of my favorite watering holes within CCAC, and after the patrol officers found nothing more than an alleged ‘broken taillight’, a Sergeant pulled up, made them line up, and individually photographed all four adults in their 40’s without their consent, and without ever charging any of them—so I snapped him snapping them.

Such unconstitutional misconduct is second nature in at least three LVMPD Area Commands and knows no boundaries and begs the question of what Gillespie’s goons are doing with all of these 4th Amendment violations.

Mr Bogden?  Mr Holder?  Are you two at all interested?

There are some units that are operating well despite Doug Gillespie’s exceptionally poor leadership at the helm of the LVMPD because they simply ignore him.

That’s some ‘leadership’ from Doug Gillespie there, huh?

Douglas Gillespie is so universally hated at Metro that when he ran in 2006, he drew an astounding 15 opponents; this year just a fraction of that and Patrol Officer Laurie Bisch distantly won the second spot.

Her 2010 campaign lacks the sparkle and magic of her 2006 effort and she’s raised little money and put little of her own into the effort, she failed to respond to the League of Women Voters, and failed to get the Dem leaning Seniors United endorsement, and that all left the impression with many readers that she may have been overwhelmed by the thought of taking on the sheriff one-on-one.

She’s handled the officer involved shootings professionally, but also failed to take advantage of the Keogh lights shining on the sheriff this year.  She told me she had some radio and TV, but I never saw them and she never put them up on her website, ever blasted the press with policy positions, or even did YouTube ads.

I like Ms Bisch and voted for her twice this year, but it’s turned out to be a protest vote as she’s failed to effectively articulate why we should fire him and hire her instead. She may more than double her poor primary performance, but she’s let victory be snatched from her for seeming to fold when it got too hot at the LVMPD.

She is still worthy of a vote, but she simply cannot win and she has to reconcile herself that that is largely her own fault.

She did impress me last spring with her choice to be Undersheriff, but never made that choice public and never smoked Gillespie out on his choice when US Rod Jett—who the sheriff has no relationship with at all—retires.

Have you noticed Rod Jett’s absence in the Gillespie campaign? Can you even imagine calling yourself a ‘leader’ when you’re number 2 person loathes you just as much as all of the rest of the employees at the LVMPD do?

Unfortunately for Clark County, Gillespie is almost certain to choose between Assistants Ted Moody and Mike McClary for the department’s number two spot that really runs the day-to-day Ops. Either would be a law enforcement travesty in the position, but McClary would seem to have the inside track as his current AS position was created just for him, and he is one of ‘Jerry’s Kids’, the kid in fact!—his patron and 100% owner is Jerry Keller, and his daily drinking buddy is drunken skirt-chaser former sheriff Bill Young.

They even rearranged a cocaine bust earlier in his career for him to get him undeserved credit for and his honorary plaque for it hangs at the Records office down at ‘The Tower’; and that’s the way the world turns at our mob and resort owned and run police department.

It’s discouraging and I believe it’s only a matter of time before the US Attorney General office in DC convenes an outsider team to tackle the intense corruption within the LVMPD, and finally weeds out the criminal elements wearing badges on our behalf—not to mention their daily gross Civil Rights violations—as currently lead by ringleader Sheriff Douglas Gillespie.

The industrial strength high colonic needed at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department will never come from Clark County voters—the game has been rigged by the mob and the resorts for 37 years.

Relentless pressure on the United States Department of Justice to finally intervene is our only hope.

Again, Mr Bogden and Mr Holder, are you at all interested?

Mike Zahara Siganture
Mike Zahara


One thought on “Fifteen members of Las Vegas Sheriff Douglas Gillespie’s organization have been served with a Federal complaint

  1. HEAVYWEIGHT STUFF !!! … conspiracy … tainted evidence … tolerated and condoned … abuse of power by a public official for his own benefit … “This newspaper also reported when detective Martines was in hot water because he refused to be part of a conspiracy to cover up wrongdoing (tainted evidence) by the department, most likely either ordered by the higher-ups or at least tolerated and condoned by the administration.The ethics complaints alleged that Sheriff Gillespie violated NRS 281 A.400 (9): in that Gillespie attempted to benefit his personal or financial interest through influencing his subordinates, the lawsuit reads.” / / / /

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