KRNV – Server says NDOT director avoided subpoena, ran over foot

Here’s the link

KRNV TV News 4 covers the Susan Martinovich hit-and-run story

KRNV TV News 4 covers the Susan Martinovich hit-and-run story

All the State can do is lie and defame Robben.  Robben has no other TPOs against him by anyone. This is their game plan. Lie, get the press guy (Public Dis-Information Officer) buffoon named SCOTT MAGRUDER to try and work-the-press spin.  Magruder will be unemployed when this is all over.  How could anyone trust this  after he gets creamed by a little pro-per litigant in 2 weeks.

We took down the post on Carson City Sheriff Bob Guimont in good faith. We encourage the gang abatement programs including the “Gangbangers” in the AG office.  

We are not trying to get involved in Carson City Sheriff personnel drama/scandals or pick sides within the factions.

Believe me, the comments came in PRO AND CON and we decided to not to post most of them.

We do feel the police report was a COVER-UP one sided.

Robben’s 911 call and report are completely whitewashed.  In fact, Robben’s complaints of hit-and-run and leaving the scene and 911 call were never accounted for in the report. A key witness was not interviewed. We knew there was no video from Smith’s. The report claims the door of her Dodge Durango came open! We will post more as we glean, but we can’t give the total game plan away. NDOT should know what we are reading and they know where they lied. The are some very, very big lies here and I’ll have to hold posting until after the Court hearing, but it appears people should be going to jail on perjury and falsification of a Sheriff report when I am done with this.  Of course, the Judges will probably let these people off with not jail or a slap on the hand, they will reward this behavior and punish Robben for exposing the lies, perjury and corruption. Then all hell will break loose and the protests will RAGE.

As things develop, the ‘false police report and TPO application’ filed by Martinovich should stick.

New signs will  be made for our next demonstration:



2 thoughts on “KRNV – Server says NDOT director avoided subpoena, ran over foot

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